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I am not alone

A follow-up on Lauren telling me "you are not alone"...

Before this site went online, Leo Savage explained why fashion models are so skinny thus:

Why are fashion models so skinny?

I'm not just talking about recent models, though recently they've gotten so bad they've started calling it heroin chic, because the models look strung out on heroin.

This goes back a ways. I remember Twiggy, who was a bigshot model back in the 60's, in case any of you young whippersnappers don't remember. It was a big deal that this supermodel had no figure. Maybe it goes back even farther, but Twiggy is as far back as I go.

Things like this are supposed to come and go, but in this case they don't. It's been a very long time since the pendulum swung in favor of Reubenesque Beauties. Why is that?

For that matter, why is it that high fashion has gone in favor of ultraskinny women with no breasts, no buttocks, no legs, in fact no figure worth mentioning? Women starve themselves to match these "ideals", supposedly to attract men who (if asked) don't usually find that sort of woman attractive in the first place.

Men as a rule like women with breasts. Is this in doubt? If you don't believe me, just ask a few men at random and see what they say. The few you may find that don't mostly appreciate a good cleavage will be into butts or legs. In almost all cases fashion models won't normally come near the top of the list.

So why are high fashion models so skinny and shapeless?

Simple. Because most high fashion designers are gay men. By their standards a "really hot" body is a twelve year old boy.

I left a comment at the diet blog, explaining why high-fashion models are typically very skinny, and here is a response I got from Leeanne, a former anorexia sufferer: mother always said this to me..does that now validate what she's be telling me for
Its a sad fact! but true...

Note that Leo Savage’s comment will normally be dismissed as homophobic, and merely stating what Leo Savage has said, as Leeanne’s mother did, was not sufficient to convince Leeanne beyond a shadow of a doubt.  What is needed to convince most people is to back up the politically incorrect assertion with numerous citations and pictures, which is what this site does.  Still, there are some who are not convinced.  I’ll see what I can do about this.