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Comments and commenting ability restored

While I was gone, spammers went wild.  Nearly 20,000 spam comments were posted before commenting was disabled.  There were too many spam items for individual deletion, and they were generally removed in large groups.  As a result, some genuine comments may have been accidentally deleted and some spam may have been left, which will be taken care of upon discovery.

Aside from the above, too many genuine comments were irrelevant to the article posted/off-topic.  Readers should refrain from leaving such comments.



Problems with spam are not over. Spammers continue to attempt to post spam. To reduce the need for manual removal of spam, I installed spam filters, but they turned out to be overly aggressive, recently even blocking a legitimate and link-free comment by me. The spam filters are now less aggressive. I removed the Bayesian filter since words pertaining to fashion and beauty are integral to this site and overlap with numerous products spammers are peddling.

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