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Rhinoplasty in Stockholm, Sweden: comments on the fine, straight and chiseled Nordic nose

Igor Niechajev (I.N.) and Per-Olle Haraldsson (P.O.H.), two of the most active rhinoplasty (nose jobs ) surgeons in Stockholm, Sweden, described the ethnic profile of their aesthetic rhinoplasty surgery patients from 1985-1995(1).  The patients were residents of Stockholm, Sweden.  The ethnic breakdown is shown below.

Rhinoplasty (nose jobs) in Stockholm, Sweden

About 48% of the patients were non-Nordic, whereas in 1994, non-Nordic inhabitants were 12.5% of the population in Stockholm, i.e., the non-Nordic inhabitants were six times more likely to undergo aesthetic rhinoplasty than the Nordic inhabitants.  Stockholm inhabitants of Middle Eastern extraction were 3.1% of the population in 1994, and were thereby 17 times more likely than the Nordics to seek nose jobs.  Overall, the ratio of men to women among the patients was 1:1.3, but among people originating in Russia, Poland, and the former Czechoslovakia, this ratio was 1:17, which the authors attributed to many Slavic women being mail-order brides and thereby very particular about looking good.

Here is the comment by the authors as to why the non-Nordics are much more likely to seek nose jobs:

Why are ‘‘foreigners’’ having their noses operated on much more frequently than the native Swedes?  Has the government’s official immigrant policy failed?  Many of our ‘‘foreign’’ patients speak flawless or almost flawless Swedish, seek or keep good jobs, but still feel that their noses are against them.  They feel that people stare at them.  Rhinoplasty gave such patients increased self-assurance.  Many, of course, requested surgery because they just wanted to look better.  Others have experienced that an un-Swedish name or look is a major obstacle in the job market.  By changing their names and diminishing their noses many Middle Easterners desire a more European, ‘‘Italian’’ look, which is much better accepted
(see example of the 16-year-old Middle Eastern girl below).

Sweden has introduced probably the most generous immigration laws in the world.  Our country is internationally active and in the forefront of the U.N., UNESCO, International Red Cross, and other similar organizations, fighting for human rights and considers itself a consciousness of the world.  This international success has unfortunately not been followed by an abolition of petty discrimination on the home ground.  Legislations could be changed over night, whereas a profound change of attitudes in the society takes many decades.  A part of our study confirms the integration bluff in Sweden.  In order to be accepted by the society many emigrees have to change their names and buy new noses.

The authors are probably trying to offer a politically correct explanation above but have let the pictures in their paper speak for themselves as far as the real reason is concerned.

The authors provided illustrations of how non-Swedish noses differ from Swedish/Nordic noses by showing pictures of common types of noses found among the non-Swedish groups their patients came from.

The following example is of a Finnish woman.  Compared to Swedes, the Finns, on average, have wider and flatter noses.  The rate of aesthetic rhinoplasty among non-Swedish Nordics was not higher than among Swedish Nordics.

Finnish woman

The following example is of a Slavic woman.  For technical terminology, refer to this diagram.  In Slavic noses, the dorsum is wider and the nasal tip is bulkier with strong, well-structured alar cartilages. The nose tip is either upturned or prominent.   The height of the dorsum may match Swedish norms or be a little less.  The naso-labial angle is > 90 degrees.

Slavic woman

The following example is of a Greek woman, illustrating a common type of nose in the Mediterranean region; before surgery (left) and after straightening her nose and shaving off part of the columella.  “Typical for this region is an ‘‘eagle’’ profile with the high, convex dorsum, ‘‘hanging’’ columella, and a naso-labial angle < 90 degrees. On the frontal view the tip can have crescent appearance and the dorsum is narrow. Both skeletal and cartilaginous parts of the nose are strong and well developed. The skin is moderately thick.”

Greek woman

The following example is of a Levantine (Dinaric) nose commonly found in the area close to the Mediterranean coast, corresponding to the areas of modern Lebanon and Syria.  These noses are large and have a nasoglabial angle less than 90 degrees.  The dorsum is frequently high and arching.  “The nasal tip is fine and narrow.  Nose contour from root to tip is long, but the columella is overshortened, pulling the tip in and down.”

Levantine or Dinaric nose

The following example shows an Iraqi Kurd before his surgery (left) and after making his nose straighter.  He is illustrating a common nose type in the Eastern Middle Eastern region (Iraq, Iran): large, strongly built, naso-labial angle of <90° and possessing thick and oily skin.  “The nasal tip is wide and heavy containing large alar cartilages and a well-developed subcutaneous fat layer.”

Iraqi Kurd

The following example shows a “perfectly assimilated” 16-year-old girl of Middle Eastern origin who straightened her nose (A, C show pre-surgery pictures) to acquire a straighter-nosed southern European look.

Middle Eastern woman

The authors also described an example of the extreme kind of nose job requests they get.  The following picture shows a 19-year-old woman of Korean ancestry who arrived with a very European-looking mannequin and said that she wanted the nose seen in the mannequin.  She was advised not to have surgery.

Korean woman

The authors also provided the picture of a Swedish patient that sought refinement of her nose:

Swedish woman

So what is the reason why a greater proportion of non-Nordics seek nose jobs?  What does one expect if they live among a people where fine, straight and chiseled noses as among the following Swedish males are often encountered?

Nordic male; Swede Nordic male; Swede

In the pictures of Nordic noses below (click for larger images), note the prominence of the nasal bones (upper part of the nose) in side view even though the nose itself is feminine and not overall very prominent, and contrast them with the upper nose projection of the 16-year-old Middle Eastern girl shown above, which is not prominent enough for the surgeon to give her nose a Nordic look, i.e., the woman can at most settle for a straighter Southern European look.

Nordic nose Nordic nose Nordic nose

In a nutshell, the pictures speak for themselves with respect to answering the authors’ question, “Why are ‘‘foreigners’’ having their noses operated on much more frequently than the native Swedes?”  The authors are no doubt aware of this but obviously couldn’t say it in the paper.  The answer to this question is not the domination of Swedish society by Nordics.  Whereas Nordic Swedes are not particularly known to be a thin-lipped European people, I doubt that non-Europeans are generally enthusiastic about thinner European lips.  Untanned Nordic skin is also likely too pale for many non-Europeans, certainly a greater proportion than the proportion that does not appreciate fine, straight and chiseled Nordic noses (probably close to zero percent among Middle Eastern and Mediterranean populations).  In addition, Moslems often despise the gender egalitarianism and women’s rights situation in the Nordic nations, the best of its kind, and would consider it an abomination to adopt the secular elements of Western culture, yet have admiration for fine and chiseled Nordic noses.  How is this mix of admired, more or less neutral and despised Nordic traits explained?  Obviously some admired features are intrinsically admired, which is explained very well by the pictures above.

On the other hand, there are some non-Europeans who make their nose look more European and end up dissatisfied as a result of losing a sense of ethnicity(2).

Consider a common tendency among noses in South Asia (India), shown below, where the dashed line describes the straightening that some Indians seek.

Common Indian nose profile

Famous Indian beauty Aishwarya Rai has the gently hooked nose shown above.

Aishwarya Rai

A south Asian woman is shown below with a surgically Europeanized nose (A, B, C), but she sought another nose job, nose implants to be more precise, to restore her ethnic looks somewhat (D, E, F); click image for larger version.

Indian woman

Similarly, the following example shows a Jewish man who had had a nose job (A, B, C), causing him to lose a sense of ethnicity, whereupon he had a nose implant to make his nose more prominent, though he kept it straight (D, E, F); click image for larger version.

Jewish patient


  1. Niechajev I, Haraldsson PO. Ethnic profile of patients undergoing aesthetic rhinoplasty in Stockholm. Aesthetic Plast Surg. May-Jun 1997;21(3):139-145.
  2. Romo T, 3rd, Kwak ES, Sclafani AP. Revision rhinoplasty using porous high-density polyethylene implants to reestablish ethnic identity. Aesthetic Plast Surg. Nov-Dec 2006;30(6):679-684; discussion 685.


"Well Rawr, would I be racist in this regard if I saw white supremacists espousing the same line of reasoning? Because I think the idea of melanin levels determining such traits is worse than other aspects- it doesn't matter who's espousing it. I just happen to see black supremacists and the like do it far more often."

Firstly you do not acknowledge you have very little knowledge concerning white supremacist thought. Then you have the nerve to proclaim what I am seen in my lifetime doesn't exist.

Lastly and most importantly, to sit there and argue one racist argument is somehow better than other is pretty fucking stupid. It's racism, it's equal in all regards. It's just ignorance, it doesn't matter what argument you use. To sit there and nitpick and proclaim a Black racists arguments are somehow worse than those of the average White power ardent is to acknowledge validity in the arguments of White racists. If you do such things I naturally think you are a racist.

VC....haha...lack of reading comprehension? I don't usually have any trouble there and don't think it's somehow developed recently, I think I continue to read the laughable posts of yours, and perhaps my interpretation is in disagreement with you, not a lack of what I'm comprehending. Guess that means your a retard then?

Nice way of discussing issues with those that don't agree with you....Retards. And you criticize everyone else here with some sort of expletive, name calling, rambling bullshit, it so tired. I have re-read posts here from the last couple of weeks. I don't post much anymore because this site reminds me why I have personal, professional and academic pursiuts that make playing games with a few of you a waste of my time.

You say anyone who likes the looks of Nordics are fetishists, but if someone liked anyone else's looks I don't hear that word used by you. It's a good thing I could care less what you think of me. Or who or what I prefer or agree with. Do I care if you and others' have relegated me to hell? Not really, couldn't say I care less.

You're getting so worked up it's a wonder you haven't had a stroke....calm down. People will like what they like, and say what they will....and they're not retards just bacause they don't agree with you. And by the're bringing up melanin why?

To the paranoid RETARD who thinks Emily requires alter-egos on here to agree with her, well dear "Karen", could you please tell us why someone might do that?

I think it's safe to say that Emily, Barberella, and Cecilia are all seperate people, seperate posters.

Please, before you embarass yourself anymore, get rid of that tired conspiracy theory.

Wow, there are some really weird and narrow minded people on this page. Seriously, I'm flabbergasted.

First and foremost - I really disagree with those of you who say that male beauty is more relativistic than female beauty. I don't see that being the case. Women are much more gorgeous than men anyway, mainly because of their femininity/feminine features. Doesn't that mean that female beauty is MORE relativistic? I mean, people rarely become mesmerized by a man's looks, do they?! And when they do, the man usually has quite androgynous features. The important factors are symmetry and health. People with symmetric faces will ALWAYS look better - no matter what kind of nose they have. Personally, I'm of Slavic descent, and I live in Scandinavia - and I have to say that many Scandinavian men are stunning. Especially some of the blonde ones. And yes, I admit that I do like smaller, cute, more feminine noses. However, some people here need to stop thinking that Swedes (and Scandinavians in general) are the ideal. Women like Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie and Aishwarya Rai are considered gorgeous by most people ALL over the world. Why? Because of their multiethnic/multi-European beauty. They have fair skin/eyes, dark hair AND somewhat exotic features. Megan Fox and Jolie both have a European (non Scandinavian) and Native American background. Jolie is also part Czech (Slavic). A "pure", blonde Scandinavian man/woman will NEVER have such a wide appeal. And that's a fact. If the Scandinavian look becomes extinct, then I guess it wasn't meant to be. Tough luck. Maybe too many blonde Scandinavians find other Europeans (other subraces) more attractive? Did some of you Nordic fetishists ever think of that?!

Also, like I said, I'm slavic, and I don't have a big nose AT ALL. I would say my nose is quite... normal. Or average. However, I don't necessarily find larger, pointy or fleshy noses unattractive. I also DO NOT think men can pull off an ugly nose better than a woman can. Personally, I have brown hair, light eyes (greenish-blue) and fair skin, and I could easily fit in anywhere in Europe. Basically, it's laughable to think that most Slavs have huge noses or a certain look, when in fact you can find larger noses anywhere. When it comes to bodytype, Slavic women are neither bigger nor smaller than other European women. The diversity is too great. "Slavic" is more of a linguistic term anyway. Genetically speaking, Eastern Europe is too vast and too mixed (due to all the diverse looking tribes that settled all over that part of the continent). BTW, Nordics are not necessarily always known for their height and slenderness. Plenty of shorter, big boned people here. Trust me. And I don't think there's anything wrong with it either. :)

Beauty is overrated anyway. As long as beauty is in the eye of the beholder - no one will ever "win" or be the best. People shouldn't feel guilty about the way they look or the way nature made them. BTW, most of the "gorgeous" people that you folks have been posting pics of on here, are not really known/famous anyway. At least not outside their homecountry. So basically, WHO cares which ethnicity or nose looks better?! Ultimately, it doesn't matter.

"Women like Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie and Aishwarya Rai are considered gorgeous by most people ALL over the world. Why? Because of their multiethnic/multi-European beauty. They have fair skin/eyes, dark hair AND somewhat exotic features."

It's not really the fair skin/eyes and dark hair combination that makes them appealing, but rather the high eybrows, sensual lips, well-defined jaw line, balanced and proportionate facial features. Take for example Monica Bellucci and Yamila Diaz, both are stunning tanned brunette women. Feminine beauty has always been subconsciously associated with the beauty standards of the Middle East, big boobs/sensual lips/perfectly small waist/big sparkling eyes/tanned complexion/clear skin and a healthy weight. Milions of women undergo various plastic surgeries to achieve that look.

I agree male beauty is not more relativistic. It's just that women are more accepting of ugly men than men are of ugly women. That is just the truth. In all honesty I see very few males that live up to any standard. The majority of males are just average at best. I can count thrice as many attractive women at my school than I can count attractive men. That is sad taking in consideration that the hourglass is so rare and that feminine beauty in general is so rare. Yet, despite this women on average will always be more attractive for women, than men are for men. Period. I'd also like to add that it is not true that men age better than women. It is true that both male and female become more masculine with age, however men produce less testosterone and they start looking well not so great themselves. Male beauty is NOT more relativistic that is bull shit. Women are just more accepting. I think with the way the majority of men look these days, they really should be more accepting of ugly women. Sorry, just the truth.

And BTW, I don't care about looks when it comes to a guy. Instead he has to be intelligent and funny. But looks help out haha

Oh, Godis wrote above

I know of the difference between women being more accepting of ugly men and the like, but that's not that related to the idea of male beauty being more relativistic. I'm just saying that people in general are more ambivalent about certain facial features on men than on women- like nose structure, for example.

Also, Godis, it actually is true that men age better than women, I'm not sure where you got that. Men's higher testosterone levels prevent their skin from wrinkling as much. Plus, their slightly darker skin overall contributes to this. (even correcting for all other factors affecting the aging process, darker skin will age better than lighter skin no matter what- higher melanin levels produce more collagen. but to argue that on such an objective basis would leave the darkest people the best looking.)

I think the greater ambivalence about the looks of men can be well illustrated by people's preferences on certain ethnic looks for men. Few ethnic groups care much for the looks of, say, white men, outside of indians and a number of asian women. (but that's pretty much due to overall facial masculinity and little else) In my experiences, black women don't have much of a preference for white men.

I think it can also be best illustrated by how all of these ethnic plastic surgeries- though mainly rhinoplasty- when it comes to men, converge on a nordic mean far, far less significantly than it does for women. But again and again, this acts as if the european/nordic phenotype can't produce unattractive ethnic extremities as well. That's the prime fallacy in this kind of debate. The horse-face look is pretty clear-cut, but nose structure is abit more debatable. Once again, you'd have to look into what kind of nose types can be produced on certain ethnic nose continuums.

I believe overtly long, narrow, projecting, etc. nose types are a universal trait for caucasoid populations, and it seems like overtly concave noses, the "scoop nose" look, are a european/nordic extremity- alot of whites have lightly concaved noses, but few have overtly concave noses, though I've seen a number of them with it. It could just be that certain evolutionary processes caused this trait to not propogate that much.

Oh- judging by the comments, those stats are highly inaccurate.

I was rather skeptical considering how Iran wasn't even on there.

I am of Hispanic descent, and i only find women like me or white attractive. i have light brown skin, when it's cold i look lighter but when the weather is hot(Florida, USA) i look really dark. its funny because i like to think that its due to the fact that my grandfather is Spanish(white) and my granny is central american(native mixed with spanish).

does race influence who an individual finds attractive? does anyone else have that going on with their skin color?(my friends look the same color all the time, and i know the difference between tanned skin color and what i mentioned)

Non one cares about your crap ok?

than Indians are, since Indian facial features, extremely round faces, brown-yellowish complexion, huge hooked noses and so forth is not the beauty ideal, not even among Indians, who try to look as white as possible."

"Huge, hooked noses," my foot. read Farkas's study Indians had the smallest noses out of all ethnic groups also smaller noses than white/European groups; they also had a more upturned nose. Most studies done on Indians show they have much much smaller, slightly broader and upturned noses than your beloved Europeans. Europeans in India are also known for having huge noses and very "hard" features. Indians in the Farkas and other studies also had smaller faces and larger and wider set eyes You have no idea what Indians look like don't you? Go jack off to your Swedes.

Sorry the Farkas study can read here:


What do you "many?" India has one of the lowest rates of nose jobs in the world and when Indians do have nose jobs, they try make their longer and sharper and thinner not smaller or more petite. Many Indians have broad, small noses and they try to make it thinner and longer and bigger. Unlike Europeans who undergo surgery to "smallen" their noses. Majority of Indians have much smaller petite noses than Europeans who tend to have larger and chiselled noses. As all anthropological studies done on on Indians and Europeans have proved. The gently hooked nose Aishwarya has is only minimally present in the South India; most of them have straight or concave or upturned noses. But I don't any other population with a nose shape like that, so it is a "southie" trait. Don't speak for us you filthy Sri Lankan.

I'm posting so late but I have to reply:

You jealous, delusional liar! All three Indian examples are completely unrepresentative! The probably only make 5% max of the Indian population. You have no idea what Indians look like at all. Indians have much much smaller noses, their noses are also slightly broader at the alaes (not as fine as Swedes/Europeans), much smaller heart-shaped faces, slightly more narrower faces, larger and wider set eyes than Swedes or Europeans. Indians on average are more gracile and paedomorphic than Europeans. Read this study: the link I gave before was invalid sorry.

^I was replying to Emily above, not to you Erik/Admin!

I think its pointless here to fight over which race is prettier.....Every race is pretty! :) We are different and we have to admit the differences.And that ones nose is smaller doesnt make him/her pretty,beautiful.... We cant say on one race that most of them are ugly....its discriminating and stupid! you really believe in all? Like that all nords are blonde.....wake up, people look different! I have all my family, relatives from Northern Europe and all of them have(had) dark hair!!! -_-
You all should understand that stereotyping is silly!!!!! And again, every race is beautiful and has beautiful people!And offcourse even ugly(mostly discriminating, disrespectful idiots)

Aren't most Scandinavians light-haired (not necessarily blonde), though?

Hello everyone. I'm not sure if you possess much knowledge of this certain area but I can't seem to find an explanation for "nordic type" noses (straight, elegant, sometimes slightly pointed upwards) with a small bump anywhere online. A more prominent nasal bone basically. Do you think this trait could identify with a specific type of nose, e.g. a nordic nose, could it be a mix or simply happen by accident?

I'm meaning a straight fine nose with a tiny bump in the beginning of the nose(note: not a hump)

I've done my best to find pictures of this but I found they were very uncommon.

Um.. that girl you posted doesn't have a Nordic nose, it seems like an east European or central European nose. The Nordic nose is more narrower, larger and straight (as Admin wrote himself), not upturned. Her nose wasn't common in Sweden from what I saw. But I knew some Polish who had the same nose you define and the girl you posted. Maybe it's a mix or anomaly.

Ok, thankyou :). It's actually in interest in my nose but also an interest in others. I think it might anomaly because my family has done research and not until far far back in my family history does my family come from anywhere but Sweden. And then from Lithuania. I also have the typical nordic cheekbones (very marked), strawberry blonde hair, freckles, light green eyes and a nordic body type. I actually enjoy this feature since my nose is still fine, narrow, and elegant, many people say I'm very beautiful and it just gives me a more original look, but I'm curious about my ancestry.
(The nose of the girl on the photo doesn't resemblance mine AT ALL :)). When I told some friends I have a tiny bump, they said they haven't noticed, that my nose looks interly straight. And it does look interly straight on photos. I tried to photograph my nose in an angle so the bump could be seen I succeeded but only on one photo. It's really strange because it is a clear bump.

How are anomaly types categorized? :)

This Emily person is INSANE.

Emily you are a stupid bigot cunt if ive ever seen one. it's so easy to "prove a point" when you are cherry picking pictures of who you want to represent your country.

You keep harping on the beauty of "Everyday" swedes but then you go and post photos of people from young trendy clubs where the guys have tons of product in their hair, waxing bronzing and where the girls are all wearing 20 lbs of make up and hair all done fresh from the salon and then you go and compare those pics with people in rural india where the girls are wearing NO make up and have their hair tied back in a ratty bun and then you post pics of nerds at an asian school. GIVE ME A FUCKIN BREAK! LOL.

Biased much?

Let's use a simple search on google. type in such words as "swedes" or "everyday swedes" or "swedes in stockholm" and THIS is what you will find.

these people have NOTHING in common with the models & "good looking everyday" people that you talk about. where is the beauty?
why dont these people look anything like what you claim the "average swede" to look like?










^ Swedish American not immune to "average swede disease" either.

LOL! get the fuck out of here Emily. I could do the same thing as you

"oh here is what you'd see if you stepped outside in tokyo all the girls there are really cute and doll like"


"here is what you'd see if you stepped outside stockholm all the people there are very ugly and plain looking...the women dont look like women and the men are the furthest thing from sexy"


you might say "well no fair the asians u posted dont look like the average asian" OKAY AND? the swedish peolpe you posted dont look like the average swede either. you posted photos of young people from trendy clubs.KEYWORD TRENDY CLUBS. trendy clubs usually have good looking people in them no matter where you go. Thats where good looking people congregate. where else do u think they go ? they go to clubs & parties.

young hip swedes at trendy clubs & at industry events & model gatherings are NOT the "Average swede" you idiot. You wish.

the average swede is NOT attractive.

you claim that the only good looking ethnic people are ones who look "whitish" . um how about NO. its obvious that you define whiteness through rose colored lenses. Whiteness to you means "perfect nose, perfect features" when that is not even close to how things really are. the average white person looks NOTHING like the models and celebs you see on TV. so a more accurate definition is that the only good looking ethnic people are ones who are "ready for camera" and the same can be said for swedes. the only good looking swedes are ones who are "ready for camera" it has nothing to do with being "whitish".

in asia they cherry pick people who have a certain type of nose or certain feature to be a celebrity how is that any different for the cherry picking that goes on in sweden where they pick a certain type of nose or certain feature?

the "common" swede has NOTHING in common with good looking famous celeb swedes.

you say asians have noses that are too flat or blah blah blah. yes true. and the average swede has nose that is too big, lips that are too flat, and features that are far from attractive.

average is ugly in any race. beauty is something that is rare. in any culture. ive been to stockholm plenty of times and most people there look no different than your average person in any other country. MOST ARE UGLY.

I want to know...

Here is a line up of average swedes. yes they are old but let me ask you why in this ENTIRE line up that there is not a SINGLE person who even looks liek they have an ounce of potential either now or when they were younger?

wheres the stunning knockout swede features? everyone looks the same and they all have the same dopey unattractive plain features. lanky limp hair, no lips, females dont look like females. not an attractive group.

Behold your average swede:

It really is quite hilarious how this Emily person twists reality.

If i wanted to prove that Black people have blue eyes I could also gather a bunch of photos of black people with blue eyes and use it as my so called proof.

Emily your photos are comically biased. You choose & cherry pick photos of people at industry events & trendy clubs (basically places where good looking people go regardless) & you mix them in with other random swedish models. You very carefully select the photos you use to represent "nordic features" How come most of the the photos you post of "nordics" are from "hot & trendy" clubs or from model portfolios and whatnot? and then the photos you use to portray other races come from plastic surgeons offices (DUH that's where ugly people go regardless of race), rural communities (not exactly a place where beautiful people flock to, if your blessed with good looks you usually can have upward mobility to rise out of that situation), or political rallies where the women are not wearing any make up (and again beautiful women dont usually go into politics) ....

How about we post some photos of swedish politicans?

Where are the stunning gorgeous flawless nordic features?????

How come these nordic people look NOTHING like the "average nordic person" that Emily posts? Could it be Emily? YES! your idealized photos of the "Average nordic person" are BULLSHIT and a far cry from the TRUE UGLY REALITY:





now lets compare the average nordic person's features to the "average asian" (hey if "Average swede" in your book means cherry picking out the attractive ones and hiding the ugly ones i guess it applies to "Average asian" as well)

Asian actress with trademark delicate asianf eatures:

^ all natural

Korean actress:


yes you might say "yeah well her nose is doesnt look like the average asian" ... yes and the "good looking" swedish people you post, their nose my dear doesn't look like the "average swede" either.

The average swede looks like this:


In comparison the "average asian" (since we like to use biased photos here)

looks WAYYYYYYY better. An ugly swede could only DREAM to look like this:

Chinese actress:

100% natural

^ an ugly average looking swede could NEVER dream of having this kind of milky porcelain complexion that only an asian could have

Here are more average chinese women picked straight off
an internet dating site..these average asians are waaaaaaay superior to the average swede






^ huge forehead. is it a man or a woman? hideous inbred looking features. she probably f*cks her own cousin as most white people do, etc. stringy yellow hair & blotchy complexion VERY typical for nordic peoples.

Who looks more feminine & beautiful?






obviously the asian. since i provided photos to prove my point then it makes me absolutely right.

average asian female body delicate & feminine


compared with average stocky manly nordic female body:

(in blue & yellow outfit) look how disgusting stocky and pig like she looks. very typical nordic traits:


Yes asian women are superior. The only good looking nordic women are the ones who have asiatic features.

Dont you just love the reversed bigotry Emily? LOVES IT!

all those ugly people are jealous of the ultra good looking and are trying to twist the truth to make there scank face look better ..
uglies give it up, you are branded by a ugly big nose..

there is an ugly envasion comming up from india and the middle east with a storm of nasty big noses .
when your you are ugly it comes from the out side of your face all over...

be very careful in selection of a plastic surgen. many are lame and will decieve you trying to convince you into beleaving little change is best for a big fat pig /dog looking nose...

I had never realized how racist and supremacist the human race still is.
I'm ashamed to even associate myself with most of you that have posted on this site, but I couldn't read this and not say something.
People are unique. We all have our own distinct DNA, and our own distinct opinions- most importantly for this comment thread we have our own opinions about what makes a person attractive.
Trash talking each other and putting up pictures will not change other people's opinions on what is attractive. This should be evident from how long this fight has been going on and how repetitive this argument has been.
Aside from the racism and futile attempts to change people's opinions here, I'd like to point out that you can't compare scantily clad female models with female soccer players (on the field in uniform especially) from different countries and say that this is definitive proof that a country has unattractive females. That's taking two very distinct nonrandom samples and suggesting those are the norms for both populations which is not true or even close to being statistically sound.
Models should not be used here as they might have had plastic surgery and that could not be well known, and they are the most attractive people from a region, again not representative of a population.
If you guys are serious about continuing this pointless argument or are actually curious about how people of certain descent really look, pick people of the same age to compare and post here, people that you KNOW are 100% of the nationality you are going to assign to them, people posed for this purpose to showcase features and let them have time to present themselves well, or shut up. You can't expect your average Joe or Jane to be more attractive than models, or people going about their everyday business to be prepared to represent their nationality or take an amazing picture.
You all have taken a scientific report and turned it into a racist, supremacist, trash-talking cat fight and have managed to convince no one and just made yourself look petty, shallow, and stupid to those that just happen to be curious about the report.
Please stop.

Some Nordic people have weird noses too. Sharp large nostrils. And somewhat hooked look to their nose. I've seen it before. Like Princess Madeliene of Sweden for instance. Her nose is kind of weird.

Hathaway: Some people in all populations, Swedes included, are bound to have weird noses. But Princess Madeliene, the Duchess of Hälsingland and Gästrikland, is an inappropriate example as she is not ethnically Swedish. Only part of her ancestry is Swedish.

I think Laetita Casta and Monica Bellucci are prime examples of female beauty. I love oval faces with full lips,small narrow noses and gorgeous almond shaped eyes...along with natural curves and long sexy legs. But this kind of beauty is rare and that is why it is highly prized. In regards to swedish beauty...Agnetha Faltskog in her prime was very lovely and feminine.

This was extremely rude and insensitive, and the author would do well to choose his or her words more carefully. It is also 100% accurate.

In general, many Asians are so ugly they're hard to look at. One of my best friends is a Chinese girl, and she's healthy, has a great body, is well-groomed, and is an all around lovely person. She is not disfigured in any way, but she simply looks like a monkey.

This was the comment I alluded to in my previous post. Sorry for not quoting the first time around.

"I live in Vancouver, Canada, and went to a high school with over half the population being Asian. The whole Vancouver area is full of them. My point is on AVERAGE they are extremely ugly. My siblings and I always laughed at the school photos of them. They look retarded over half the time and then you get on the internet with them claiming they are the greatest looking women on earth.

I admit about 5% of them are GORGEOUS. Extremely rare and better-looking than most white women by far. They also usually are thin (and HAVE to be, if they put on any weight it never goes to good places). But most of them look like their faces were beat with a frying pan and then melted. Honestly, I find most of them difficult to look at."

Y don't u jst have a look of the videos of 1994 miss india contest wid ur miss beautiful participating in it and even of 1994 miss world too??


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