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The aesthetics of the eyebrows

This entry addresses the aesthetics of the eyebrows in women; note the emphasis on a feminine appearance.  The ideal shape that the author talks about in the introduction is applicable to white women and oval faces.

Aesthetic Considerations in the Elevation of the Eyebrow

James C. Alex
M.D., F.A.C.S.
Facial Plast Surg 2004; 20: 193-198
DOI: 10.1055/s-2004-861774


In an increasingly diverse and multicultural society, it becomes increasing imperative to understand the aesthetics and proper analysis of the face, particularly as it applies to forehead lifting and elevation of the eyebrow. Most articles published to date have emphasized the surgical anatomy and/or surgical technique of forehead lifting and addressed the question of brow aesthetics in a uniform, generalized fashion. In addition, the emphasis on brow elevation as a means to brow/upper lid rejuvenation can further distract the surgeon from appreciating each person's unique brow aesthetics. This article examines current surgical concepts of brow/upper lid proportion and harmony and compares and contrasts them with cultural notions of the “pleasing brow” as represented by the makeup and fashion industries. There is great variation in what is considered to be a “beautiful brow,” and the facial plastic surgeon must understand the nuanced elements of eyebrow configuration that contribute to the overall balance and harmony of the face.

KEYWORDS: Brow position, periorbital, endoscopic, brow lifting.


A review of several textbooks and articles that discuss brow position reveals a consistent consensus as to the proper qualitative relationships of the ideal eyebrow position[1][2][3]; these include (Fig. [1]):

  • The medial extremity of the eyebrow lies in a vertical plane passing through the alar base.
  • The lateral eyebrow ends at an oblique line drawn from the alar base through the lateral canthus.
  • The medial and lateral ends of the eyebrow lie at the same horizontal level.
  • The apex of the eyebrow lies vertically above the lateral limbus of the eye at approximately the junction of the medial two thirds and the lateral third of the eyebrow.
  • The eyebrow arches above the supraorbital rim in women and lies at the rim in men.
  • The male eyebrow tends to be heavier and less arched than the female brow.

Some authors differ from this norm, stating that as the female brow rises laterally, it should peak at the lateral canthus and not at the lateral limbus (Fig. [1B]).[4] It should be noted, however, that the preceding criteria of the idealized brow are based on an idealized concept of facial shape-the oval-and do not account for different facial types among individuals.

The “ideal” brow position.

Figure 1 (A) The “ideal” brow position. The high point of the brow is at the lateral limbus of the eye. (B) An attractive and balanced brow with the high point of the brow at the lateral canthus of the eye.

Another approach has been to quantify the proper eyebrow position.[5][6] McKinney et al[5] measured the brow height in 50 women 14 to 32 years of age. The average distance from the top of the brow to the midpupil was 2.5 cm (range of 2.3-2.9 cm); and from the top of the brow to the anterior hairline was 4.8 cm (range of 4.0-6.2 cm). Other measurements such as medial canthus to top of brow, lateral canthus to top of brow, and lid margin to top of brow have also been “determined.”[6][7] The difficulty with these studies is that these generalized “normative” measurement values do not instruct the surgeon as to what are the best values to uniquely enhance a particular individual's attractiveness. Also, by ignoring the aesthetic relationship between brow shape and position and the face, all facial forms are unconsciously reduced into one type. The emphasis on individualized facial analysis with a goal to balance and harmonize each person's distinctive facial characteristics is lost.

In reality, the ideal shape, length, and position of the brow must be appropriately altered to fit different shapes of faces. For instance, in round faces the brow is kept shorter and placed higher, as a longer lateral third would produce a moon-shaped face.[8]

The observant facial plastic surgeon need only look at the work of makeup artists to realize that the beautiful eyebrows they create can vary greatly from these “norms.” When surgically creating the ideal eyebrow position, the surgeon should look beyond the generalized numbers and relationships to the individual characteristics of the brow and the facial shape that truly determine the most aesthetic brow appearance for a given person.


The use of makeup has been a part of every civilization beginning with the Egyptians and Greeks.[9] Proper shaping of the eyebrow enhances not only the intrinsic beauty and power of the brow but also that of the eyes and face. As world-famous makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin wrote,[10] “To me, the eyebrows are the most important feature of the face. They're the most expressive feature, as well as the one that can be changed most drastically…”

With makeup, aesthetic changes are made to the brow to balance and harmonize the face. The facial plastic surgeon can produce similar nuanced cosmetic changes with surgery. Discrete elevation of the medial, central, and/or lateral portions of the brow can be achieved with the variety of advanced brow and forehead lifting techniques. Thus, it is critical when balancing the face to know not only whether the brow should be elevated but also which parts of the brow elevated and why.

One of the major differences between the idealized brow of surgical texts and that of makeup artists is that the former is based on the ideal face-the oval-whereas the latter is individually matched to a person's unique facial shape. For instance, Stephanie Seymor, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Claudia Schiffer all have long faces and their eyebrow shape is flat and position relatively low. This shape makes the face appear more oval, drawing the eye from side to side rather than up and down the face.

As is seen with clothing and art, horizontal lines make long objects appear more round and vertical lines create the illusion of length in round objects.

In attempting to “ovalize” the face, a basic progression is followed[8]: (1) using the eye color and complexion, determine the individual's natural color; (2) determine the individual's facial shape; (3) ovalize the face with shading (dark colors deepen an area and light colors bring it forward); and (4) treat individual features-eyes, lips, and eyebrows-to effect. The eyebrows are a critical component both intrinsically and in helping to ovalize the face.

There are five basic brow shapes (Fig. [2]): (1) curved, (2) sharp angled, (3) soft angled, (4) rounded, and (5) flat. For those brow shapes with an arch, further differentiation into low, medium, and high arch can be made. These eight primary brow characteristics can be manipulated to create the best balance for a given face shape.

The five basic eyebrow shapes.

Figure 2 The five basic eyebrow shapes.

The round brow shape softens and adds a gentle roundness to the face, toning down sharp, angulated features such as a pointed chin. The high, sharp peak of the sharp angulated brow adds energy and youth to the face. It can function to slim a round or diamond-shaped face, and it can complement and balance other strong facial features such as a square jaw or prominent cheek bones. The soft angled brow creates a similar effect while maintaining a softer, more feminine appearance. The curved brow projects a feeling of energy, confidence, and professionalism and works particularly well on a square or oval face. As mentioned earlier, the flat brow is perfect for individuals with a long face, creating a shorter, more ovalized look.

The importance of the brow in facial balancing is underscored by Nancy Parker, who notes, “the improper selection of brow shape can be disastrous. For example an angulated, highly arched brow can help make a round face appear more oval, but a round brow can turn that same face into a beach ball.”

Following are common recommendations for brow shape and position based on facial shape.[8][10]

The Oval Face Shape

The Oval Face Shape

  • This is the ideal facial shape. It is intrinsically balanced. The brow plays no significant role in making the face appear “more oval.”
  • Selection can be guided by personal taste.
  • Grace Kelly, Ashley Judd, Jewel.

The Round Face Shape

The Round Face Shape

  • To make a round face appear oval, one should apply lines that go up the face. This draws the eye more up and down and stops it from going side to side.
  • A high arched brow accomplishes this.
  • The peak is best moved out toward the end of the brow. This lets the lines of the brow go up and down as much as possible. The tail should therefore be short.
  • Uma Thurman, Cameron Diaz, Vanessa Williams.

The Heart Face Shape

The Heart Face Shape

  • A rounded shape helps by adding curves to soften the face and emphasizes the lovely heart shape.
  • Madonna, Mariah Carey, Julia Roberts

The Long Face Shape

The Long Face Shape

  • To make a long face appear oval, one should apply horizontal lines to the face. This draws the eye from side to side and stops it from going up and down.
  • A flat brow stops the eye from going up the face.
  • Stephanie Seymor, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Claudia Schiffer.

The Square Face Shape

The Square Face Shape

  • Strong angled eyebrows balance a strong jaw line.
  • The peak of the brow is most effective when directly above the square of the jaw.
  • Demi Moore, Paulina Porizkova.

The Diamond Face Shape


The Diamond Face Shape

  • A rounded brow softens an angular face or
  • A peaked brow helps to narrow the width of the typical diamond wide face.
  • Sophia Loren, Linda Evangelista.


In addition to the eyebrow, there are three components of the periorbital area that are typically tailored through the use of eye makeup-the eyelashes, the palpebral portions of the eyelid, and the area between the upper lid crease and the eyebrow.[9][10][11] The proper application of makeup in these areas can often balance such common problems as droopy, bulging, narrow, wide, deep-set, and close-set eyes. Eyeliner is used to dramatize the gentle medial to lateral upward tilt of the classic almond-shaped eye. Eye shadow is often blended differentially to enhance certain areas of the upper lid.

According to Aucoin, “The main principle is that deep colors deepen or hollow an area and light colors bring it forward… to create the illusion of larger, deeper set eyes, I will often blend a slightly darker color into the crease of the eyes.” This technique also accentuates the beautiful transverse curve of the eye.


For the facial plastic surgeon who performs eyebrow lifting procedures, the interplay between the shape of the face, the eye, and the brow must be clearly understood. The impact of raising the whole eyebrow versus the medial, middle, or lateral portion of the brow must be discussed with the patient to determine what they feel is most attractive. Often this requires educating patients who can appreciate when “things look off” but do not understand the discrete facial dynamics that create a given appearance.

The goals of such discussions are twofold: first, to determine with the patient what changes truly enhance the beauty of the face; and second, to eliminate the gap between expectation and outcome. There is nothing more frustrating to patient and surgeon alike than when a brow lift procedure was a technical success but the patient believes the new brow appearance does not match her face.

The use of digital imaging and morphing programs, such as Alterimage (Seattle Software Design, Seattle, WA), is an excellent way to avoid this problem. Simulated postoperative appearances can be compared and contrasted with preoperative views, significantly narrowing, if not eliminating, the gap between expectation and outcome.

For women who desire their eye to look bigger, such computer programs are also an excellent way to demonstrate the impact of brow shape and position on how large the eye appears. Often the surgeon believes that lifting the brow “opens the eye” and that opening the eye makes it look larger. However, look at Figure [3]. Which oval looks larger, a or b? Cover image b and then quickly alternate between the two images. What you will observe is what artists have known for years. In image a, the line appears thicker and the oval larger than in image b because the oval and line are closer to one another.[12] This visual illusion is also at work when casually observing the periorbital region. Under certain circumstances, lifting the eyebrow can actually give the illusion of creating a smaller eye. Other factors influencing the final appearance of eye size besides eyebrow height include the patient's coloring, the length and width of the brow, and how deep set the eyes are. Finally, the surgeon should have a clear understanding of how the patient likes to wear makeup, as makeup can drastically alter perceived visual relationships.

Which oval appears larger?

Figure 3 A test: Which oval appears larger?


The details of endoscopic brow lifting have been the topic of numerous papers,[13][14][15][16] and an excellent review of the anatomy and basic technique follows in the article by Drs. Quatela and Choe. However, the technique of brow fixation is a point worthy of further discussion and in particular the technique of differential brow fixation. Typically, after endoscopic dissection and elevation of the forehead and brow, surgeons will advance secure the flap using fixation points fairly close to or within the anterior hairline incisions. The advantage of this is that an even distribution of pull is created across the forehead, creating a smooth appearance and uniform brow elevation. However, if a differential brow elevation is indicated, suspension sutures can be endoscopically passed through periosteum and galea within 2 to 3 cm of the brow to elevate specifically either the medial, middle, or lateral aspects of the brow. The sutures are then passed superiorly to be fixated in a traditional manner (bone tunnel, permanent or absorbable screws, or the temporalis fascia).[13][14][15][16] This technique can create bunching of tissue above the suture bites, and additional fixation near the anterior hairline incisions may be required to smooth out the forehead. Although it is more technically challenging, the creation of specific segmental changes in brow shape is consistently achieved with this suturing approach.


When counseling patients regarding forehead and brow lifting, the surgeon must understand the goal of surgery in terms of balance and harmonizing the face, not just elevating the brow. The shape of the face and how a patient uses makeup must be considered by both surgeon and patient before determining the best shape and position of each portion of the brow. Should segmental brow lifting be required, targeted suturing techniques can produce the desired nuanced effect.


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So please post how much more attractive you Nordics are than an average Romanian girl, and then I can save them on my computer like a creep and post them to prove further arguments despite you asking me not to. And then when I do I'll respond by claiming it is your fault since you posted photos up of yourself, absolutley ignoring my immaturity and uncivilized behavior.

Once again, a dispay of Maturity! Oh, Godis, lets see, me, post my pic? HELL NO. I don't need to prove anything here. And you can roll your teenage eyes all you want. The topic is called "aesthetics of the eyebrows", so why would I post my picture? It's not relevant. I know what I look like, dear. The more you try to prove your maturity, or disprove mine, the more foolish you sound.

I think for the same reason, Emily is not concerned with posting hers, but I'm only taking an educated guess.

You go into attack mode whenever someone questions your character, or ego. You "warned" Karen, on another thread, to be careful about agreeing with Emily. It's as if you are insane with anger at the thought of anyone that sees her views and doesn't immediately jump on "your" side. Whatever. This is why I question your maturity. You're overly sensitive, can be brought to extreme levels of anger and animosity with little provocation. Mature people don't take things on a website this seriously, don't need to "prove" their femininity by posting their own photos, when they're not even relelvant to the topic. Nor do they need to seek attention, or approval the way you do. As far as "suspecting" jealousy, as you mentioned, PLEASE. No, sorry, but not jealous, not AT ALL.

You really think that I do have to post my pictures? No, you see, therein lies the difference. No reasonably MATURE, ADULT WOMAN would take that silly bait. I'm not your high school friends, Godis. I'm not going to tell you to "go lick yourself" or "grow the fuck up", like you would say, or have said. Weak arguments and strong bias? You must have been referring to yourself.

Most of the "immature, uncivilized behavior" has been yours. And check dates, the post about the show, "More to Love" came before I even saw your photos.

And....if "immature, uncivilized behavior" is the comments I made about your pics, you do realize this is a website that does just that, comments on pictures of women's bodies? If the comments weren't welcome...what can I say? Pretty stupid of you to expect that wouldn't happen, since pictures of womens bodies are constantly judged here, right? You've judged tons of photos of women here, what, where you supposed to be an exception? How so, then? Another marker of immaturity, the inability to take constructive criticism, the thought that one's self is, somehow, always an exception to the rules.

You're a child, Godis. Turning this around on me, instead of explaining your actions, just pointing out mine, and others' actions and percieved faults, is poor logic, poor debating skills, and poor judgement as well. And did you not agree with me about the comment I made pertaining to that show? This is what I'm talking about, STRAWMEN. Your very good at throwing those around, I see.

It's not that I can't take constructive criticism, it's that your criticism was irrelevant to the subject.

Besides, I'm Karen, believe it or not. Ask Erik to check his IP adresses. I needed to be Karen for several reasons. But I was planning on admitting it as you can see. Karen was an experiment, and it told me a lot. Some people here have mistakenly quoted Karen, and believed it to be Godis, intuitivley knowing it was. I too have strong intuition, it's almost as if the subconcious does some reasoning and your concious mind "knows" something is the way it is, but not why. Either way, good job to whoever did that!This is because the writing style was sooo similar. It had to be. Go back and look and you will see how she writes almost exactly like me. It was a good experiment.

No, my hair is not red like I claimed Karen's hair to be. However, that was part of the experiment. Karen had to be caucasian, so I had to mention a typical caucasian, specifically Nordic hair color in there. In reality, my hair is blonde, despite how in denial Emily is about that for some reason. I actually got it highlighted today. I specifically asked my hair dresser to identify my color. I always thought it was a light brown. It actually still doesn't qualify as a light brown. It is actually just a dark blonde. It is cool toned and ashy. If I stay out in the sun it turns into a strawberry blonde then to a yellow blonde, until finally it gets to an almost white bleached color like it was when I was a kid. This is if I stay in the sun for like most of the day for months and months, like in California. So there, that's my hair. I told you the truth about everything 100%.

As for Emily,

I have to make some more points on your Italian paintings depicting light haired women as more feminine. I will later, on the right page.

I agree but disagree when it comes to the paintings. They are innacurate for your argument. The genital argument was more of a joke. But those paintings as an argument to what is more attractive and feminine to the average man are a joke.

I believe light hair to be more feminine to a certain extent. Are you happy? My natural color, the ashy color is probably less feminine than a warmer tone. I believe warmer tones are more feminine than cooler tones.

And back to Barberella,

I'm done with arguing about maturity to you. I don't care if you think I am mature or not. I do think your jealous. What makes you different from the other girls that don't know me who give me nasty looks if I as much as walk near their boyfriends? What? Because your NORDIC? Trust me, those other girls were as Nordic as you can get, and they were still jealous. I'm sure your attractive, but even attractive girls get jealous too. I get jealous of other girls all the time. Although overall I wouldn't trade any of my features for any of anyone elses. I feel your jealous has clearly shown in your posts. I feel the same with Emily too.

I can be immature. Often my arguments lack logic, but you have to realize I don't spend a lot of time on arguments or logic. On the other hand, I make some very good points. I am very observant as well. I can be very logical, but in order to really be logical you have to carefully read everything, and I don't have time for that.



I actually get my hair highlighted for texture purposes over color. I don't mind my natural blonde color, although it is a bit boring. I a lot of hair, but the strands themselves are very fine. Fine hair is often limp. Getting highlights gives my hair body. Damaging it well enough makes it coarser, instead of baby soft. My hair really is almost as soft as it was when I was a baby. It is literally impossible to do anything with it. So that is why I get highlights, not necessarily because I want to be blonder, although that is always nice, but because it needs body. You should know yourself very well blonde hair is naturally very fine... I'd also like to mention that the peach hair around my hairline is white blonde. My eyebrows are naturally thin, I barely ever pluck. I obviously am a natural blonde, so get over it. Just because I disagree with something doesn't mean it's becaues I'm jealous of something I don't have. I have a lot more than you would think.


"I get jealous of other girls all the time."

Good that you admit your envy since it shines through your posts.

You are an envious person, yes, just as I said you were, and disgustingly self-centered. What makes you think anyone is interested in your constant self-analysis? Or doesn't it matter? Of course it doesn't. You go on like some mental rapist, forcing yourself on others.

You admitted now that you have been dishonest in a manipulative way. The very thing you accused me of, falsely, is the thing you are guilty of yourself, creating another nickname and pretending to be someone else. I bet it's not the first time either.

You also admitted before that you are manipulative. That's an understatement. You obviously judge others by your own very low morale or standard, so your childish prank says everything about you.

As for jealousy, by the way, I doubt that even jealous people will be jealous of someone who disgusts them. Your body disgusted me, literally. I was repulsed by your photos and that's why I didn't think it was you in the other, older photos.

Any kind of good looks you might have had when you were slim has zero importance due to your absolutely awful personality. There is enough material there for an entire psychiatric convention. Enough about you now. This tap is closed.

Oh Emily you are such a piranha. I'll don't think I'm going to give you much more attention because it seems you are always ready for an argument. I have other interests on this site besides proving you wrong, and since I've already done that to a certain extent, I don't see the reason to constantly argue with you. I am not jealous of you or any of the photos you post, trust me. I am more attractive than the majority of the photos of the women you post with their fake tans and fake dyed hair.(yah, I get highlights and sometimes I apply fake tanner, but my fake tanner looks natural because I personally make it out of cocoa which stains the skin and I choose a much more natural blonde. I'm saying the photos of the women you post do not look natural. Even in Scandinavia few people have platinum blonde hair past the age of 7!) You post photos of average women that are well groomed. How many times do I have to tell you this?

They are on average attractive, but they exhibit a very average attractiveness and they are not what you are making them out to be. The only thing that makes them look interesting is the bright colors they wear, their bright hair dye, and their bright sunny tans.

I'd also like to add that I cannot possibly be jealous of you personally because I have no clue how you look.

I mentioned I have been jealous of other girls. This is true. I've been jealous of other girl's thick curly hair, or their effortless tans. Actually, one common thing I am jealous of is height. I always wanted to be tall, I always believed tall women to be more elegant. But after reading this site, I realize that I like my height and body shape and am happy with everything.

I'm not really a jealous person overall. I have mentioned I have gotten jealous before and probably will at times be jealous! If you have never been jealous at any point in your life, then you are not human.

I am not overall manipulative either. If I was so dishonest, I not have told you the truth over and over again. Although I am temporarily manipulative at times to make a point, I always reveal the truth. This you don't understand. I have been completely honest about everything! Where I come from, what I look like! Jeez... What more do you want?

You are the one that manipulates yourself and tries to do the same with others by forcing your beliefs with cherry picked photos and personal descriptions and opinions that you claim to be facts and "logic".

At least my manipulation has a point: to dicredit you and reveal you for who you are.

For example, I specifically posted photos that looked like your photos. I made sure that I had a nice tan and a little skirt. I made sure you can see a hint of my blonde hair in one of the photos. I knew you would study those photos like a hawk, and so everything about them was planned. Since those photos were so similar to yours, I knew you would deny they were of me. Honestly, what was the point of posting photos that didn't have Godis on them? The prove nothing.

Well they proved everything. Here are your own words,"Excellent, godis. That is a very nice figure, feminine and curvy." Well thank you Emily:) You see you thought you were just mocking me. You challeneged me to post photos of myself in that shirt and belt, and I DID! So you set yourself up, and I knew you would.

If you had positivley known that was me from the beginning, you would not have complimented my figure in any way. Instead you would have found faults or made up insults that were hardly truly relevant. That is how you are. You are biased and you cannot admit anyone can be attractive besides Nordic women.

I have simply manipulated you to reveal the truth. It's as simple as that.

My only other manipulations were Karen. I wanted to see how you and Barberella and even everyone else would respond to Karen. I wanted to see if you could recognize Karen was me as well.

Oh and I wanted to see if Erik was reading the site lately. So I created a fake email and a fake story, to see if he would fix it. And he did, and that was sweet:) It also proved that he is reading everything on here and that is something I wanted to know.

The aesthetics of the eyebrows 08/18/2009 - 12:24

by Godis link

''They are on average attractive, but they exhibit a very average attractiveness and they are not what you are making them out to be. The only thing that makes them look interesting is the bright colors they wear, their bright hair dye, and their bright sunny tans''

I think Emily is making the case for average attractivness of swedes as compared to some other populations and not above average attractiveness/highly exclusively attractiveness. In terms of average attractivness it appears Emily thinks there are more average attractive Swedes/Nordics on average as compared to women in other populations. Such a perception may only warrent your attention for long if you are interested in numbers/statistics and I think this is where you are getting frustrated Godis because it doesnt warrent your attention because you are not interested in the numbers/statistics of how many average attractive people there are in a country you are interested in above average attractiveness/highly exclusively attractiveness and I think on this note you should stop arguing with Emily because she doesnt appear to be basing her argument on this point.

"I think Emily is making the case for average attractivness of swedes as compared to some other populations and not above average attractiveness/highly exclusively attractiveness."

No, actually, Swedes are among the most beautiful, AND also has some of the highest average of attractive people.

There are negative things about Swedes, but beauty and attractiveness are not one of them, that's for sure.

Sorry Godis,

This is what shes(Emilys's)actually arguing:

link | Submitted by Emily on Tue, 08/18/2009 - 17:00.

"I think Emily is making the case for average attractivness of swedes as compared to some other populations and not above average attractiveness/highly exclusively attractiveness."

No, actually, Swedes are among the most beautiful, AND also has some of the highest average of attractive people.

There are negative things about Swedes, but beauty and attractiveness are not one of them, that's for sure.



"Well they proved everything. Here are your own words,"Excellent, godis. That is a very nice figure, feminine and curvy." Well thank you Emily:) You see you thought you were just mocking me."

No, godis, I wasn't mocking you. I genuinely thought those photos were very nice and I told you exactly how I felt about them.

However, since you had shown photos just before where you looked nothing like the person in the other photos, AND stated that they were taken just months apart, I was confused and didn't know what to think.

I didn't think you could gain so much weight in so little time. If you had said they were taken the year before it would have made more sense.

I was prepared to give you the benefit of the doubt, but asked you to verify it was you in the slim photos by posting new ones with the same dress you had on in the old ones.

Don't forget that the face wasn't there in any photos so there was really no way of telling that it was the same person.

Your paranoia is getting worse, it seems. This IS my last reply to you about you, your favourite subject, since this site is NOT about you or me.

A country can have both extremely attractive and many attractive people, making for ahigh general average of attractive people. It's not like it's mutually exclusive, you know. I know, for an Indian it's probably hard to grasp. ;)

link | Submitted by Emily on Tue, 08/18/2009 - 17:20.

''A country can have both extremely attractive and many attractive people, making for ahigh general average of attractive people. It's not like it's mutually exclusive, you know.''

1)extremely attractive + many attractive people = making for ahigh general average of attractive people (LOL)

''I know, for an Indian it's probably hard to grasp. ;)''

What do you know Joker you know nothing I know for a Joker like you that cant be grasped!

Sorry Godis,

Its not ''more average attractive Swedes/Nordics on average as compared to women in other populations'' shes (Emily's) arguing but its a ''ahigh general average of attractive people''. Note 'general'. LOL.


"Even in Scandinavia few people have platinum blonde hair past the age of 7!) "

Why don't you show your ignorance some more. There are many adult people here who have naturally light blonde hair. It's not a rare thing at all, on the contrary.

Well Godis, just wanted to let you know that I thought your last few posts were extremely indicative of your true self: A FAKE. An envious, childish, manipulative fake. And may I assure you as well, I did show my boyfriend your pics, he's not as impressed with your body as he is mine, yes, even the "before" photos. NO, you're NOT the kind of girl that would make my very handsome, fit, and sexy boyfriend look your way, at least not if I'm around :) I'm not so sure what kind of girls you made jealous, you say NORDIC, I say, YOU WISH.

I'm with Emily, once again, and OH, how you people HATE that, but she's the only sane, honest person here. No more about Godis. It's just not that interesting anymore, I don't think. It's funny though, I thought Karen sounded like her, but thought, no way would Godis resort to staging a pretend "argument" with someone she invented herself. Even GODIS wouldn't do that. You're even more ridiculous than I previously suspected. You're still not so good at psychology :)

In addition to being right about most of her other points, Emily's reference to the "authenticity" of your pictures is valid. How could those pictures only be a few months apart? Posting your photos on a public website is and was a poor idea. Your assumptions of what you might think I "really" look like, based on my refusal to post photos does not concern me. I am pretty confident about my appearance, and my gut instinct, as well as my boyfriend's opinion, are not in favor of my doing something so irresponsible.

I don't see how you manipulated anyone to reveal the truth. You flat out lied, invented a poster, and showed your truly twisted personality some more. No wonder you're always on this and God knows how many other sites, with a personality like yours, you couldn't possibly have real friends. You're done as far as I'm concerned. Oh, one more thing, as for your "natural" ash blonde hilights, not so natural on a girl with your complexion. Those types of colors would look far better on, oh I don't know, maybe Emily, if she needed them, and I bet she doesn't! She says she's a natural blonde, and I'm inclined to believe her. She hasn't proven herself to be a liar. The photos of your face, with the red outline, showed your hair pulled back, and the roots were DARK, and somewhere else, a while back, you admitted you had "mousy" hair, and compared it to a very brunette Marilyn Monroe. For once, stop making a fool of yourself and wasting anyone else's time here.

You did admit you didn't have time for logic, at last, the truth.


Emily is the only sane one here!? That's funny. I'm pretty sure everyone here agrees Emily is the only INSANE one here. And no it's not because they are jealous. It's because, despite what Emily thinks, the average person knows what is considered normal behavior and Emily doesn't exhibit that.

I'm sure you caught on that Karen was Godis. Not.

Maybe you should check your boyfriend's orientation? From my experience the majority of men prefer my body type over most body types. Unless you have a more drastic hourglass shape than me, (which is rare, since I have the "average" hourglass shape) than I can't really see why your body would be any better? I never really get envious of other people's bodies, and there is a reason for that. My envy is usually directed towards things I don't have like coarser thicker hair and angelina jolie lips for example... So unless you have those qualities, I don't see why your boyfriend wouldn't be impressed as he compares me to you...

My roots are dark? Honey, I'm wearing a headband! You can't see any hair. I cut it out! The point was the pull all the hair back to show an objecive photo of my face shape. I'm wearing a black headband, and you can tell because there is a circle type of rhinestone thing on it. It's in the photo. My headband lies on my hairline. You can see no hair, trust me.

My hair is lighter than Marilyn's hair, but it is still like a light brown color. I liked that example of Marilyn because the tone for it was my hair tone. My hair it technically dark blonde because my hairdress matched it up to her little coloring palette thing. It doesn't even make it to light brown, it's a few shades off. My hair looks darker on my head, then when you cut it off. When it's piled on it looks darker. Jeez? Don't you know anything about blond hair? I'm starting to doubt you have blonde hair which is strange. Besides, who cares if I am a blonde or not? I don't need the so called "feminine" blonde hair to make me look more feminine or attractive. I am feminine and attractive enough as I am, mousy hair or not. Yes, my hair is mousy. It's a dark blonde light brown color, what do you expect? It's boring and bland. That is why I get highlights, to liven it up, both color and texture wise. Well, God had to be fair somehow honey. He couldn't give me cool hair plus everything else and a bag of potato chips. He had to give me boring hair, otherwise no one could compete:)

Damn my concious. Now I feel bad for saying that your boyfriend would prefer me if her were straight. The truth is I don't know how you look Barberella. For all I know you could be one of the most exceptional looking people on Earth. But I highly doubt that a boy wouldn't appreciate a nice body. I don't have the best body out there, but I know from years of experience that my body looks good. So, even if your boyfriend preferes you over me, which I really don't believe you showed him anything anyways, it means you just have an amazing body. It doesn't mean that the majority of men wouldn't appreciate my body ok? Even if you are MORE attractive than me, it doesn't mean that I'm not attractive or that I'm not more attractive than the average Nordic or majority of Nordics even. Thank you.


I forgot those photos were deleted, so I know you can't go back and look at my point about the headband. Here is my point:


Black headband, with rhinestone, over my hairline. See it?



Here are the rest of the photos. BTW? When did you show your boyfriend those photos? I mean you didn't bring it up before, and those photos were long gone...

I think Emily said before that my body is revolting? Honestly, even fat it's a nice hourglass and far from revolting...












You and Emily have SUCH a hard time I gained so much weight in a few months. Look at the photos above. I wasn't THAT skinny. I still had some extra meat on me even then. I have been thinner than that. I look better when I'm thinner than that. That is me at an average weight, but not even my most feminine weight, clearly.

Even this photo, which Emily LOVES to use, is FAR from revolting. I can gain a lot of weight and still mantain an hourglass figure. That is all it proves:


This photo is misleading. My shirt is lose and it hanging off at the side, but it makes my whole ribcage look bigger than it is:


This tight shirt shows a better idea of my rib cage:



So there are all the photos. I hope they don't get deleted again.

Now, that you can see them please look before you make assumptions again. Memory often fools us.

Besides, I want to move on from the whole race issue. The point is a Romanian girl, who gets her body shape from her Romanian mom, can be feminine and can have an hourglass figure, even at a bad weight. Nordic women are not the only ones with hourglass figures or feminine features. The point also is that white genes are not going to die out. I have people with blue eyes to nearly black eyes, from white blonde hair to black hair in my family. We have it all. From people who can pass from Nordic even on my 100% Romanian no admixture side, to people who can pass for the typical Italian. We have a big gene pool and a wide range of characteristics, which I believe makes us an attractive group.

The "whiter" people in my family are not more attractive than the darker ones. My cousin is more attractive than me in all honesty, she has everything I do plus more. She has a similar body shape, except with olive toned skin, dark thick curly hair, fine features and fuller lips.

So your theory on color and femininity is off. A person can be feminine with dark features.

Point and case:


I want to move on from the whole race thing. I know the truth. I see it just by looking at myself and my family. You don't have to be Nordic to be attractive, you don't have to be Nordic to have good genes.

So I'm moving on. What I want to know now is how Mila Jovovich went from this to this in a matter of years:

Milla in her teens, she is masculinized but she still looks ok:

Milla Jovovich - young & beatiful Pictures, Images and Photos

Milla Jovovich - young Pictures, Images and Photos

Milla Jovovich soon after, ends up looking like a man:

Milla Pictures, Images and Photos

Milla Jovovich Pictures, Images and Photos

What happened!

I should add that the pink shirt actually shrunk it the wash. Which is the reason it appears so much tighter. But it didn't do me justice when it was loose, because it made my waist, ribcage, and everything look better. It didn't show off my true silohouette.

I mean it made my ribcage, waist, etc. look BIGGER! lol not better, worse.

From this..

to this... a few months. That is some serious food binging or some kind of drug for a psychiatric disorder, perhaps.

Your body is below average for a Nordic girl. Most girls here have more toned and slender bodies than you do, and most importantly, they don't put on weight like that. That's just not normal or common here.

The average girl here is also taller than you are and that often adds to good looks. 5'3 really is very short and more typical for Romanians and Turks, etc. which perhaps explains that.

Due to your short stature it's important for you to watch your weight. You have a slow metabolism so you will be more or less chronically overweight in a couple of years if you go on like that.

No one has ever claimed only Nordic women look good. That's something you dreamt up. You constantly compare yourself to Nordics, like you have some kind of obsessive inferiority complex and have to prove yourself.

Listen carefully, godis. There are Nordic girls who look better than you, and many do, as I can tell based on your recent body photos.

The slim ones are more the norm here. There are also Nordic girls who have less good-looking bodies than you. Leave it at that, and stop sounding so desperate.

Godis immature rantings;

"I am more attractive than the majority of the photos of the women you post with their fake tans and fake dyed hair."

"I'm saying the photos of the women you post do not look natural. Even in Scandinavia few people have platinum blonde hair past the age of 7!"

"The only thing that makes them look interesting is the bright colors they wear, their bright hair dye, and their bright sunny tans."

This really needs to be addressed. You have more than once made false statements about Scandinavians, which either is due to the fact that you are ignorant on the issue, or dishonest.

This is the truth, coming from a Swedish girl who actually lives in Sweden:

Many Swedes are very blond even as adults. "Platinum" blonde hair is not only seen in children and it is not rare at all. It is common for Scandinavians to have VERY blonde hair, even if it is not THE most common blonde tone.

We do NOT usually need spray tan or any kind of fake tans. We tan very well.

These are two examples of very light blonde Swedes who tan easily in spite of their light colours. They are top athletes Carolina Kluft and Johan Wissman.

People here actually have those qualities. Very fair hair and a tan are not incompatible, and is seen often here in the summer.

Carolina Kluft;

Johan Wissman;

I am not saying there are not Scandinavians who dye their hair. But what I do say is that you cannot interpret very blonde hair and a tanned body as being not genuine.

It is very common for Scandianvians to naturally possess very blonde hair and a natural ability to tan easily.

I know, life's a bitch when you are envious, godis.

You know, ladies, I somehow managed to stumble onto this website, but I have to say by far the more interesting past has been the three of you going at each other (or mostly ganging up on Godis). The chance to see so much prejudice and racism (on top of some bizarre fatphobia) all squished together into this spectacularly condescending wank is not something I get to see everyday.

I am sure that, some day, one or all of you will look back at this and realize just how incredibly silly all of you are.

Bless you all for this wonderfully cheap entertainment!

Sure Godis, you fooled us all!! Uh, no. You didn't. Karen sounded like the rambling fool that you usually do, so of course, someone with half a brain was going to suspect. It's just that I gave you the benefit of the doubt.

My boyfriend's orientation is VERY straight, you twit. Just because he doesn't like the looks of you, doesn't mean otherwise. He saw your pics when you first posted them. How typical to see that you've re-posted them. You don't look any better, so why bother. Just because a guy doesn't think that your body is hot (at least not compared to mine) doesn't mean he's gay, and you accuse Emily of having an inflated ego? LMAO, fool. He also doesn't like girls who don't have lean, toned bodies. Oh, wait, the shirt shrunk in the wash. You do realize that's ridiculous right? The shirt is tight because you have gained weight. Not for any other reason.
And please, no more assumptions that people are saving your photos to their computers, that's proposterous, and another example of how your over inflated ego works.

I do know that people of your nationality tend to look better with warmer tones for hilights because of the olive undertones in your skin, that are obvious in the pics you posted. Even if it is a fair or lighter olive. Ash blond tends to compliment peachy or rosy complexions much better. I am postive that I know this more than you do, just like I'm positive that Emily knows what Swedes look like more than you, for instance.

To Minionette: You're welcome for the cheap entertainment, and if you'd looked this site over, you'd have seen Godis baiting and trashing Emily, as well as the site admin. for quite some time. Fatphobia? I think it's an unhealthy and unattractive ideal, and just because I have the fortitude to tell the truth, doesn't mean that many others' don't agree. Rascist? Sure, if a Northern European or a Northern European American aren't allowed to profess admiration for their poeple and the looks of their poeple. I don't find it rascist. We don't tell non-whites not to profess their pride, now do we? Whatever. That's a troll comment if there ever was one.

And yes, godis fool, Emily is sane. She's not misrepresenting the looks of the people she posts here, she is honest and fair in her evaluations, is consistantly mature and able to handle the absolutely ridiculous comments that attack her, and call her names, by people like you, as well as many others. It's envy, pure and simple. I guess the truth really does hurt, why else would people become so inflamed by her comments? Because deep down, they know she's right? That would be my guess. Maybe that's why it did NOT bother me. She's right, so what?

Nice photos Emily!

Godis sound desperate? Lol, that's the understatement of the year. She tries to question my boyfriends sexuality, tries to say that she wasn't that "that skinny", but compared to the recent pics, she looks very thin. She seems to forget that she invited these comments by posting her own pictures. Everyone knows that they can't be attractive to everyone. My boyfriend has high standards. And she's not meeting them. I have a slim, toned hourglass shape, with curves in the RIGHT places. Can't slender women be feminine? You bet your ass. THAT'S why my body's better than hers, and it is, believe me, godis fool.


As far as Milla Jovovich, youth as well as the higher amounts of subcutaneous fat that is typical of one's younger years, will enable someone to look more feminine because the face is fleshier, more filled out and less angular, angularity being an apparent correlate of masculinity. Milla didn't really look more feminine as a teen. It was pseudo-feminization, or at least it appears to be.

I have NEVER said that other nationalities couldn't be feminine. Neither did Emily for that matter. I think the black and white photo, of the darker complexioned woman that Godis chose is not making her point. There are much better examples that could have been used.

Yes, Barberella I have ash blonde hair. Why is that so hard to believe? I used to put sun-in in it. This stuff basically lightens it with heat from the sun or hair dryer. It turned it a kind of orangey strawberry-blondish color. That is the closest I have ever been to a warm toned hair color, and it obviously was not very natural. I don't mind warm toned hair. My sister's display a more brunette reddish type of hair color actually. Although they both had a caramel blonde type of hair when younger, I was the only one to have a white blonde type of hair when I was younger. Now their hair is medium to dark, while mine is a dark blonde hair. The ashiness makes it really dull actually.

My cheeks become rosy very quickly actually. If I drink a bit of wine, or do a bit of activity they become rosy. If it is warm outside or cold they become rosy instantly. Otherwise, my skin is very pale. I can never really put my finger on my skin tone honestly. My veins appear blue under my skin, while they appear green under my sister's. They def. have an olive skin tone, but I don't know mine. Although once I got a farmer's burn and my regular skin looked green compared to the red, so I assume mine is a very very light olive tone. Olive toned skin is not always tanned. I have one sister with natural dark skin, and another with skin as white as snow, like mine. Romanians and Latins can have light skin. My mom actually has lighter skin than my father, although she is the Latin one.

Honestly, Barberella, if you have such a nice body then why don't you post photos of it? You can make all the claims you want, but you have nothing to back them up. And I believe you have a nice slender hourglass frame, but why do I care? I like my body and I have little competition, especially when I am in shape, so why do I care about any competition in Sweden? Swedish men don't really attract me anyways. I like more dominant colors in men and I feel the men in Sweden are too heterosexual, in the sense that they spend more time in the mirror than I do. It's not like Latin men are perfect either, so don't get all defensive. lol My problem with Latin men is often height. French, Spanish and Italian men are often kind of short. Romanian men are often taller, but I don't like most Romanian men because of their personalities actually. Romanian men are generally man whores, especially here in the U.S. I like American men. I prefer a good mix, I like the Latin and Northern European mix, and I like them very tall. I am only 5'31/2 but honestly my ideal guy is like 6'2 or even taller! lol I like tallness and I like chiselled bone structure, but there has to be some kindness in his face. I like quiet shy guys, but ones that will talk to me because I'm special:) Any guys like that in Sweden? Idk.

In all honesty, the most feminine woman I have ever met was Middle Eastern. Now, I don't usually like Middle Easterners for personal reasons, but this girl was alright and she was the funnest bitch to be around. I would get jealous of her but she was such a great person to be around it passed quickly. This girl had crazy curves and huge boobs. Probably a little too big, I wouldn't want to carry those around, I'd have a bad back. lol So, in all honesty, the most feminine girl I have known was not Latin or Nordic or even European. Middle Eastern women are probably not very feminine on average, but did it matter to this girl? No. Because she was more feminine than any girl at the university. On top of that she had gorgeous black curly thick hair that went down to her butt. THAT made me jealous, because my hair gets split ends so easily I have to chop it before it can grow that long. And when we took belly dancing classes, I always felt she got more attention than me. I wish I could post photos of her, but I'd have to ask permission and she wouldn't want those photos of her on here, I'm sure.

I have one more thing to add, what is it with the weight thing? lol I don't care. I know my body and I don't care if you tell me I have a weight problem. I know I don't. Honestly, if it makes you feel better to believe I put weight on easily( and I know it does honey, because you so desperatley hang on to it!), then go ahead and believe it. I don't care! lol

So yeah, in the end post your photos up! I will be the first one to compliment you:)

BTW: what do you mean I could have used a better example of a feminine woman with dark hair? I think that woman is lovely! She resembles my sister to the extreme, except she has black hair, while my sister's is dark brown. So don't insult, it gets personal there.

Besides, haven't you heard of snow white?

Snow White 2.1 Pictures, Images and Photos

snow white Pictures, Images and Photos

Skin white as snow, lips red as blood.

That's my sister.

What can I say we are an attractive bunch:)

Oh, and Emily, the photos of the Swedish blonde color ugh, its the color I try to stay away from. I have never had that yellowy bleach blonde color. My color when I was a kid was like this:



When I was a baby it was literally just white.

Note the difference between ashy blonde hair, and the typical yellow Swedish hair, for those Swedes that have a natural bleached color:

Carolina Kluft - European Champs 06 Pictures, Images and Photos

carolina kluft Pictures, Images and Photos

I mean ashy cool toned hair is dull, but I like it better than bleached yellow.

Oh, and see the little girl's skin tone, the first photo? That is my skin tone precisely. As you can see you don't need a pink skin tone to have it go well with ash blond hair.

Oh, and I obviously can tan if I try hard enough:


I just refuse to stay in the sun for hours because I don't want to look like a raisin when I am older. I take care of my skin. I am jealous of people who are naturally darker, because they dont get skin damage as easily. Their skin is made for the sun while mine is not

My skin doesn't retain color well either. I can tan for weeks and have it go away in a week.

My boyfriend has high standards. And she's not meeting them.

This made me laugh. I question if you truly have a boyfriend now? Clearly, you do not understand the nature of men.

Look here, fool, and let me explain: I may have tattoos, scars and or birth marks that would make it impossible to post without harming the anonymity that is important to maintain on a public website. I could give a rats ass if you don't think I have a nice body. You'll just have to take my word for it....:) I get much postive feedback, and if I weren't in shape, I'd have a real hard time keeping up with my volleyball league, as well as the gym workouts I participate in. You're baiting and taunting me is rather immature. You yourself, on the self-esteem thread, agreed that Emily declining to post her photos was the right thing to do. It is the right thing. Godis, it amuses me that you'd like to believe that I'm unattractive. Sorry to disappoint you. I guess that you'll have to live with the suspense. IT IS IRRESPONSBLE AND POSSIBLY DANGEROUS TO POST PERSONAL PHOTOS ON A PUBLIC WEBSITE. STOP ASKING, IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN.

Why would I honestly care what you think of Latin men, I don't date them, I prefer blue eyes and Northern European features and coloring on men as well. I too prefer tall men, at the height of 6'2" and 190 lbs., my boyfriend is muscular but lean, tall and solid, something that is VERY common amongst men of that background. They too have the tendency to be the best looking and most masculine of all other men, in every part of the world.

Middle Eastern women are hardly feminine in my opinion, they have coarse features, drab coloring, and I'm not impressed with their phsiques either. And how is having a mustache more feminine?

I can hardly believe you think using Sun-In is actual haircoloring. It is lemon juice and peroxide, two agents that when applied on the hair without an oxidative color, will only expose underlying pigment of the hair, usually orange and yellow. That's NOT what I meant by "warmer tones". A warm, natural, pale wheat color is best for your complexion. The pics of the blond Swedes are a perfect illustration of natural looking blond, whether you agree or not. Honestly Godis, all the things you find unattractive are things many people adore. I'll just come out with it: you have really bad taste.

The weight thing is your problem, not mine. So what if I don't find it attractive? What matters is if you do, and you keep defending it so I guess you prefer it. Not everyone does, and don't become angry when you're told that.

Your photos of Snow White illustrate what? When did I ever say that brunettes couldn't be feminine? I didn't. I just didn't think the pic you posted was of extremely beautiful or feminine. Sorry if that looks like your sister, how was I supposed to know that? Once again, you have some very odd ideas of reference, not everything is about you, or your family. I'm entitled to say if I find her attractive, or if I don't. What, she looks like your sister, and if there are some who find her less than perfect it's an insult? IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU GODIS.

Questioning that I have a boyfriend are you? You make me laugh. Envy's a bitch. The nature of men? And what does your 20 year old sorry self know about men? Not much, most guys are not attracted to girls who let themselves go. It shows laziness, lack of perserverence, and is aestheticly unappealing to many.

You don't know shit about the nature of men, or else you'd be agreeing. I am telling the truth of what a lot of men are turned off by. And like they say, the truth hurts.

You're by far the most immature, delusional, insecure, desperate and pathetic person I've come across, on this or any other medium, in a long time.

I could give a rats ass if you don't think I have a nice body. You'll just have to take my word for it

It's interesting how you mirror my words.

I let myself go? LOL I look good whether I let myself go or not.

Swedish hair is yellow. What is attractive about yellow hair in all honesty?


I mentioned my sister because I wanted you to note that there is a lot of diversity in my family. My sister doesn't look like the actress Kay Francis, just this particular photo of her. I even resemble her. I have her chin, jaw, cheekbones, lips and ears. My sister looks more like her because her dark hair contrasts more with her pale skin, than my hair does. I think this photo shows a lovely face with character. This is a Romantic face:


Not the horse faces you post up.

Sorry, but the majority of faces you post up are not attractive. I don't think Swedes are the most attractive Nordics. I think Nordic women are most attractive on average, but I mean Irish and German in particular. Swedes look very different. What makes Swedes attractive are their interesting bone structure, height, and pretty blue eyes. But the photos of the Swedes you post just show average girls that take care of themselves.

And no, you don't understand the nature of men. Why would your boyfriend be honest of you? Of course he is going to say he likes your body more, are you blind? Uh, lets see honey who do you think is hotter? Me, the girl you have a chance of screwing, or this girl in the U.S. a girl who you will never meet...

Who do you think he's going to pick? Hello, common sense. What makes you think he'd be honest in this situation? There is no reason to be honest, unless he really believes your body is better. But, how can I know that just taking your word for it? Of course you believe he was being geniune, but how can I know? I find it funny I'm not up to his standards. How do I know he's up to mine? I was never worried about not being up to a man's standard, it was usually he who had to do the worrying.

"You're by far the most immature, delusional, insecure, desperate and pathetic person I've come across, on this or any other medium, in a long time."

That's funny, your six years older than me, and I don't believe you are very different from me. Hmmm...Who really is the immature one? I have six years to be more mature than you, but I already am AS mature as you.


Then don't compare your body to mine, because you are not backing up any claims with your words.

"The pics of the blond Swedes are a perfect illustration of natural looking blond, whether you agree or not. Honestly Godis, all the things you find unattractive are things many people adore. I'll just come out with it: you have really bad taste."

Hmm... What does everyone adore? Ash blonde hair or bleached yellow hair?





I guess A LOT of people have bad taste because the majority would prefer an ash, beige, or wheat blonde over yellow hair.

Godis has shown her ignorance when she falsely claimed Scandinavians cannot have very blonde "platinum" hair AND a natural tan.

She is angry because this means she cannot discredit my photos of tanned and light blonde Swedes.

She has been proven wrong, and now she comes up with another one of her fake theories. Scandinavians have yellow hair. Interesting. I thought it was Romanians who had fake yellow hair.

Scandinavians have all kinds of blonde hair, my dear troll.
Wheat blonde hair, golden blonde hair, honey blonde hair, ash blonde hair, dark blonde hair and platinum blonde hair, as my photos of naturally TANNED Carolina Kluft and Johan Wissman show.

It's funny, you forget what you write. Before you wrote that warm blonde tones are more feminine than cold/ash blonde tones. In your eagerness to trash Scandinavians you forget to be consistent. Hilarious.

If you like fake yellow hair it's better to look in Eastern Europe, by the way. Romania is a good example.

This comment will illustrate how the blond colours work in Scandinavia, and how you almost always tan naturally and well here when you are blond.

Some get a little reddish at first if they stay in the sun too long, as this photo shows, but afterwards the tan "settles" and the redness will disappear.

I'm not saying everyone tans well since a few have what I would call the British skin type, that gets red and never brown.

It's a small minority that are like that in Scandinavia, though. Maybe that's why some think we don't tan, since the British have a real problem with it sometimes, but Scandinavians are very different in that regard.

Some people are becoming very aware of the dangers of too much sun exposure. If they want a tanned look without sunbathing they might use some kind of product that gives the desired effect, but that's not due to inability to tan but to the fact that some avoid the sun's damaging effect.

I, for example, tan very well, but I rarely lie in the sun because I know it will hurt the skin. I also like the creamy skin tone I have with my natural honey blonde hair, as it looks very feminine and sexy, so I like just a light tan in the summer.

All these guys are Swedes, except Gudjohnsen who is from Iceland.

Platinum blond Johan Wissman, top athlete;

Wheat blond Ola Toivonen, football player;

Wheat blond Johan Mjällby, football player;

Dark blond Olof Mellberg, football player;

Dark ash blonde Fredrik Ljungberg, football player;

Platinum blond Einar Gudjohnsen, football player, Iceland;

Blond Emil Johansson, football player;

Platinum blonde Carolina Kluft;

A dolled up Carolina with her husband. She very rarely uses make-up.

You see you just don't understand Nordic colours or the way we tan naturally in spite of our blonde hair, godis.

Swedish girls;

A Swedish girl with red hair who still tans a little;

"It's funny, you forget what you write. Before you wrote that warm blonde tones are more feminine than cold/ash blonde tones. In your eagerness to trash Scandinavians you forget to be consistent. Hilarious."

You're hilarious. Why are you calling me a troll? The one staring back at you from the mirror is a troll, not me. Besides, I NEVER claimed ash blonde hair is more feminine,why are you putting words in my mouth? I stand by my comment that overall I believe light warm tones are the most feminine, and that warm tones in general, light or dark, are very pleasant to the eye. Go back and look at any art, the majority of it will be painted in warm tones for that very reason.

What did your photos of Scandinavian hair color prove? I see a lot of yellow in all those photos. Yellow hair is not a pleastan warm toned hair color like a honey, caramel, or strawberry blonde, it is just yellow.
I am saying that most people prefer ash blonde, cool toned as it is, over yellow. I don't think ash blonde is a very feminine color, but I don't think it really matters. It is an attractive hair color none-theless. A feminine woman doesn't need feminine coloring to be feminine. I think perhaps light skin is the most important thing to have in terms of coloring to increase your level of femininity. Beyond that the marginal difference is small if even existant.

I don't like Scandinavian hair. I am sorry. It is very bright and it is displayed in wild colors. Some people find this very thing attractive. I don't. And I believe vivid bright hair like that is not even close to as feminine as the more muted tones. Scandinavian hair needs to be toned down to be more feminine. Even though ash hair is cool toned, and often appears whitish, it is a very toned down color. I personally like ash blonde hair. I don't care if it isn't warm toned. My features harmonize beautifully and the overall effect is feminine, it doesn't matter if one feature alone, especially one like hair color for god's sake, is not feminine.

You cannot possibly believe Emily that Scandinavians are God's gifts to the world and that they posess every and any desirable feature. It is obvious to me that they do not posess every attractive feature. They are overall an attractive bunch, but in all honesty when I think of "Nordics" I think of absolutley different features. I think of Irish or German, although out of all Nordics I believe the Irish to be most attractive overall. They have different bone structure than Scandinavians. They have red hair, yes, and I don't particularly like red hair, but overall they are the most attractive Nordic race in my opinion. They also display a wide array of colors. Black Irish for example refers to Irish people that have notably dark hair, many times black. They have blue eyes, brown eyes, green eyes, freckles, no freckles, red hair, blonde hair, brown hair, black hair, etc. Second comes German, and then Scandinavian people, and then you need to be particular about which part of Scandinavia as well. I don't necessarily think the Haldstatt or w/e its called, of Scandinavian is attractive. It seems to me the woman are so angular in regards to this type and often masculinized, even if their hormone levels tell otherwise. I like English people, but the problem with English people is you will either get a diamond or an ugly duckling, there is little in between.

Romanians don't have yellow hair. You are so ignorant to believe that a Romanian cannot be born with lighter hair, and with a natural shade of blonde. Why would I lie about my hair color? I know the truth and I don't feel the need to lie to someone on this site that my hair is blonde when it is another color. It doesn't make sense? I don't feel blonde hair is so glorious that I NEED to have that color. This is simply my natural hair color. I wouldn't feel any different of myself if I were a brunette. In fact I think life would be easier, brown hair is so much easier to maintain it seems. Many Romanian women are born with blonde hair and blue eyes. Although the number is lower than in the Northern countries it still exists. Herodotus described Romanians to have red hair in his poem. It goes to show that Romanians actually have a long history. They have been taken over by all kinds, including the very light colored Celts. Romanian's have Germanic influence in their DNA. Why is that so hard to believe? EVERYONE took over that country, the result is an extremely big gene pool. These days Romanians generally display dark Latin features, but it doesn't mean that they cannot have varying eye and hair colors. I have many people on my Romanian side that have blonde hair and even the combination of blonde hair and blue eyes. You will find these features more commonly in Northern Romania obviously. The place I come from borders the Ukraine. There are many light people there. In addition there are many Hungarians who also generally display light features. I'm proud of my heritage. I basically think I am a good mix. I'm a mix of Latin and Northern European. It's perfect. I love my Latin side. Latin women are praised for their beauty and elegance. They display romantic looks. Red lips, dark hair, dark sultry eyes... They don't look like Tweety bird in other words...

Tweety Bird look alike:


Actual Tweety Bird:

Tweety Bird Pictures, Images and Photos

Tweety bird is cute, but there is nothing Romantic about him. The Swedish girl above is very lovely actually. I don't like her hair color or skin color, but I do think she is beautiful. I'm just using her as an example. You can see she resembles tweety.

What do these ladies have, that is more desirable and ROMANTIC than the Latin ones below?







Tell me?

So yes, I am proud to be Romanian and German, Latin and Northern European. I am proud to even have that Slavic element. It all mixes so beautifully and the result is me! Look at my body, the skinnier photos (rolls eyes) and tell me this isn't a good mix.

More pictures of cute Emil Johansson.



Let's compare again:

Innocent and sweet:


Mysterious, romantic, sultry:


I myself am usually described as just "cute", but I think I could pull off mysetrious and sultry. I don't have absolutley tiny features, like the Swedish nose for example. I have a more elegant nose like the woman above, whom my sister and I resemble. LOL So I think that is far more romantic than a nose whose growth looks stunted. I like this type of nose, it's cute, but not elegant.

Yah, the Swedish guy is cute. But he's not my type.

You're so desperate, godis. Beauty queens and models in response to my photos of ordinary Swedes, and still, they don't compare.

Yes, Romanian women often dye their hair a comical yellowish blonde so it was funny that you accused the people who more often than anybody else on Earth have naturally blonde hair of faking it.

You have been proven wrong. We are naturally often light blonde and naturally tan well. Tough, isn't it. :)

I don't care what your hair colour is, godis. It doesn't interest me in the slightest. You dye it blonde so I suppose you aren't satisfied with it, and that shines through everything you write. Dissatisfacion and envy, I mean.

Godis the manipulator and troll;

"I don't like Scandinavian hair. I am sorry. It is very bright and it is displayed in wild colors."

You know very well what the argument was.
You were the one who insinuated that we have fake, bright blonde hair and fake tans so that's why I focused on those bright and light hair colours.

You know this so you're using improper tactics as always. What is to expect from a self-confessed liar and manipuator?

Scandinavian blonde hair comes in all and every tone you can imagine. Bright, dark, soft, muted, clear..

I showed that very light blonde hair is natural and not just seen in kids as you falsely claimed, and that it also comes with a natural tan more often than not.

You were proven wrong so now you shift the argument to say you dislike the bright hair. How desperate.

"Godis sound desperate? Lol, that's the understatement of the year. She tries to question my boyfriends sexuality, tries to say that she wasn't that "that skinny", but compared to the recent pics, she looks very thin. She seems to forget that she invited these comments by posting her own pictures."

Barberella, godis is not well. There is no point in bringining up private issues with her. They are not her business. Let godis mentally strip here, no one stops her, but don't let her trick you into doing the same.

Anyone can see what she looks like so there is no point in debating it with godis. If she has some delusions regarding her body then that is her problem. No one asked her to expose heir delusions and insanity here. In fact we asked her not to. lol

"Yes, Romanian women often dye their hair a comical yellowish blonde so it was funny that you accused the people who more often than anybody else on Earth have naturally blonde hair of faking it."

Actually, many Swedish women in your photos clearly dye their hair. I can post photos proving this if you would like, your very own photos that is. Then my point was that those Swedes who actually do have naturally blonde hair as adults, have a very undesirable color. A very yellow bleached color that is far from attractive. It's funny that "Romanians dye their hair a very comical yellow", because Swedes don't even have to dye their hair a comical yellow, it grows naturally on them:)

Generally, from my experience, I have noticed Romanian women dye their hair black. Most don't dye it blonde and I agree blonde hair looks horrible on women who are naturally dark, just like dark hair looks horrible on women who are naturally light. So,what are you trying to get at?

I don't dye my hair a comical yellow. I dye it an ash color, advised by my colorist, since she accuratley identified my natural color as an ash blonde. Actually, I don't even dye my hair. I get highlights. My natural color blends in with them.

I also fail to realize why you keep attacking Romanians. Actually, I do realize why. You believe that by attacking Romanians you can personally attack me. There is no reason to attack Romanians otherwise. It would not be logical. I have even claimed I believe South Eastern women to be the least attractive out of the Europeans. I then went on to claim that Nordic women are the most attractive, specifically Irish and German women. Why are you not attacking those claims? I just put your Swedes,the most beautiful people on the planet and perhaps even the universe according to you, below the Irish and Germans. Why don't you argue your point against that since you clearly disagree? No. Instead you attack Romanians, because if you attacked Romanians it would be more personal. The insults would sting me more, no? Well, I could care less. I don't even like the majority of Romanians. At least not the ones that live around here... I identify with Romanians, because it is a part of who I am. But I am also an individual, and in the end I am very different from any other Romanian or German or Swede or anyone. I take the good from my culture and any other culture and learn from the bad. It's as simple as that.

In the end, my only point was to show that although South Eastern European women are less attractive on average, it doesn't mean that there are not attractive South Eastern women at all and that they cannot exceed the attractiveness of a Swede or Nordic in general. Then I backed this up with my very own photos, since I do honestly believe I am more attractive than most of the photos of those Swedish women you post up. You and Barberella can laugh at this all you want, but I have come to this conclusion by reading this site and applying the information and logic. I tried to bring this big point in a way so that you two wouldn't realize exactly what I was trying to do, but clearly it didn't work well and came off too strongly. But in the end that is the whole point, to use myself and even my family as examples of how it doesn't matter if a population is more attractive on average, in the end it comes down to the individual. It doesn't matter if Emily is Nordic and Nordics are on average more attractive, she may have the benefit of the doubt and the higher chance of being attractive, but in the end it depends on herself as an individual in comparison to any other individual not a whole population.

At least I posted photos of myself, and honest photos at that. I don't see that from anyone else. No one is asking anyone to post photos of their faces or any identifying features. I was against posting photos at first, but then realized that if one is smart about it, very little can be taken from them and used in dangerous ways. Besides, I can bet you that Emily and Barberella both have social networking sites. These are not any safer. Those sites can be hacked into easily. Similarly, someone can obtain plenty of information about you even if your profile is set to private. In addition those sites contain plenty of photos with identifying features, like faces. I have been smart enough to post photos on here that are not on any of my social networking sites, so if anyone comes across them, they cannot associate them. You can be smart about these things in all honesty. So I feel that is a poor excuse...

In the end though I understand that no one wants to post photos of themselves for whatever "reasons". But, then they cannot make the arguement that they have more attractive bodies, because those arguments are invalid.

I have not seen anyone here post a photo of regular average Swedes in comparison to my body to prove Swedes are more attractive? Why hasn't this been done? Why instead just point out my flaws, and claim your body is better? That makes no sense. There is no argument there. I have never claimed anyone has a bad body on here. Unlike Emily who told me I had a broad round face,naturally brown hair, brown eyes, a hooked nose, and fake yellow hair. I believe she also claimed I was a gypsy? lol

Do you see what I am getting at? I have never personally attacked anyone's looks. I have instead attacked the looks of Swedes as a group or certain photos. However, both Barberella and Emily have personally attacked my body which is not where it goes bad, because my photos were posted to be a comparison. However, not a comparison to their own bodies. That is the mistake. There was no reason to compare my photos to their own bodies. The point was to compare to an average Swede. Only if they themselves posted photos of their own bodies, would it make sense to compare my photos to theirs.

Godis, as much as I've entertained the idea of submitting to the "challenge" of proving you wrong, I just don't think I can justify posting my pics. Not that I wasn't tempted!! But, after assessing the pros and cons, I have concluded that it isn't in the best interest of myself or the site itself.

I have reread my posts and am regretful at the name calling, but I think that your implying my boyfriend is gay, I'm ugly, or don't know anything about men is immature and irrelevant to what you had brought the topic to: your looks. I guess that means that you will continue taunting me, assuming I must not actually look like I describe, so...if that's what you want to believe, that's OK with me:)

I don't know why you'd assume I was lying, and then resort to baiting me when I wouldn't comply, that isn't adult-like.

ALL of this needs to be dropped, I am apologizing for the name calling, I realize that you are a young girl, at 20, and I also know at that age, I was still figuring out who I was, and wouldn't have appreciated the types of comments that I'd directed towards you, for that, I am sorry. To be fair, though, posting pics of one's self does bring about attention and comments, both good and bad.

I still stand by my stated opinions in regards to the looks of different races, ethnicities, and still believe that Nordics are superior in looks. However, that does NOT mean that I don't see the beauty in all ethnicities.

For some reason, my computer just refreshed after I posted this comment, and hadn't seen the last four comments by Emily and Godis, but....Godis is just going to have to be ignored. She's now, again, showing her true colors.

Emily, Godis' taste in things is what we call here in the US, very "ghetto" and her opinions must be taken with a grain of Sure, the fake blonde colors she likes, and on people whom they're not flattering to...

Godis, my description of my body isn't valid, just because I won't show my photos? It is tempting, though, lol...if for no other reason than to shut you the **** UP!! don't win godis, sorry.

This is, as usual, a clear cut case of envy, her trying to imply that Swedish haircolors are unappealing, like I said, the ash blond girls she's posting have the kind of coloring that it works on, and we don't know for sure if it works on her, I'm assuming NO.

Godis, if the point of posting your photos was to compare it to other Swedes and not me or Emily, than stop asking us to post our pics!! The only reason we commented on your body was because you made the mistake of posting your photos. Not everyone is going to like your looks, get over it. That last paragraph does not make sense. Proofreading is your friend.

Godis, I DO NOT belong to ANY social networking sites, NONE, and I would never post pics of myself on them, either. That's why I choose not to belong to sites like that. I just don't trust it.

I happen to think that Irish and Germans are still not as attractive as Scandinavians, and I AM Irish, as well as Dutch, and German. Hmmm...why is it that it doesn't bother me to admit this, but Godis has to defend her ethnicity?

By the way godis, take it from me, I make a huge chunk of my living coloring peoples hair the very colors YOU claim are unnatural, or unattractive. It's the most asked for salon service in the US: HAIR LIGHTENING. Who are you trying to convince of these outlandish claims?

The guys Emily posted are BEAUTIFUL....thank you ;)

Tall, blonde, and gorgeous eyes...mmmmmmmmm

Ola Toivanen is very sexy, it would appear they have the hottest guys as well!




First of all I would like to accept your apologies for name calling. I'm sorry too if I said anything mean, which I am sure I did. Now I would like to adress some of your comments:

"Godis, my description of my body isn't valid, just because I won't show my photos? It is tempting, though, lol...if for no other reason than to shut you the **** UP!! don't win godis, sorry."

The problem is not that your description of your body is not valid. The problem lies in the fact that there is no way I can objectivley compare your body to mine with words alone. If your point is to prove that you have a nicer body, which you very well may, than you need to prove this by objectivley comparing your body to mine. The most objective way possible to compare is with clear photographs. Otherwise, the argument is not valid. I'd like to add that no one "wins" and this is an immature way of viewing any debate.

"This is, as usual, a clear cut case of envy, her trying to imply that Swedish haircolors are unappealing, like I said, the ash blond girls she's posting have the kind of coloring that it works on, and we don't know for sure if it works on her, I'm assuming NO."

There is no way you can assume anything. There is no way I can prove to you that I have naturally ash blonde hair. In this case photographs would prove nothing. First of all, my camera distorts color. Second of all, I have highlights. All you can do is take my word for it. However, my main argument is that it is possible for even an 100% Romanian to have naturally blonde hair. You yourself have posted photos of two girls with obvious blonde hair and even blue eyes, from ROMANIA.


I too can post photos of blonde Romanians all day. In the end though, who would know if they truly are Romanians? Romanians don't have as distinguished a look as Swedes. I would have to cite all my sources, and many times even those sources may not prove they are Romanians. That would take too much time and in the end it still wouldn't be really objective. For example, can you tell if the women below are Romanian or Ukranian?


Well, they are actually Romanian."Girls from the village of Iernut, Romania." However, the folk costumes are so similar to the ones in the Ukraine, I could have easily taken a photo of the more common blonde Ukranians and claimed them to be Romanians... Therefore, I can only argue that blonde hair is found naturally among Romanians, which it is. The best proof to cite to you would be the fact that you yourself have posted a photo of what you believed to be a valid representation of blonde Romanians.

"Godis, if the point of posting your photos was to compare it to other Swedes and not me or Emily, than stop asking us to post our pics!! The only reason we commented on your body was because you made the mistake of posting your photos. Not everyone is going to like your looks, get over it. That last paragraph does not make sense. Proofreading is your friend."

The only reason I ask you to post your pics is because you have claimed that you have a nicer body than me. I refuse to accept that argument 100% unless you have valid proof for it, the best of which would be photographs. The point of posting my photos was to prove that someone who is not a Swede can be just as attractive as a Swede even though that someone, aka me, comes from a place that has less attractive people on average. This is to prove that in the end someone's beauty is based on them as an individual and not the population they belong to. I'd also like to add that my last paragraph is fine. Better wording could have been chosen. I could care less about proofreading, I don't have time for it in all honesty. Someone with average intelligence can figure out what I am trying to say, so I would hope you could too.

"Emily, Godis' taste in things is what we call here in the US, very "ghetto" and her opinions must be taken with a grain of Sure, the fake blonde colors she likes, and on people whom they're not flattering to..."

You criticize my paragraphs, but your paragraph actually makes little sense.My taste is hardly ghetto. You clearly do not understand what ghetto means. I have shown an interest in pinup looks actually. There is quite a contrast between that and "ghetto". I cite the beauty of Elizabeth Taylor all too often, how does one who appreciates the look of Elizabeth Taylor have "ghetto" taste?You are very ignorant. I don't know what you mean specifically by, " Sure, the fake blonde colors she likes, and on people...." I mean I understand what you are saying, but it's not even a complete sentence...

"I happen to think that Irish and Germans are still not as attractive as Scandinavians, and I AM Irish, as well as Dutch, and German. Hmmm...why is it that it doesn't bother me to admit this, but Godis has to defend her ethnicity?"

I defend my ethnicity when someone claims things of it that are not true. Otherwise, I have gone as far to admit that my ethnicity is probably among the least attractive in relation to all the other European ethnicities. It doesn't bother me to admit that. I don't understand your point here? I defend only what is innaccurate, I admit the negatives that are accurate in regards to my "ethnicity". In all honesty, you act like Romanians are from Africa or something. They are Indo-Europeans. They are not that different than other Europeans overall...

"By the way godis, take it from me, I make a huge chunk of my living coloring peoples hair the very colors YOU claim are unnatural, or unattractive. It's the most asked for salon service in the US: HAIR LIGHTENING. Who are you trying to convince of these outlandish claims?"

This is not surprising, since lighter hair attracts attention away from any flaws such as acne, wrinkles, blotchy skin, etc. The fact that hair lightening is in high demand does not do anything for the argument that Scandinavian blonde is an attractive tone. I doubt that the majority of people ask for specifically that color, and as an up scale stylist, or whatever you do, you should advise them not to get that specific color since that hair color would suit a minority of people, much less such a diverse group as Americans. I assume since the majority of your customers ask for this, there has to be SOME diversity among them. The ultimatum is that I personally do not find natural Scandinavian hair colors attractive, or at least specifically the color I demonstrated in my photographs. This is my personal opinion, however, I believe that many people could see how a yellow type of hair color is less attractive than say a champagne, ash, beige, wheat, or strawberry blonde. It looks like the same color I used to have to use as a child at the age of 5 to demonstrate blonde hair in my artwork, since the closest color to blonde was the yellow crayon. However, at the same time, I am positive there are many people or enough people to keep you satisfied that appreciate that very color.



Do you realize that the term "Nordic" was popularized by a man called Hitler who was an Austrain dictator that took over Germany and convinced the people there that they are the "Nordic" and superior race. I'm sorry that I have made the mistake to buy into this and actually believe that Germans out of all people could be considered Nordic. How very silly of me. Actually, in all seriousness, since of course you know I wasn't being serious before right? Anyways, in all seriousness I barely consider Scandinavians Nordic. This is because to me "Nordic" is characterized by disinctive bone structure. Since I consider bone structure something more substantial and solid than coloring I look at that to identify whether someone is Nordic or not. In my opinon, your photos reinforce the fact that many Scandinavians do not have pure Nordic bone structure. I believe that Germans and even some North Eastern European areas have more "Nordic" bone structure than the average Scandinavian.

I'd like to add that the Halstatt type of Swede is probably what I would consider most "Nordic". This is because the skull shape is most similar to what anthropologists back then would consider "Nordic". You realize that way back when, anthropolgists characterized Europe into the 3 subraces of Nordic, Mediterranean, and Alpine. Ideally, anyone in Northern Europe would fall into the "Nordic" category. Anyone in Central and Eastern Europe would fall into the "Alpine" category. Anyone in the South would fall into the Mediterannean category. Romanians for example would be a mix of Alpine and Mediterranean since they belong to a South Eastern European country. This is basic anthropology everyone knows.

However, I have noticed that many Scandinavians do not have the Nordic nose, face, or skull shape overall. This is especially noticable in Finns. Well, do a little research and you find out that Finns speak a language that belong to the Uralic or Ugric family. I don't remember. Either way, there is a connection here. Hungarians actually speak a Uralic language. What is interesting is that Hungarians actually originally came from Asia. Sammi languages, and you do know that Sammis are a minority in Sweden and Finland right? Sammis speak this type of language. Well, I don't know how accurate all that is because I don't have time to read it but let me make the connection:

"The Uralic languages geographically cover Scandinavia, Finland, and Eastern Central Europe to Central Russia"


"The healthiest Uralic languages in terms of the number of native speakers are Hungarian, Finnish, Estonian, Mari and Udmurt. Countries that are home to a significant number of speakers of Uralic languages include Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Serbia and Slovakia"

The hilarious thing here is that Hungarians are not ALL that different from Finns who aren't all that diff. from Swedes. What is funny here is I am actually a tad-bit Hungarian. I speak Hungarian and Finns speak a similar language and they are a similar people.

Anyways, what I am trying to say is that Swedes and Scandinavians have something going on there that interfere with them being the "perfect" Nordics. I am sure there are many Swedes that can be classified as "perfect" Nordics, but for every one of those there is one that cannot be classified like that.

I have more Nordic bone structure than some Swedes! Some Swedes have such flat faces, that mine is more qualified. So there you go. And Finns, well they just have many Asiatic features such as epicanthal folds, flat noses, flat and round faces. Must I go on?

Swedes actually speak a Germanic language, but there is a clear influence there that is not Germanic.

Wow, I'm surprised Emily hasn't jumped on that yet. Since she jumped on the guy on here who first made a connection to Scandinavians not being soo Nordic. Reading that post has only aroused my suspisions that Scandinavians had a different element to them than the traditional Nordics, which by and far are not Scandinavians.

I noticed this primarily because of their high cheekbones. I also noticed this because of their flat facial features, such as a small tiny nose for example. The traditional Nordic has a medium to long STRAIGHT nose.

Anyways, after I read that post I did five minutes of research and instantly the fact that Scandinavians, particularly Finns, spoke Uralic languages showed that there is a non-Nordic or non-Germanic influence at work.

I think Swedes are not affected to the extreme Uralic or Ugric elements, however I do think they are AT LEAST minutley affected. Since the countries are so close together there has to be at least some connection, however small.

So I don't understand how Emily can argue that GERMANS are not Nordic. I understand how she can argue that the Irish are. Even though the Irish have every Nordic element, I guess they weren't considered Nordic for some reason. I just remember reading something about how they were disliked or something and they couldn't possibly be classified as the "superior" Nordics. But anyone with common sense can see that the Irish have very Nordic features, and in fact I see more "Nordic" Irish than Scandinavians. Seriously, I understand there are more types of Nordic than Halstatt type, but it doesn't add up. These Nordics have such features that they could easily be classified as Alpines, but yet, they are still classified as Nordic. It is ridiculous and there was a lot of innaccuracy going on. I am no expert on anthropology but just by scanning some photos and articles I can tell you that there was a lot of bias going on when it came to classifying groups.


"This is, as usual, a clear cut case of envy, her trying to imply that Swedish haircolors are unappealing"

Yes, I realize that. I think she seems schizofrenic, creating multiple nicknames and arguing with herself (Karen = godis). I'm not surprised if she turns out to be yet another one on here..

What she forgets when she rants about Scandinavians is that people do have eyes and can see for themselves.

The fact that Scandinavia has light natural blondes who also tan well is lost on her. Too bad for her, then. I don't intend to waste time convincing her of something most people already know.

She misrepresents Romanians, implying they are not infrequently naturally blonde there.

The truth is this; Romanians are generally a swarthy lot. They have dark brown or black hair and different shades of brown eyes, sometimes hazel. There are other colours but the brown and black dominate overwhelmingly.
Many Romanians are closely related to gypsies with all that this entails.

Romanians often have huge and very long noses. It is fascinating looking at their photos. Someone who has a nose three miles long would perhaps be envious of Scandinavian noses and call them "stunted". Anything normal would look stunted compared to that.

They love to bleach their hair, and in photos they sometimes retouch their eyes to blue or green. They admire Nordic colours but their efforts to emulate them is generally in vain and often looks bizarre due to their coarse facial features, and the atypical face and nose shape.

The rule is; if you are too far removed from Nordics/Germanics in type, avoid bleaching your hair. It won't look good.

I think it's funny that godis always brings up her own people's shortcomings, comparing them to Scandinavians. To bring up noses and blonde hair colour is not wise for a Romanian. Those are actually their weakest points.

Why have blackish hair and eyes...

..when you can be a blonde and light-eyed Nordic girl?

I'm really a natural blonde and my blue eye colour is NOT painted on my photo!

I feel like Swedish Anita Ekberg..or perhaps Brigitte Bardot..

I don't think my nose looks big. I prefer this angle..

Why don't people get that I'm a real blonde!? They say the colour doesn't go with my face but I have no idea what they mean.

Yes, my eyes are that blue. I think brownish yellow skin is beautiful and it goes with my naturally blonde hair.

I have blue eyes, too, and no we don't hate Scandinavian girls because we, in fact, look just like them.

We really are naturally blonde. We just like to dye our hair black.

Romanian interpretation of "blonde" and "redhead"..

Our noses look so much better and more romantic than Nordic ones. Swedish girl with stunted nose:

What do you mean we are direct descendants of Vlad the Impaler? Nordics could only dream of having our noses..


"Wow, I'm surprised Emily hasn't jumped on that yet."

Sorry that I won't take your every factually incorrect bait.


"Scandinavians, particularly Finns, spoke Uralic languages"

Finns are not Scandinavians. Scandinavians don't speak Uralic languages, they speak Germanic languages, a branch of the Indo-European language family.

That's OK, I wouldn't expect facts and truths from you.

I will give you the benefit of the doubt, however, as I see that English Wikipedia is incorrect right now and includes Finland in Scandinavia. Beware, anyone can edit Wikipedia.

Scandinavia is comprised of Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

These countries have close linguistic, cultural, racial and historic ties.

Finland is only included when you speak of "Nordic" countries. They have a totally separate language group, Finno-Ugric, part of the Uralic language family.

Please don't make me spend my time correcting your mistakes. Thanks.

Under Wikipedia "Nordic Countries" you will find a good and correct definition of "Nordic countries";

"The Nordic countries make up a region in Northern Europe and the North Atlantic (called Norden in the Scandinavian languages) which consists of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden and their associated territories which include the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland.

Scandinavia is sometimes used as a synonym for the Nordic countries,[1] although within the Nordic countries the terms are considered distinct."

Blonde hair,brown hair,red hair etc can all be beautiful and feminine depending on the person.
Diversity is what makes thing beautiful.What would the world be like if everyone had the same colour and tone of hair,same eye colour,same tone and colour of skin etc?



You are OBSESSED with bumpy or hooked noses! What is the deal? I said SOME Swedes have what seems to be stunted noses. God. I didn't say ALL of them or that is what the average Swede looks like. Please calm down. Your response of tons of photos with Romanian women and hooked noses was an overeaction to one small statement. I don't understand where this obsession is coming from!

I have to address A LOT on here it seems. I will return when I have more time:)

You are also obsessed with blonde hair and blue eyes, and you seem to think that everyone tries to imitate those colors and does so distastefully. You are paranoid.

I admire blonde hair and blue eyes as well,but that doesn't mean there is no room left for the admiration of other features and colors as well. You see I have an open mind, while I see very little fits into your mind.


"You are OBSESSED with bumpy or hooked noses! What is the deal?"

No, godis. I merely show where you are coming from when you make ridiculous comments as to Kay's nose being more romantic than the other girl's nose.

You have a very unusual and strange taste in noses, attacking fine Nordic noses, saying they are too small or too upturned, or too this and that, and then you post photos of unattractive, long and fairly large noses, clearly resembling typical Romanian noses, trying to say these are preferrable.

You said yourself that you "identify" with Romanians. Yes, you surely do, and that identification prevents you from being objective, I think. Your taste is simply too off.

This is Kay Francis that you put up next to the Swedish girl;

Her nose is not particularly attractive to me, nor is it "romantic".

Swedish girl that you compared her to;

The Swedish girl is ten times warmer than Kay, and that is feminine, I think.

Now, that girl is an ordinary Swedish girl - not a movie star. Her nose may not be perfect, and no one says it is. She was used as an example of one type of Swede, not as an example of a perfect nose.

By the way, this thread is about eye brows, so let's point out that Kay Francis has some of the most hideously ugly eye brows I have ever seen on a movie star.

I see beauty in different kinds of noses, straight ones, upturned ones, small and cute ones, and elegant ones.

What I don't find attractive or feminine are coarse, hooked, or large and very long noses, typical of many Romanians and Middle Easterners, for example. It is simply not feminine.

The difference between you and me is that you constantly defend large, hooked and long noses, while bashing cute or smaller ones.

It is anyone's guess why your taste is always on the very edge of what is mainstream.

Godis, I am well aware of Hitler's use of the word Nordic, but the facts remain: Nordic countries include Scandinavian countries, and Germany is not in Scandinavia or Northern Europe, although the Nordic people of today are North Germanic in descent (to the best of my knowledge, if I'm incorrect, sorry Emily). No, Germany is not a Nordic country, it is in Central/Western Europe. You are a 20 year old college student and you don't know this? Emily, not all Americans are this misinformed, thanks. If my incomplete sentences were too complicated for someone of your intellect to discern, I will try to be more careful, for your benefit, from now on. You're English is not perfect, not by a LONG SHOT, and you're a college student, so how about the pot calling the kettle black? And the reason Irish aren't considered Nordic is because they're NOT. There is considerable admixture in certain parts, but it is not a Nordic country. By the UN definition, it IS in Northern Europe, Northern Europe containing Scandinavia, but not all of Northern Europe is Scandinavian, or Nordic.

I was not trying to compare my body to yours, although my error in giving my physical description gave you that incorrect assumption. This website is not about us, but your error in posting your own photos invited comments. Maybe you'll reconsider before doing that again?

Godis, I do believe your taste in what is considered beautiful or attractive is odd and out of the ordinary. Your photos illustrate this, time and time again. You criticize the photos I used to represent attractive Romanians, but the ones you used, on the Ekaterina thread, were not much better, sorry.

Sweden is, by the way, the MOST NORDIC of all Nordic countries, in terms of what constitutes "Nordic" features, they being the home of the Halstatt type, something that a little reading on your part would've informed you of. Your false assumptions that they aren't are just a worthless bait to irritate Emily. I see she didn't jump on it, because she, and most others, know that was a false statement.

You don't think people ask for Scandinavian hair colors? Wrong. The popularity of warm, natural "wheat" shades are extremely popular, and many celebrities wear these shades as well. Blue contacts, another popular item, but of course, no one admires and emulates these colors, as you would have everyone believe. The natural blondes Emily showed, are representations of NATURAL haircolors, because THEY ARE. Your trying to, once again, misinform people and it pains me to see this, because it's irrational. That is why I assumed jealousy, you are failing to see facts. You are posting outlandish inaccuracies and I can only assume insecurity is the reason. Unless you really are that misinformed.

Emily was right about the fact that one too far removed from Teuton, Nordic (and Keltic) type, cannot often wear light, soft colors. And as far as Godis=Karen, I once thought she may have been Kayla B., the Nordic Puerto Rican. LOL.

European women who wear light soft hair colors beautifully....

Irish Girl



Sweet Mary


Swedish Girl

Yes, Godis, pictures of some Nordic girls, some Northern European (Keltic and Teuton) types. Those whom these colors are found most often (not rarely) in nature, are those who can wear them beautifully.

Like your imaginary friend Karen, I AM a redhead, though not the carroty red with freckles type (I have no freckles). Dark reddish blond, to light blondes look best on those with ancestry that produces these colors naturally. They really don't look natural on most others. And yes, red shades are very popular as well.

No suprise, they are beautiful as brunettes as well...


angelica panganiban

Danja, Holy

Self portrait

Women of Nordic, Teutonic and Keltic ancestry can carry any color it would seem.

No bias for the Irish on my part either, my father is nearly a full-blooded Irish American (with one English grandparent). Yes, there was bias, but the Irish were discriminated against in the early part of the twentieth century after their arrival in the US. It was HERE (in America) where the most ardent bias was implemented. I am the daughter of a mother who is Dutch Nordic, and whose father (my grandfather) was born on the Jutland Peninsula in Northern Germany, to one Danish parent (his mother) and one North German father. I am a mixture of a great and diverse lot of Northern European ancestry, however, my only TRUE claim of Nordic blood can come from my Danish great grandmother, although I have Nordic features and coloring. It is a known historical fact that the Vikings settled and founded Dublin, for example, but that does not make the Irish Nordic people, even if there is considerable admixture. The Irish are mostly Keltic, not Nordic. There are distinct differences. The coloring is similar, but the Irish are generally shorter skulled, and are shorter in stature than Nordics. They have a lesser frequency of blondness, but a higher frequency of rufiosity (red hair). They are fairly competitive in blue-eyed births, still, Sweden and Denmark have the most blue eyed births world wide. Norway and Ireland are almost tied, with almost three quarters of the population reporting blue eyed births to Sweden's almost 90 per cent. This I have found on Wikipedia, as well as several European Anthropology websites. I am merely citing those, not claiming that these are unequivocably accurate. There are always other sources that may claim different numbers. These numbers do not include other light colors such as green eyes, or green/blue eyes, just blue eyed births.

The Keltic Nordic type, most common in England, Ireland, and even in the US, is a Nordic sub-race. It is of the "Inner sub-races or core" of Nordic subraces. It is distinctly different from the Halstatt type, whose refuge area is in Sweden, as well as the Oslo area of Norway. There is only a 2-5% Halstatt type in Ireland, and the Keltic type is almost completely absent in Scandinavia.

To be fair, Godis, the Irish are of a Nordic sub-race, but not, by and large, more Nordic than Scandinavia.

ImageImageImageImageKerli Kõiv ImageImage

indeed, I don't find blonde and blue eyes are that attractive. they look like an unrealistic porcelain doll and I know many blonde scandinavian girls who dyed dark hair because they don't like their look. however, I find Baltic girls with blonde hair and blue eyes are far more attractive than the blonde scandinavians. I have noticed that some Russians and Ukrainians and Baltics have East Asia facial features. Many have round face, and some have almond shapes, small nasal and small body.

bookworms point is? He or she says in one sentence that blue eyes and blonde hair are unappealing, but in the next sentence states that it IS appealing, but only on Russian or East Balkans? Whatever. It would appear that bookworm has a bias against Nordic women, which is why no actual, relevant point was made.

The truth is, there are people on this site who are unhappy with what the admin. and some others have to say about Northern European women and their features. There are sites all over the net that give praise to everyone else. I'd suggest visiting those sites. No one's going to change anyone's mind. For some of us, Northern Europe is home to the most beautiful women, and those who disagree are wasting time posting pics of bleach blonde, garishly made up, Russian celebrities to try to disprove this.

Barbarella : the russian celebrity I posted have got a natural platinum blonde hair. I been stayed in russia and there are much more natural blonde in estonia, latvia, Lithunia than the scandinavia. the celebity I posted is kerli koiv. I saw he was blonde since she was a little girl. scandinavian are on the opposit. many have dark hair and the blonde one have got very high nasal and too tall.

here you go.

Asian people turned into the whitest people in the world in Finland

Finns have the highest proportion of blondes in the world.[34] and estnia,latvia, lithunia are close to finland?

Recently, mitochondrial (female lineage) and Y-chromosomal (male lineage) DNA-markers have been started to use in tracing back the history of human populations. For the paternal and maternal genetic lineages of Finnish people and other peoples, see, e.g., the National Geographic Genographic Project and the Suomi DNA-projekti. In essence, the types of mtDNA markers of Finnish people do not differ from those of other European ethnicities.[35] For example, Haplogroup U5, is estimated to be the oldest mtDNA haplogroup in Europe and is found in the whole of Europe at a low frequency, but seems to be found in significantly higher levels among Finns, Estonians and the Sami.[36]

With regard to the Y-chromosome, besides the markers found in other European populations, the haplotype N3 appears in Finland at clearly higher frequencies than in most other European populations. Haplotype N3 is a subgroup of the haplogroup N (Y-DNA) distributed across northern Eurasia and estimated in a recent study to be 10,000–20,000 years old and suggested to have entered Europe about 12,000–14,000 years ago from Asia.[37]

According to an earlier study conducted by four scientists, including Cavalli-Sforza LL:

Principal coordinate analysis shows that Lapps/Sami are almost exactly intermediate between people located geographically near the Ural mountains and speaking Uralic languages, and central and northern Europeans. Hungarians and Finns are definitely closer to Europeans. An analysis of genetic admixture between Uralic and European ancestors shows that Lapps/Sami are slightly more than 50% European, Hungarians are 87% European, and Finns are 90% European. There is basic agreement between these conclusions and historical data on Hungary. Less is known about Finns and very little about Lapps/Sami.[38]

According to recent autosomal (genomewide, 10,000 markers instead of few looked at Y-DNA and MtDNA-studies) give distinct picture of Finnish genes. Finns are a genetic isolate. It could be said that all other Europeans have Finnish genes but Finns don't have all the genes found in other Europeans. Finns show very little if any Mediterranean and African genes but on the other hand almost 10% Finnish genes seem to be shared with some Siberian populations. Nevertheless more than 80% of Finnish genes are from single ancient North-European population, while most Europeans are a mixture of 3 or more principal components.[39]"

Furthermore, Finland has the highest percentage of blonds in the world. Most Finnish males are haplogroup N3, closely related to the type of N-LLy22g, and the Chinese (descended from Uralic-speaking central Asians on the male side). Is it true that Asian people can turn into the whitest people in the world in Finland over about 14000 years?

russian modelrussian model maria mazikova.leisi palsam victoria azivskaya miss estoniarussian girl


Thank you bookworm, for posting all of the genetic info that you did. I've already read it, however. I'm aware of the frequency of blondness in Finland, but I disagree that there are as few blondes in Scandinavia as you claim. I have done some research of my own, and have not found the claims you've made substantiated anywhere else. In Sweden, for instance, I've read that it nearly matches Finland in the number of blonde adults. In Denmark and Norway the numbers of blonde adults are slightly lower, but there still seems to be a significant amount of fair haired persons in those countries as well. Could it also be that there are women in these countries who may tint there hair darker, as a means of fashion? Haircoloring and styling are fashion accessories unto themselves, I personally tint my own hair darker sometimes, so this is not unheard of. If you're stating that all you saw was brunettes in Scandinavia, perhaps this is the reason? I could not say for sure, but my own father, who has visited Stockholm a great many times has said that natural blonde hair is the most common. I'm not telling you what you saw, or didn't, but right off the mark, you seemed to state your personal distaste for Scandinavian women. I believe it is that opinion which is prompting you to say what you're saying. Emily is a Swedish girl, from Sweden, and I'm going to take her word for it, particularly if it is a conversation about the looks of Scandinavians. She is one after all.

I think that Finnish women are very lovely as well. Yes, I do see the differences in the features of Finns as opposed to Swedes, but these claims made by persons here that say that the Finnish are really just blonde Asians seems a little far fetched. In the info you posted, the Finnish are still 90% European, which is overwhelmingly EUROPEAN. NORDIC European. A vast amount of Asian admixture would simply not allow a high frequency of light eyes and hair.


Do you realize that 10% is a large percentage of NON European DNA? Particularly if you want to label something as Nordic. Remember, the criteria for what is "Nordic" is A LOT stricter than the criteria for being ANYTHING else. I fail to see how you can overlook the fact that Finns have Asian DNA. Especially 10% of it.

I am a very observant person when I want to be and I always suspected this looking at their features. They do not appear Nordic to me. In terms of coloring, yes, but in terms of bone structure they generally do not appear Nordic. And believe it or not I recognize some of this in Swedes as well although at a lower frequency. However, I believe on average Finns are equally attractive to any other Nordics. On the other hand I still feel Irish people are extremely attractive, with Germans coming in close.Anyways, I really admire the Finns for their amazing school systems and natural intelligence. Finnish children have among the highest scores in science, mathematics, you name it, compared to most any other country. Finland is doing well!


"Yes, I realize that. I think she seems schizofrenic, creating multiple nicknames and arguing with herself (Karen = godis). I'm not surprised if she turns out to be yet another one on here.."

Yes, genius is often misunderstood. Many people label geniuses as "crazy" simply because they do not understand the intention behind his/her ideas or work.

"She misrepresents Romanians, implying they are not infrequently naturally blonde there."

The truth is this; Romanians are generally a swarthy lot. They have dark brown or black hair and different shades of brown eyes, sometimes hazel. There are other colours but the brown and black dominate overwhelmingly.
Many Romanians are closely related to gypsies with all that this entails."

I have never claimed Romanians have a high frequency of blonde hair. I have only claimed that it IS possible that a Romanian can have blonde hair, even the lightest of blonde hair. You fail to realize that although few, there are Romanians with blonde hair! This is what I am trying to get across to you. I have blonde hair and I am a living testimony to this! Before you claim I got it from my German side, remember that both parents must carry the blonde gene for the child to be blonde. My family is extremely diverse. I have 100% Romanian family members who have blonde hair and blue eyes. I also have family members who strangely enough have epicanthal folds. This is where I get my admiration for eyes like that. My eyes are very wide and round, actually doll like, and I appreciate them, but I always want something more exotic. I have a cousin who has eyes like Suri cruise. They are blue as well. I adore them!

suri 196 Pictures, Images and Photos

Now, I don't want to lecture you Emily but since we have come to the subject of children I have to say that I am absolutley disgusted that you would post photos of chidren on this site and mock them and criticize their looks negativley. The excuse that, "Well then they shouldn't post photos of themselves on the internet" is not an excuse. Children are often innocent when posting photos of themselves, even grown people post photos for specific purposes not the purpose of someone exploiting them! Besides, if a parent is stupid enough to post photos of their children, the child should not have to suffer and be exploited because of people like you that take advantage of that. What you are doing is wrong and I fail to believe you have any moral compass. I am not the most moral person on Earth, I will be the first to admit that. Nor do I ever really lecture anyone on morality except when it comes to children.

I am very sensitive to children naturally, I believe I have strong motherly instincts as I would hope most women would. However, you are clearly an example that is not sensitive towards children. Perhaps you are sensitive to your own kind aka blonde haired blue eyed Nordics, however someone who is caring will not be choosy as to who they are sensitive to when it comes to a child or baby.

The fact that you are this way automatically makes me question your character and even FEMININITY! Do you realize that the only reason men are attracted to feminine quailties is because these qualities are associated with things such as feritlity and a high chance of success that the offspring will live (because they are cared for by a FEMININE caring woman!) and that the DNA will continuously be passed on. This is the whole point! Subconciously we(the human race) want to pass our DNA and survive through generations and generations or ideally "forever". I would think that with your whole "preserve the Nordic race" crap you would understand this concept. Getting to the point, your attitude toward Romanian and even Asian(you posted photos of Asian babies! on here and poked fun at them, it was repulsive) children proves you're personality and outlook is counter-feminine. What man wants a crude woman who is not sensitive? These qualities of gentleness, understanding and a nurturing nature are feminine qualities and attractive to men. A woman is supposed to be nurturing not destructive, at LEAST towards CHILDREN. It doesn't matter how feminine you look, the fact that you are not a very gentle nurturing person specifically towards children is troubling. Not only that but your actions are immoral.

It is so funny how you try to pass Swedish women as the most feminine and therefore attractive women in the Universe, when your behavior on this site represents Swedes in a very counterfeminine light.

Now FINALLY moving on to the nose issues, you are twisting my words. Here is the photo of Kay Francis I posted:


I am only referring to her NOSE in THIS photo at THIS angle. Did you see me post any photos of her nose in any other angle? NO! The whole point being I am specifically referring to the way her nose looks specifically IN THIS photograph. Her nose from the profile in THAT SPECIFIC PHOTOGRAPH (getting it yet?) is similar to the "Roman" nose I posted in reference to my own nose.


Now, yes I believe her nose is more "elegant". The lines are simpler,longer,it is thinner, more refined in THIS photo specifically. If you don't know what "elegant" means look it up. Definitions of words such as romantic or elegant differ among people. So chill the fuck out. It is my personal opinion and if you don't see the point then you can argue it but your argument relating to Romanian noses was stupid and unecessary. It showed that your nature is to bully and put down rather than make a legitimate argument.

Let me compare my point.

KAY FRANICS NOSE and ROMAN nose compared to SWEDISH nose:







As you can see the Swedish nose is adorable. I have never said otherwise. Yes, I claimed it looks stunted. That is what makes that type of nose so feminine and cute for GODS sake! The fact that it is small and upturned what makes it so attractive and cute.

I believe "elegance" has a slightly masculine tone to it. I think of the color black, straight streamlined lines, lean, simple, when I think of elegant. These are all masculine features, look at those descriptions!!!!!! I appreciate an elegant nose. It appears more masculine than a Swede nose, however it is so refined and thin and streamlined it has a whole new type of appeal all on its own. This is more asthetic than based on actual attraction for something feminine or masculine. Many things to me are asthetically pleasing although they are not sexually attractive. It is hard to describe, I believe an artist would have a better understanding of what I am saying. I am trying to say that my pleasure from viewing this feature comes from a place other than a sexual based one. This is what I believe true beauty is, although if you could mix the two, sexual and non, WOW!

So do you understand what I am saying now!??? JEEEZZZ!

I also understand that not ALL Swedes have that type of small "stunted" nose. However, many do according to your photos.

Now, I believe a GREAT nose is one like Nicole Kidmans. It is slightly upturned, however it is still fairly long, thin, and elegant.

Nicole Kidman Pictures, Images and Photos

nicole kidman Pictures, Images and Photos

So there you go!

I don't know why Im even mentioning this but I have the slightest suspicion that you have posted a photo of yourself on here before, mixed in with the rest. Or, if this isn't you I believe you look similar to this:



If that is the case than you have a lovely nose I will admit. See? It's not that I don't think Swede noses are beautiful, its just that I have my preferences. If I had a nose like that I would look like I was 12 years old. All my other features make me look un adult like practically so that wouldn't be much help. My nose is the only thing that makes me look slightly more mature, although not by much.

Emily, Barbarella, Godis : beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. the Scandinavian, Balkan or Baltic women are feminine through their face are not the perfect. by the way I have got the same kind of nose like the last blonde girl godis has posted. I don't like my upturned nose nor the round face like a helpless little girl. I find the mediterranean, french and arab or the biracial asian-caucasian look more cute and elegant. all in all, it is incrediblely bias to say the northern europeans are the most beautiful women in the world. sincerely, I been experienced of racism from the ( mulatto people) he insulted the northern european women look like the albinism mongoloid with the upturned nose, board face and small eyes. I know how does it feel?

ImageImageImageicelander womanestonianmiss latviarussianeuropean girlrussianImageEstoniansiberiansiberianFinishImageI will show you the picture of northern European, Estonian and Finish women who look slightly asian.

swedes girlsswedes girlsjapanese singerchinesechinesechinese

swedes girlschinese celebrity

Theres beauty and femininity in most, if not all nationalities.
It shouldn't be a competition of which countries got the most beautiful people.
Its better to appreciate the diverse beauty of all ethnic backgrounds/looks.
It has to also be taken into consideration the living standards of people in different countries.For example the living standard for poor people in India is going to be a lot worse then people in USA for example so naturally alot of women in India might be less feminine or less traditionally attractive because if your doing alot of manual labour and don't even have showers, toilets or toilet paper to wipe yourself with etc the persons life consists of just surviving day to day and doesn't afford them the time or finances to think about beauty,beautifying themselves,beauty salon,gym etc.

To Bookworm-by the way, you can make photos larger by typing in 400 image size when you got to upload them

Mary :

well, I know the reason I posted them as the thumbnail because I afraid it will take a long time for the other users to load this the way, you can click on those small pictures to enlarge the size.



"I have never claimed Romanians have a high frequency of blonde hair."

In one post you wrote that you could post pictures of Romanians with blonde hair all day long, implying such photos are easily found BECAUSE there are lots of natural blondes in Romania.

Well, you can post as many such photos as you like, and they will still be unrepresentative since the vast majority are brunettes. lol

Personally I think it looks a little desperate to pick women with Nordic genes as examples of Romanians. It's like borrowing the feathers of someone else.

The photo of the Romanian kids was necessary as it gives a good indication of natural hair colour, as do photos of men as they more rarely dye their hair. Romanian women love to beach their hair so pictures of kids, even if blonder than adults, sometimes give a more honest picture. If their kids aren't blonde the women sure as hell are not either.

Regarding the Kay Francis nose it was a poor choice. Her nose is not a "romantic" nose, as you claimed. I noticed you now say "elegant" - ignoring the fact that I said it was not "romantic" - a word you used before to describe it. Even you realize now that "romantic" is a word that would make people laugh when they see her nose.

Kay Francis is a poor example since her nose has an unattractive shape. Elegance is not the same thing to me as unattractive form.

If you choose her I assume you know what her nose looks like, and the fact that it does look Romanian. You introduced that Romanian nose type without showing us the whole truth about her nose.

You also incorrectly used the term "Swedish nose". There are many types of noses here, and the Nordic nose - as seen in Sweden - is regarded as the finest and aesthetically most beautiful one.

Latin and Romanian noses, for example, are often too large, too long, bumpy and/or hooked, and don't come anywhere near the Nordic nose in perfection and femininity.

"Elegant" and "interesting" are sometimes code words for too large or unfeminine, it seems. A nose can be elegant without being very long or too large.

Swedish girls with different types of noses;

Kay Francis, the truth..

So, in order for someone to have an "elegant and romantic" nose from one angle it is necessarly to pick someone whose nose is too large and has an unfeminine and unattractive shape?

A normal-size, straight nose, or a slightly upturned one, is ten times more attractive and feminine than the odd-looking Romanian-type of nose that drops down at the end, or is three miles long, over-sized or hooked. Indians also often have these large, droopy and unfeminine noses.

The photo of the Asian child was used in the context of my explaining that the underdeveloped, mongoloid Asian face often has an uncanny resemblance to children whose adult features are not yet formed. I demonstrated this by showing this photo..

..compared to this one.

There is little development there, resulting in a permanent infant-like, underdeveloped and almost malformed face - lacking the maturity and development of white faces where there is a clear distinction between child and adult. To me, what looks like arrested development is not attractive.

In Godis's photos Kay Francis's nose look attractive.In Emily's photos it looks not attractive.
I actually like the noses on these two women though.Although they are larger it suits them nicely



I like theses swedish girls noses


I don't think we can fairly compare asian looks as poverty and therfor poor diets does make a huge impact on looks and and cause the sort of looks that Emily might be talking about.
Or at least people should use photos of wealthy asians or other who would be getting all vitamins and nutrients because i believe lack of certain nutrients can greatly influence external appearances

There are beautiful asians too




Godis, are you aware that a ratio of 9 to 1 is OVERWHELMINGLY EUROPEAN? 10 per cent non-European DNA is still not going to affect the 90 per cent that is. If it were that significant, we would see Finns with a lot more dark brown eyes and hair, but we don't, do we? The reason for this is because the admixture isn't significant. It is only observed in the residual features of the common Finns, it is not overwhelming.

Godis, implying that you are a genius is also far-fetched, there are geniuses (real ones) in my family and you don't write or speak like someone with an IQ of 145, or above. Crazy and genius are definitely NOT the same.

By the way, I don't see an overwhelming amount of Asian traits amongst these women, neotonous traits are not one in the same with Asian traits.

the finnish girls Pictures, Images and Photos

1 Pictures, Images and Photos

The Finnish girls Pictures, Images and Photos

I don't see an overwhelming amount of Asian traits amongst these people.

Since the nose is still the most talked about issue as of right now, I still don't understand Godis' arguments, Emily's pictures show time and time again that the fine, straight, Nordic nose is by far the most attractive. I don't need to find photos myself, Emily's do quite beautifully. By fine, and straight, I mean one that is slightly upturned. Those are the noses that plastic surgeons are most asked to reproduce. A smaller "cute" nose will always be better than a longer nose. Most people do agree.

I think that Finnish women are very lovely as well. Yes, I do see the differences in the features of Finns as opposed to Swedes, but these claims made by persons here that say that the Finnish are really just blonde Asians seems a little far fetched. In the info you posted, the Finnish are still 90% European, which is overwhelmingly EUROPEAN. NORDIC European. A vast amount of Asian admixture would simply not allow a high frequency of light eyes and hair.

Barberella, you are looking at the information all wrong.

Asians overtime become Finns. They have 90% European because that's what they turned into through genetic mutations and variation.

Wow. I have a lot to talk about and address.

But I dont have time!

Either way, Anon what the hell are you talking about?

Asians have not turned into Finns.

Finns, are primarily NORDIC.

The only reason there is Asian DNA is because hundreds or thousands of years ago there was some mixing and Finns evolved a certain way because of the mixing, but Asians did not literally turn into Finns.

In fact 10% is a large number for Emily's claims. No race is pure. There is always a history.

But still, Finns are not Asians. They evolved their own seperate way. Yes they have some ancient Asian genes, but they evolved seperatley.

Take for example Native Americans. The Native Americans are closely linked to Asians as well because they came from that area(like around Russia? I'm not sure) on a straight to North America. The Native Americans today are much different than their orignal ancestors that crossed that straight. Their skull shape, nose shape, and lots of features changed. This is because they evolved seperatley and so they do not resemble the people from the orignal area they came from today.

Similarly, the Finns were Nordics who happened to mix a little with a Asian type people who live close to there. Asians could not have turned into Finns. There had to be SOME mixing along the way, and this mixing was minor really, but it did happen.There is nothing surprising about this. It happens all the time. Put two populations together and you are bound to have some mixing. Why? I'm not sure. Either way, they acquired some genes. Introducing new genes to the gene pool is a form of evolution too. If a tribe sees a desirable feature, say a woman with blue eyes, they would probably kidnap her and take her as their own in an effort to acquire that trait and pass it on in their tribe. Whether they were doing this conciously knowing the gene will pass on, or just because they were simply attracted to that trait and passing it on was the result is unknown. Probably number 2, because back then people knew little about genetics. Either way, then evolution took its course even further. The Finns kept the genes that were desirable and the ones that weren't were discarded. It is an advantage to have light hair and eyes in Finland. Those are better suited for the environment. Vitamin D absorption and camoflauge would help. Maybe all the dark haired people died out, maybe they were not selected for? The Finns kept their blonde hair, but they also kept some epicanthal folds and flatter nose and face shapes in general. They have bigger heads and Asians are known for their big heads. Basically, the Finns evolved on their own. In my opinion they are neither Asian or Nordic. They are their own thing. Although they are significantly closer to Nordics and probably technically Nordics, although I prefer my anthropological classifications to be more specific. The majority of Finns simply do not fit any Nordic descriptions in my opinion except when it comes to coloring. I am no expert on evolution, geneology, family trees, anthropology, history, none of that. So my theory may be a bit whack. I understand. But I can tell you that in no way have Asians turned into Finns.

Geez, now that I think about it, the last time we talked about evolution was in sixth grade. Talk about crap education here in the U.S.

I don't remember crap about evolution.

Anon32 is about as ignorant as anyone I've seen posting here. Thank you Godis for trying to explain, but I doubt they (he or she) will get it, if they think that Finns are just mutated Asians. That was my laugh for the day!! I don't think that the Asians are really turning into blue-eyed blondes. Such a statement is ridiculous and insulting to the intellegence of those of us here that actually have some.

Remember, Nordic countries, such as Finland or Iceland are not the same as Scandinavia. They are racially different, but still Nordic, which means "Northern" in a couple of languages. It seems as though there is a lot of confusion about what is Nordic, Scandinavian, and what is not. I have learned that Icelandics are more racially similar to Scandinavians than the Finnish are. Once again, and this matters Anon32, A HIGH AMOUNT OF, OR RECENT, ASIAN ADMIXTURE WOULD NOT ALLOW A HIGH FREQUENCY OF LIGHT EYES AND HAIR. Why this is so hard for some to grasp is unbelievable.

I also think that much is being made about 10% DNA, and not about the 90%, which is primarily Northern European. 90% is still a vast majority. The appearance of the Finns, which is primarily blonde and blue eyed, is due to the VAST majority of Northern European DNA. Once again, this is a concept that appears to be lost on a few. Erik did address this on the Ekaterina thread, where someone was making the same claims about the Swedish.

And Godis, those "claims" are mine, not Emily's. As far as I can see, she has not addressed bookworm's "theories". It is me, Barberella, who is in fact saying that the focus on the 10% is not as important as focusing on 90%, which I still stand by.


I agree with all of your opinions Barbarella, all but one; the majority of finns that I see have had that typical "finnish" look. Kind of mongolian looking but still bright and often mixed with nordic influnces. I do often find this beautiful though. Very original "finnish" beauty.






Why didn't my comments get included? Hmm, I'll just post it again. :)

The first picture:
Finnish-looking guy


Second picture:
Swedish artist Markus Krunegård with finnish roots.


Third picture:
Ordinary finnish girl.


Fourth picture:
Beautiful and blonde finnish model.


Fifth picture:
Sami Sirviö<3 , another swedish musician with finnish roots, hottest band member in the best band ever(if you ask me)- kent. ^^
He has nordic/finnish feautures.


I'm sorry if anyone find my english to be poor. I envy Emily's extreamly good and variated language even though englisg is not your mothertounge, you write much better than many english-speaking people.
Vad jobbar du med?


"I'm sorry if anyone find my english to be poor. I envy Emily's extreamly good and variated language even though englisg is not your mothertounge, you write much better than many english-speaking people."

Do I? How are you able to tell? If it's not your language, I mean? ;)

Mitt arbete eller privatliv överhuvudtaget, är ingenting jag tänker diskutera här. Tycker nog att dina bilder är lite orättvisa. Jag känner inte till mycket om finländare, det medger jag, men jag tror det finns många som ser mer skandinaviska ut än så, så den typiska finnen är nog en aning mindre mongollik, kanske.


I don't think Cecilia's photo are at all unfair. I think they are a good representation of Finns. I have seen this "mongloid" element to their features often. It is what led me to suspect they are not all as Nordic as some would like to think. I find it very attractive actually. I have always wanted more exotic features. I think Finns have an advantage. They have such an interesting beauty, you really can't replicate it. You just can't.

I see it becuase of your rich vocabulary and ability to always spelling right (I'm the type of person who find grammar very important and notice errors immediately when reading a comment.) :D
And I often read conversations, discussions and comments in english. :)

Okay, I respect and understand that. ^^

There are many finns who just look nordic but based on personal experiences I've found this "finnish" and "finnish-nordic" look to be the most common, but I have to admit that I've never actually bin in Finland, I've just watched a lot of finnish shows, met many finnish people, had finnish friends etc. :)

Here's some pictures of finnish people with various looks;

Finnish swimmer Hanna-Maria Seppälä(the one on the right) with another finnish girl.

Group of various-looking finnish high-school pupils with some non-etnic finns

Young finnish girl. The Question is, does she look finnish or nordic? :/

Same question here...

Beautiful finnish woman with the nordic look. :)

Finnish look also found in Sweden sometimes.

She looks finnish but not very much mongolian somehow.

I hope you see what I see.

"I'm the type of person who find grammar very important and notice errors immediately when reading a comment.) :D"

Right. Feel free to respond in Swedish, Cecilia.

Är du svensk och varifrån är du? Du behöver inte säga exakt var naturligtvis, bara på ett ungefär.

Jag upptäckte att det skulle vara "spelling errors"...
Jag upptäcker oftast bara stavningsfel och språkmisstag när jag läser dem, inte skriver dem.

Ja, jag är svensk, bor i Blekinge ^^. Jag tänker ju inte säga min adress, man jag tror knappast att säga detta är för utlämnande. :)
Du då, var bor du?:)

Thank you for the nice things you said. :) People here seem to think so too since I'm sometimes accused of not being Swedish. lol

Jag bor i Skåne. :) Mycket fina och representativa bilder på svenskor du satte in i den andra tråden (rhinoplasty - tråden, tror jag det var). Jag har ju som sagt inte mycket erfarenhet av finländare men det är ju klart att de har generellt bredare ansikten och mera slaviska drag, även om det ju också finns de som har lite svenskt påbrå och därför ser mer nordiska ut som typ.

A lot of you are a bunch of racist, stuck-up assholes.

Quit acting like children.

Emily, Godis, and Barbarella: all three of you frighten me. Your posts make you appear hostile, petty, and obsessive.
Might I remind you that a feminine (i.e. demure and agreeable) personality is attractive as well?

Personally, much of this website is bankrupt because the alternative it presents to runways models is a bunch of ugly slovenly hags from porn sites that lack elegance. It's as if in the heat of jerking off, someone decided to post the convenient object of his relief, the common slag. If estrogen is in fact responsible for the ball of fat and droopy undefined whore faces that some seem to favor, the robust, the comical hottentot ape asses and breasts that would inspire envy in the most profession balloonists, then there is such a thing as too much estrogen, and perhaps the ideal woman is one who possesses a nice dose of androgens to give her the balance, proportion and thus nobility that is presentable. Perhaps androgyny with a shot of estrogen. The case applies to men as well, as too much testosterone certainly does not conform to the Greek idea either. Here are my loose criteria for feminine beauty and a rant against ugliness.

Grace Kelly's body is beautiful because it's not overly voluptuous. Her face possesses definition, but the EDGES are softed. A woman should not have a second chin dangling next to her next. It should be straight! What makes a woman a women is largely the fact that the edges are softened, and her face is long. While not all fashion models are attractive, Some indeed venture into teenage boy territory (although teenage boys were admired by the Greeks, because they're hardly masculine: see erastes/eromenos), it's a little excessive to rant against all of them. Toni Garrn, for example, looks like a capable, elegant woman who simultaneously possesses daintiness and strength that characterizes femininity:

I will remind you that we are judging pictures, not women, because a number of things influence the appearance of a person in a picture. Example: Caroline Winberg has feminine but restrained features that in many pictures appear beautiful. But some pictures aren't as effective at communicating that.

Ugliness is what many rubes in our society, including the owner of this website and many posting, often cherish. A face where cheeks (not cheek bones) protrude like a baby's face (pedophilia anyone?). Formless faces with no definition. Nasty pear shaped bodies like like look a toothpick stick in a marshmallow. Short fat legs and thunder-thighs. Cankles. Weak shoulders. Heavy build. Robust features. Huge buttocks that looks like something that could pose a structural hazard to buildings if it should swing into a support beam. Breasts that could feed the third world (hopefully breast cancer will cull that part of the herd). A round pizza face that assault its eyes and dares to claim so much area with so much ugliness. Short midgety trollish women. I can only think that men intimidated by beauty would settle for something quite so ugly or something so formless and "harmless" as a woman resembling an infant. A disaster of proportion, of awkward curves and absence of form. You rail against the banana body, but you offer hideous examples of what would pass for middle aged men. And here's a food for thought, if you fail to recognize the averageness and unremarkable appearance of these women now: aging. As women age, they frequently get more robust. So if you start with a rail, you'll get to normal. Start with the already offensive examples you provide, and you end up with a Rubenesque monstrosity that makes masturbation and cheating increasingly attractive.

Softness is a feature of femininity, but as always, in proper proportion. Otherwise, you risk calling a ball of lint feminine. So either you people have poor taste, or you're sexualities are warped, or you suck at describing things.

Thank you Bob! I agree completely.

Frida Gustavsson

A beautiful 17-year old model with a great bone structure. Curves but a delicate and elegant form. Her face is very feminine. Imagine what she will look like when she grows old!


Frida Gustavsson

A beautiful 17-year old model with a great bone structure. Curves but a delicate and elegant form. Her face is very feminine. Imagine what she will look like when she grows old!


If Bob is male going by his chosen screen name then it is clear he is a homosexual man (since he does not like very feminine physical features) and possibly even a racist one (calling certain ass types as "ape like").

The girl you posted Cecilia that you claim is feminine and "has curves" is anything but. Looking at her it's obvious why she has a career in the fashion world. She looks quite underage because she has a body that looks prepubescent. There are no curves to speak of which is why the song that was playing during that video you linked to is hilarious. It talks about "booty" and yet there is none to see in that video.

Since you posted this girl as if she is representative of the highest form of feminine beauty it is clear you are fanatic of the fashion industry which means you have been compromised.

I'm not a fanatic, I actually like natural big breasts, hips, slim waists and thighs with a slight bit of meat, like all people truly admiring feminine beauty. What I do not like is FAT legs, trasy easterns CHILD-LIKE faces with big cheeks and no cheekbones, overall some sort of 50's ideal although shorter women with fatter legs and and a face like the one of an innocent child. Which all together is disturbing and I find it laughable to create a web page upon it. I don't think YOU understand the word feminine. Now, compare these descriptions:
- fat legs and ankles
- face of a 6-year old
- big head
- trashy
- big ass

With these model feautures:
- slender
- classy
- prominent cheekbones
- rich lips
- unique
- elegant
- symmetric

Now, which of the two do you think sounds feminine?

It is quite ironic that you express not liking women with so called "child-like faces" and yet promote that model up there who looks very much underage (i.e. younger than 18). It is the very reason she has a career at all in fashion and if she grows up and starts developing a body that is more feminine, her career will be over.

In any case, for your entire argument to have any sort of credibility, you would have to prove that whatever it is you deem to be "feminine" is factual. You haven't and you cannot. Erik has proven this specific case because women with more levels of estrogen turn out with a certain bone structure and that just so happens to fall in line with the tastes of straight men. Also, time after time it is demonstrated that straight men prefer women that are unlike the ones that populate mainstream media and fashion shows. In other words, women with more weight on them but are called "fat" by those individuals that happen to be the ones that fell victim to the brainwashing of the fashion industry.

You and Bob the Chef have done nothing except exercise distaste in those very women that straight men find attractive. The best you have done is use adjectives like "classy" and "elegant" to defend yourself. There is no argument there. The conclusion about you two is simple. You and Bob are not sane straight men and very likely have become brainwashed by the fashion industry's influence in promoting underweight and non-feminine women as supposedly the prime examples of female beauty.

Apparently I'm a disturbed heterosexual male.
So..not an 18-year old girl then? ;) Now, is it so strange I like the appearance of 17-year old model? However I'm not discussing her, because she's not a woman in some time. Although if you watch more videos, you can see, with makeup, she's really elegant and lady-like and simply cool and her face is amazing as well as her delicate skin and elegant shapes, seen specifically on the catwalk. Although thus not a good example of a woman, she was just an example of FEMININITY, to the people saying the models only have manly horses faces and bony bodies.

First of all, the fashion industry is based on thinness for the clothes aesthetic and practical reasons.
Models are not meant to be "hot" or "pretty", they're meant to show off the clothes and make them look good, thus very thin bodies laying the focus on the clothes. Fashion is firstly about the clothes and money and secondly about beauty. In some cases this also mean models with an extreme bony figure for the models not meant by nature to be that thin and look natural. The models faces though, are works of art with their prominent features, the symmetry, unique features, androgynous features with some models(it just adds a cool touch to the feminity) and a healthy skin and hair. The thin body and the face make them shapeable for the artists to create. They can sculpture the face with makeup, clothes and lightning to create a striking, expressive and specific feeling in their art and a unique touch to SELL their products. This, a woman with a bigger body, big breasts etc couldn't do. Erik has misunderstood the whole concept of the fashion industry. It isn't SEX, like always his examples are meant to show. It is creating good advertising with much expression, someone haven't watched any fashion pictures?? Why are they tall? To be seen on the catwalk. Are they MOSTLY classy and strikingly beautiful, feminine women? Yes, yes and yes.

SEX is simple, biased, it's something fashion can't change, it's highly subjective although often remains the same.
BEAUTY is something for the cultivated people to admire and appreciate.

Frida Gustavsson looks like a young sweet lady. Erik's sloveny trash look like innocent 6-year old little girls(who also have NO originality or even prominent features in their faces whatsoever. No lips, HUGE cheeks.
Does he like them innocent and submissive? Yes.
Hell, I bet he even wants them to talk with a baby voice of the sort as those in the 40's Disney movies.

Having trouble with my posts, read the last one.

Hello Erik!

I really liked this post. It's something that, as a woman, I find extremely useful, for I have very light and thin eyebrows and lashes, with pale blue eyes, and I think they make my eyes look less expressive and smaller. Your graphics will help me to know how to make up myself decently and still succeed to make them look bigger. Thank you for these kind of information, i really hope that helps me add feminity of my face.

By the way: I am shocked to see how three or two women who seem to have serious self-confidence issues insist on posting more and more off topic comments just trying to convince each other that people of their country/ethnicity are the most beautiful in the world.

I landed on this site because I was looking for advice on how to make myself look more feminine, as I consider myself an average looking woman (I don't have very common looks but I am not specially feminine/attractive) and I am not so confident about my physique. And I personally consider that if they were so happy about their own looks, they wouldn't be visiting this site so often and trying to convince people that they look good by talking. They would simply post a picture of themselves. Ok, you must be careful in the internet, but as long as your are dressed, I don't see what's the problem. Today, almost everybody who is employed as something better than waiter/cleaning lady has a picture of himself in the internet on the website of the company they work for or, in my case, on the website of the school where I teach. I mean, if i were as confident as they are, I wouldn't hesitate to post a picture of me and if I don't do it because I don't like my looks that much.

Well, just an opinion. I hope I didn't offend anyone.

PEOPLE SERIOUSLY have a look at this hahaha:
Erik's view's on ugly vs, beautiful(ugly models vs beautiful women). It's HILARIOUS and truly shows how disturbed and obsessive his thoughts on feminity are.

Cecilia: So you think that posting pictures of Frida Gustavsson refutes any significant argument offered by this site? In her we see an individual who does not look like an adolescent boy and, at 17, is approaching old age for a high-fashion model. She will look more feminine as she matures. She is not going to be a top high-fashion model.

A number of descriptors you have used—classy, unique, elegant, symmetric—have nothing to do with masculinity-femininity. The relationship between slenderness and femininity is not straightforward; you can find both feminine and non-feminine slender women. And, richness of lips is not necessarily a feminine characteristic. Northern Europeans such as Swedes, such as your example, often have naturally fleshier lips compared to the generally thinner lips of many European populations; this is an ethnic feature that has nothing to do with femininity.

The one feature you have attempted to justify is the thinness of high-fashion models. I have posted a large number of pictures of attractive slender women who do not look anything like adolescent boys and would never make it in the high-fashion industry. You have attempted to account for the androgyny by saying that it adds a cool touch to the femininity of the models, which is a nonsense statement. And, you have completely ignored the age preferences of the dominant fashion designers—they prefer to use teenage girls (younger than late teens) as opposed to young adult women to market clothes to adult women, even if they are middle aged or older. You cannot bring yourself to admit to the obvious explanation—that the dominant fashion designers prefer to have their female models look like boys in their early adolescence—and come up with poorer arguments that, at best, can account for only some observations.

Any argument about clothes looking better on very thin models is readily refuted by showing pictures of feminine women who are slender or have a healthy body weight; just show examples such as those of these 9 models in Table 2 here to people and ask their opinion: (none of these 9 feminine models have fat legs and ankles, a big head, a big backside or the face of a 6-year-old)

What sense does it make to market clothes meant for women by using models that do not look much woman-like? If clothes hangars are better able to display clothes, do people buy clothes to wear them or hang them on clothes hangars in their closet?

And, being well-dressed is a very important aspect of sex appeal in social settings. So thinking that fashion is not about sex is misguided; it is in part, a part that is a big component.

Your other comment was on the page on the cheekbones comparison, but it does not compare “ugly models” with “beautiful women”; it exaggerates the differences between the cheekbones of high-fashion models and more typical cheekbones; the exaggeration helps clarify the differences.

This is disgusting, you are obviously so prejudiced. Such ugly, racist comments. Disgusting, you are.

I'm speaking of Emily, and her post on Asian, and biracial people... also the ignorant one who posted about women and their backsides. Such disgusting character oozes from those posts.

You do not know what beauty is. Nasty, you are... surface, shallow and racist. Ugh.

Oh...also narrow-minded, and unbearably ignorant.


This is true.

Tell us how you really feel...

I'm going to cut and paste some comments of some people here to show the level of racism, because it's incredible for me to read this kind of things after all the horrible things that racism and ignorant racist people has done through centuries.
N° 57: Emily:
"Booty man is probably a borderline fetishist who finds that nothing short of Kim Kardashian's giant backside is sexually stimulating. Men who need that kind of over-stimulation are probably often great consumers of pornography, and therefore become desensitized.
Nordic girls generally have nicely rounded, medium-sized backsides, but not often the giant, violently protruding primate backside seen among blacks and some latin women with black admixture."
N° 58: Barbarella:
"That is what a feminine, softly curving backside should look like, I agree. Whatever has come over men here in the States, maybe it's the whole "ghetto fab" culture, where whites, for whatever reason, are adopting the latin/black "hip-hop" culture, and are exhalting these "fat" asses. Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez style butts are in fashion right now. (...) Of course, their women become incensed with envy and jealousy, because even if countless numbers of hip-hop videos display those kinds of backsides, if the truth be told, their men would really rather admire the type of body/backside that are characteristic of fair, properly proportioned white women."
N° 78: Godis:
"oh wait according to Barberella, a NORTHERN EUROPEAN, I do have the ideal face type. Hmmm... so much for being envious..."
N° 82: Barbarella:
"Kristen Kruek is cute, but beautiful? I don't happen to think so. As a matter of fact, she proves a lot of Emily's arguments here, so why she is always used as an example to disspel Emily's theories is useless. Yes, she looks cute because of her Asian looks, but the refinement of those looks is credited to European admixture!!"
N° 84: Emily:
Kristin Kreuk is overrated. In many candid shots, without the staging and air-brushing, she looks odd, just like so many racially mixed people do.
Her worst traits are her nose, (Probably surgically altered), and her squinting, semi-mongoloid eyes.
She did have a kind of girly cuteness to her, but as she matures that fades and her biracial beauty problems will take over.
Like many race-mixed people her face is identity-less, and there is lack of harmony. She is always put forth as an ideal and that is pathetic. She really is of more use to me, in that I can say that her mongoloid admixture is her great weakness, just like I could in the case of Emma Ward.
An unusually attractive Asian girl - like this Vietnamese girl - is more attractive since there is harmony, balance and racial purity in her face. There are not different forces that clash and fight for dominance in her face. I rarely find Asians good-looking so this girl is indeed part of a very exclusive club.
So, if you think my photos are unattractive it is because ordinary 100% Asians are unattractive, on average. Their round, flat heads, mongoloid features and underdeveloped bodies are simply often very unappealing traits."
N° 91: Emily:
"(...)She is less attractive because she is bi-racial, not because she is slim. Her slimness bring forth her Asian traits more, though."
Emily sure you are a disgusting nazi: racial purity and the way you talk about latin, afro, asian and bi-racial as you call it! Barbarella is quite a nazi too, and Godis well, she has a terrible lack of self steem, why do you need that somebody tell you if you are something or not?

Anónimo, your list of racist comments is incomplete. Here are some more:

Submitted by Reality check on 06/13/2011 - 9:33:
''To be honest, there's something "off" with how these Nordic women look:
-Pasty pale (look kinda sick and not normal and not AS sexy and sensual skin tone compared to other race of womne wiht nice fair and tan skin; some of these women posted look kinda freaks or vampires, to be frank)
-facial shape not so good (look closely at the shape the outline of the head)
-the facial/body features and skin not perky/tight/uplifted nor well-defined quite droopy if you know what i mean (with that they look quite aged not youthful and that's how the features/skin of other races look like when they reach their 30's)
-the low cheekbone also gives them a not perky look.
-the nose of several women are not finely shaped and quite "fleshy" at the tip.
-extremely thin eyebrows is ugly, weird, and artificial looking
-freckles is ugly as it makes the skin look dirty not clear or flawless
-thin, dry, dull, lifeless, not shiny, weak, unhealthy, ugly looking hair. That's a bad hair day for race of women with great hair.
-skin not very tight, smooth, silky and clear compared to other races. you can see lines/wrinkles in some areas esp. on the neck.
-The breasts are not round shape and perky, droopy.
-the bodies are not very shapely, skin and flesh not firm perky looking looks like a body for women in late 20's.
-Most Nordics too have pancake ass and no hips.
-Many of these women have big and quite bony masculine head- just like the women you posted.
-Most Nordics age fast. Many men even Nordic men say this that blonde age fast, by the time they reach 25-30 they look 10-15 years older. Their beauty is short term.''

Submitted by :-) on 06/23/2011 - 12:38:
"The 'real deal' is as has always been in the past Dark, rich, powerfull, dangerous,full of substance, full of life, strength, lustrous rich Black Hair. But for some europeans the 'real deal' in there world is the lifeless, light, colourless, no substance, weak, pale, no strength, no vigour blonde hair. Men prefer danger. You are right the real deal is often unavailable."

Submitted by My name is... on 06/14/2011 - 02:59:
"When it comes to comparisons between Whites, i find the olive skin tone of Italians more appealing than the Nordic pasty pale skin. It's normal looking. Why plenty of pale Whites like the Nordics get a tan? Usually they look better with some coloring as their light skin, I'm sorry this sounds harsh but,it looks quite abnormal, freakish, sickly, ghostly or pig-skinned. Just making a point, like you can say Asian eyes are freak alien looking. The natural fair skin of Asians look normal and great tone and quality while the natural tan look very sensual."

Submitted by My name is... on 06/14/2011 - 01:53:
"In medical sense, the light genes of the Europeans are not superior at all, in fact, quite inferior. Read and analyze well my posts above regarding genetics. The idea angels have blue eyes and blonde hair are mere illusion or fantasy has no reality basis. Nobody ever seen an angel, there's no even proof they exist. And the very feminine more delicate Asians are angelic too - from head to toe."

Submittted by My name is... on 06/13/2011 - 11:56:
"Something interesting. This is not to offend but simply providing more information about the differences.
I've read in some Sexuality forum in the past about comparisons of different races of women and the scent in the female private part. Many men testified Asian women have no smell in private part and very clean (nobody said otherwise) while many men have said White women have bad smell down there, some have white mucus around their genitalia, and 3 guys said particulary the blondes and red heads have a distinct bad smell in private part. Could it be just differences of the food they eat and differences in hygiene or it's a genetic differences?"

Submitted by Todd on 04/21/2011 - 07:26:
"average asian female body delicate & feminine
compared with average stocky manly nordic female body:
(in blue & yellow outfit) look how disgusting stocky and pig like she looks. very typical nordic traits:
Yes asian women are superior. The only good looking nordic women are the ones who have asiatic features."

Submitted by James Crow on 06/29/2010 - 21:01:
"Personally, I've never seen Celtic or Nordic peoples to be attractive races. They may have their outliers, but as a whole, both groups are host to many hairy overweight people, probably because it's so cold where they come from. May I add that hirsutism IS one of the defining ethnic traits of many European ethnic groups, and it is definitely not seen as an ideal of attractiveness. Nor are red hair and freckles. It doesn't help that many white people don't age gracefully."

Truly, the amount of racial bigotry and ignorance exemplified by some of the commentators here is astounding.

# 292 | Submitted by ? on Wed, 02/01/2012 - 06:16 | Anónimo, your list of racist

Submitted by :-) on 06/23/2011 - 12:38:
"The 'real deal' is as has always been in the past Dark, rich, powerfull, dangerous,full of substance, full of life, strength, lustrous rich Black Hair. But for some europeans the 'real deal' in there world is the lifeless, light, colourless, no substance, weak, pale, no strength, no vigour blonde hair. Men prefer danger. You are right the real deal is often unavailable."

Truly, the amount of racial bigotry and ignorance exemplified by some of the commentators here is astounding

Nothing racist in the above comment. Nothing racist in pointing out the the Beauty of Black hair over Blonde. Erik himself more or less hints at this too in one of his comments where he points out that the model appeals to him more with black hair than blonde. As for the rest of the comments there not mine.

It is evident that many who consider certain comments 'racist' are specifically referring to comments about non-Europeans (specifically non-Northern Europeans). The most vicious comments are those that are made towards Europeans and especially Northern Europeans.

However, apparently they aren't being racist (insulting comments towards whites are not racist apparently). It is evident from the comments (pasty, ugly, dull, skinny, etc) that the comments are from individuals with deep-seated resentment towards whites. It's not suprising. If Northern Europeans weren't so attractive, they would not be attacked so readily. It merely serves to confirm what many of already know but are too polite to say.

:-), if the comments targeting nonwhites are to be taken as racist, then yours are also, but you are too prejudiced to acknowledge it. Erik said that he is partial to black hair, especially when it is teamed with pale skin; he did not say that black hair is in and of itself "better" than blond, red, or brown. That is not a racist comment, but a statement of preference, and saying that you like a particular hair color best is very different from saying that that hair color is hands-down superior to others.

As for the "real deal being unavailable," as you put it, black hair is the most available of all hair colors, seeing as over 90% of humans have black hair. It is not exotic at all, since exoticness implies rarity. That said, I like black hair, though I am most partial to red, the truly least available hair color of them all.

# 295 | Submitted by ? on Wed, 02/01/2012 - 18:16 | :-), if the comments

:-), if the comments targeting nonwhites are to be taken as racist, then yours are also, but you are too prejudiced to acknowledge it

You were offered an explanation but have choose to reject it. You will not be offered another one so take/interpret and accept the comment as it pleases you.

''Erik said that he is partial to black hair, especially when it is teamed with pale skin; he did not say that black hair is in and of itself "better" than blond, red, or brown. That is not a racist comment, but a statement of preference, and saying that you like a particular hair color best is very different from saying that that hair color is hands-down superior to others.''

This is Eriks exact comment that was being reffered to:

''Amber Heard is not very feminine, but she looks great in my opinion, especially when her hair is dyed black. She is added to the attractive women section.''

Nowhere in his comment does he claim he is ''partial to black hair,'' and further nowhere does he claim he is 'partial' to black hair 'especially when it is teamed with pale skin;'

His comment CATERGORICALY STATES the model looks great but 'especialy when her hair is dyed black' Nowhere does he make any reference to 'especially when it is teamed with pale skin;' In other words nowhere has he claimed his preference for black hair over blonde hair on the model is to do with paleness of skin. Erik has mentioned something along the lines of finding the goth look pale skin/black hair appealing somewhere on the wesite but its clear that his liking for black hair is to do more than with it just being teamed with pale skin. Erik would not have to claim black hair is better than

As for the "real deal being unavailable," as you put it, black hair is the most available of all hair colors, seeing as over 90% of humans have black hair. It is not exotic at all, since exoticness implies rarity.

The 'real deal being unavailable' was initially used by Emily when refering to blonde hair. My usage of it in return was not in reference to Hair colour alone. My comment was:

'Men prefer danger. You are right the real deal is often unavailable."

The only time the usage was used in reference to hair colour was 'But for some europeans the 'real deal' in there world is the lifeless, light, colourless.... blonde hair.'

Black hair may be avaialble more than any other colour but on that basis alone it does not make it any less beautiful. Rarity does not equate to beauty it equates to what it is rarity. Exoticness does not just imply rarity it implies something foreign too which is usally associated with the East.

Besides nothing for you to get worked up about black hair is present amongst europeans too so in effect my liking for black hair over any other hair colour does not imply and cannot imply anything racist towards europeans when europeans possess black hair irrespective of how rare or common. No hair colour is any more or less european than another hair colour.

'That said, I like black hair, though I am most partial to red, the truly least available hair color of them all.'


*Erik would not have to caim 'that black hair is in and of itself "better" than blond, red, or brown.' His preference for it over blonde hair in the example of the blonde woman 'Amber Laura Heard' and his preference for the black hair/pale skin gothic look says it all. Just as Erik any anyone else is entitled to his preferences I am to mine. If you prefere red hair over any other hair your entitled to feel that way you should not feel that way any less in case im offended by it.

Wed, 02/01/2012 - 18:16 ? The aesthetics of the eyebrows

:-), if the comments targeting nonwhites are to be taken as racist, then yours are also, but you are too prejudiced to acknowledge it.

The comments targeted towards non-whites may have been taken as RACIST by individuals but Im not the one complaining. The basis on which you present or deem a comment to be racist is a very strange way to conclude a comment is racist. Just because someone else has complained about a comment being racist does not make someone elses comment racist because they happen to share the same ethnic group as the one who complained about the comment being racist.

# 295 | Submitted by ? on Wed, 02/01/2012 - 18:16 | :-), if the comments

'' he did not say that black hair is in and of itself "better" than blond, red, or brown. ''

Nowhere has it been claimed he did and nowhere did my comment claim black hair was 'better' than blonde hair. My comment made reference to the 'beauty' of black hair over blonde not that it was ‘better’. It stated:

'Nothing racist in pointing out the the Beauty of Black hair over Blonde. ‘’
Finding something more beautiful than something else is not racist. Referring to the variation in degrees of beauty is not racist. Does not mean if you find something more beautiful than another you don’t find the other beautiful at all.

My comment further stated:

'Erik himself more or less hints at this too in one of his comments where he points out that the model appeals to him more with black hair than blonde’
Out of the choice of Black or Blonde hair on the attractive European woman Amber Heard
Erik states 'she looks great in my opinion, especially when her hair is dyed black.'

Conclusion: Out of the choice of Black or Blonde hair on an attractive women a woman who looks ‘great’ he chooses Black. Case Closed.

My comment stated Erik ‘hints’ at this. My comment never stated Erik categorically points out ‘the Beauty of Black hair over Blonde’ but that he 'hints' towards it.
End of.

Its is clear from your comment that the comment of Eriks you were referring to was the following:
'I haven’t found goth impressive except for the combination of black hair and pale skin, which I like.'

Erik is referring to the Goth look where he states he 'likes' the combination of black hair and pale skin. Not that he is 'partial to black hair,’ or even more so 'partial to black hair, especially when it is teamed with pale skin;' He categorically states in his exact words he 'likes' this combination. Not that he likes this combination over any other combination hence has a 'partial' liking to it as he makes no mention of any other combination or hair colour. He 'likes' it. End Of.

The comments Erik has left on the subject of black hair make it clear that he 'likes' the combination of black hair and pale skin and in the case of an attractive European woman Amber Heard he finds her look ‘great’ but EVEN MORE SO ', especially when her hair is dyed black.’ He emphasises the increase in her attractiveness with black hair.

Just to add to the following comment of yours:

'As for the "real deal being unavailable," as you put it, black hair is the most available of all hair colors, seeing as over 90% of humans have black hair. It is not exotic at all, since exoticness implies rarity.'

The 'real deal' was refering to Quality of Overall looks not Hair colour alone or Quantity. Quality and Quanity are two different things. Quality doesn’t have to be rare to be of a high standard.If Europeans find Blonde hair attractive or the most attractive of all hair colours then there should be no offense taken in the above comment it is just a difference in perspective on the same thing. Agreement on everything isn’t necessary.

Finally,Feel free to take offence at what you like, your going to anyway.

To "?". First of all i only read this post about aesthetics of eyebrows, so the comments i've chosen are from this post. And second, i don't agree with discriminating people by their ethnicity, skin colour, shapes, or anything like that. The diversity of people around the world is what makes it interesting. I chose those comments and said were racists because they talk directly about superior race and racial purity, they compare black and latin people to animals, they say mixed ethnicity is equal to degradation. None of the comments you've chosen talk in those terms. The therminology used in the comments i pasted carried to horrible things all around the world and in different historical moments. Reading people like Emily or you is like going back to the XIX century and the racist theorists.


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