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Ekaterina Joukova: Why do modeling agencies not book me?

Ekaterina Joukova

Ekaterina Joukova Ekaterina Joukova Ekaterina Joukova Ekaterina Joukova Ekaterina Joukova

Ekaterina Joukova says,

I should be a fashion model; by many I have been told,
I’ve been trying for an year, and am just 18-years-old.
I know I am a little bit short, at a mere five foot eight,
and my 34-25-36 at 120 lbs may be a tad overweight.

Oh, I would really love to model all varieties of fashion!
And my motive is intrinsic; a deeply cherished passion.
Photographers, makeup artists, models encourage me.
But no luck so far getting booked; why should this be?

Here are some responses Ekaterina got.

  • Work on your pictures, expression, smile and hair mate.
  • Starting at age 17 and now 18, you are a little too late.
  • Better look like you’ve not for a while a good meal ate.
  • It’s your face honey; you need cheekbones like Kate’s.
  • Attention troll! Let the pros, not us, have your looks rate.

How may we disappointed and confused Ekaterina educate?

Ekaterina, by fashion world norms, you don’t look great.
Surely, it’s bad to resign yourself to your apparent fate.
But, ask yourself, why does age 18 border the too late
when the models will be selling to adults, not to jail bait?
To bolster your chances, you have lost 10 lbs of weight.
But why do fashion designers extreme thinness mandate,
when most women customers are not close to flyweight?
What people do the industry’s absurd standards dictate?
The designers who’d of the pleasures of sodomy partake
with boys
, whose looks the models have to approximate.
Surely, these looks are not those to which your’s relate;
neither with dieting, etc. could your efforts thus translate.
Be glad; let these facts your emotional well-being inflate.



In fact, that comment applies to most of the women whose photos are posted in this site. They are prettier than the average woman, but they are not - definitely not - the most beautiful around. I even would call them boring. Except for their bodies, of course.

link | Submitted by Erik on Sat, 01/10/2009 - 23:45.

"The Aryans were a European people that migrated to the region and subsequently disappeared as a distinct ethnic group. Today it is rare to find people in India that would look Northern European if they had white skin"


Aryans=Iran=land of aryans

So the aryans were europeans from the geographical region of europe and emigrated from europe to iran/aryan and other such places india as i have read in many places that aryans were origionally from iran?

"You mentioned long noses being an Aryan characteristic shared by Europeans, Indians and North Africans. If nose length is considered in relation to face length, among these populations, the shortest noses will disproportionately be found in India and the longest in some Middle Eastern populations. Skull, face and nose lengths are hardly features with which to infer shared ancestry. Many more elements should be considered".

Europeans dont have long noses as in middle eastern long, not on average anyway, more so short to medium length.

ekaterina is not getting booked simply because she doesnt look like a model...
she looks like an average/normal woman who btw looks older than her age...
she has no bone structure...
a long witch-esque nose...
receassed chin...
and round unexpressive eyes...
shes not a model...
think of another carreer...
not all of us were meant to live off our looks...

ekaterina is not getting booked simply because she doesnt look like a model...
she looks like an average/normal woman who btw looks older than her age...
she has no bone structure...
a long witch-esque nose...
receassed chin...
and round unexpressive eyes...
shes not a model...
think of another carreer...
not all of us were meant to live off our looks...


Thanks for your input. You might have wanted to read everything before you posted.
Once again, I model for fun. Not for a career.



Thanks for your input. You might have wanted to read everything before you posted.
Once again, I model for fun. Not for a career.



Thanks for your input. You might have wanted to read everything before you posted.
Once again, I model for fun. Not for a career.


Fashion is the environment of paedophiles and gays. Check the site and see.

She isn't expressing her face with power it's half way expressions she is pretty she could model with her body and all that jazz, 18 isn't too late but get some fierce look not half way all or nothing you know. Anyway also you may want to do something with your hair it's two different colors they like you to be bland so they can make you up and play up any quirks or uniqueness you have.

Thanks for the input Moe.
My hair is now all over brown and I'm doing well :)

Haha. I'd like to see Emily's reaction to this. According to this the priciest hair is EASTERN EUROPEAN and EASTERN EUROPEAN hair is the best choice for blondes. Yes. Because blonde hair is better in Eastern Europe. Northern and Southern Eastern Europe is obsessed with hair. Even my fine blonde hair is better than the average head of blonde hair because I have soo much of it! Compared to most of the natural blondes I know, even the ones who have retained a light blonde color throughout puberty, don't have as much hair as I do.

"Beyond the cost of the hair (she says the best for a blonde are Eastern European locks, which are the priciest), the application can be time-consuming"

Ekaterina: I think you are very pretty, and in an unusual way. I think that might be the problem, many of these photographers want something very mainstream, usually girls who look downright dull in black-and-white photographs. The first photo we see of you is the best one, and I think you know that. I'm guessing that what you should do is volunteer at art schools, universities, find unknown photographers, look at more 'arty' things. Your face isn't naturally gaunt enough for surf shop ranges. This isn't a euphemism for looking ugly or weird: you don't have the trendy thin face with high cheekbones. Try styles of other eras, it made Dita Von Teese a mint! Don't listen to some of these other people; they sound dead set on snarking everyone else instead of offering truly constructive criticism and possible solutions.

To all the but heads claiming that romanian women are ugly, look at some romanian women pictures on Matrimoniale Romania, one of the biggest romanian dating sites.

I know right, Brazilian/Emily! Indians totally surpass Arabs and Jews in that separtment all while having much more smaller, upturned noses than Europeans and Swedes as proven by every anthropological study known to man! Man, Swedes and Europeans must have huge, big noses! You are known for the in India along with Arabs!

Reading some of Emily's posts/claims are funny, because Indians have much more smaller noses than comparatively bigger-nosed Swedes, the average Indian nose height/size assessed by anthro. studies ranges 41-45.6 mm (for women) and average Swedish/European nose height/size is 48-53 mm (for women). So Emily/Brazilian/Visitor assuming, "since all browns are the same let's lump Indians and Arabs" and incorrectly name the former as big and hooked nose. Well, now, what does that make Swedes/Europeans?

Indians also tend to have a more higher nose inclination/nasolabial angle than Europeans and Swedes, which means a more upturned nose. Not a hooked or drooping one like Middle-Easterners, nor a straight one like Europeans/Swedes. Though Indians also have broader noses than Swedes, giving them a mesorrhine index. Indians generally have softer/blunter less pointy/projected noses than Europeans and Swedes, as well. We Indians are more generally accused and insulted as being "pig-nosed," "short-nosed," "flat-nosed" in Greater South Asia and the Middle East, so seeing her calling us the opposite was actually something new and refreshing. Our general nose shapes, in order of frequency in India: upturned/concave (tie); straight; gently hooked a la Aishwarya in some in the south. And the only big, hooked nosed people are Muslims and/or Kashmiris of any religion.

Indians generally have more narrower faces (120-130mm for both the sexes) than Europeans/Swedes (130-140mm for both sexes) so the broad faced claim is one again laughable and imaginary. OTOH, funnily in some of the photos Emily posts the Indian men (and some women when she actually posted group shots, rather than repeating those same 5 again) tend to have the same size or smaller noses than Swedish women she posts, and just as or more feminine faces than them, too! Since, Emily liked to post Borrebies and Brunns rather than Halstatt Nordids which most Swedes are (I can confirm this through my visit there). The posts of Indian women's photos (she only had about 5/6 of them) are repeated A LOT since she can't find many Indian women with big noses unlike Swedes which are far more easily found, unfortunately. Some of "Indian women" she posted weren't Indian, but Pakistani and Middle-Eastern (yes, there is a HUGE difference), which I know since those photos were stolen from peoples' facebooks and anthropological forums I used to frequent. It's so sad to see a woman so insecure. I'm glad she doesn't post anymore here on this site, maybe she found some sanity and peace. OTOH, Swedes obviously do have much longer and oval faces than Indians, which I am glad about. Since many Swedes and Europeans strike me as overtly longfaced (i.e. horsefaced). This perception is based on comparing what I am used to seeing with Indians, so they may not be very "horsey" to most others. I am happy Indians have much shorter/smaller faces which tend to heartshaped, than oval. And that we have much bigger eyes than them, too. Those are my preferences.

But Erik why didn't you correct her for mistakes and misrepresentations in anthropology? You are not an idiot, a troll, you have a fair grip of reality, and as far as I know, haven't made any anthropologically fallacious remarks. Her calling Eastern European women having hooked noses when they have more likely more upturned noses than Swedes, and her constant fallacious remarks on Indian features didn't strike you as needing correction? You don't have much time, of course, but Emily repeated her rubbish time and time again (apparently, even Italians and Mixed Latinas have big, hooked noses!?) and you couldn't take one minute to correct her? Since you could for other posters.

You're not give this reply, neither do I want one. But I hope you read it.

You could take this site a cut above others by simply having low tolerance for people who troll and/or are willingly misinformed. You have your preferences which seem strongly geared towards Nordic women and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, but maybe you should stop patronising fallacious, racist nonsense or trolls on your site. Not only does it bring the site quality down, but brings your image down bit by bit. It made me quite angry and upset to read those comments and I later acted in a reactionary manner in my comments on this site, which I regret.

BTW two studies on Indians which proves them to have much smaller noses than any European group:

Second one; yeah, yeah, it's repeated but most haven't even read the material offered by this site:

I have some Swedish ones; I'll post them later when I get the time.

#1 | link | Submitted by Kayla B. on Sat, 01/10/2009 - 07:38.

''The long skull, long face, long nose, etc. are all "Aryan" characteristics. Aryan characteristics are those found in for example, Indians. Yes, Indians are the true Aryans''

Indians are not Aryans and North Indians have never claimed an Aryan descent that is mere European hype that some people have unfortunately attached themselves onto. It is not strictly true but more myth that ''long noses'' are an Aryan characteristic. The Aryans were European people most likely of the Nordic phenotype and the reality is Europeans and Nordics are not a ''long'' nosed people. Observation of a large number of Europeans/Nordics clearly shows most Europeans/Nordics have Small to Average length noses though the Aryans may have been long nosed if going by ''European standards''. Also ''long'' faces are not an Aryan characteristic either. Most Europeans/Nordics do not appear to have ''long'' faces.

''Note above how Indian people have very Nordic features in terms of face shape, long noses, long heads, etc. Again, you can argue that Nordic features are more refined. Indians that have broader faces are the result of admixture with Asians. However, Indians by themselves very closely resemble Nordics, with darker features.''

''long noses'' and ''long heads'' are not Nordic/Europeans features and Indians do not resemble Nordics/Europeans. Many North Indians look ''white'' but not the ''Nordic/European'' type ''white''.

''Hitler in particular admired these qualities. I am bringing him into the picture because he was highly pro-Nordics and I want to show you that even he realized this connection. ''

There is No connection between the North Indians and Northern Europeans/Europeans. Any connection Hitler saw was simply between two European peoples both on different ends of the earth i.e the Aryans and the Northern Europeans and there is nothing mysterious about that.

#155 | link | Submitted by Ekaterina on Wed, 03/04/2009 - 19:02.

''...but in all honesty let's see your face. ''

''You see,'re too scared to post your own picture because you realize that you're not too great yourself, '

She's good at 'talking' her beauty but never 'showing' it which is ironic considering the number of photos of every other nordic women shes spammed the website with when she could have simply posted one of her own to make her point. It would not surprise me if the real reason she was not posting her pictures was because she did not truly hold a 'very high' opinion of her 'individual looks' as opposed to the 'high' opinion she appears to have of her ethnic group looks. She knows beauty is not an 'ethnic group'.

''lighting plays a huge part in how a person looks''

Northern europeans/europeans look good in 'image' 'photos'. Its not surprising 'image' is very central to european culture and why europeans take 'image' so far for it is a reflection of the 'global' admiration for there fine/straight noses. Magazines, television, billboards, newspapers, posters, catwalks, internet etc.... Nearly everything european, the core of european culture is associated with 'image' which could explain her 'endless' spamming of pictures.

Beauty though is MORE THAN just an 'image'. Looking good in 'image' is only one part of beauty and not the totality of it.

The camera could never do justice to a 'beauty'. 'Beauty' can never be fully 'captured'. It can only 'move' by being 'seen' with the naked human eye never the eye of the camera for the camera no matter how perfected will never be able to 'capture' what the naked human eye feels when face to face with 'beauty'.

''You're a joke on a stick, Emily. ''

Going by some of her comments that she sure is.

Don't listen to the haters and the race obsessed their just Nazis and everyone hates Nazis. I don't see whats wrong with having a round face. You don't look Gypsy to me at all. Gypsy people tend to be much shorter and stockier and of course darker skinned than you but there is nothing wrong with being Gypsy(I am and am proud of it.) Lots of Eastern European people have Asian blood I suppose but that is also not a bad thing. Maybe you can't make it in modeling I don't know I am so not an expert on that. Most of the people in the fashion world are superficial yes and they are often gay, I am not anti gay just not sure why they should be the judges of female beauty seeings as how they are neither women nor interested in women. But on a purely superficial level of my own as a man I think you are attractive, you're hot and I am sure you have noticed a lot of men think so. And I bet you have a sexy accent too lol, nobody thinks they have an accent but everyone does to people from another country. . I guess I don't understand the dream of wanting to be a model, so I don't see it as a big disappointment. Its understandable to want to be attractive looking but you can totally do that and have an awesome career of some kind. Just being a model idk its like just being a decoration.

Sorry but maybe u just don't have what it takes to be a fashion model. I'm not saying u aren't pretty but fashion modeling requires more than that. And so what people tell u u should model people tell me I should model but guess what I'm 5 4" so There's no point in going into something that requires height I don't have. And for u u lack the facial charchterstics like high cheekbones. A girl I worked with was signed to elite management before she got pregnant and she was 5 7 120 straight muscle tho and high cheekbones and a strong jaw. Feminine not really but it worked for her. U just need to find ur niche and if it's not fashion it can be somewhere else. But u need to get better modeling pictures those are not helping u at all

One does not have to dye there hair blonde to look Nordic as no hair or eye colour is more or less European and Erik has pointed out that not only finding Indians with Nordic face shapes would not be an impossible task but also there are Some Non-Europeans who could pass for European if they had white skin and vice versa... there is nothing so substantially unique about the European/Nordic Race. Neither is of has ever been Light Hair/Light Eyes unique to the European/Nordic race.

Above comment reference comment below

# 29 | Submitted by boob job on Sat, 01/10/2009 - 17:03 | link

Brahmins are not attractive people. They don't look white. There are Brahmins in every state but the system is slowly fading. Indians do not look like Swedes. Even if they dye their hair blonde, they won't look like swedes. Why? Because they are not Swedes. There was no mixing amongst the two. Ever.

# 27 | Submitted by Emily on Sat, 01/10/2009 - 16:26 | link

Black Puerto Rican

Will a Puertorican produce a child who is blonde and Nordic-looking?

i seen her in real life. problem is, she works with such shit photographers it's damaging her chances of getting booked by an agency.

lol wtf is this shit?
bitches, please.
The Irish got the best noses ever. Everyone in Hollywood, big A-listers, often ask rhinoplasty surgeons for an "Irish nose", and they adore the Irish pure white skin. That's cause Irish tend to have small noses, slightly upturned at times and its a trait of their people. And Irish women tend not to have deep set eyes or big brow bone. it's what i've seen anyway and i live here, in Eire.
lol, you never hear hollywood stars and people in California, LA asking to get a nordic nose. that's because nordics often have looong noses. often, what you call ski slope noses, cause they tend to go long, then point out.
Irish are so attractive, the girls are cute and so pretty. i love them! they also have a warm heart and are a lot of fun!

Here's just some average Irish girls:

Some Irish models/actress:
Elaine Cassidy (Eire Actress)
Laragh McCann
Sarah Bolger (Eire actress):
Some Irish model:

Aaaaaaand, another Irish girl :)

And all of them are 21+ lol
and lets not forget actors like Colin Farrell, Cillian Murphy!
they are really pretty and handsome. but i will admit Ireland does get hook noses. its not a typical Irish trait though. its a hideous plague that was brought over by the ugly english. roman, hook, big nose is a trait of the english, as it was the trait of the romans. the romans invaded all of england, and many other countries in europe. they didn't go to Ireland though cause the romans said ireland was a cold damp bogland with miserable people. so they didn't go over. and i'm fuckin glad they didn't, who the fuck want the hideous roman, hook nose! Fuck.
if there are Irish with hook noses then those individuals have english/scottish blood, or they have it in their family.
cause having big noses is NOT an Irish trait. at all.
it's an enlglish and scottish trait,often. and thats because of the occupation of the country by the romans long ago.
so if your country has history of being invaded and colonised by the romans long ago, then i'm afraid that's ruined your genepool and noses!
don't ever have kids with an english or scottish; their genes and looks are shit. seriously. its true.

why doesn't the girl this whole thing is about just go into acting? its just the same as modelling (kind of). slightly.)
if you cant crack the modelling then have a go at acting.
could be an extra

The Romans were in Ireland. They did not colonize Ireland but there is strong evidence that they had a presence in Ireland. It is also reasonable to conclude a small influence in genes.

'ugly noses' and the English. The English are a mix of Germanic (Angles, Saxons, Jutes) and Nordic (Viking and their descendants, the Normans). No Roman influence (the Romans conquered the Britons, which were Celtic...the remnant of which is in Wales).

Scottish are related to Irish. They are Celt. The early Scottish were Picts and they were later mixed with Scots (who likely are 'Gael's' from Ireland. 'Scotti' is a Roman name that refers to Irish who tended to attack Roman settlements in England and Scotland. Hence the name 'Scotland'). There is also a mixture of Germanic influence in Scotland (northern part of England) and some Welsh. Add in Nordic influence (Viking) and you have the modern Scots.

The Irish also have some Nordic blood due to the Vikings (not simply raiding but also settling and intermingling with the locals). There is a trace of Spanish (many of the sailors of the Spanish Armada in 1588 were shipwrecked on the Irish coast. They also stayed and intermarried).

So, basically, the Irish have trace amounts of Roman, a fair bit of Nordic and trace amounts of Spanish blood. The Scots, who are cousins of the Irish have a fair bit of Irish, Viking, some Welsh and some Germanic blood.

All Northern European but hardly 'pure' in the sense of strictly Celtic.

Scottish got nothing to do with Irish. Irish are deeply related to Basque. Basque, is not scottish. thank fuck. the only way Irish could be related to scottish, is by those prods in the north of Ireland , which btw, aren't r e a l Irish. some scottish unfortunately went and lived in northern ireland in the area that's called "the hills." bunch of rednecks there. cause of the scottish genes.
and what's this guy on about? english not roman? That's pretty inaccurate. The romans invaded ALL of England. They took that place as their own and took up residence there.
everyone knows that.
and if Irish are related to scottish, how come Irish have better genes and facial value? oh yeah, cause they're not related.

you are an idiot..

aomi is right.

You clearly don't know the history of the British Isles. The Irish are are the Scots and the Welsh. Sorry, the idea they have better faces is yours alone. The Irish have some Norse blood as well.

Yes, the Romans colonized what is today England. But the English of today are not the same as those people that were colonized by the Romans. The English are descended from the Angles, Saxons and Jutes (Germanic tribes that invaded Britain in the 5th century - they originated from as far as present day Denmark). Add in Viking blood and you have the modern English. They have only trace amounts of Celtic blood...which were the ones that were conquered by the Romans...the remnants of which are Welsh.

The Scottish and Irish are related and are Celtic. Both have some Viking blood. The Northern Irish Protestants are descended from the Scots (and northern English)...they have some Dutch blood as well (due to some Dutch settling after 16900). They are not REAL Irish...they are Northern Irish...and have had a tremendous influence on the rest of the world (13 U.S. Presidents traced their ancestry directly to Belfast Protestants).


If you are reading this - and I believe that once in a while you come over here to see what's being said - then please, disregard Emily's attacks on your appearance. She's a Swedish chauvinist, meaning she belittles other ethnicities for no reason other than said ethnicities not being Nordic. As a nationalist, I find her attacks on the diverse white ethnicities disgusting.

You didn't have to attack Swedes, though, as having “pig noses”, because just like Swedes, many Russians also have small, upturned noses. You must keep in mind that no woman is going to be 100% on all counts. That girl with the “perfect nose” may have a flat backside, a masculine jaw, wide shoulders, etc.

You also attacked people with supposedly big teeth when you left an image and made an expression of disgust, I think it was “ew”. Those teeth are what most people have in their mouths! Small teeth are pretty, but those teeth you posted are also pretty - and the most common.

Emily was able to make you have an outburst, in which you attacked an entire group. “Pig-nosed Swedes”, which is patently untrue; and “ugly big teeth”, which are neither big nor ugly. I didn't expect that from you, it was low.

The Swedish girl Emily is obviously a nationalist who's sad that her people are going to disappear in the next century due to the massive colonization of Sweden by non-whites. Your native country, Russia, is a tough one. Russians are strongly nationalist and in the coming economic crash and peak oil - which will transform society as we know it to a more primitive [i.e. less complex] form - they will be on advantage to avert the very real possibility of racial demise, namely the invasion of Slavic territories by Central Asians and people from Caucasus. The solution, as you may guess, is to kick the parasitic races incapable of living among their own back to their racial homes. Russians have a long experience in dealing with such details.

Usually, when whites immigrate, they immigrate to live among other whites, in white countries. Non-whites on the other hand like to force themselves upon us, which is reminiscent of parasitic behavior.

Whites, who made up about 30% of the world population a century ago, today makes about 9% and is going to be a race of the past soon if whites' living space is not secured.

We are likely to see Germany, NATO's major force in Europe, shifting away from American domain and teaming up with Russia, because of Germany's interest on Russian energy, and Russia's interest on German industriousness. If Russia goes nationalist, changes could occur rapidly in the European scenario. One thing is certain: collaborators (either by breeding with the enemy or aiding their invasion) in this giant genocidal scheme are going to pay dearly for their crimes. The byproduct of racial treason, namely mongrels, along with non-whites, will have to find somewhere else to live, possibly South America or Africa.

As Western societies will be lagged behind with the petty, backwards concept of white racial genocide, Russia, as a progressive country, will likely implement something similar to the Charter of Racial Rights, proposed by Richard McCulloch:

Back to your nose, Emily is wrong as to what constitutes a hooked nose. Your nose is not hooked at all, this is a hooked nose:

Your nose is the feminine version of SWEDISH illustrator John Bauer:

Emily will of course call it a bump instead of a hooked nose as she does to yours. Bauer being Swedish makes all the difference for her, silly Emily.

Emily girl is wrong in so many aspects; however, she is completly right about one thing: at the end of the day, swedish still look better than anyone else from Ireland to Russia and India, Japan, China, Africa etc etc etc.

Not saying that there aren't hideous ugly people in Swende, but even the hideous ugly people of Swende are more of appreciation than any hideous ugly people of elsewhere.


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