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The 2006 Miss USA beauty pageant: are beauty queens supposed to look like prostitutes?

Margaret Burnquist

Take a good look at the woman above and let her face be the reference standard.  Now look at the following contestants in the 2006 Miss USA beauty pageant; click thumbnails for larger images.

Miss Connecticut – Jeannine Phillips, Miss Iowa – Sarah Corpstein, Miss Louisiana – Christina Cuenca, Miss Massachusetts – Tiffany Laura Kelly

Jeannine Phillips Sarah Corpstein Christina Cuenca Tiffany Laura Kelly

Miss Minnesota – Dottie Cannon, Miss Missouri – Kristi Marie Capel, Miss New Jersey – Jessica Boyington, Miss New Mexico – Onawa Lacy

Dottie Cannon Kristi Marie Capel Jessica Boyington Onawa Lacy

Miss North Dakota – Kimberly Jean Krueger, Miss Ohio – Stacy Nicole Offenberger, Miss Tennessee – Lauren Grissom, Miss Vermont – Amanda Gilman, Miss Virginia – Amber Brooke Copley

Kimberly Jean Krueger Stacy Nicole Offenberger Lauren Grissom Amanda Gilman Amber Brooke Copley

It is obvious that the contestants shown above are masculinized, and while looking at them, it is difficult to avoid the feeling that one is looking at prostitutes.

Since some level of masculinization is a correlate of sexiness in women, one could understand if some contestants looked like the following two women, i.e., a call-girl look could be acceptable, but not the looks of lower class prostitutes.

Miss North Carolina – Samantha Holvey, Miss Washington – Tiffany Tessa Doorn

Samantha Holvey Samantha Holvey Tiffany Tessa Doorn Tiffany Tessa Doorn

Somebody should try to explain how the following three women ended up competing in a beauty pageant in a nation of 300 million people.

Miss Alaska – Noelle Anne Meyer, Miss New York – Adriana Diaz, Miss Utah – Soben R. Huon

Noelle Anne Meyer Adriana Diaz Soben R. Huon

The pageant also featured women with plain and/or masculinized looks that generally do not spell "prostitute."

Miss District of Columbia – Candace Island, Miss Florida – Cristin Duren, Miss Georgia – Lisa Marie Wilson, Miss Hawaii – Radasha Ho'Ohuli

Candace Island Cristin Duren Lisa Marie Wilson Radasha Ho’Ohuli

Miss Idaho – Allyson Swan, Miss Illinois – Catherine Warren, Miss Oregon – Allison Nicole Machado, Miss Rhode Island – Leeann Tingley

Allyson Swan Catherine Warren Allison Nicole Machado Leeann Tingley

The pageant was won by Miss Kentucky, Tara Conner, whose masculinized face and body have been addressed previously.

The 2006 Miss USA pageant was another example of the sordid state of contemporary beauty pageants.  This pageant appears to have gotten the looks of only the following two contestants correct.

Miss Nebraska – Emily Elizabeth Poeschl, Miss West Virginia – Jessica Rae Wedge

Emily Elizabeth Poeschl Jessica Rae Wedge

However, the accursed judges did not place these two women in even the top 15!  I don't know how Donald Trump, an ostensibly heterosexual man, tolerates such farce.  Trump needs to send the masculinized contestants to a beauty pageant specifically set up for the homosexual and bisexual community; the general public wants to see feminine beauty, and there should be at least one pageant featuring feminine and attractive women only.

Once again, the reader should note that there is nothing wrong with the looks of any of the women above; it is just that masculinized women do not belong as contestants in a pageant catering to the general public, which strongly and overwhelmingly prefers feminine beauty.



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