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Does fashion advertising cater to the buyers or is one observing the effects of a monopoly?

The latest from Danielle:


Helen Mirren says that the tail wags the dog

Who, according to Helen Mirren, is to blame for pushing teenagers into eating disorders and an obsession with wearing size zero clothing?


Cure worse than the disease? The No-l-ita ad: how not to tackle anorexia

Imagery of ultra-thin high-fashion models can be disturbing for many, and the high status of these models may inspire some girls and young women to unnecessarily diet in order to lose weight.  However, are the following images a solution to this problem?


What is wrong with this video?

By now many people should have seen the following video.


5 resolutions to transform the fashion and beauty industries

5resolutions.blogspot is the blogging location for the insidebeauty site, created by fashion model Magali Amadei and writer Claire Mysko.


12-year-old fashion model: Maddison Gabriel

A 12-year-old model (now 13) at one of the world’s largest fashion shows in Australia outraged a lot of people.  She won a photo shoot to become the face of the 2008 festival.

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Miscellaneous items of interest.


No comment needed

boyish fashion models

Feminists offended by Tom Ford perfume ad

The feminists at are railing at the following perfume advertisement.


Educational videos: The models of Francesco Scognamiglio and Lena from FTV girls

Two educational videos in wmv format are shown below.  Most browsers can play embedded wmv videos, but if yours can't then either install the windows media player plugin or see the download links.


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