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No comment needed

boyish fashion models


The girl at left has a face that would fit a girl with a regular build, but she's a skeleton. The girl at right (if it's a girl) looks like one of those starving children from Africa.

What was the point of this post? We know that fashion models are skinny. You have pointed this out a million times.

Does the girl on the right have a moustache?

Erik, have you seen the nude Vanessa Hudgens pictures? What do you think about her figure? I've never seen an 18 have such big hips.

Oh and I've also noticed you had a picture up of Charlize Theron on your "attractive womens section" but it turns out Charlize isn't so cute and feminine after all:

I think Charlize has nice face, but her shoulders and ribcage are very broad. How feminine is she really?

Danielle: Like I said, no comment necessary. But if one had to leave a comment, there is something more than mere thinness involved. Note emperorjvl’s comment, “...if it’s a girl...” The picture also shows non-Europeans for a change.

Sarah: I have only shown Charlize Theron’s face, not physique in the attractive women section. Charlize Theron never had a feminine physique. You also cited a picture of Charlize in her thirties, when she is clearly past her prime.

I haven’t seen Vanessa Hudgens’ nude pictures, but from what I have seen of her, I don’t find her attractive.

Well here's Vanessa in a bikini:

In my opinion, her hips are too big, even if it does make her body look very feminine.

Erik, I sent you a couple of emails from internetchum @ yahoo . com, it's been about 4 days since then- could you get back to me?




erik, what do you think about models like

claudia schiffer and helena christenson? how feminine or masculine do you find them?

Erik please can you respond to the comment left above

I always find it hilarious when women who are obsessed with the fashion industry and are big followers of it, comment on a more feminine women and criticize them for features that are clearly more attractive to any heterosexual man than the disgusting gallery of models that populate the fashion industry.

You finding Vanessa Hudgen's hips "too big" is like a KKK member finding a black man's skin too "black".

In my opinion, she is as best "cute" but not really high on the scale. However, she is far more feminine and more preferable to a true heterosexual male than any of those woMEN that are on the runway.

Reading post after post that you have made on this site makes it obvious you are clearly a fan of the fashion industry and the sickness it promotes. You have no clue in true femininity since you believe the majority of those models are somehow of the highest form of female beauty. A joke if there ever was one...

I have no idea why you and Danielle keep posting comments on this site since you don't like anything that is ever being said in it. Only thing that I can think of is that you cannot stand someone out there in the world not buying into to crap that this industry is trying to force feed the world and therefore feel the need to defend it.

Paul: Your criticism of Sarah and Danielle is misplaced. They are upset at me, not defending the “sickness” the fashion industry is promoting.

Unless I am mistaking those two for other two, from what I have read the reason they are upset at you is because you are saying that many of the models used in fashion are unattractive to the eyes of heterosexual men. Which is true.

I have seen argument after argument from them to you about this. Even going as far as to bring into question classiness with the nude models you use versus the models of the fashion industry which has no bearing to the point you are making of femininity.

Paul: They are a little upset at the claim that women with above average femininity are more attractive to heterosexual men, but the major issues involve the way the argument is made: using skeletons, nude figures, with no thought to what emotions women coming across this website may go through; and describing the looks of many models in terms that they are offended by.

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