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Does fashion advertising cater to the buyers or is one observing the effects of a monopoly?

The latest from Danielle:

Models are not that important Erik. If the designer’s clientele respond more favorably to having skanks on the runway then the designers will put skanks on their runways. You don’t seem to understand that these designers are running a business.

Danielle makes it look like the fashion designers are making their selections based on the interests of the consumer.  Really?  Watch the following video.

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The girls in the video do not appear to be NOW feminist types and easily represent a large number of regular girls/women that are offended by advertising imagery every now and then.  So are the advertisers catering to the public’s desires?  Advertising agencies are bound to occasionally goof up or upset a number of people if they use provocative imagery to promote a product.  However, fashion imagery upsets a lot of people with its use of very thin models, and it also upsets some people with its sexual/sadomasochistic imagery.  It is very clear that most people do not find the typical thinness of high-fashion models socially acceptable.  Additionally, using sadomasochistic imagery doesn’t make marketing sense at all because the vast majority of people are not into it and most find sadomasochism perverted.  So why do fashion advertisers appear reluctant to change?  Simple; the homosexuals have a monopoly; there is no alternative fashion industry. 

If one sells a necessary product or a highly desirable item and has a monopoly on it, one can get away with offending the consumer to some extent, and this extent will be great if the product borders on the necessary.  For instance, Microsoft didn’t bother doing anything about its bug-ridden, non-standards-compliant and a-nightmare-for-webdesigners web browser Internet Explorer for a very long time because the vast majority of people used it.  When alternative browsers such as Opera and especially Firefox started catching on, Microsoft decided to do something about it, but still lags behind.

The power of monopoly should not be confounded with catering to consumer needs.

The video above is from the people behind 3iying.  See more videos by them and examples of advertisements they dislike.  They wish to educate advertisers about how to effectively market to women, especially young ones.  At present they will be wasting their time trying to educate the fashion/cosmetics industry.



Erik, your dumb post would make more sense if the average woman could afford to regularly purchase the goods that the designers are selling. Most women cannot afford or are unwilling to buy very expensive deisgner clothes, shoes and bags. They may be occasionally offended by fashion ads but they are not the target market anyway.

Fashion designers do not have a monopoly. People can and do purchase a variety of substitue goods if they find the costs of the clothes or even the looks of the models objectionable. I know there are some people who feel they have to have high fashion products but they probably don't lose any sleep over the offensive images that the designers are promoting.

Straight men are not barred from becoming designers they just usually have little interest in fashion design. If you can prove that good, straight male designer would have a harder time gaining financial backing and prominence in the fashion industry than a good, gay designer then you would have a good argument. You have no proof of that so you're just talking crap again. The goods the designers sell are not necessary for most people, even "elite" people to purchase. Luxery goods should not be compared to things like technology.

Erik, that video did not include any high fashion advertisements and the ads that those girls labled as ineffective were actually quite effective from a marketing standpoint. If an ad makes you feel guilty about having cold sores or eating lunch then it is probably doing what the advertisers want it to do. They included ads that were not targeted towards women much less women in their demographic. They made loads of generalizations and they don't seem to understand marketing at all. This video was just another one of your lame, irrelevant examples, Erik.

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