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Paris A. from Met Art

Paris A. from Met Art

Here is yet another refutation of the “clothes hangar” argument.  Paris A. from Met Art is slender, small-breasted and doesn’t have much in terms of feminine curves that will come in the way when modeling clothes, but women like her will not be seen as high-fashion models because they are too feminine for homosexual fashion designers.

Paris A. from Met Art Paris A. from Met Art Paris A. from Met Art Paris A. from Met Art

Paris A. from Met Art Paris A. from Met Art Paris A. from Met Art



I think its totally wrong to say that this woman has "unfortunatelly" small breasts. This kind of judgement results in the development of stereotype thinking.

I didn’t say it is unfortunate that she has small breasts. She looks good to me and I posted her pictures to show that there are slender women with small breasts who happen to be feminine and attractive. I did use the unfortunate word in a previous article but it referred to the two specific women shown there. Both looked older than Paris above and they weren’t as slender, especially one of them, and hence somewhat bigger breasts would have gone very well with their looks. Paris, on the other hand, has breasts that match the rest of her physique, and she looks good to me.

you seem to have a lot of opinions about things.

Would you at all mind posting a picture of yourself? It would be most interesting to see what you look like. It is for no particular reason I am just curious and was wondering if I could give you my opinion about whether you fulfill a particular standard for masculinity etc.

You sound like a person who is incapable of acknowledging that you can be wrong or inappropriate. You are blatantly offending both men and woman with this site no matter how much rubbish you write back to them to try to justify yourself.

Even if you wanted to make comments about the fashion industry and how people perceive the ideal woman in that context, you could still consider how entirely biased some of the comments you make about individual woman on this site are. Don't bother writing back some long ridiculous answer as I have noticed you have done to others who have commented on your rudeness. Just send me a picture of yourself and I will tell you what I think.

I bet you won't have courage to send a real photo. But I am sure you can justify that away in your mind. You only make sense to you!

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