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Rachel from Domai

Rachel from Domai

She has been added to the attractive women section.



She may not be the most glamorous woman in the gallery, but I think she's among the most appealing nonetheless. Such a sweet, honest face - irresistible!

looks like sophia jannok, a sammi-lappi singer.why don't you post a picture of a true caucasian women? we all know they don't have a small nose and wide set eyes..

this women are not 100 percent caucasian.

take a look at this link. the feminine one in the middle has asian blood. the other girls who are 100 percent caucasian don't look like that.

Justwanttosay, Rachel looks like a feminine 100% European woman. The European women in your link are masculinized, which is why they have larger noses, closer set eyes, and stronger features. You probably missed the part where Erik pointed out that Europeans are more sexually dismorphic than Asians; in other words, there is greater observable difference between the genders in Europeans than in Asians. A feminine European woman and a masculine European man will generally appear more feminized and masculinized, respectively, than a feminine Asian woman and a masculine Asian man. Of note, a masculinized European woman will look more masculine compared to ordinary European women than a masculinized Asian woman will look compared to ordinary Asian women. This is because sex differences are more exaggerated among Europeans.

Eurasian Sophia Jannok does not appear to be feminine. You are mistaking some ethnic traits Sophia got from her Asian side for femininity - mainly the decreased angularity of her facial features. Every race has certain ethnic traits that can be mistaken for increased femininity; for example, less angular facial features in non-Europeans, and more delicate facial features in Europeans.

Here is a better picture of Sophia. Notice the absence of a curvy, feminine physique.

Contrast the following pictures of Sophia with those of Rachel, and you should see that there is nothing "Asian" about Rachel's features. Notice Sophia's highly robust jaws and cheekbones - very typical of Asians or part-Asians. Rachel's finer features are within European norms.

Oh, really? Europeans show greater sexual dimorphism than Asians? When was this fact established? Do you and Erik (if he indeed does espouse this opinion) have any citations and studies to back it up?

Can you clarify which "non-Europeans" you mean when you compare them to Europeans (which itself is a highly diversified group). Middle Easterners (Lebanon, Iran etc.) and North Africans (Berbers) have just about as angular features many Europeans have, and East Africans (Somalia, etc.) and Indians (from India) have just as much or probably even more delicate facial features than most Europeans.

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