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From ape to human – the journey in pictures

I came across an excellent resource that graphically illustrates the path taken by humans to attain their present form, and we can infer how our sense of facial attractiveness has transformed.  This in the form of a book, “The Last Human: A Guide to Twenty Two Species of Extinct Humans.”  It does a great job of putting a face on ancestral species leading to modern humans.  This book illustrates meticulous reconstructions of fossils.  An example of a Homo heidelbergenis reconstruction is shown below.

Homo heidelbergensis Homo heidelbergensis Homo heidelbergensis Homo heidelbergensis Homo heidelbergensis Homo heidelbergensis Homo heidelbergensis
Reconstructing the face of a 350,000-year-old human. Start from left. Stage 1: A cast of a Homo heidelbergenis skull found in Atapuerca, Spain. Stage 2: After the addition of missing or damaged teeth and the reconstruction of the eye orbit. Stage 3: After the application of some deep soft tissues. Stage 4: After the application of most of the superficial soft tissues. Stage 5: The right half shows the complete deep and superficial soft tissue reconstruction, and the left half shows the complete facial reconstruction. Stage 6: After the application of skin. Stage 7: After the application of facial hair.

When looking at the illustrations, a few things should be kept in mind. 

  • In the reconstructions, the skin color is the best guess of the artist.
  • The pictures on this page should not be taken as representative examples.  Just as there is tremendous face shape diversity among modern humans, great diversity also existed among the ancestral species, but the reconstruction team can only work with the skull(s) on hand, and the reconstruction process is very tedious, making it unlikely that we will find very many examples of reconstructions.
  • The arrangement is roughly along the line of time of appearance/existence.
  • The dates list estimates of the age of the fossil (single date) or the period of the existence of the species as inferred from their remains (date range).

The great apes

The ape group currently comprises of gibbons, orangutans, chimpanzees and gorillas.

female gibbon orangutans common chimpanzee common chimpanzee
bonobo bonobo bonobo gorilla gorilla
First row from left: female gibbon, male (left) and female orangutan, two common chimpanzees. Second row from left: three bonobo chimpanzees, two gorillas.

Earliest African hominids

Hominids are creatures belonging to the human-ape family.  The earliest African hominids looked like apes.

Sahelanthropus tchadensis

Sahelanthropus tchadensis
Sahelanthropus tchadensis (Northern Chad; ~ 7 million years ago (mya)).

Orrorin tugenesis

Orrorin tugenesis
Orrorin tugenesis (Kenya; 6.2 – 5.65 mya; only part of the jaw/some teeth recovered).

Ardipithecus ramidus/kadabba

Ardipithecus ramidus
Ardipithecus ramidus (Ethiopia; kadabba is 5.55 – 5.18 mya, ramidus is 4.42 mya; Ramidus: some teeth, some jaw parts, incomplete skull base, a skull wall fragment). Paintings shown.

Appearance of the human lineage

These looked in between apes and humans, and walked upright.  Some had faces closer to those of apes than humans.  They have been called ape-men or man-apes.

Australopithecus anamensis

Australopithecus anamensis
Australopithecus anamensis (Kenya; 4.17 – 3.77mya; closer to 4.17mya).

Kenyanthropus platyops

Kenyanthropus platyops
Kenyanthropus platyops (Kenya; 3.57 – 3.4 mya; 3.4 – 2.5mya). This appears to be a painting.

Australopithecus afarensis

Australopithecus afarensis male Australopithecus afarensis female Australopithecus afarensis juvenile
Australopithecus afarensis (Ethiopia, also possibly Kenya; 3.4 – 2.92mya). Adult male (left), adult female (middle) and child.  The adult female is the reconstruction of the famous fossil of Lucy.

Paranthropus aethiopicus

Paranthropus aethiopicus
Paranthropus aethiopicus (Ethiopia and Kenya; 2.8 – 2.3mya).

Australopithecus garhi

Australopithecus garhi
Australopithecus garhi (Central Ethiopia; 2.46mya).

Australopithecus africanus

Australopithecus africanus Australopithecus africanus juvenile
Australopithecus africanus (Transvaal (South Africa); 3.5 – 2.5mya). Adult and baby.

Paranthropus robustus/crassidens

Paranthropus robustus
Paranthropus robustus (South Africa; 1.8 – 1mya).

Appearance of Homo (Humans)

All species names beginning with Homo are human species.  All but one human species went extinct but the surviving human species has absorbed other human species.(1, pdf)

Homo rudolfensis

Homo rudolfensis
Homo rudolfensis (Kenya; 1.9 – 1.88mya).

Homo habilis

Homo habilis male Homo habilis female
Homo habilis (Tanzania; 1.83 – 1.53mya); male (left) and female adults.

Paranthropus boisei

Paranthropus boisei
Paranthropus boisei (Kenya and Ethiopia; 2.3 – 1.4 mya). An odd entry, but the arrangement is by time of appearance.

Homo ergaster

Homo ergaster Homo ergaster boy
Homo ergaster (Kenya, possibly South Africa; 1.9 – 1.49mya). An adult is shown on the left. Note that the juvenile (boy) bears some resemblance to twentieth century adult Australian aboriginals whereas the adult (man) looks much more ancestral.

Homo georgicus

Homo georgicus
Homo georgicus (Dmanisi (Georgia); 1.81 – 1.77mya).

Homo erectus

Homo erectus
Homo erectus (Indonesia; 1.9mya – 29,000 years ago).

Homo pekinensis

Homo pekinensis
Homo pekinensis (China; most are approximately 600,000 – 420,000 years old).

Homo floresiensis

Homo floresiensis
Homo floresiensis (Flores (Indonesia); 74,000 – 12,000 years ago).

Homo antecessor

Homo antecessor
Homo antecessor (Spain; ~ 700,000 years ago).

Homo rhodesiensis

Homo rhodesiensis
Homo rhodesiensis (Zambia; ~ 600,000 years ago).

Homo heidelbergensis

Homo heidelbergensis Homo heidelbergensis
Homo heidelbergensis (England, France, Spain, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Israel, Morocco; 400,000 – 150,000 years ago).

Homo neanderthalensis

Homo neanderthalensis male Homo neanderthalensis male Homo neanderthalensis female Homo neanderthalensis female
Homo neanderthalensis (Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Iraq, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Uzbekistan; 175,000 – 27,000 years ago). Males (left two) and female. The female reconstruction is taken from a National Geographic article on Neanderthals that has been addressed previously.

Homo sapiens

These are modern humans.  The earliest appearance of modern humans depends on how strict one’s definition of modern human is.  If a high prevalence of ancestral features such as a poorly developed chin (can be found in significant frequencies among present sub-Saharan Africans and present Australian aborigines) or a single, prominent brow bone (can be found in some Australian aborigines) are included as part of modern humans, then modern humans date to 250,000 – 300,000 years ago in sub-Saharan Africa.  A stricter definition would allow a low frequency of features that are rare or absent in most if not all current human populations, and this would contract the origin of modern humans to about 150,000 – 100,000 years ago.   

150,000 years old Homo sapiens
Homo sapiens in sub-Saharan Africa, approximately 150,000 year old (the species is found in all continents except Antarctica).  The approximate resemblance is to current Australian aborigines and sub-Saharan Africans.  A way to imagine many of the earliest modern humans or borderline modern humans is to picture a sub-Saharan African or, better still, an Australian aboriginal with an overall flattened mid-facial region as seen in current Northeast Asians.

In the present, humans vary widely along the ancestral-to-derived discriminant.

Australian aborigines Australian aborigines Central Africans Asiatic woman Nikolai Valuev
20th century humans showing facial features more obviously indicative of human descent from the ancestral species. The overall highest frequency of ancestral features of the skull are found in Australian aborigines, especially in unmixed individuals of some tribes such as the Tasmanians, closely followed by sub-Saharan Africans. The most ancestral form of overall facial flatness (side view) is found among sub-Saharan African populations. Nevertheless, individuals can be found in any human population who leave no doubt about where we are coming from. Examples are not representative.

European Europeans European European
20th century humans illustrating more overall derived facial features. Examples are not representative.

Broad changes in the ape-to-human face shape transformation are shown below.

Ape and man face comparison
A sketch of basic differences between the human and the ape face.

The size of the present human face has reduced compared to ancestral humans. This process requires less deposition of bone in the face. The nuances of reduced bone deposition correspond to finer facial features.

G.J. Sawyer and Viktor Deak with some of their reconstructions of ancient humans. Adrie and Alfons Kennis with their reconstruction of a Neanderthal woman
Left: G.J. Sawyer and Viktor Deak, the two individuals largely responsible for the reconstructed faces in The Last Human, with many of their reconstructed fossils. Right: Adrie and Alfons Kennis with their reconstruction of a Neanderthal woman.

The consequences of growth retardation and shape changes resulting from other factors are shown below.

European male profile A comparison of shape change with growth in humans and chimpanzees Chimpanzee vs. human face shape
Left: A non-masculine (among men), large (6-foot-4) European male illustrating the derived form (see middle figure(2, pdf)). Both larger and less masculine skulls are more prognathic (more protuding jaws), yet note the regression of the jaw of the individual shown in the picture. If face growth is retarded during development, then one’s jaw doesn’t protrude as much even though the individual attains a large size. However, retardation of face growth cannot produce the projecting nasal bones, the projecting forehead and the well-developed chin of the illustrative example. Therefore, the ape-to-human face shape change involves both growth retardation and the development of a new face shape for humans (see figure at right(3)). This nuance is important. For instance, looking at the juvenile and adult faces of Homo ergaster and Australopithecus afarensis shown above, the juvenile faces are closer to our faces, which prompts the suggestion that human faces are neotenized faces of the ancestral species. Growth retardation is necessary but not sufficient for neoteny, and whereas growth retardation is responsible, in part, for making the jaws less protruding in humans, we can observe that the shape that has become us is a new, unique development, not the retention of an earlier development.

The direction of shift in aesthetic preferences with time roughly parallels the direction of shift in shape with time.  See more materials on preferences lying along the ancestral-to-derived discriminant.

Concluding remarks

G.J. Sawyer and Viktor Deak have put faces on our long-deceased ancestors and relatives...may their souls rest in peace.  Perhaps one day we shall join in Heaven our ancestors as well as relatives who ended up the losers of natural selection, meet them in the flesh, raised from the ashes in all their glory, with eternal life bequeathed unto them by the Gods, and, speaking a common tongue, reflect upon where we came from, what we became and what direction our descendents took in a journey that will not end till death does our species part from Earth and other locales our descendents may inhabit.


  1. Eswaran V, Harpending H, Rogers AR. Genomics refutes an exclusively African origin of humans. J Hum Evol 2005;49(1):1-18.
  2. Lieberman DE, McBratney BM, Krovitz G. The evolution and development of cranial form in Homo sapiens. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2002;99(3):1134-1139.
  3. Penin X, Berge C, Baylac M. Ontogenetic study of the skull in modern humans and the common chimpanzees: neotenic hypothesis reconsidered with a tridimensional Procrustes analysis. Am J Phys Anthropol 2002;118(1):50-62.


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Honestly, if you compare any negative things I have written about Nordics and all the negative things Emily has written about any other race you will clearly see that my negativity towards Nordics at times is nowhere near the negativity that Emily "spews" out about people of other races, any race for that matter. I'd also like to mention that my negativity towards Nordics often came out when Emily pushed my buttons and when her ignorance had repeated itself so often that I couldn't take it anymore at the time. Emily's negativity towards other races has been consistent. I have been negative towards Emily latley more than I have been towards Nordics. Here are some things I have said about Nordics that were negative. Some of them were meant to be insulting observations, others are simply true.

Swedes can be white trash (posted a video made by the Germans that mocked Swedes by portraying them as white trash): I wasn't claiming Swedes are white trash. I was trying to make the point that any country can be portrayed negativley and Emily has been portraying countries negativley by only focusing on their negative aspects. I am not speaking only about physical characteristics either, Emily has said deragatory things about other countries that had nothing to do with beauty. I believe she called all Eastern European women cheap...

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I believe I might have mentioned something about how Nordic women have angular features at times? This is simply true. Nordic women have high nose bridges(who cares so do I), and defined chins. They just have less rounded facial features on average. This is simply the truth and not negative because I mean it in a good way. Defined chins are attractive, higher nose bridges many times appear nicer than nose bridges that are too low and ill defined.

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I think I mentioned that blue eyes often appear cold. This is true. Blue is a cool color. In my personal opinion femininity is associated with warmer colors. Just think of the baby blanket your mom wrapped you in. If you were a girl you were most likely wrapped in rosy colors. If you were a boy you were wrapped in blue. That is the truth, and I believe that rosy colors are softer and more inviting than the color blue. The advantage the color blue has is its calming effect. Since blue is a cool color the eye glides over it easily. However when you pair that light blue or gray color with a small black dot, like an eye, you get a large contrast that can make the eyes appear cold and repitilian like.

That about sums up most of the negative things I have said about Nordic women. Being half German its hard for me to actually insult a part of me. I have family with blue eyes blonde hair washed out and angular features. However, I always root for the underdog because that is my nature. I will be the first to stand up for something wrong said about what is percieved to be the "underdog" by the person doing the insulting. So I have nothing against Nordic women. However I can identify their flaws just as I can identify flaws of the females in other races.

To claim I am as hostile as Emily towards another race is simply illogical. The person making this claim should go back and re-analyze everything.

Most of my hostility has been directed towards Emily, only in response to her ignorance.


Wow, that garbage you wrote reeks of envy. It must be some kind of weird world record in dishonesty and jealosy. I've been to Sweden and their women are incredibly beautiful.

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Barabella, It is my opinion that what you and Emily purport is pure BS. I think it is comical that you think me calling it BS some how infringes on your right to have an opinion. From what I can remember, I never said that we should storm Barabella's house and take her computer from her. I am in no way, whatsoever, infringing on your right to say what ever the hell you want, so quite bitching. What I am calling BS is your position and your arguements, not your right to have those. STHU, I am an American too, I know about constitutionality, and I know you have the right to say/feel whatever you want, I NEVER challenged that. I merely disagreed with your opinion. As an American, I am going to express myself once more and reiterate my opinion that you and Emily are full of it!

"I never "cleaned up" Emily's comments."

Seriously, why don't you read all your comments and say that. But I guess if it helps you to sleep at night, you should keep telling yourself that.

"I posted a photo that supported her point and I think it got people all pissed off because one look at that picture proves her right and none of you can stand her being right."

Oh please, give me a break! You really are too much Barabella.

You must not be very intelligent if you think comparing an elderly caucasian woman to an obviously mixed asian woman is a valid way of proving asians are beautiful.

Other Emily, the photo of the Olympic gymnasts is a great example of the differences in the physiques of Asian women as opposed to those of European descent. I don't know, everytime I go back and look at it, I now see what has been pointed out here. Nobody needs to police this site. If you and Godis think so badly of the nature of mine nor Emily's comments then why are you bothering? I don't have to share your views, and just because I don't doesn't mean I'm wrong. I'm sorry if you think there's no other people in the world "like us" (whatever the fuck that means), because that's wrong and naive on your part. Yes, unpopular as it is, a lot of people still think white women are beautiful.

Godis, of course, poor little Godis, she never says anything wrong. If not about Nordics, you've said things about ME personally, like my boyfriend's gay because he doesn't like girls who look a little overweight. Deal with it. Or maybe he lied because I'd have gotten mad if he'd said you were hot, after saying all kinds of other women on this site were hot (or not). Then we get to your pics and all of a sudden, after years of honesty, he decides to lie right then, because of you? You're a fool.

Rawr, sorry for my MISSPELLINGS.

You don't have to apologize. I do give idiots some learning curve.

The likes of NOW and RAINN, man-hating organazations that they are, are going to give stats based on THEIR agendas so I'll take those numbers with a grain of salt.

RAINN is the Rape, abuse and incest national network. It aids men as well.

You don't like any RASCIST comments, well, what should this conversation be about? Please, enlighten us. Much of the blogs on this site deal with looks in terms of race.

That's because Eric is an obvious racist and homophobic. Many of the topics have nothing to do with race though you idiots still make it about race everytime.

I can tell by your tone that you think you're gifted with some intellect that is lost on most of us, but I don't see it that way.

I don't care what you feel.

I think you're trolling, stirring up shit because you have ten fingers and know how to type.

My opinion is no less valid then yours simply because I question your motivations. Racism is an outdated mode of thought. Human beings know far more about their own DNA today than in the past. Anyone who still holds on to outdated modes of thought it either a Luddite or intellectually challenged. You biases will color all of your logic. This is why your kind are not allowed in science.

We are all well within our rights to state whatever the hell we want. Your nagging doesn't change that.

And i'm well within my rights to state whatever I wish. But i would remind you as a European you are under EU law were racist statements are indeed hate crimes and can get you tossed in jail along with homophobic statements. Not that i would report you, I'd rather you rot in the loneliness of your superiority but you might want to watch out for yourself eh?

I've just finished browsing over these pages, and I must say: no offense, but the people who are trying to make Asians look best are a bunch of clowns. How low do you have to stoop to compare extreme examples of ugly Nordic women to extreme examples of highly photo-shopped, cosmetically-and-surgically-altered Asian models (some of which have very obvious White ancestry)?

The Nordicists displayed honor and fairness by comparing pictures of average White women with average Asian women. Now, that's commendable. Asianphiles, if you can't win your debate by doing the same, then do the honorable thing and throw in the towel.

Ignorant people like "rawr" made me turn to White Nationalism in order to escape from their PC, delusional, hypocritical, anti-white, and ultimately self-destructive multicultural rhetoric. Racism outdated? Hah! Then why, according to the US Department of Justice, are 90% of interracial attacks BLACK-on-WHITE? Hmm?

Oh, I forgot. Only Whites can be racist. [Insert rolls-eyes emoticon.]

The sad reality is that Whites have been taught by our educational system, media, and corrupt politicians to accept & tolerate everyone and to forget our racial identity, even though non-whites are NOT held to this standard. In fact, non-whites are encouraged to be proud of who they are and are given special incentives and favors on the basis of their race. It's a sad double standard.

Learn more here:

Rawr, I'm happy to tell you that you'll be less ignorant after spending some time on Stormfront. :)

"Racism outdated? Hah! Then why, according to the US Department of Justice, are 90% of interracial attacks BLACK-on-WHITE? Hmm? "

When you post the actual stats from the DOJ and not the rhetoric from David Duke, Storm Front and other hate mongers maybe I would buy it. Other far more intelligent people have explained the misreading of the stats. Freaking Luddites. The future will remember you as you are-ignorant.

"[Far] more intelligent people have explained the misreading" huh? Okay, mention those people and post links. If you've noticed, I've posted plenty of links - you, zero. Insults won't get you anywhere.

Oh, and since you don't trust Stormfront and David Duke due to your preexisting prejudices, here's an article presenting an in-depth analysis of interracial crime statistics, complete with direct links sources:

I don't think people here appreciate us going too long off-topic, so if you want to argue more, I'll see you at Stormfront. Also, I dare you to bring up these "far more intelligent people" on Stormfront's Terry Tremaine forum. We'll see how well you fare against seasoned debaters.

You have once again linked an incendiary blog. Link the DOJ and their data not an opinion piece.

You will never ever find me on Stormfront. I'd rather not subject myself to the abuse of racist, ignorant fools. You will never change your mind even if confront with the data that disputes your positions because you are already so biased. it is a waste of time. Your kind will be ostracized with time. There is no point in speaking with you.

The "incendiary blog" contained direct links to where the source information was derived (FBI, etc).

Instead of spewing rabid insults like a typical anti-white, why don't you provide data which disputes my positions? It it because (gasp) you can't find any? Until you present a proper rebuttal instead of emotional rants, you have no case.

No, it actually looks like my "kind" is becoming less ostracized surprisingly quickly. The BNP is an example. Many Whites are waking up to the multicultural lie and "anti-racist" hypocrisy. Of course, you are too prejudiced and close-minded to see for yourself, but there's a thread on Stormfront asking why some (admittedly) once liberal, anti-racist Whites became White Nationalists. Many did so because of two common reasons:
(1) when they actually moved to an area populated by non-whites (or non-whites took over their neighborhoods), they saw that the non-whites on TV (blacks, in particular) are NOT like the everyday non-whites
(2) they became aware of the mounting anti-white prejudice in White societies (an example of which is Affirmative Action, which gives non-whites an advantage in job-hunting on the basis of their race - now, isn't that . . . racist?).

I truly believe that what you call "racism" - a better term is ethnocentrism - will win out in time. After all, it looks like ethnocentrism is a BIOLOGICAL CONSTRUCT. You can fight nature only so long.

I agree,I dont care what Emily looks like because her views make her very unattractive to anyone other than white supremecist nazis.

They come from a common ancestor that is why. they are like cousins.

Wow you guys and gals make me smile so wide :) I live in one country for a couple of generations, but ethnically I have different heritage than that of the natives here. I am "white" and so are the peeps here but still, different ethnicity. I was told by my parents I am "pure blood" - I wish I weren't. Can you imagine HOW BORING IT IS to not be mixed, at least with other "white" people? I wish I had a couple of heritages so I could take interest in many feeling them as my own, because taking interest in only one seems so chauvinistic, and taking interest in others makes me feel like outsider, lolz.
About your comments - firstly, about "black" people. I do not know why but a lot of the females you posted claiming "unattractive" have interesting, beautiful faces, that I think are pretty, not "unattractive". Maybe you guys a bit narrow-minded and forget that there is different tastes out there, different cultures, different people, right? Maybe it's due to the fact that I am an artist and I see a HUMAN BEING with proportions of the face, and your silly attempts to say "the face is out of proportion" when you compare Asian and Swedish girls, make me laugh. Their faces are both in proportions, you silly geese :) Besides there is that first photo-comparison, so the girl looks like Inuit ethnicity, not exactly Asian, just Mongoloid. And the Swedish girl next to her is unappealing to me because of her teeth - they seem to be too large and the bottom line seems chipped. Both girls are not beauties on that picture.
About Asian people - generally about underdeveloped - !child like! - females, and SOME males, it's true. However, the photo showing plastic surgery on the poor guy - the "before" one seems ok, but the "after" one made me shudder...he was MUCH BETTER before. Especially I hate the latest trends (that are "lastest" quite for some time now) to make the eyelids surgery to make eyes appear larger and more europeian like - ewwww. I must admit I do prefer Asian males to all the others, and no, my boyfriend is NOT feminine, in any way :) Unless you consider not drinking beer all the time like most others do is not being musculine. One more thing - yes, there is a thing about teeth with Asian people, they tell about this - there are problems with teeth, but I think it's due to their DIET, not their race. We have very different diet in Europe then they have in Asia, so let's not blame all things entirely on the genes. Also about crooked teeth in Japan - they are considered very cute, because they have different culture in Japan (naturally like everywhere else, but not to that proportion). People in Europe wear braces to prevent that look (not all of course, I have seen some celebrities that have crooked teeth, but again - no celebrity, none of them, is a role model for me, we all people should think for ourselves). In Japan that look is admired so even if you guys think it's ugly (and, so do I, sigh) - there are people who think it is cute.
One last thing about beauty coming to "Swedish standarts" - do you think making your lips very plump is very "Swedish"? I noticed most of the Swedish girls have thin lips. Full lips are Asian, but most of all "black" feature, so let's not consider "Swedish" thing is what the world is coming to. Look at Bratz doll - small eyes, tiny barely visible nose, really huge lips - it looks like African-American doll with light skin and hair to me. The time of Swedish beauty, the Barbie doll, are going down hill. No matter how you look or who you are, if you find at least one person who likes you, you are not lost.
PS I have not read all the comments, and probably will never visit this page again, because I wondered here to find the answer to my own features. I think being only one is boring, and what is more I do not find myself looking "typical" to my heritage, it is way too broad I guess. Only eye colour is what I could name is sort of "typical". After this page I see even though I have lots of common features with Swedish girls I don't have something from that side because my nose, even thin and feminine, is slightly longer than that of those girls, which, from your comment, I found to be the most important feature to tell apart the Swedish girl from all the others, hahaha.
Anyway, don't worry about your genes or look, worry about what people will think of you because of your personality, and improve. Cheers.

I read some more, and well..idiots :) What looks pretty is what IS HEALTHY. What is attractive is "what" can produce healthy offsprings that benefit from the genes of both parents. All other things are embedded by culture and narrow-minded people. None of them are evil, there is no such thing as evil. But there is such thing as a mental disorder. Which one is yours? ;)

no, you don't have to say nothing more - Asian one is so much sexier!
to Emily - you can go marry and have sex with one of those swedish girls you like so much. everyone knows the reputation of swedish girls about being of easy virtue, so emily, you are a good strategist calling all men to your side, since you are one of the swedish girls.

You are a dumb racist bitch.


cool story bro.

7/00, troll harder.

I don't know what 'Emily' looks like but it's evident from the tripe he/she posts that they are somewhat cerebrally challenged and quite delusional. Why? Let's break it down ..

'Emily': "You people need to lay off with the "racist" nonsense. Preferring the white race in terms of looks is not racist, it is a matter of taste. Just as you have a right to your preferences, so have others. I know, it is hard for you to grasp, probably.

Crying racist is getting old and fewer and fewer are jumping on cue as soon as you shout it anymore, since you have abused the word too often. It is losing its potency".

But this is not what our 'Emily' is doing. He/she is also denigrating people of other backgrounds, constantly as can be seen quite clearly by his/her posts above.

Emily speaks of the truth. Emily clearly has no understanding of the word's meaning. Emily puts across his or her viewpoint, nothing more and it reads like the illogical ramblings of a racist underachiever, quite possibly because that is what Emily is. Emily, dear, the TRUTH is something that is proven, factual, supportable by evidence: the polar opposite of the bigoted drivel you spin on this site.

"All we need to do is find photos of African or African American women who are truly black in order to examine what blacks look like". Emily must be the only person in the world who can irrefutably determine all of someone's heritage from looking at a picture of them. I'm sure if geneticists had this (imaginary) skill it would be a boon for them. Emily is playing smart but not being clever.

Emily "The fact is that the black race is the most primitive one - being closest to our primate ancestors - the least evolved one, the coarsest one, and also the most masculine. That is why it is also considered the least attractive one, just as Erik explains, since evolvement and appeal go hand in hand."

Fact? What fact? Are you making wild claims again and pretending they have some credibility? I wonder what qualifies the opinion of 'Erik'? One hopes that he's not just another racist misfit with a busy account on Sto*mfr*nt. It may not be a barrel of laughs being one of life's losers but perhaps seeking counselling rather than trying to grasp at straws, creating scapegoats to feel superior to would be a better approach.

Emily: "There are attractive black women, and they will be less coarse and more gracile with less prominent noses, thinner lips, smaller teeth, less protruding jaw, lighter skin and less wolly, wild hair. In other words, those who have more muted black traits, instead approaching the evolved Nordic white ideal, will seem more attractive than those with pronounced and heavy black racial traits, I think."

[sarcasm] ...ah, the soothing words of a non-racist! [/sarcasm]

If I ever see a woman who fits your mythical (and that's all it is, MYTH based on centuries of white-supremacist 'thinking') Nordic white ideal, who is even 20% as attractive as that total beauty second from right in the photo above I'm sure I'll keel over and need resuscitation! The arrogance of fools posting pictures of such attractive people and pretending that they themselves look more attractive! In the interests of fairness, Emily really should post up her own photograph so we can all have a chuckle. At least we could have some insight into what drives her illogical prejudices. (But he/she won't do so, of that I am quite confident). People can be so funny when they strive to be taken seriously.

@ the poster who called himself "myasianwifeishot:"

I can just imagine that your Asian wife is "hot:"

Uploaded with


I don't know about this. I think Violet Corpus is a pretty good writer. If I didn't know better, I'd guess that this whole site was run by one person arguing with oneself down the spiraling descent into utter insanity.....Anyhow I meant no offense. It's just that you're all (especially Emily....I love her) all so amusing.

Racism is Zionism

Oh, for the love of God: Delete the NON-Scientific, personally, pathologically self-reflective Primate Pant-hooting "LOOKATMEEELOOKATMEEE!!!" from the SCIENTIFIC discussion forum. It isn't hard to sepparate. Sit on the delete button like Reagan sat on the red button and nip the irrelevence in the bud. The second anyone notices it, the evaluation for Hate bombs should begin. There is no reaosn to keep them up; they make no qualified contribution. Don't look at it for more than it takes to find an insult and allow them 3 tries to pose it in the form of a debate, with personal STATEMENT left out, with the other choice being--- again, just to get the point across--- the delete button. "Certain PEOPLE are...", in all of its forms, has no place in this type of forum. They violated protocal, they have nothing to contribute; they have misbehaved their right to enter data here A-WAY. If they have anything to say here, the most opinion based thing that qualifies here should no less than follow a "Preference is based upon psychological effect of Trait A modified, less pronounced A-ness, visually suggesting a lesser effect Canines reduced, suggesting a more docile nature in activities previously accentuated by aggression when canines were involved in display; new purposes of bearing teeth (showcasing oral health, risking bullying by showing diminished 'weapons' to indicate pleasant demeanor) become coupled with other "Truce...?" -oriented activities, and you have the early hominine equivelant of a smile and a hand-shake. All a guy needs is a piece-of-fruit offering, and the smile is embedded in the hominin psyche for all history, recorded or Pre-." I haven't seen any evidence that remarks like the ones we all get appalled by have any rights to stay up here that the authors havent forfieted simply by the format they use.


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