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Misleading and useless CNN video related to New York Spring 2009 fashion week

The clowns at CNN recently released a video on whether thin is still in in the fashion world.


The strange death of Ruslana Korshunova: likely murder by an organized crime group

Ruslana Korshunova

When I heard that a fashion model fell to her death in New York City, apparently committing suicide, the first thing that came to my mind was murder even though I didn’t know who this model was and the exact circumstances of her death.  This is a reasonable a priori assumption.  After all, New York City, one of the headquarters for organized international crime, has a very large number of criminal lowlife.  After reading about how Ruslana Korshunova died, I’d bet she was murdered.

The plight of fashion models: example, Alexandra Michael

A video featuring ‘fat-legged’ Ali Michael on MSNBC and a discussion of her disordered eating behavior in the current edition of Teen Vogue is featured below.

Fashion illustration vs. superheroines, pinups and fantasy art

Harriet Olivia has the following to say about fashion illustration


Pending French law will make the promotion of extreme thinness or proana criminal: Qui est pissé?

Who might be displeased? grin


What are the requirements for becoming a top-ranked fashion model or supermodel? posted an article, by Kiri Blakeley, on how to be a supermodel a few months ago.  It has some shortcomings that need to be addressed.

Bradley Bayou on the fashion world and eating disorders, and thick-legged Ali Michael

Some fashion world news of interest.

The 2008 London spring Fashion Week: some comments

Working for a 100-strong union, model spies supposedly assessed catwalk bullying during London Fashion Week, but this was likely a useless endeavor since Eastern European and other models from poor backgrounds wouldn’t answer truthfully.


Homosexual designers’ influence now more obvious in the selection of male models

A recent article in the NY times by Guy Trebay documents the very thin male high-fashion models seen lately.  A desirable 6-feet-tall model needs to be in the neighborhood of 150 pounds.


If most read this tale about a topic beyond the pale, without fail, wouldn’t fashion bigwigs wail?

2006 saw the malnutrition-related deaths of two fashion models covered
all over the media, creating for the fashion industry plenty of PR trouble.
Before, the thin model issue had not much of people’s attention garnered,
but now, the fashion bigwigs were worried; this might break the bubble!!
Worse, the thinness trend could by accursed governments be smothered!
And, what if ingrate and rouge insiders leak answers in a manner subtle?



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