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Musings on setting up alternative fashion industries

On the “solutions page,” I have talked about the shape that an alternative fashion industry will take.  This industry will use models within a very narrow range of physique variation, and these women will be feminine and very attractive.  This will ensure that their looks convey a high level of exclusivity, which will facilitate marketing expensive designer clothing to the elite.  These models will have a trickle-down effect that will lead to an across-the-board increase in the prominence of feminine beauties, which is the major goal of this site.

The problem with this approach is that women who are offended by the skinny fashion model problem, especially feminists, will not necessarily be pleased with seeing very attractive women with looks that are even harder to acquire being paraded on the runway.  So the dilemma for feminist types would be which of the two industries to patronize?  Which is worse for women?  One industry is worse for women’s health as it relates to eating behaviors and body fat levels, the other is worse for women’s self-esteem, and both “objectify” women in different ways.  Feminists have to pick one industry; they can’t be going around naked; they need clothes.  Some are bound to patronize the gay-dominated fashion industry, but not if this can be helped.

Clothing items such as undergarments/lingerie are not relevant to social gatherings.  And, the masses of women cannot afford expensive clothes anyway.  So how about a third fashion industry?  Let this industry cater to clothing items not important to social gatherings and outer wear for upper middle class and lower socioeconomic groups. 

The models used by this industry will range from ordinary looking to mildly pleasant and be physically diverse.  The diversity will need to exclude obese women, ultra skinny women or women with other abnormal looks in accordance with a basic marketing not disturb potential customers.  Since a major impetus behind this alternative will be to undermine the homosexual-dominated fashion industry, its models could be skinny or masculine, but not skinny and masculine, i.e., they should not look like adolescent boys.  This should not be construed as the industry being against girls/young women who approach the looks of adolescent boys, but in terms of the gay-dominated fashion industry typically using female models who resemble adolescent boys, making it unnecessary to duplicate the effort.

The ordinary women alternative will help undermine the unhealthful behaviors and self-esteem problems prompted by the gay-dominated fashion industry as well as the self-esteem problems resulting from the feminine beauty alternative, while simultaneously making the decision-making process easy for feminists. 

Whereas expensive designer clothing has high prestige, very few people can afford them.  The bulk of the dollar value of sales comprises of regular clothing items.  Hence, the ordinary women alternative will have great potential to undermine the gay-dominated fashion industry.  On the other hand, lack of prestige hurts sales.  People would prefer clothes bearing a designer logo than a no-name company’s even if the product is otherwise comparable.  This problem can be ameliorated to some extent. 

If the profits of the ordinary women alternative go toward improving the women’s rights situation around the globe, then a number of women who would ordinarily not purchase its products will do so.  Putting profits to such use will generally please women more than using profits to promote feminine beauty, the goal of the feminine beauty alternative, or funding AIDS research/treatment and other homosexuality-related causes, the “charitable work” of the gay-dominated fashion industry.  One can even imagine some rich/high-profile women endorsing the industry and giving it a boost.  If prominent women can be made to uselessly promote Eve Ensler’s Vagina Monologues to reduce violence toward women, then famous women could surely be made to endorse something a lot saner.

So, the current situation will be greatly improved upon by the existence of three fashion industries: the gay-dominated one, a feminine beauty version and an ordinary women version.  The nuances of the trinity will have to be worked out and other steps could be taken to improve the appeal of the ordinary women alternative as in manufacturing the clothes in First World nations, thereby avoiding outsourcing of labor, but this shall be a topic for later discussion.



LOL! This is the most delusional post you have ever written. You are so pathetically naive! Models are not that important believe me. It would be better if you could come up with a vision that is somewhat grounded in reality but you are a body nazi so you can't see that what you are saying is ridiculous and that no one will entertain your nutty delusions.

Danielle: What do you mean models are not that important? Whatever importance they have, they are the main variables being addressed. I am assuming that the alternatives will be comparable with respect to quality of designs/creativity.

Models are not important because they are not the minds behind the creation and the development of high fashion merchandise. They are not stylists, designers, marketers, photographers or financial backers. They provide the canvas that these other people present their ideas on. Your "alternative fashion industry" idea is ridiculous because the models are not important enough to have an entire industry built around them. If you observed the industry and models beyond a superficial level you will see that they are disposable. Models come and go every season. A model can walk for Valentino for one season and then two seasons later her biggest show is Baby Phat.

Everyone blames Miuccia Prada for introducing the emaciated girls after the supermodel era was waning so you may go after her next. You probably won't because you are not interested in model health or female self esteem. You are interested in distancing yourself from gay men by demonizing them. You are homophobic and delusional and you have a laughable and extremely shallow view of feminists and others that don't fit your "lifetime-exclusive heterosexual" mold. Is that lifetime exclusive term something you made up to convince yourself that your fantasies of screwing men meant nothing because you never acted on them?

You're lame and this alternative industry thing is never going to happen.

Danielle: Individual models come and go every season, but the central tendency of their looks persists much longer. I have assumed that the alternatives will be comparable with respect to quality of designs. I haven’t argued that entire industries will be built around the models; just emphasized what kind of models the alternatives will have. I admit the ideas are a long shot, but they are not impossible to achieve.

Arguing that someone portraying unflattering [and true] correlates of homosexuality is repressing homosexual urges in himself is an old ploy that should have died with Freud, and a sign that you have no valid counter arguments.

Prada is the one to blame? If she initiated it, why did the others copy her in droves unless they liked it? The homosexuals in the industry will naturally provide a thousand useless leads, some examples of which were addressed in a questionnaire following a brief educational video.

Erm... have you ever walked into a k-mart? or a Marshall's store???

Many companies use average looking women (on the thin side of course ,it just photographs better) to market their non expensive clothing lines to middle and working classes.

Erik...AIDS is not a homosexual related illness, is a human illness...there are more straight people with AIDS and who are Hiv possitive than homosexuals...

Youre extremely naive and obtuse.
Why would gay fashion designers pick skinny women with sharp feautures because they are secret or unconciously pedophiles?
Gay males are greatly and mostly attractive to hyper masculine adult males.Why would they be attracted to boys who look like skinny girls or viceversa? It makes no sense.
Your wish wont be granted...u wont see a "hottie" with no chin and a flat as a pancake face anytime soon marketing beauty just because thats what gives you an erection LOL.

Adrian: People do use ordinary-looking women to model cheap clothes, but this is not part of an alternative fashion industry. By alternatives, I mean people would know that the alternatives have nothing to do with, will not be helping and undermining the homosexual-dominated business.

Male homosexuals are primarily responsible for initiating the AIDS epidemic in the First World, and in Third World nations, whereas a superficial examination might suggest that heterosexuals are predominantly infected, a closer examination reveals that most of the infected are in sub-Saharan Africa and the reasons for their malaise have to do with unhygienic medical care practices and high rates of the down-low lifestyle, anal sex and promiscuity, i.e., behavior closer to that of homosexuals and bisexuals. So, regarding HIV infection/AIDS as a homosexuality-related illness isn’t that off-base.

The age preferences of homosexual men are variable. Whereas many are attracted to very masculine adult men, there are also plenty who are attracted to underage boys and others who are attracted to males spread over a broad age range. Why? Hint: people don’t choose their sexual attractions. I haven’t been saying that gay fashion designers are secretly pedophiles. Based on their general choice of female models (in the case of male models, they couldn’t get away with it) and strong opposition to change, it is obvious that pederastic interests are common among them.

I don’t just have an empty wish about change; I am working toward it.

*NOTE* This will be a slightly off topic entry. Since the troll Emily is going on her usual buisness of digressing East Asians with no "reaction" from you Erik, I feel i can post slightly off topic posts as well. Or is it just that i make an easier "target" because i am of a certain "orientation"?

Uggghhhh!!!! ERIK my darling what is this none sense! I mean i only had to read two sentences here and it made me upset.

"Arguing that someone portraying unflattering [and true] correlates of homosexuality is repressing homosexual urges in himself is an old ploy that should have died with Freud, and a sign that you have no valid counter arguments."

"So, regarding HIV infection/AIDS as a homosexuality-related illness isn’t that off-base."

I think its time that i went further into this. *NOTE* i mean no disrespect to Europeans/whites, and i am sorry if it comes across as this.

Erik consider the following scenrio (note "similarities").

I am an Indian and once an Arab guy commented "White girls are so easy", an Indian guy asked me "Why is the white race so promiscous? How can they have children without marriage?". "They have no culture" etc etc.

I was left wondering....could this really be true? I will treat this as unravelling a puzzle. I am going in with the assumptions that the White race is indeed the most promiscous. This is visible in their media and to any Arab, Indian, East Asian/equivalents living in the West. Not only that even Whites living in the east...such as many living in the Middle East continue to be promiscous! They are not disturbed by the native police within limits. For example when i was living in the Middle East. The Arab police tolerated American unmarried couples living together, "knowing" they were engaging in sexual activity. While they would not tolerate such behaviour by Arabs...especially women.
Oh why oh why is the white race so promiscous?
Now i am doing a "study" and guess what? statistics do show that the most promiscous group of people are indeed white! not only that they also have the highest rates of "non conventional" sexual behaviours along with STDS. YES! i have figured it out!
Sexual selection might have given Nordics their looks but it has also meant they have higher rates of promiscouity and hence STD's and "unusual" sexual behaviours.

Looking at AIDS statistics from the middle east would show one how low the HIV rates there are...most being under 5%. The interesting thing to note is that many Arab men practise "situational homosexuality". In many Islamic countries this is well known and rates are substantial maybe even approaching half the population of males. When the sexes are segregated, this is what usually happens. Will you deny this Erik my love? I can give you sources!!!

Also another thing to note is that condom use is rare in these countries. Shouldn't these countries then be a breeding ground for AIDS? but why isn't this so??? could be related to promiscouity levels?

Now off course your going to throw cultural/religious issues at me! My ASS! Christianity doesn't permit pre marital sex. Culture....what do you know about culture? Is "open/liberal" homosexuality a new culture? is it a fair comparison to the heterosexual majority "culture" which has existed forever. What about the homosexuality culture that "sells/focuses" on sex? Will not gay men be influenced by it? Has this culture had sufficient time to evolve?
Is there any link between what the media shows and its effects on people? For example lets take this model issue....does it have any link to eating disorders among females? So if homosexual culture throws sex at you, will it not effect gays?
The homosexual "culture" is very recent...maybe a decade or so old. Let it evolve!

In conclusion, I can easily create a book backed by statistics of the promiscouity of whites and try to use that as a "standard reference". I can easily make claims about white girls being "much easier" to get than others in general. I can easily point out the under representation of Arabs/Indians in porn and especially including "non conventional" sexual behaviour. Also i can easily point out that even among gays the most uninhibited will be overwhelmingly white.
How well do you think by book will sell? or will i have to self publish?
Erik....i can feel you becoming enraged. My oh my why do i feel like being a masochist at the moment? :D
tee hee i am such a girl!

Peter seems to be under the illusion that practically all white women are cheap and promiscuous and all Indian and Arabic women are virtuous and completely flawless saints. That also of course happens to be what Peter WANTS to believe.

How come the entire net is flooded with pictures of easy-looking Indian women? Since they are so virtuous shouldn't these kinds of photos be hard to find? Indians are in no position to talk. There are many very sweet, decent and wonderful white women and many of cheap Indian women.











What is wrong with you? I am "discussing" this with Erik so stay out of this.

Interestingly you have made no comments about my looks from the two pictures i posted...i wonder why? I am a 100% sure if i had a hooked nose you would have slaughtered me!

You are harassing Erik, and that is not discussing. To me it looks like you are trying to force your sexuality on Erik, writing things like "my darling Erik", and that you are a "bottom". You make people puke. Take your disgusting homosexual rantings and other off-topic discussions somewhere else. He has asked you to, but you blatantly ignore it over and over. Why he doesn't delete your comments is beyond me.

You have nothing of value to contribute and you are trolling. Everyone here who has read your comments knows this.

I haven't commented on your pictures since they are OFF TOPIC, period. This site is about women and beauty in WOMEN. What part of that don't you understand? Furthermore, I have nothing against a hooked nose in MEN.

So now we know that your not only "racist" but also "homophobic". You are much worse than Erik! (Erik of the present anyways).
I have called you "my love", "my darling" etc....So was i pushing any heterosexuality on you? If i make you puke then good! make sure its sudden and goes where you don't expect it.
I would NEVER EVER go for a woman like you. Although if "circumstances" were different i would be attracted to Erik due to his "intelligence" and "appreciation of femininity".
The reason i posted my pics is to show "unaware" people like you that there are many Indians with my looks...not all have hooked noses etc... As well i am not mixed or a model/actor which you keep insisting as the "only situation" for any "good looks" in Indians.
You are a very "confused" woman...I pity you. So you don't mind hooked noses in men but in women? why the double standard? media influence anyone? So Nordic men with hooked noses can "mate" with Nordic women with refined and straight noses? What do you think the offspring's noses will look like? Are hooked noses a dominant characteristic? Isn't someone going against what the say?

As well my darling Emily i have posted pics of Indian women with straight noses which you completely ignored because that left you pointless and confused on what to "pick" next.

You think i should be blocked? Who are you to say that? If Erik decides to block me then fine...but i won't let him bully me without a reason or "evidence of a double standard". Where he tolerates the likes of you because you are a so called heterosexual Nordic female and i am not.
I can post a lot of your "material" about how it is irrelevant! For example what is this Asian race nonesense? Are you "retarded" that you haven't figured it out?
Ok lets say i agree that East Asians are hideous and Nordics are the best in the world...aha and your point? your gain from this?
what a pathetic human being...

Pathetic? That's a laugh coming from you, you disgusting waste of a human being. I knew you would accuse me of homophobia. You are so predictable it is laughable. I don't think it's appropriate to throw your sexuality in the face of strangers on a site that does not deal with homosexuality, or any sexuality for that matter, and you have been asked repeatedly to stop by the owner of this site. You ignore it over and over. Why? Why don't you respect what he tells you? Are you just an idiot or are you malicious?. What you do here is off-topic and off-putting. Can't you see that?

You lack decency and you are disgusting, and it doesn't MATTER if you are straight, bi or gay, what matters is that this site does not deal with that issue, and it is clearly not appropriate to bring it up again and again. You try to force that discussion on him, so yes, it is harassment insofar as he does not want that discussion with you. No one here wants to know that you are a "bottom". Erik has told you he is heterosexual. Respect that and back off. Not every straight man is a homosexual in disguise, no matter how much you want them to be.

By the way, you do NOT do homosexuals any favors. All you do is come across as a sickj neurotic with deep problems, a "man" who calls himself feminine and sounds proud of it. How weird is that?! Yes, I have lost patience with you. I normally don't address other posters but you are clearly in a league of your own.

Your little stunt here, totally off-topic, about white women being trashy and promiscuous was so transparent. All you do here is provoke, and then you cry foul when you get called on it. You are also provoking Erik constantly and you WILL undoubtedly cry foul when he calls you on it. People like you, who harass others and who force their sexuality on others, always demand understanding without EVER giving any in return. People like you make me sick.

Now, if it is racist to want to protect your own race from extinction then I am racist, and so is everyone else who wants their own race to survive. It's easy for you to judge me, isn't it..Indian. There are so few of you, aren't there? I happen to like my own race and I want to see it survive, not die out through race mixing. THAT is what matters to me.

Also, regarding beauty, comparisons of beauty and discussions about different types of looks, that is the topic of this site, homosexuality is not. IDIOT.

"For example what is this Asian race nonesense? Are you "retarded" that you haven't figured it out?
Ok lets say i agree that East Asians are hideous and Nordics are the best in the world...aha and your point? your gain from this?"

And since when does Rai have a straight nose? It is much smaller than usual for an Indian woman so in that regard it is a much better-looking nose, but it isn't straight.


Rai's nose only points downward when she smiles or moves her her mouth.
otherwise it's pretty straight. There is nothing wrong with her nose itself it is just that her mouth and chin stick out.

Thanks for the nice words. You do not have the mental capacity to understand what i am trying to say/do.
You get very "defensive" about "attacks" on Nordic people and continue preaching about race mixing...WHY? How is race mixing relevant to this site when it is purely dealing with European women? Why are you telling/making people aware about the disastrous? effects of race mixing for example of Nordics with Asians. How is this site relevant to that message?
You contradict yourself, lie, and totally twist words.

Now imagine...I know this will be extremely difficult for you but if you were a gay man or were close to one and read some of the things Erik has said about homosexuality such as paedophilia being its correlate etc. In other words statistically homosexuals having higher "probablitiy" of being paedophiles DO you not think someone like me will get defensive? If your getting so worked up for Nordics why do you think other people shouldn't feel the same way about their "belonging/group"???

"Arguing that someone portraying unflattering [and true] correlates of homosexuality" - Erik
"So, regarding HIV infection/AIDS as a homosexuality-related illness isn’t that off-base." - Erik

Homosexuality was brought up and adressed by many people on this page, just look up and do some reading. Why don't you attack these people too regarding bringing up homosexuality? Why just me?

When i used the example of white women being promiscous...UNLIKE you apologised for it offending people before....neither did i say it is the whole truth or those are my words.

LETS SEE STATISTICS.....Women have higher rates of mental illness compared to men (Emily i wonder....are you ok love?), the age range(s) of women most likely affected with mental illness include menopausal women and especially young adult females (Many/most women in Erik's attractive women section's age category), Men are more promiscous and also more prone to uninhibited sexual behaviour, men also have greater likelihoods of carrying and transmitting STDS.

I believe many people will agree as these being correlates of one another. What i was trying to convey to Erik is that anyone can use such statistics to "attack" a group of people and call it the "truth". I personally believe Erik isn't telling the whole truth here. Just like he mentioned it is not objectively possible to compare beauty across ethnicities. I don't believe it is objectively possible to "compare" Homosexuality to Heterosexuality. The former being a minority and recently of a liberated nature. For example gay men on average had more sexual partners in the late 70's and early 80's than a decade later. Why? Because many gay men chose to express themselves by having multiple partners....freedom. As homosexuality progresses and becomes more acceptable in society so will many of Erik's "observations".

"Take your disgusting homosexual rantings and other off-topic discussions somewhere else." - Emily

Now if i say take your disgusting white/Nordic rantings and other off-topic discussions somewhere else. Does that sound racist? (such as? why only use the word disgusting with homosexuality? isn't everything i say disgusting? or is it just homosexuality?)

"I don't think it's appropriate to throw your sexuality in the face of strangers on a site that does not deal with homosexuality, or any sexuality for that matter, and you have been asked repeatedly to stop by the owner of this site."
Are you sure this site does not deal with homosexuality? Do some more reading darling. A BIG component of this site deals with the role of HOMOSEXUALS choosing masculine models, Whether heterosexuals will find a feminine vs masculine woman attractive, "exclusive heterosexual", "narrowly escaped homosexuality" etc etc
Wonder what/where you have been reading?

The owner of the site will tell you (I hope) to stop posting off topic discussions as well. For example what was the point of bringing up Ashwariya's nose here? Did i or anyone even mention her? troll anyone? straw man anyone?


"All you do is come across as a sickj neurotic with deep problems, a "man" who calls himself feminine and sounds proud of it. How weird is that?!"
Your ignorance amuses me....Do you realize what you have said? Who the F&%^ are you to be judging how people want to live/act? So you dislike men who dress in drag or are feminine? its wierd to you? Yes dear there is nothing wrong with being queer and proud...loose the prejudice.
Erik please next time (if you ever have a chance) do a correlational study on different prejudices accompanying each other. For example a person who is racist is most likely to also be homophobic....the PEOPLE i am referring to know this :D
love and peace to everyone ... be who you want to be and don't let people (some whose names start with E) tell you its "wierd" to act a certain way. They can live on in their own fairytale/dreamland. is a kiss MUAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Later sweet heart!

"As homosexuality progresses and becomes more acceptable in society so will many of Erik's "observations".
I meant to say those observations might go down as number of partners will likely decrease.

"For example what was the point of bringing up Ashwariya's nose here? Did i or anyone even mention her? troll anyone? straw man anyone?"

"As well my darling Emily i have posted pics of Indian women with straight noses which you completely ignored because that left you pointless and confused on what to "pick" next."

Your words. That's obviously why I commented on Rai's nose, since she was in one of the pictures you posted. You truly are an idiot. So when I don't ignore it I'm called a troll by you, the big troll of this site. How comical! lol

Don't call me darling, love, or other terms of endearment. It is hypocritical and ridiculous. It's also a form of passive-aggressiveness. It's not meant to be nice but to upset. I don't know you and I don't like you, nor respect you. The gay routine is getting old.

I will not answer you again. You are trolling. That's all you do here and it was a mistake to answer you in the hope of a normal response, which you are clearly incapable of. You and the washed out Romanian gypsy godis with the naturally blonde hair and light skin (lol) have more in common. Gypsies and Hindus have the same origin. Why am I not surprised..

Yes Emily Darling i am getting tired of your prejudiced mind.
Just for your clarification...I did not post the pic of Ash in that regard! READ THE WHOLE DAMN THING!
I posted her as an example of eye color diversity! Since you were "claiming" only Nordic women have eyes the color of the sky, grass, trees, honey etc etc
The post of Indian women with straight noses was before and there was no comment by you on it. I say it like it is....and i know what Ash's nose looks like and wouldn't post it as an example of a straight nose.

HMMMM quite a short post by you! giving up already my love? I see you were not left with much to say :D thats ok sweetie.

"I don't know you and I don't like you, nor respect you." Didn't know it was possible to dislike someone without knowing them? lol
respect me? haha did i ever ask for it? I will call you whatever i like! You have certainly called me many things such as an idiot, retarded, sick, disgusting, shit etc etc Never asked you to stop. Give it your best shot! see if it affects me in the least.

Darling this racist nonesense is very tiring and old indeed. I suggest you give it a rest for now and find something better to do. For example learn to "accept".

Regarding the gypsy comment...I don't know what Godis's background is or yours for that matter. Your word is as good as Godis's.... For all we know you could be a self hating non Nordic person who thinks only they are attractive and in your dream world imagine yourself to be one. For example calling your self Nordic online without any "proof" can be a means of doing it.
In my case i "think" of myself as feminine more than i look it maybe? Anyone looking at my pics can tell i am a man. But without posting any pics and saying ohhh i am feminine, many people would have assumed maybe i am a cross dressor/drag queen etc. Truth is i hate any make up on me.

So in other words Darling if your not brave enough to post any pics to show who you really are...i don't think your in any position to tell/determine what/who other people are! Not all Nordics think like you do....THANK THE HEAVENS!
I would know....I get most attention from Nordics :)

kisses and hugs :D ;)

I'm sorry, I made a mistake. The comment on Rai's nose was meant for the Nordic nose section, not here. That's not trolling, though, that's what's called a mistake.

To keep it on topic some more pictures of cheap Indian women so we can set the record straight. They are not at all superior to white women in that regard, nor saints like you imply. Also, before you compare women and their sexuality you have to have a FAIR and EQUAL base.

Western women have a unique freedom. Women in many parts of the world might be killed by their relatives if they so much as look at the wrong man. It is EXTREMELY UNfair to compare sexually free women to those whose freedom is totally taken away from them.

Give Indian and Arabic women the EXACT same (sexual) freedom that Western white women have today, and THEN we might compare! THEN we will hsee a TRUE and FAIR picture.

My pictures show that Indian women have a lot of potential to become cheap and promiscuous, given the opportunity. They'd behave in EXACTLY the same way as Western white women had they not been living in a totally male-dominated and oppressive culture. In fact, they would probably be a lot worse since they would have a lot to prove. The first taste of freedom encourages exaggeration.

I strongly dislike promiscuity and vulgarity in anyone. Race doesn't matter. To behave badly is bad for women, period. The sub-culture that promotes promiscuity and vulgarity in women, making them behave indecently and ultimately with self-contempt is an illness of the mind and does not work for women but against them. Sadly many women don't understand the brain washing they are subjected to and they seem to think that freedom of expression is the same thing as the loss of moral values.

Indian woman posing seductively or acting cheaply Indian woman posing seductively or acting cheaply Indian woman posing seductively or acting cheaply

Regarding homosexuality and Erik's book I think you have to understand that there is a limit to that kind of discussion here. Erik has told you that he doesn't want to discuss it here and that's his decision to make, not yours. I can understand that things in his book might be hurtful to read if you are homosexual. Apparently he also warned you that it might be. That doesn't grant you the right to force an argument on him here.

He has the right to form his own opinions regarding homosexuality, and apparently he has. If you disagree with his book find another one that you like better. If you can't stop obsessing over Erik's book it will only make it seem like he has hit a nerve, and that there is truth and validity to his arguments.

Homosexuality is discussed here only in relations to homosexuals' ideas of ideal female beauty which they promote in the fashion industry. Homosexuality as such is not the topic of this site, as far as I can tell, only when it is directly related to homosexuals' taste in women, and the undoubtedly disproportionate power they have due to their total dominance in the fashion world.

You have amazed me with your potential to be "respectful" by your last post here. I have an answer/something to say for every Question here but i don't want to discuss it here.
If you want you can e-mail me at peter13041 [@], if you want to talk/discuss more :)
I am really sorry if i offended you.

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