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Wiki added

I added a wiki to this site.

A wiki is software that lets people collaborate on the web.  As an example, people could use it to set up a website with as much ease as writing word or wordperfect documents.  I will be using the wiki to organize the information within this website in a better manner.  For instance, the correlates of aesthetics/beauty discussed within this site span multiple articles at the blog as well as numerous static pages (pages ending in .htm).  These articles can be conveniently organized at the wiki as this example shows.

I added a wiki page on eating disorders.  The eating disorders link within the top navigation bar focuses on the role played by thin high-fashion models in promoting disordered eating, but the wiki page, while including a link to this article, also addresses anorexia from a more general perspective, including causes, feminist perspectives and previously addressed issues such as effective psychological interventions for anorexic behaviors.

The wiki allows me to be less concerned about posting articles at the blog in a not so systematic manner because they can always be organized at the wiki for the convenience of readers, especially newcomers.

I think I should stop posting pictures of censored nudes at the blog unless they are part of the discussion within an article, and post pictures of “cute women” at the galleries section of the wiki.  If I make an addition to the attractive women section, I will announce it at the blog, as usual.  Since numerous people have complained about the mild censorship of nudes within this site, I think they will be pleased by my adding a gallery-links page that links to uncensored galleries of attractive women elsewhere, which I will be updating periodically.

The wiki easily lets readers learn about recent changes.  I will add an RSS feed to help people conveniently keep up with the changes.

I will be slowly improving the utility of this site.  For instance, the “feminine vs. masculine” page features plenty of jargon and technical details, and one useful thing to do would be to present the same data in a more layperson-friendly manner, i.e., use plenty of pictures.  I will announce all major changes at the blog.