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The webmaster is Erik Holland and can be reached at the following email address:

webmaster at femininebeauty dot info (this email is temporarily not working and so send a cc (carbon copy) to fbeauty_webmaster [at] yahoo [dot] com .

Please do not email a complaint about this website ignoring inner beauty.  The concept of inner beauty is intuitive and well-known, even to children, is not undermined or denigrated in any way by a discussion of physical beauty and, simply put, is not relevant in the very least to this website.  If you have a comment that you would like others to see, you can leave it here or respond to any appropriate story or blog entry.

If you are a woman who would like to submit your pictures for posting in the attractive women section of this site, then make sure that you are as good looking or better looking than the women featured in this section, and use the guidelines below.

Guidelines for submitting pictures

Your pictures should include a clear view of your face from the front and side, and hair should not hide the outline of your face.  Pictures of your body should clearly depict your contours and skeletal proportions.  Please do not email nude pictures.

Do not try to deceive.  To illustrate an example of deception, consider the looks of Pamela Anderson.

Do you see a glamorous woman below?  Many people would say yes.  Think again...scroll down.

Pamela Anderson

In Fig 1 below, do you still see a glamorous woman?  Most people would prefer to have glamorous women look like feminine women rather than drag queens (male transvestites).  Look at Fig 2 and ask yourself whether you are looking at a woman, man or transsexual?  Humongous breast implants notwithstanding, manly traits such as a broad ribcage make it impossible for Pamela Anderson to achieve a feminine, hourglass figure (Fig 3).  Many pictures of Pamela Anderson are available, but even nude or semi-nude pictures of her rarely show her backside.  Why?  Fig 4 reveals the answer…Pamela Anderson does not have much of a backside, at least not a backside that befits a glamour model.

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Fig 1 Fig 2 Fig 3
Pamela Anderson Pamela Anderson Pamela Anderson
Fig 4 Fig 5  
Pamela Anderson Pamela Anderson  

It could be said that many of the pictures of Pamela Anderson shown feature her in her thirties, and one should use pictures from her early twenties to see her at her most glamorous.  However, barring disease or accidental disfigurement, a woman who is truly glamorous in her early twenties does not end up with the looks shown in the pictures above when she is in her thirties.  The glamorous depiction of Pamela Anderson is mostly due to camouflage/deception using make-up, hair dying, breast implants, tricky posing, lighting tricks and possible airbrushing of her pictures.  Before she became famous, she had very unimpressive looks.  Even in the picture of a younger Pamela Anderson below (Fig 5), broad shoulders and manly hands are easily seen.  More on Pamela Anderson here.  Many people will correctly guess that camouflage/deception pertaining to photography alone is unlikely to explain Pamela Anderson becoming the sex symbol of the 1990s.  Indeed, Ms. Anderson ran into luck, especially in the form of just the right kind of man with the resources to promote her as a sex symbol.