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Anna Wintour should not be blamed for skinny high-fashion models

"8D" linked to the following, whose author, David Staples, is clueless about why high-fashion models are typically tall and skinny, and quotes another clueless individual, Nole Marin (Director of Canada's Next Top Model), blaming Vogue Editor Anna Wintour for selecting tall and skinny high-fashion models.  When will the likes of Nole Marin get a clue?


The transsexual parade otherwise known as the Victoria’s Secret lingerie show: part 7 - Elise Crombez

Previous parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.  This entry is a response to a commentator saying that apart from Karolina Kurkova, other models used by Victoria's Secret are suitable for lingerie modeling.  Really?

Beth Ditto: male homosexual fashion designers to blame for size zero trend

Beth Ditto is a short, obese lesbian.  Whereas some would quickly point out her obesity as the reason why she is displeased with skinny fashion models and suggest that she is envious of tall and slender women, at least she cannot be called “homophobic.”


Must read for New Woman magazine readers with distorted beliefs regarding what is a "sexy" body

Toward the end of March, 2007, New Woman magazine reported the following from a survey of about 5,000 women.  In this survey, 58% of women believed that men find size zero sexy!  Must read facts for these women:


The curvaceousness of fashion models, Miss Americas and PMOYs over time in the twentieth century

Models trends in the twentieth century have been extensively addressed within this site.  Nevertheless, here is another study(1; zip) that documents model trends in the twentieth century, and some comments on it are pertinent.

More on how well the public appreciates the looks of high-fashion models

Some interesting snippets:

I am not alone

A follow-up on Lauren telling me "you are not alone"...


ACNielsen report: Majority of global consumers find female fashion models "too thin"

Excerpts from an online survey of 25,000 individuals in 45 countries (Jan. 30, 2007):

Petra Nemcova not spared, either; models and their agents ready to sue

Miscellaneous news items of interest...


Fan email: You are not alone

Lauren, a fan of this site, sent me the following article to let me know that that I am not the only person to have made some of the core arguments presented here.  Although it dates to 2002, it is worth reproducing here.  I have bolded some parts that point out some of the key issues mentioned within this site, and have added a few comments (in italics).



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