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Julija Ribkina



But she has high cheekbones. Aren't high cheekbones masculine?

You've got terrible taste in women, and this girl isn't the only example.

great body. AMAZING body. relatively cute face. nothing amazing. her cheekbones look more wide/defined vs. high. gisele has high cheekbones while halle berry has wide ones... IMHO. while unrelated, her hair is not good. thin, damasged, bad dye job.

just noting: High cheekbones by themselves are not masculine though cheekbones placed higher on the face present a more masculine look.

Julija Ribkina is not as feminine as many women in the attractive women section, but this section does not exclusively focus on feminine women.

you're not the only one who thinks that, trust me.


it focuses more on white women LOL

I think shes attractive...

Her cheekbones don't look high to me.
I'd like to see what she looks like without the make up and stage lighting.

Well, and I like her. There is something special about her. I believe there is no one strict measure of beauty. Tastes differ and there is no need to dispute about it. Not long ago I found a nice book in the History of art at the book search engine . And what I saw was that the ideas about the ideal woman changed with time. Someday fatness, whiteness was the criteria of beauty. That is why if she beautiful or not is a discussive question.

She's a very beautiful girl. Besides, she has a soul, it is evident from her eyes. I thinks she is wise as well. As I understood, she is a Slavonic girl (from Russia, Ukraine of Belorussia), and the women in these countries are all beauties!

She is pretty cute, don't be evil. Thank for google she'll be famous.

I think she's really cute and her cheekbones are like that because she is very thin. Those aren't high cheekbones as I know them to be. I really like her hair color, as well, I wish I had wigs like that.

I for one think she's pretty, I've seen better pictures of hers, maybe this one is simply not the best one. Great lips, cute nose and a confident attitude. She might not get on my favorite-women list, but she's nice looking.

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