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Must read for New Woman magazine readers with distorted beliefs regarding what is a "sexy" body

Toward the end of March, 2007, New Woman magazine reported the following from a survey of about 5,000 women.  In this survey, 58% of women believed that men find size zero sexy!  Must read facts for these women:

The survey reported a high frequency of negative finds, but then it wasn’t a random survey:

  • 97% admitted they simply couldn’t handle the competition of slimmer women.
  • One third had attempted to eat fewer than 500 calories a day to starve themselves into smaller dress sizes.
  • 60% reported being criticized for their body shape by friends.  40% reported being urged to lose weight by their mothers.  20% reported that their colleagues at work suggested they slim down.
  • About half reported going without food all day so their stomach remained flatter and 10% made themselves physically sick so they could fit into a party dress.
  • 13% reported taking speed or cocaine to speed up their metabolism, 37% had taken slimming pills and 11% had bought diet drugs on the internet.
  • 84% reported they would feel “much happier” if they lost weight.
  • 97% reported that they believed size 12 (U.K.) to be fat.
  • About three-fourths reported that they couldn’t eat normally and stay a size 12 (U.K.) or less, and about 70% reported feeling guilty if they ate pizza for lunch and hence wouldn’t eat dinner later.

The respondents in general need an education about what heterosexual men prefer, and readers who may know of similar women should let them know about this entry.



Gee, don't you think you're also contributing to the insecurities of women with this site of yours?

You're also missing a very big piece of information, which I believe you probably decided not to include on purpose: their height matters in terms of measurements.

For example, size zero female who is 6 feet tall is obviously disportionately masculine; there are very few males who prefer these kind of women. However, a size zero female who is 5 feet tall is more desirable.

Sarah: The fashion industry is pushing an unhealthy ideal, whereas what I am pushing cannot be acquired by negative health behaviors. There is a big difference. Additionally, most British women are a couple of inches over 5 feet, and are probably not imagining a 5-foot woman when they think of a size zero woman; they are likely imagining fashion models or women close to them in looks since the high status of these models has been responsible for the inference that skinniness is desirable.

What you're pushing (a big ass, big breasts, hourglass figure, youthful face, being white) as beautiful isn't an unhealthy ideal? Are you kidding me?

For once, please stop BSing yourself into thinking that you're any different than gay fashion designers who try to push their ideals of beauty onto younger women. You're exactly like them, and you know it. My attempt to try to show you how much you can influence teenaged girls by pretending to be one, you overlooked right away because you were too stupid to realize it. Are you really that blind?

@ sarah:

I think that erik needs a "white power" logo on his website. this site would make an excellent addition to stormfront, or majorityrights. you know, the ones run by bitter, white, hicks.

he's already basically bragged about the fine society and noses of the nordic race. lol. nordic race. them future 'white' offspring are all gonna be browner in 50 years wiht wider noses. HAR.

Sarah: Feminine beauty is an unhealthy ideal? It corresponds to health (though it is not the only healthy configuration) and cannot be acquired by indulgence in negative health behaviors. Feminine beauty strongly contrasts with the typical skinny looks of high-fashion models, which can often only be acquired via unhealthy behaviors, and a number of high-fashion models are not in good health either. I have clearly explained that feminine looks do not lie in features such as large breasts since there are feminine-looking small-breasted women and masculine-looking large-breasted women. Therefore, I am not pushing large breasts or large backsides per se, but aiming to bring more women with overall feminine and attractive looks into the limelight. As far as “pushing white goes,” there is nothing unhealthy in general about being white, and I have already explained that this site is targeting people of European ancestry, i.e., it does not make any sense to address non-European women in detail. Something like this site is not needed for non-European populations, and if you disagree, feel free to come up with it.

Quit pretending that you were trying to show how much I can influence teenage girls by leaving your measurements under a pseudonym. I didn’t make any negative recommendation to you posting as teenage “S.H.” Besides, if you were playing around, you would have brought up the matter right away and called your bluff, but you didn’t for months, and called your measurements a bluff only in response to my reminding you that apart from the contents of your irate comments, your self-described measurements under an alias are also consistent with your not being feminine. Like I said elsewhere, time for you to stop commenting here.

8D: Nowhere have I used the expression “Nordic race.” I also did not brag about the “fine society” and noses of Nordics. The point of the entry was to drive home an important point, namely that some preferences are intrinsic, not a result of conditioning or the dominance of a specific group.


Having a feminine figure isn't necessarily unhealthy, but neither is being tall, skinny, and masculine looking if that is what a woman naturally looks like. You frown upon the fashion designers in the industry for trying to push young women into starving themselves to be skinny, while at the same time YOU'RE pushing women into trying to achieve tiny waists, etc etc. It's the same exact thing, except only your standards of what is beautiful is different. Some women are just what you consider masculine looking, just like some women aren't beautiful enough to be a fashion model in the eyes of the fashion industry. It doesn't matter - what matters is that YOU do not get to decide what is universally accepted as beautiful or feminine, because YOU are a nobody and probably have never even been close to dating a beautiful or feminine woman. Who are you to try to encourage young women into getting surgery to reconstruct their faces to fit your ideal feminine profile? Some women are just born with high cheek bones, flat chests, etc., just like the women you claim as "attractive" are too plain and average to be models.

I'm still loving the fact that you choose not to believe that those are not my real measurements.. ahahahaha. Honestly, you're a big joke. I know myself exactly what I look like; YOU don't. You can keep ragging on petite little girls all you want, but it's just because you're a chubby chaser. Having 31-23-30 measurements isn't even that bad, and you know it, but you're trying EVERYTHING you can to try to make me feel bad because I chose to voice my opinion on how disgusting I think you are. Even if those were my real measurements at age 17, it still wouldn't matter - I would have time for my hips to grow, and I'm pretty sure a lot of girls would die to be that thin (including myself at that age.) If anything, this site of yours has only boosted my confidence; I have big eyes, a small nose, baby cheeks, and a pretty impressive WHR. I'm sorry that you're continuous efforts to try and put me down aren't working, but unlike many young girls that you target, my confidence will never suffer from such pathetic opinions from a loser like you.

For as long as you will continue responding to me, I will continue commenting unless you take the time out to block me. See, I actually have MANY people here that agree with me. It's one thing to be a hypocrite, but when you make such white supremacist like comments, that's where most people will draw the line. Bottom line, you're scum :)

Happy day now Erik. If you have ANYTHING to say at all in response to this comment or the one I left on the "human evolution" thread, feel free to go all out and tell me what you really have to say. I'm guessing you're probably going to ignore me now though, considering the fact that I make you want to rip your hair out.


Hmmm.. you posted this comment on May 28 yet refused to respond to my other comment on the human evolution thread. How peculiarly amusing! What, nothing clever to say yet? Don't worry, I'll give you more time.

Sarah: I am not pushing women into achieving feminine looks. This site is about the nature of beauty and masculinity-femininity in the physical appearance of women; the long-term aim is to bring more feminine and attractive women to the limelight. I am not arguing that what I say should be accepted as feminine and attractive. I have cited enough studies and illustrative examples to show what is feminine and what most people find to be attractive. Nowhere have I argued that women should seek surgery to make themselves look more feminine. I have even argued that since femininity and attractiveness lie in overall looks, women seeking a few surgeries here and there will not be acquiring feminine beauty, and even if a woman attempts a drastic make-over in the form of multiple surgeries and pharmaceutical treatment -- and few women will have the financial means and willingness to deal with pain -- many parts of the body could hardly be changed and the typical woman is unlikely to acquire a feminine and attractive appearance that meets high aesthetic standards. Therefore, I am neither urging women to make themselves look more feminine, nor is this site going to sharply increase the number of women seeking surgery to make themselves look more feminine given current medical technology.

I am not trying to make you feel bad about your looks; just pointing out what they are not. Nobody reading your numerous profanity-laden irate comments would believe that you look feminine. In a separate response, I have explained how 30-23-31 measurements could vary along the masculinity-femininity scale; yours being on the masculine side obviously. If you feel good about your looks, then please continue to do so, but you need to stop commenting here.

yes you R pushing women to have more feminine/white looks.

"a fine chisled nordic nose"

and btw,

if good aesthetics = being feminine, then naturally it makes women want to be more feminine (after reading your page, N E wayz).

you dont have to persuade people to do something by outright saying it.

no one really goes out and says "hey! white is right," do they?

they just plaster pictures of white faces all over the world, so that people in asia and africa get the ethnic nose jobs and skin whitening creams. srsly.

8D: I agree that convincing women that most people prefer above average femininity in the looks of women will make some women want to make themselves look more feminine, but this does not mean that I have come up with this site to push women in general to look more feminine. My intention is already stated above. I have already acknowledged and discussed some of the problems that will stem from a promotion of feminine beauty, but the impact of skinny fashion models is worse.

In addition, whereas gay fashion designers have made skinny looks appealing to some girls and women by using skinny models to sell highly desirable items such as designer clothing, I haven't done anything comparable. I am basically coming up with side by side comparisons and studies. These, by themselves, will not convince people unless most intrinsically harbor a feminine beauty ideal.

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