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Daria Werbowy video

I had previously posted screen captures of Daria Werbowy on the runway at her peak form, but viewing the video does an even better job of revealing the homosexuals' mindset.  So here it is.

The following video excerpt is from about two years ago, and in it Daria isn't even doing haute couture, but “sexy modeling.”  The excerpt is one of many illustrations of what the homosexual designers find sexy.

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She was doing high fashion. Where did you get the impression that she was doing "sexy modeling"? I like how the video cuts off when we see more bodacious, bronzed girls on a different runway. Designers will often cast girls according to what mood and image they want to project with their collection. That's why some of the more unusual looking girls (big-nosed, baby-faced, bird-faced, ect...) won't get cast in lingerie shows no matter how popular they are. Girls who look like Caroline Trentini, who was in the video at the end, and Doutzen Kroes are typically picked over girls like Erin O'Connor and Iekeliene Stange for Victoria's Secret and its the other way around for haute couture. This has nothing to do with homosexuality and everything to do with the image they want to project.
Caroline Trentini
Doutzen Kroes
Erin O'Connor
Iekeliene Stange

Daria is hardly va va va voom in that video but she wasn't meant to be. Designers aren't as clueless as all that you know. The styling and outfit that Daria is in makes me think that they were going for something other than sexy. Designers know how to do "sexy", or at least I think they do, and that's not it.

Danielle: Daria is all dressed up for a social gathering, isn’t she? If something like this is observed in the midst of a haute couture show, it can hardly be described as high-fashion modeling. I cut the video off because the focus is on Daria, not the rest. The woman shown after her happens to be a pale Caroline Trentini, not some bronzed woman (though a tanned one is seen from behind). I agree that Caroline doesn’t look manly, but she is an outlier.

What do you mean Daria isn’t “va va va voom” in the video? She is to the homosexuals, damn sexy to be precise.

Victoria’s Secret has used the likes of Jessica Stam, Karolina Kurkova, Gisele Bundchen, Elise Crombez and a whole bunch of other notably masculinized women. The company has far from typically relied on the likes of Caroline Trentini.

oh, bb bb, i no that iz hard 2 realize that wimmin rn't all meant 4 u 2 jerk off too :(

y cant u just let designers have their 'masculine' women? you dont see them running towards your porn section and calling ur feminine (read: trashy) women ugly. and more normal people look @ porn than @ fashion, so maybe itz the porn stars that make people anorexic. they're already making people fix their vaginas or think that their peenises r 2 small.

and daria > that gross trucker old lady u posted

That's not haute couture, but that doesn't mean that its not high fashion. Its obviously either a ready-to-wear or a resort collection. Haute couture is not the only type of clothes that fit into the high fashion criteria. You're obviously confused about what haute couture is. I think you should try to find out more about the fashion industry if you want to intensely critique it.

Haute couture is the dying art of making extremely well crafted clothes. Only a few fashion houses still do couture shows because its ridiculously expensive to procure the material and the talent needed to make these clothes and couture is so expensive that only a few pieces are really sold, though they are often rented out by fashion magazines. Ready-to-wear or pret-a-porter is what we most often see on the runways.
Dior couture

That's what Daria was doing. She is a high fashion model and she was modeling a high fashion item of clothing. I don't know what you mean by "sexy modeling". Are you thinking of your own nude "models"? Daria was styled in a way that led me to believe that the designer intended for her to be scintillatingly sexy. The nude makeup, slighly tousled hair and the bathing suit she's wearing suggests to me that the designer was going for a simple, summeresque, carefree vibe.

She's too thin in that video and her narrow hips probably make you want to vomit, but I don't think she looks bad. She's naturally thin and with some more weight she would look very attractive to me. The video actually makes her look better than the pictures you posted of her. You assume too much when you think that this is "the homosexuals" definition of sexy. You're arrogant for a man who apparantly knows very little about the industry that he's bashing.

*correction* I meant that Daria was NOT styled in a way that led me to believe the designer wanted her to be very "sexy". By sexy, I mean raunchy and slightly vulgar. It seems to me that the designer was going for a fresher look.

Erik what do you think of lekeliene stange? she has quiete an usual look, has she a masucline or feminine face overall and what about her body?

her body "looks" femininieh in that pic, is this the case erik?



what do you think of the masculinity/femininity of wonderbra model eva herzigova?

8D: This site is not about women in general and hence your first comment is not applicable. The question you should be asking is why are the homosexuals enforcing their standards on others, not why I am addressing the homosexuals’ choices. I have addressed numerous lingerie models and beauty pageant contestants to illustrate how the homosexual designers' choices have created an aesthetics disaster for heterosexual men. If the preferences of the homosexual designers were limited to high-fashion models alone, they could have their masculinized women and there would be no need for this site, though a site attempting to do something about fashion models’ typical thinness would still be needed.

How can porn stars be prompting anorexia in women? Most women do not watch porn and porn models don’t tend to be as thin as high-fashion models. Porn models also tend to be masculinized, there are few attractive women among them, and their choice of profession is not exactly impressing women in general. So how can they have a significant impact on women?

The woman featured by you under “so manly, eh?” doesn’t have a feminine face. The rest of her doesn’t look masculine, but one normally swings the shoulders while walking, and depending on the moment a snapshot is taken, the shoulders may appear narrower than they are. In other words, one would need to look at additional pictures of her before addressing how feminine her physique is. Her waist-hip proportions look feminine in front view. Previously you had posted a picture of a masculine woman, Adina Fohlin, with feminine-looking waist-hip proportions, and before you post more such examples, it is time for you to understand something that you seem to have overlooked, namely the importance of overall looks and evidence of stronger sexual selection among Northern Europeans, which means that it will be less unusual in Northern European women with below average femininity to observe some features one would expect to result from above average feminization. Look at the fine nose of Iekeliene Stange (Dutch), and Adina Fohlin is Swedish. There are numerous Northern European fashion models (another example) with fine facial features or other features such as a tiny waist/wide hips that may appear to be more feminine than they are to the uninitiated. Just remember to consider overall appearance, especially if the women are Northern European.

Danielle: Haute couture is French for high fashion. What cannot be haute couture cannot be high fashion either. Agreed that what is seen most often on the runway is ready-to-wear clothing, which is fashion not high-fashion. Fashion or high-fashion wear refer to clothes that are suitable for general social gatherings. Obviously, what Daria is wearing does not qualify as appropriate clothing for general social gatherings. Fashion shows often feature bizarre dresses and examples as in the Daria clip, but these oddities do not qualify as fashion/high-fashion.

Whereas you may find Daria too thin in the video, if you haven’t understood that this is what the homosexual designers prefer, then you haven’t learned much from this site. She does look better in the video than in the screen captures of the video because the movement in the video makes it more difficult to judge body proportions.

Tom: In pictures where the cheekbones of Iekeliene Stange are not emphasized, she looks decent to me (example), but not otherwise (example). There is a masculine element to her face (example) but this not obvious in some of her pictures because of her fine nose and large eyes, which render a feminine element. She doesn’t have a feminine physique.

John: I have addressed Eva Herzigova previously.

Eric you are a bloody ignorant fool. If you go to any fashion site whether it is or a blog or a community forum then you will see that distinctions are made between haute couture, ready-to-wear and resort collections. THEY ALL fall under the high fashion banner. Stop taking things so literally, you dufus. A dior ready-to-wear collection is different than a Walmart white stag collection because one is high fashion and one is mass marketed, cheap crap.

Daria is not wearing some bizarre evening dress. She is wearing a BATHING SUIT so, of course its not going to be appropriate for a cocktail part or a charity ball. It is still high fashion. The literal french translation, whichs is "high sewing" by the way, means nothing. Would you agree that Versace, Prada, Chloe and Alexander Mcqueen are high fashion labels? They do NOT make couture clothes. Couture is in a different catagory. Only about eight or ten fashion houses do couture clothes. Go the freaking wikipedia entry on haute couture.

erik: tl;dr.

Danielle, shut the hell up. Whether she's posing haute coutre or not, daria still looks like a teenage boy.

Judging from the post above me, it seems that you have managed to acquire some pathetic internet cronies Eric. Please inform your sad, little minion that I was pointing out your ignorance of the high fashion industry which is perfectly relevant to this discussion and this website. Oh I almost forgot! Tell your servitor that Daria looks like a tall emaciated woman. She is obviously female in every picture I have seen of her. She probably looks better on her worst day than both of you look on your best day.

Danielle, you dumbfuck.

I've always thought that many runaway models look like really tall prepubescent boys, and many anti-anorexia and anti-fake-dieting proponents have agreed with this. Now I suppose to you and your ilk, all of them are Erik's cronies, right? And stop being so goddamn pretentious about haute coutre and shit, you can't change the fact that nowawdays a lot of these models look like transsexuals, you dumbfuck. You are probably just some very pretentious fat chick who wants to like those models lol.

BBB, you're a pathetic fool. I am a fattie now? Why would a fattie defend this skinny ass model to Eric? I never pretended to be a fashion insider so there is nothing pretentious about pointing out some of foolish things he believes about the fashion industry. I am not trying to explain rocket science. Most fashion models are clearly female some might look like men but the same can be said about any sizeable group of women. If you think that the ogres in Eric's "attractive" women section are suitable replacements for girls like Daria then you are just as delusional and disgusting as Eric. Now fall back you crackhead douche.

lol, a self-hating fattie, you must be wolfing down that fat doughnut while you were typing with tears running down your face, just like eric cartman, lol.

Ladies: Please keep flaming to a minimum.

BBB: I don’t think Danielle is overweight or obese, but she has described herself as masculine elsewhere, and is obviously not pleased with this site.

Danielle: Ready to wear clothing by Dior is obviously much higher class than what you would see at Walmart, but it isn’t high fashion. You are referring to the colloquial usage of high fashion, which is a relaxed/incorrect definition, and includes the more expensive ready to wear clothing. Don’t cite wikipedia. You or any other misinformed/malicious individual could have edited the entry you want me to read.

I never said that Daria is wearing a bizarre evening dress. I said that she is not wearing something appropriate for a general social gathering, i.e., not doing high-fashion modeling in the video. I agree that Daria looks female, but not feminine or even normal.

Eric, are you sure that BBB is a female? Judging from his/her insults I think BBB is a pimply, adolescent male. He/she calls me a fattie, which is a staple in the adolescent male insult arsenal. Then he/she compares me to a cartoon character (WTF). He/she obviously thought these insults were wounding enough to make me cry (lol). I can picture the little, pale, scrawny twerp giggling in his dark, messy room.

If I am right and BBB is really an adolescent boy then you should encourage him to leave this site immediately. The vulgar pictures of your grotesque nude women could scar him for life. He could grow up to be a hairstylist who dates masculine models, or even worse, he could become a gay designer (TEH HORROR!!). Anyways, I won't fight with BBB anymore because he/she is clearly a retard.

I think you are mistaking the term, high fashion for haute couture. Couture is an overused and erroneous description for ready-to-wear but high fashion is not. You are also using a really bizarre definition of haute couture that I have never heard before. Many of the haute couture pieces that you see on the runways would be totally unsuitable for any type of social gathering other than a costume party. Some couture designs would be just as inappropriate for a charity ball as Daria's SWIMSUIT would be. You are confused about the definition of high fashion, which is not even a correct translation of the French term, haute couture.

I agree that Daria does not look like a normal, average girl but that has always been one of my defenses of high fashion models. They are not average; they are just as unique and exclusive as the clothes and products that they advertise. Your "feminine" models have completely average looks with the exception of their waist to hip ratios.

Dior couture 2006

Dior couture 2005

These clothes would look very out of place at most social gatherings but they are haute couture clothes. It is likely that they weren't designed with your average cocktail party in mind. You need to rethink your definition of haute couture. BTW, Daria is not a friggin "sexy model" that term applies better to your nasty soft porn stars.

PS. I don't ever recall describing myself as masculine. I did say once that if being a white trash whore makes someone feminine then I am proudly masculine. I don't consider myself masculine but I have a different definition of feminine than you do.

Danielle, you are either a really obese self-hating fattie or a really masculine woman with serious PMS issue, such hostility, jeez, you need to get laid or something. And thank you for your concern, I'm perfectly viewing these nudes. They're not to my taste, but at least most of them look like real women, unlike these high fashion models who haven't gone through puberty, that only masculine women or gay men would find them attractive.

BBB: You're an ugly ho :( I bet that ur crying and stuff donuts down ur throat and hating on models cuz u fugly. :( i feel bad for your fugliness.

I'd bet the entire Trump Tower that 8D is also "either a really obese self-hating fattie or a really masculine woman with serious PMS issue." Haha.

JK. My hair is ugly and I deserve to die.

Danielle: I am not sure that BBB is female, but the comment suggested that this person is female. Once again, “high fashion” is English for “haute couture.” Of course, many items seen in haute couture shows would be inappropriate for general social gatherings, which I have already noted, and these bizarre dresses are part of the show but do not constitute haute couture itself. In your comment dated Aug 13, you posted two pictures; the first one shows a bizarre dress, but the second dress looks like something you could see in a general social gathering for the elite and is appropriately seen as high fashion/haute couture wear. When you consider haute couture, don’t think of most social gatherings; think about social gatherings for the elite.

Whereas Daria is not a sexy model for the general public, she is one for the homosexuals if she looks like what you see in the video clip. The feminine women that I am showing are not generally average apart from their waist-hip proportions. Having above average femininity makes one deviate from the average overall, not just the waists and hips. Whereas there are some women in the attractive women section with unimpressive faces, this is temporary, and they will be replaced with overall better looking women in the future. It is futile to attempt to explain the looks of fashion models in terms of a need for uniqueness and exclusivity. Tall women with above average femininity and a healthy amount of body fat have a more unique and exclusive look -- with respect to achievablility -- than current high-fashion models in general.

Whereas you can have a different definition of beauty, you cannot have a different definition of physical femininity and expect to make sense to others. If you are a [physically] masculine woman according to this site, then you are a [physically] masculine woman, period.

Eric, the English translation of haute couture is "high sewing" NOT high fashion. You are mistaken about the translation. Bizarre dresses like the ones I posted are haute couture dresses. SHOW ME WHERE you got your stupid definition of haute couture from. Haute couture does NOT have to be wearable and it is often not wearable. The dress in the second picture is hardly appropriate for most gatherings even ELITE ones. You keep saying the same things over and over and its all bullshit. Haute couture is different from ready-to-wear but they are both still high fashion. Ready-to-wear clothes are usually far more wearable than haute couture collections. Your definition or haute couture is erroneous and retarded.

Your "glamour" models ARE VERY average from a facial perspective. A lot of them are wearing pounds of cheap makeup so that might fool you into thinking they are "attractive." I don't know where you plan to find better looking women. Face it; you'll be stuck with these sad specimens forever because I don't know where a wack-job like you will get money to scout for "feminine" women. I don't what you mean when you speak of achievability. What is more exclusive: a look that can very rarely be reproduced or a look that can be easily mimicked with a girdle and green eye shadow (yuck)?

I can define physical femininity however I damn well please just as you have made up your own definitions of physical femininity, high fashion modeling and haute couture. I don't look like a boy or a man and I have never been mistaken as such therefore I am feminine. You may think differently but I think you're a moron so who cares.

Danielle: If the literal translation of haute couture is “high sewing,” then what is being sewed? Clothing. The literal translation of awful is something that fulls one with awe, but this is not what the word means. Word meanings sometimes go beyond literal translation. Haute couture is the product that comes from “high sewing.”

Have you not seen models baring nipples/breasts in haute couture shows or wearing translucent clothes that reveal their breasts? Are these meant for general social gatherings? Not all clothes shown in haute couture shows constitute haute couture. The second dress in your message dated Aug 13 looks like a royal dress and would be suitable for a rich woman in a gathering for the elite.

The glamour models are not wearing tons of make-up, let alone cheap make-up. Every now and then I come across better looking glamour models and replace some models with them or just add them to the attractive women section. When there is mainstream feminine beauty appreciation, you will see better looking non-nude models come to the limelight; just wait and watch.

Achievability should be easy to understand...what you can achieve. There is not much you can naturally do about your skeletal structure, but the appearance of high-fashion models suggests that all around fat loss will take one closer to their looks, which can be achieved to some extent by caloric restriction, but a feminine fat distribution (away from mid-section and in breasts, hips, upper thighs) cannot be achieved by behavioral modification. So which is more difficult to achieve? I haven’t been talking about make-up or clothing items in reference to achievability.

I haven’t made up my definition of physical femininity; just look at the feminine vs. masculine page. If you define femininity as in “a cat is a rat if I say so,” then good look communicating with others. The masculine vs. feminine comparisons I am talking about is within women, which means that masculine women would typically still look like women. A woman does not have to look like a boy or man to be called masculine.

Eric, you're a foolish man. High sewing refers to the skill required to make haute couture garments. Basically high sewing or haute couture means extremely well crafted custom made clothes. Traditionally haute couture was custom made by couturiers at the special request of their clients. At this point in time, well to do fashion houses use haute couture to boost the exclusivity and prestige of their brand. Clothes are specifically custom made by the couture designers rarely and at very high cost. Why would designers include bizarre creations in their haute couture collections if they did not intend for them to considered haute couture? Wouldn't they stick the plain old "regular fashion" clothes in their ready-to-wear collection? I have said the same things over and over again. You have no proof to back up your ridiculous definition of haute couture. I am right and you are wrong. Anyone who doubts me can look it up for themselves on any fashion blog or forum or website. I won't argue with you about this anymore Eric.

If my breasts were a bit bigger, my body would look exactly like Caroline Trentini's. At least in the picture Danielle posted, anyways.

And that Iekeliene woman doesn't even look human. She should change her last name to "Strange."

Sarah: If you have the looks of Caroline Trentini's body except for having smaller breasts, I don't see what your problem with this site is. You should be sending me your pictures so that I can put them to good use.

Iekeliene Stange looks somewhat odd in some pictures only; she mostly looks fine.

Danielle: At first you wrote that "High sewing refers to the skill required to make haute couture garments." Then you wrote, "Basically high sewing or haute couture means extremely well crafted custom made clothes," which is what I said earlier. Then you wrote:


"You have no proof to back up your ridiculous definition of haute couture. I am right and you are wrong."

Are you a nut?

Why do designers use bizarre clothing in their fashion shows if these are not part of the collection they offer to clients? To attract attention; break monotony.

I would send you photos of me in a bikini but you're joking if you think I would send you nudes.

And I already went over with you a million times why I have a problem with your site, Erik: you're a racist homophobe.

Sarah: I have requested attractive women to submit their non-nude pictures. If you are feminine and attractive, then you can help me promote feminine beauty by sending me clear pictures in a bikini.

Facts cannot be bigoted and I have been documenting facts. So don't accuse me of racism and homophobia.

This is really homophobic language you're using. Calling the fashion designers 'the homosexuals' (as if they were some other group of people removed from general society), and pretending that their choices in models is a way of promoting some broader anti-feminist agenda is just strange and disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Hey, I agree with the critical analysis of this site pretty much completely, but then again, I am the sorts attracted to something that isn't your marketing hollywood look. This is a video of a really attractive woman, toss in blue green eyes and make one other little tiny change for me God, and I could be contented that I have one of those perfect women. But, all that said, I'm just finding the comments here just totally entertaining, whether or not I agree with them is a different story.

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