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Claire: for the skeptics

Every now and then, I will be posting pictures of women that starkly contrast with the typical looks of high-fashion models -- in order to show what is available out there. This should help convince those skeptical about the alleged gay influence behind the typical looks of high-fashion models.

Claire from Amateur and Teen Kingdom (ATK galleria).
Claire from Amateur and Teen Kingdom (ATK galleria).
Claire from Amateur and Teen Kingdom (ATK galleria).
Claire from Amateur and Teen Kingdom (ATK galleria).
Claire from Amateur and Teen Kingdom (ATK galleria).
Claire from Amateur and Teen Kingdom (ATK galleria).

The woman shown above is Claire from Amateur Kingdom.



she has such a weird face, that she might actually stand a chance as a high fashion model. kind of pudgy and inbred. the eyebrows are hideous. and to top it, her face looks like that of a 12-year old girl (just imagine normal eyebrows).

oh, and please make comments available on the other porn stars, too, you put out quite the uglies sometimes.

Hater: To the best of my knowledge, this woman is not a porn star; she is just a nude model. Only some of the nude/scantily clad women shown within this site are porn actresses, and some of the women shown do not pose nude or go beyond topless modeling.

To allow comments on entries that merely feature an attractive woman is to open the blog to a potential flood of useless and insane comments like yours, and is hence best avoided. If you have anything reasonable to say, you will be able to find appropriate entries to leave your comments.

That is gross insanity. Like there is something wrong to look like a young girl,it doesnt' even sound logical. Young face&feminine body vs. rough, masculine, prematurely aged face& skeletal body. Those haters must be bitter fashion models...

This hideous fat-faced trailer trash is your replacement for a top fashion model? Oh I really want to look like her!!! Blotchy, pasty skin, skinny little eyebrows and fat chipmunk cheeks are in right now. She looks like a porn star with down syndrome.

Danielle: The woman does not have a fat face. I did not portray her as a replacement for top fashion models, though with small breasts, she doesn’t have the curves that would “come in the way of showing off clothes.” Where do you see blotchy skin? There are many high-fashion models with pale skin, too. It is not the woman’s fault for being unable to tan. There is also a convenient solution for untannable skin: dihydroxyacetone. If porn stars typically looked like this woman, nearly all heterosexual men would be porn addicts.

You're failing to make a point. This girl could easily fit in with the high-fashion models and fit all your criteria for 'masculine looks.'

She's a sex worker. She takes pictures for people to look and poses in a seductive manner in them. She's only a few steps down from porn star, dear.

Also 'If porn stars typically looked like this woman, nearly all heterosexual men would be porn addicts.' That line is nonsensical.

Kris: How can this woman be seen as masculine? Women limiting themselves to posing nude do not qualify as sex workers. Porn stars tend to be masculinized women and hence my statement is not nonsensical.

Eric, in my opinion, she looks like a child, not attractive at all. A woman has to look like a WOMAN and not like a 12 year old to be attractive.

Elizabeth: She looks like a woman on all counts except the side of her face. There is nothing girlish about her physique.

Why don't you just post pictures of unfortunate looking children as your examples of feminine beauty? They would be just as convincing as your "glamour models."

He looks just like Claire. He is probably just as "feminine" as well.

She has a pig nose! lol I think she can be pretty though...


you constantly speak of how you want to "improve" your feminine woman section. I think I know how...

Hit the books and study and do some REAL experiments and get some REAL research and then change your criteria as to what dictates what is beautiful and what is not. So far you are very very lost. You're women are generally not considered attractive by the majority of men because the citeria you use to evaluate attractiveness is severely flawed. You are no better than gay fashion designers when choosing what is attractive and desirable to "heterosexual males"

Sorry, I meant attractive women section

Samantha: This woman, Claire, is not part of the section you are talking about. Hitting the books will not help. Lack of time and lack of good resources are the problem. Anyway, at some point I will be seeking and hiring models. I have been saving up for quite some time.

She is really ugly. Most of your ideally feminine women on this site are pretty, but this one just has a grandma face.. really ugly!

I agree that she is not attractive. I recall having visited this site some time ago and I really did not find the attractive women's section too appealing, but recently there seem to be a much nicer selection. I enjoy feminine beauty. As a woman with 42 inch hips and a 36DD bust and a waistline, of course I am a little overweight now, and my waist is 30, gotta lower it to 26/25, I do appreciate women who are shapely, rather than just straight stick figures. However, this girl's face seems underdeveloped and very childlike, not like an attractive, feminine adult woman's face.

I think she's pretty, its her poorly cut and dyed hair that looks off.

Her profile has a childish element that does not agree with me, but otherwise she looks like an eighteen-year old, and a lovely one at that. Delicately-featured, with smooth, even-toned light beige skin. I can't believe all the mockery over her skin color (and that of similarly complected Europeans) coming from people who no doubt hypocritically consider themselves above racism. These sorts, I have noticed, will put up quite a fight to defend the beauty of equally pale (often artificially so) Asian or Middle Eastern types, but will whip out the "pasty" and "white trash" immediately when it comes to a pretty white girl. I wonder why this is. Could somebody unbiased elaborate?

Below, three Asian women that, despite having less color and vitality to their skin than Claire or the average untanned European, are likely to engender only compliments from the same people that attack light skinned Europeans for being "pasty."

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