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Top-ranked fashion models

When looking at top-ranked high-fashion models, one should note the central tendency among the models, especially as it pertains to masculinization or androgyny.  Also note the slenderness of the models and the approximation of the looks of adolescent boys in a number of cases. 

Not all photos shown are current, but it may take a while for a model to attain top status.  The average age of the top-50 models shown below was between 20 and 21 at the time of the listing.  20- to 21-year-old women who wish to start out as fashion models will most likely be rejected.  Therefore, in case a top-ranked fashion model is well into her twenties, it is certainly helpful to obtain some pictures of her when she started out high-fashion modeling to better understand what kinds of looks are considered desirable in the fashion industry.

Rankings as of March 30, 2007, listed at

The numbers preceding the names are the rankings.  The actual number of models shown is 60 because some models tied with the same ranking.

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