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Why would a fashion magazine publish these photos?

Beth Ditto in Pop magazine

The images are of Beth Ditto in the Fall edition of the British fashion magazine Pop.  She also has some pictures in the Paris edition (September) of Vogue magazine!

For those wondering how Beth Ditto looks like in moving form, take a look at the following video.

What is going on?

The standard comment on these pictures is:

I can’t help but wonder whether the fashion press truly embraces her or if they are merely latching on to her seemingly endless cache of cool.

Another comment:’s refreshing to see more and more healthy looking women in the pages of fashion magazine. 


Not long ago, Beth Ditto hit the nail on the head by blaming gay fashion designers for the skinny fashion model problem, though she got the underlying reason wrong.  So they decided to pamper her and hopefully give her fewer reasons to complain about the industry, but also subtly get back at her.  Look carefully at the picture series (Pop magazine).

Beth Ditto Beth Ditto’s having trouble finding a man.  One wonders why?
Beth Ditto Beth Ditto apparently comes across a stud.  Has she hit the jackpot?
Beth Ditto Nope, the guy is a heroin addict, but at least he is not choosy.
Beth Ditto Alas!  If only he could perform.
Beth Ditto And, when the effect of the drugs wears off, he finds her so contemptible that he wonders whether he should urinate on her, but decides that she is beneath it.

And Beth Ditto fell for this...amazing!...or perhaps she is masochistic.



Your captions cracked me up.

Beth Ditto is openly gay.

Movsepia: I know that Beth is a lesbian, but it doesn't change the fact that she was strongly insulted in the pictures. It is common for lesbians to have had sex with men and/or have experienced sexual attraction to men at some point of their life.

Wow,what a bitchy post.Are you sure your not a woman Erik?
What did this woman Beth Ditto ever do to you to merit such scathing criticism and ridicule of her physique?

apple: If you read carefully, it is not me who is ridiculing Beth Ditto, but the fashion designers are getting back at her. I just pointed it out. Do not blame the messenger.

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