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Why are Victoria's Secret models so popular?

This is a question asked by a reader.  A video clip easily answers it.

What follows is a brief clip of the 2006 Victoria’s Secret lingerie show; start it and let it download substantially before watching for smooth playback.  Watch how heavily these women are promoted.

Should it be surprising that many Victoria’s Secret models end up being popular, especially in the absence of competition?

In the video clip you can see the likes of Jessica Stam, Hana Soukupova and Elise Crombez, but what does one expect from the homosexuals in the fashion business?

Not one of these models, with the exception of Caroline Trentini, even comes close to the following woman (in lingerie) with respect to having a lingerie-modeling-worthy body.

The woman shown above is Nikky Case, and her video clip is taken from here.  Expose the public to one lingerie show with the likes of Nikky...don’t bother with frills...the Victoria’s Secret show is finished unless the homosexuals grudgingly resort to using feminine women.

For those unable to view the videos above, you can view the complete 2006 Victoria’s Secret lingerie show here or download the video (wmv, 660 MB) by right-clicking on the download link and selecting the “save as” option .  Nikky’s clip can be downloaded, too (download link, wmv, 26 MB).



Nikky Case looks like she would fit in with the Victoria's Secret models perfectly (if she didn't act so skanky). She has the typical VS look - slightly masculine, but sexy.

Honestly, I understand your dislike of high fashion models, but I don't see anything wrong with most VS models at all.

Erik, you just go for trashy over classy. That's why you like the second video so much more than the first.

Erik,how feminine is nicky case supposed to be or is she just feminine in comparison to the victorias secret models? i dont like her face.

Sarah: If you believe that Nikky has the typical VS look, then you have been wasting your time with this site. Do something better.

You should realize by now that this site does not concern itself with behavior. For all one knows a woman that doesn’t pose nude, including a VS model, could be very promiscuous in real life.

I do not like the second video better than the first; liking the videos is not even an issue. What matters is how the women look and what is responsible for the popularity of VS models. If Nikky were displaying lingerie in a non-seductive manner, she would look classy to you and with a rare exception or two, VS models still wouldn’t be a match. Concern yourself with looks as far as this site is concerned.

John: Nikky has above average femininity, and is more feminine than the vast majority of models used by Victoria’s Secret.

hotter than j00 'n' those ugly models you've got.

PS: the only attractive person in your attractive women file- that playboy girl from a few decades ago, has facial proportions which match the frontal mask for marquadt.

Pps: being hot =/= you wanting coitus with them. :( 2 bad bbs.

8D: Which Playboy model are you talking about? I have shown a bunch, and if this model matched the shape of Marquardt’s mask, then she wouldn’t be in the attractive women section.

What do you think about Nikky Case's legs? Her calves seem rather insubstantial, even though she is wearing high heels, or do her larger thighs give her legs the "cone on it's tip" look? It makes her look somewhat stumpy. Also, I don't see anything special about her buttocks, actually they appear rather flat or maybe large but a bit sagging were it not for her posing (arched back, butt sticking out). Her upper body is nice as far as I can tell with the lingerie and her face is on the cuter side, but overall I don't think she would fit on a runway, most of all because she looks a foot shorter than the models.

Wow, I have always thought that these models look masculine. And some of the actresses now too. I have always thought the Victoria girls look like clothes horses,kind of tranny, and are they really what an American man would want as a mate?

How feminine is Caroline Trentini?

Caroline Trentini is feminine, an exception in the Victoria’s Secret show line up and an unusual high-fashion model.

When you say that Caroline Trentini is feminine do you mean she is as feminine as Nikky Case?If not how feminine is she?

Of course men are going to say the porn model is more attractive! Victoria's Secret models are classy, they don't make money by selling sex to men, they make money by selling beauty to women. And how are they unfeminine? Have you seen Candice Swanepoel? Miranda Kerr? Chanel Iman? Tyra Banks? Thin women with gorgeous curves. All this site does is promote obesity; you are stupid to think you must have rolls of fat and a barrel belly to be found attractive. Does trashy Nikky have a celeb husband? No? Didn't think so. I will be the first to admit some models are way too thin, but these women are naturally built small and work hard to stay in shape. You may personally enjoy having love handles on your girl, but most men don't! If any of these beautiful models requested a relationship of any kind with you, I highly doubt you would answer with anything but yes. Not that they ever would. They're classier than some pervert on the internet with nothing better to do than put the rest of the world down and jack off to women who also have nothing better to do. And just for the record, you have no proof that most of those women have breast implants. In fact, there is only one VS Angel in the company's history that had implants. Yes, VS sells ridiculously padded bras, but you can't compare a clothed woman to a trashy nude porn model. Men will automatically choose the latter, because unfortunately they are all just like you: complete perverts. Why don't you leave the hardworking women you find on the internet alone and go find something constructive to do? Like, I don't know, get a job? Get a girlfriend? Get a life?

Victoria: You know what's a classy model that knows how to look feminine without being all trashy? Dita von Teese. And also this chick:

VS models in comparison look like women stuck in some weird adolescent boy's body. No prominent behinds, and waists as thick as a board.

This site isn't promoting obesity, either. It's about finding a happy medium between looking too androgynous or looking too much like Venus de Milendorf. Like Miss Morgana here or Dita von Teese.

Let me guess you're either a female who is a failed model or you are a guy who worshipped a super model and she trampled all over your soul right?

Dita Von Teese is not so feminine. She has a facial structure like Fred Flinstones and this Nikky Case has something not so feminine about her face too. Like a slight harshness.

The women on that site look like men.

@Greg I don't mean their faces; I wasn't judging Victoria's Secret fashion models to more feminine-looking models according to their faces. I was judging them according to their how their physiques looked like. Which in this case, Dita von Teese and Miss Morgana have more feminine-looking bodies, much for fitting for lingerie modeling, than any of the VS models' androgynous-looking bodies do.

Holy shit I was totally thinking the exact same thing. The author of this site's got some major-league issues with models or maybe with women in general. Good luck to you, honey.

I don't think many people who are looking at this site are seeing it for what it is. At first, I didn't really get it either, but after looking around some more and actually taking the time to see what the author is saying, it makes more sense. I understand what Erik is saying when he says that high-fashioned models are "masculine." Years ago as a teen, I noticed that the models all have these really strong jawlines and boxy-looking faces. I always thought that maybe they had to have these types of faces because maybe it photographs "better"? I was also never really impressed with the supermodels bodies, either. Yes, most of them are in great shape, but they're long and stretched out and kind of lanky, and I never really thought they were all that shapely. I never really mentioned this to anyone though because if you're a woman and you say anything negative about other women--especially models--then you'll be called jealous and catty. But then a few years ago a friend mentioned how she saw Cindy Crawford on a tv show and thought that she looked like a man. I saw the episode and I had to agree, and I knew it was because of the jawline. I never really realized that it is a "masculine" look.

I never thought Giselle, Heidi, or Rachel Hunter were beautiful. Heidi is 'cute,' but not particularly beautiful. Giselle always looked average to me, and I couldn't understand why Rolling Stone named her the Most Beautiful Woman in the World, or why other female celebs compare themselves to her like she's this insanely beautiful creature. I can see the camera tricks and her poses where she tries to give her body more shape. In most of her photos, she poses with her a curve---her hips are usually way off to one side, and when she's photographed from the side, her back is curved way inward to try to give herself more of a butt.

Anyway, I get what Erik is saying. I don't think he's "bashing" anybody, I don't think he hates women or is even trying to say what women "should" look like. He has a point. The high fashioned models all have a similar look, and it's been that way for years.

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