Sensation seeking and men’s preference for facial femininity in women

I have until now addressed variation in men’s preferences regarding women’s physical femininity in terms of sexual orientation-related differences, but even among heterosexual men there is variation in the extent to which physical femininity is preferred in women, and here is an article on a series of 3 studies on this issue.  In these studies, the authors took pictures of the faces of young adult women and presented them to men in two forms, slightly masculinized and slightly feminized.  The male judges rated them for attractiveness.


Fashion illustration vs. superheroines, pinups and fantasy art

Harriet Olivia has the following to say about fashion illustration


Pending French law will make the promotion of extreme thinness or proana criminal: Qui est pissé?

Who might be displeased? grin


Aesthetic surgery of women’s genitals: reduction of large labia minora

Large labia minora can result in chronic irritations, worsened hygiene, interfere with sexual intercourse and be aesthetically displeasing.  The solution is surgical reduction, and the technique addressed here is inferior wedge reduction with superior pedicle flap reconstruction.(1, pdf)

Women’s body size preferences among men in Britain, Malaysia and Samoa

Here are two studies on cross-cultural comparisons.


Quick judgment of face beauty; variation in and appeal of women’s gait across the menstrual cycle

Two studies follow.


Some sex/gender differences in nose shape; measurements for rhinoplasty

Springer et al.(1, pdf) showed the following noses individually to 308 judges and asked them to judge whether they belong to women or men.  Each of the four images shows the average of a sample of men or women, none of whom were the judges.


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Three items.


How often men approach women in relation to the size of their breasts

The results of this study should not be surprising, and one might think it remarkable that some researcher would spend time documenting this, but hard evidence that feminists have been unfairly blaming patriarchy, yet again, is welcome.


The interaction between cellulite and skin aging: another reason to treat cellulite?

The following picture contrasts the looks of cellulite in a young woman with that in a middle-aged woman.



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