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Helena Christina Mattsson

Helena Christina Mattsson

Added to the attractive women section.

Added to the attractive women section.



Please put Lucie back in your attractive women section. She was one of the most beautiful there. I don't understand why you replace women with new women anyway; why not just make the gallery bigger?

Why did you take Lucie out of your attractive women section? She was easily one of the very best looking women there, certainly more feminine than Helena - and better-looking IMHO. Why do you replace women anyway - why not just let the gallery grow?

It looked like my comments in this section weren't being received, but I checked the recent comments section, and saw that they DID go through! Sorry, didn't mean to repeat myself so many times.

N: A small, high quality gallery/attractive women section is preferable to a large one of lower quality. I need to make several replacements before I will think about expanding the latter.

Regarding Helena vs. the woman she replaces, Helena is a far better choice given her looks and that she is a mainstream actress. I find Helena better looking than the other woman, but this is not worth discussing as preferences vary.

I will post pictures of Lucie elsewhere.

I thought you were a defender of natural, feminine beauty. Maybe this woman hasn't had a nose job, but her nose looks to me as the disastrous consequence of bad surgery.

Markus: I do not have any information on whether she has undergone cosmetic surgery. However, the unusual part about her [nose], the columella, is not the classic droopy type that results from a bad attempt to make the nose thinner; her nose tip is not so thin that the structure could not be supported and the columella would end up hanging. Her tip also does not appear deformed or bumpy. So the condition could be natural.

Yes, you may be right. I have seen other women with such noses as a result of trying to correct a bulbous nose, which end up looking like they're all time trying to smell something. But there are people who naturally look that way.

By the way: What do you think of Natalie Portman? I don't think she is much more attractive than the average woman, but I think she's much more feminine than most fashion models and A-List actresses. She is flat-chested, but the form of her rib cage gives her a naturally curvy torso and her hips are round. She's very petite and has fine facial features, so I suppose that she could be really beautiful and feminine if she were a little bit more "fleshy".

Hi Eric

Check out this webiste it's interesting and bears out what you say; it's about a model taking a stand against emaciated models losing their health to please some mad designers' unrealistic view of beauty

It's entitled: Ultra thin teen model takes a stand

And how she woke up to the industry's bullshit when she started losing hair and was told at 102 pounds that her legs are too fat!!

And here's another link to another site: all about models and insiders talking about what you discuss on the site and their stand against it

There are models who admit what you say is true about the designers being behind this and why, and they have no reason to lie

Heres's another link:'bout-Link/

Helena is really beautiful by the way, good choice!

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