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Sexy ana-rexi mystery

Alice Burdeu

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Hello, I am Alice Burdeu, and you can just call me Alice
I have won big time, notwithstanding the public’s malice.
If you are wondering why then the odd look on my face
even though Australia’s top model competition I did ace,
then it boils down to a mystery that’s been racking my mind
and I sincerely hope that you can help me the answer find,
why the judges think I am sexy from toe to countenance
but the public believes I don’t eat enough for sustenance?


To those that may various theories posit,
peek inside the fashion designer’s closet.



Wow Erik, you really are losing it. Your blog entries are getting more retarded every minute. You need to stop with the "funny posts". Its fairly obvious that humor is not your forte. i can tell that photoshop is not your forte either by looking at your "funny" picture of a "fashion designer's closet".

I'm sorry that you didn't like my blood gushing eye gifs on the Anna S. entry.

To make it up to you I will offer a token of peace.

I hope this mental illness problem of yours will get better soon :(

Is it really so hard to see that this woman is too skinny for the general public to find acceptable?

I think that most people would find her far too thin. Fashion designers don't care what most people think that's why Erik's site is useless.

@Danielle: I guess that makes all your comments just as useless as Erik'sd site?

Bow wow wow yippie yay yippie yay...
Sayeth the God of wisdom, Danielle hey,
thou could be learned and wise, what say?...
and see the writing on the wall doth portray
that the designers of the type known as gay
will not for long choose models light as hay;
a well-informed public will for a boycott bay
and there’ll be alternatives to make ‘em sway.
Chill and relax, do not let your nerves fray.
Come, why don’t you in bed with me lay?
The pup wageth in agreement, aye, aye!
Bow wow wow yippie yay yippie yay...

Erik, how many times does it have to be explained to you that the general public is not the main market for designer merchandise? Their boycotts will mean nothing in that context. You are seriously overestimating the power of this little site. Most men do not view high fashion images critically. They are not interested in high fashion and they don't seek out images of these models. If they find them unattractive then they ignore them. No one is particularly interested in setting up an alternative except you and maybe a few other people. That's not enough. I won't be laying with you anywhere and your rhymes suck. You aren't really hurting anyone but yourself when you post that shit.

Harry, I am not trying to chang anyone's mind. I like insulting and arguing with Erik because I think he's a nut. My comments are intended to contribute to some grand purpose or goal.

I meant that my comments *aren't* intended to serve a grand purpose

Darling Danielle, thou art using the same gimmick;
can’t you see that the rich are a part of the public?
It is not at all difficult to educate an ordinary Mick
and make him see that many models look really sick.
So, can the rich be far behind in feeling yuck, ick?
And will then the rich still the same designers pick
when others use models that do not look like a stick?
The answer should be apparent unless you are thick.

The God of wisdom, not me, asks ye to lay with him
so with the seed of wisdom he filleth ye to the brim,
making you see that I ain’t the harbinger of the grim.
I am just doing my job; currently singing this hymn.
I wonder whether your chances of improving are slim
since who enjoys insulting a “nut,” somebody dim?

You have not proven anywhere on this website that the women who buy high fashion clothes would prefer the looks of the sloppy hoes in your “attractive women” section over the typical high fashion model. Until you prove that these women don't like the way the models look then you are just wasting your time. This is your website so the burden of proof rests on you.

You are only making insecure, "masculine" women feel like shit. Don't flatter yourself into thinking that you are imparting any useful knowledge. I am sure that you can function in day-to-day life but you are still a delusional body nazi. I come to this site because your arguments are so ridiculous that they are actually funny. I don't feel bad about laughing at a homophobic, sexist, racist nut.

@Danielle: sorry for the delayed response. I agree with your opinion about Erik's writings. That's precisely why I will not respond to his statements. He might best be helped by someone from to get over his fear of women.

Harry: Erik may accuse you of being "not lifetime exclusive heterosexual" or "narrowly escaping nonheterosexuality" because that is how he explains away men who disagree with him.

Harry, BTW, the Dutch escort whose website you have linked to your name signature is stunning. She is undercharging. At least, I know she could make more money in America.

Danielle: thanks for the compliment about Anna, I will pass it on to her. Some time ago she explained to me why escort girls charge more in the US but I forgot what the exact reason was. Meanwhile, Erik might try Zohra to help him overcome his problem with women. I never had a sexual identity crisis (lucky me). And if Erik were to address me such a thing I would not respond to it at all: it would give all the people that do know me well a big laugh!

Whipped Honey: sorry, I noticed too late that it was you who posted.

Harry the pimp: I don't have any bros for your hos; stop promoting them here.

Damn Danielle, women prefer in females looks the same as do men.
Why do I have to write it yet again? The ink’s running out of my pen.

Why do thee resort to the ruse that the information here is of no use?
The site makes the reader muse; it also has content that does amuse.
Yet it makes you blow a fuse, and makes thee shower me with abuse.

Do I make masculine women feel crappy like kids spanked by pappy?
I suppose the gay designers are making feminine women very happy?
Who, heretofore under stealth, has been undermining women’s wealth
not so much in terms of lightening the purse but in the form of health?

Very strange that you find my arguments so absurd that they are fun.
I’ve been thinking, hun, whether you have from a lunatic asylum run?
The typical person will, regardless of causal factors, lament for a nut
just as one pities the poor soul who has had his butt bitten by a mutt.
You, on the other hand, rejoice in glee; look ma, here is fun for free!
Seriously, chill, sit down, a sane person be; think carefully, try to see
that the truth can’t be prejudiced; plain obvious to eyes not jaundiced.
It isn’t me who is homophobic, but you appear to be empiric-o-phobic.
Neither sexism nor racism is my sin, and with this note I my reply fin.

Harry: Thanks for the picture you linked to my name! You must have read my mind to know I am a fan of both wonder woman and bondage.

That girl is indeed very thin so I do hope that she is not starving herself. However it is highly unlikely as at her age and height her body has spent alot of energy growing her musculoskeletal frame and not built up fat deposits. Erik I'll do you the courtesy of assuming that those poems are written by someone using your name, either that or try a Haiku
instead. Again the attack on homosexuals. Below is an interesting link on the affect of early 90's western tv on the self image of the fijian population. Which came first, the catwalk or the culture? Katherine Hepburn was 5ft 7' with 34-23-33. Sounds pretty slim to me, and that was in the 30's!

The skinny culture is not new but deserves rounded investigation and not to be used as a gay bashing device.

Debra: You call them poems? They are more like silly rhymes, though the message is important. I wrote all the rhymes above. If you don’t like them, don’t blame me. I can rhyme but am not a poet. I didn’t know about haiku, but having looked it up, haiku isn’t useful to me because it doesn’t rhyme.

Katherine Hepburn was an outlier. She had to endure starvation as a young individual and likely never gained the fat she normally would have.

The Fijians have an extremely high prevalence of obesity. Even exposure to normal Western bodies would prompt some of them to reevaluate how they feel about their bodies, but it isn’t about normal bodies in the West. What explains the very thin high-fashion ideal? I have addressed the matter rigorously, and saying the unpleasant truth if it is needed isn't “bashing.”

Erik, perhaps poem was a slight overestimation. I was not intending to blame anyone for their creation, but if I was then the creator would be the most appropriate target. Haiku may not rhyme but at least it is brief.

Katherine Hepburn was by no means an outlier, all studio actresses of the early part of this century were very slim. Slim enough for Marilyn Monroe to be considered voluptuous and she was a UK size 10. There may of course be credence to the influence of the sexual orientation of the designer on the choice of model, and you are by no means the first to suggest this, but it is stretching it to make it out to be some gay conspiracy to turn women into adolescent males. I would be more concerned with the heterosexual males influence on the porn industry. This is undoubtedly what has created the bleached hair, plumped lips and silicone chested phenomenon of recent years. Also the sexualisation of young women and girls. It outrages me more to see a t-shirt with 'hot stuff' written across the front in the children's section of the local department store than to see a skinny girl parading around in bizarre clothes on Tv.

As for your comment on the other thread of homosexuals and bisexuals being a 'breed apart' when it comes to the realm of child abuse and molestation then you are living in a corn bread fantasy land. It may be comforting to think that it is that simple to profile a potential threat to a child but it is not.

There are far greater injustices facing women in the world today. In the 3rd world and in countries with oppressive political or religious
regimes. It is patronizing to propose a boycott of the fashion industry in order to protect womens self esteem. A better reason would be to fight the abuse of the those who work in their factories churning out $500 bags for a dollar a day.

The vast majority of people appreciate the natural beauty of both sexes. Thats why I was born, and you, and probably anyone else reading
these threads.

Beautiful - yes

Confident - no

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