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Art depicting feminine beauty

Showcasing feminine and attractive women does a good job of educating people, especially feminists, about male heterosexual preferences.  However, it is human to have shortcomings/flaws.  Therefore, art depicting feminine beauty is an especially useful tool for understanding heterosexual male fantasy.  An art section, primarily meant as an educational resource for feminists, has been added to the site.  Feminists should go through this section and hopefully learn that blaming heteropatriarchy for the selection of skinny high-fashion models is worse than barking up the wrong tree.



Of course, feminists are unlikely to take the lesson of the page that you want them to; they will see that art as a prime example of heteropatriarchy.

not feminists. just people who dun hate gays and non-aryns.

erik is like: white powah! hate the gays! possibly also the jews!

'n' everyon' else's lyke nah stfu.

Hugh Ristik: This is an example of not being able to have one’s cake and eat it, too. Feminists will obviously blame the art on heteroptariarchy, but they also want to blame heteropatriarchy for skinny fashion models. These accusations cannot be simultaneously true, especially given that the prevalence of women with anorexic behaviors is so low that it would be remarkable if heterosexual men would continue to promote skinny and masculine models, at striking odds with their preferences, in order to starve women and keep them in a subordinate position.

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