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Fashion models like this woman can obviate the need for this site

Blonde and beautiful model

Jan. 16, 2011 update:

This woman was initially added to the attractive women section of this site, the first incident of a fashion model being added there, but then she happens to be an outlier and more of a lingerie model than a haute couture model.

Now her pictures are posted below, along with the original comment:

The model shown below is a fashion model!  If the typical high-fashion model looked like this woman, then there would likely not be a need for this site.

Blonde model

Blonde model Blonde model Blonde model Blonde model Blonde model



Erik i was wondering if high foreheads are a Caucasian trait? Not taking balding into account.
I don't like the fact that this lady's hairline/forehead region is small. She would look beter if her forehead was higher.

European forehead lengths are among the greater ones. The woman’s hairline is lower than the norm for her ethnic background, and I agree that she would look better with a higher hairline.

Really? thats cool. European's have higher foreheads? how come? I always thought they have lower foreheads? What does a low and high forehead look like anyways? People always tell me I have a high forehead? Doesn't low mean your eyes are low, but high means your eyes are high? I am confused?

no offence, she looks like a man tho. its her big lips and nose

Celtic woman: Long or short foreheads are meaningful when seen in relation to full face height. But what is absolute forehead height? We can agree that the lower edge of the forehead is the upper bony edge of the eyes. If we define the upper edge as the hairline, the hairline can be high on the head but the forehead may still look short because the region where the forehead most strongly curves as it extends back to the top of the scalp may be not much above the eyebrows and significantly below the hairline. Alternatively, the hairline can be low but it is clear that the topmost part of the head or the vault is much above the eyebrows or the upper bony edge of the eyes, as in the model shown on top. So let us have operational definitions of absolute forehead height as the height of the region from the upper bony edge of the eyes to the top of the head and absolute skull height as the distance from the bottom of the chin to the top of the head. Keeping face size constant, compared to Africans and East Asians, the lower face is reduced in height and the upper bony edge of the eyes is lowered in Europeans. These shape changes assign Europeans among those longer in the forehead region when seen in relation to skull height.

Something about her face makes her look like a guy.

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