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Gisele Bundchen slams skinny fashion models

A few weeks ago, the following news was reported at many outlets (e.g., here):

Gisele Bundchen has slammed super-skinny models who don't eat to stay slim.

The stunning supermodel warned her colleagues shouldn't jeopardize their health by starving to keep their looks.

The Brazilian beauty told TV show 'Entertainment Tonight': "It's important to remember that if you don't put gas in your car, it's going to stop. Similarly, if I don't put food in my body, I'm going to die. I eat whatever there is to eat because I don't want to faint on the runway."


Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen

Gisele presently looks better (see below for a month-old picture of her), but she has been very skinny in the past herself.

Gisele Bundchen

Her advice to high-fashion models is completely useless. Even small children intuitively know what she has said above. Most high-fashion models that starve themselves do so because if they do not maintain a very skinny appearance, they will have to seek alternative employment. Therefore, Gisele should have slammed the demand for very skinny high-fashion models on the part of the gays that dominate the top ranks of fashion designers, but to be fair to her, if she did this, her modeling job offers would rapidly start drying up -- after all, few non-gays would find a woman with her looks appealing enough to use her as a model.

It is obvious that Gisele is in a position to eat better than the majority of high-fashion models out there, given her high status. To explain this further, whereas it is clear that gay fashion designers prefer flat-chested models, they occasionally tolerate breast implants, even massive ones as in Gisele, but the models that they tolerate the implants on are typically those that have acquired some public prominence. Similarly, whereas gay fashion designers prefer teenage girls as fashion models, sometimes they are known to use models that are in their late 20s, and these models are the ones that have attained a decent amount of fame.

Just as fashion designers occasionally resort to bizarre clothing or other practices to attract attention toward their designs on stage, using famous models serves this purpose also, even if some characteristics of these models may be less desirable from their perspective. However, it is highly unlikely that a woman who is just about planning to start her high-fashion modeling career will be considered acceptable by gay fashion designers if she is in her mid-twenties or if she isn’t masculine and skinny enough to look like an adolescent boy. The majority of high-fashion models do not have the status of Gisele Bundchen and cannot afford to deviate from the looks preferred by the gays that dominate high fashion.

Gisele Bundchen will hopefully slam gay fashion designers for being the ultimate source of the problem when she retires from modeling.



hey!!! whom does gisele think she is fooling with all her claims!!! Having done innumerable surgeries to her boobs, nose and the whole of her body she claims to be born perfect. we just do not buy it!!! And just look at the 3rd picture. She looks positively scary and manly. almost makes me think she is a man!!! And her body is a rectangle shape. In a website a came accross her measurements as 35-22-36, almost a hourglass figure! But anyone with even one parcent of eyesight left can tell that she has a broad waist. Atleast 27 or 28. And gisele, even though all models are dumd, we mere mortals are not. So please dont think you can fool us

When did Gisele claim that she was "born perfect"? Where is evidence that she has had ANY surgeries? You speak without having anything to back it up. It's fine if you want to post your opinion, but just remember it is YOUR opinion, not fact. I'm sure some people enjoy Giseles looks and other do not. Fine. Please research before you speak about something you know nothing about. I think Gisele was just saying that if you're naturally thin then great model, but if you are not naturally "model thin" then do not harm yourself trying to achieve it. There are some people that are just naturally very thin, rare but it does exist. Why do you think models are paid so well, because there's not a lot of people who look like them. Gisele has been modeling since she was 14, do you think that someone could lead a healthy and successful modeling career if they were anorexic or bulimic for 10 years. Very unlikely. And please consider that these are real people that you guys are ripping apart just because of personal insecurities. I feel that many of you who bash these models need to work on yourselves. Where's your self esteem, why do you let these models bug you when they have nothing but done their job? You do not have to like what they look like, but completley disrespecting them with junior high name calling is really sad. I also think that the article on the fashion industry is rediculous. Saying that homosexuals have picked these women that look like adolescent boys is very stereotypical and unfounded. Unless you can speak for all gay men then this, again, is just an opinion. Watch how you state it.

Johnny: Your complaint about “junior high name calling,” perfection and some other issues should have been addressed to commentator Rajat, not also the webmaster of this site.

This site is not about perfection. However, if feminine beauty is held as the reference standard, which is the case for most humans, then Gisele has numerous shortcomings, and her placement among the ranks of top models would be very perplexing if one did not know that homosexual men dominate the top ranks of the fashion business.

Gisele’s breast implants are fairly obvious, and you can look at her before and after pictures regarding the implants and her nose job.

What Gisele said is clear from the news item, and she deserves to be criticized for her statement. Fashion models that undereat are forced to do so upon pain of losing their modeling jobs, and the blame rests upon fashion designers.

High-fashion models are paid well because the fashion designers can afford to do so and they need to; if they offered a meager remuneration, then far fewer women would be willing to remain chronically undernourished to satisfy the aesthetic preferences of the homosexual fashion designers [many fashion models are not naturally as skinny as they need to be for the catwalk]. The famous ones have to be paid well for obvious reasons.

This entry is not intended to bash the looks of Gisele, but to point out the shortcomings of her statement. The problem is not that some women are skinny and masculine, but that such women are elevated to the highest status among models by the homosexuals who dominate the fashion business, which creates a lot of problems documented elsewhere within this site.

The gay factor is not a stereotypical and unfounded claim. One has to merely watch a few regular fashion shows and look at enough high-fashion models to infer that the central tendency among them is to approximate the looks of adolescent boys. As far as the gay domination of the top ranks of the fashion business goes, I have talked about evidence from The Advocate, a major publication catering to GLBT individuals, and can add a Dec 8, 2005 article in the New York Times, “In Fashion, Who Really Gets Ahead?” by Eric Wilson, which acknowledges the gay domination of the fashion business. Add extensive documentation of a much higher prevalence of sexual interest in children among homosexual and bisexual individuals compared to heterosexuals, and it becomes obvious why high-fashion models typically look the way they do.

Some of my comments were to Rajat and some were to you. Sorry for any confusion. However, the insulting comments are very prevalent on this site. Many insults have been made regarding models butts, boobs, noses, facial hair etc. Just look at your own page "Sexy Fashion Models". When you said "Giseles breats implants are fairly obvious" that's like saying her implants are "kinda" obvious. All I'm looking for is some proof that her breats have been done. Like I said bra's and photoshop can do a lot. Do you think that there is now way that a thin woman can have large breasts? If you think she's had a boob job then say "I think she may have had a boob job, not she's obviously had her breast augmented"...okay doctor. I still do not think that Gisele said anything wrong. I find it amusing when you said "even small children intuitivley know what she has said above." Tell me then, what is she REALLY saying. Stop speaking for other people. And why is gisele able to eat better because of her status? What she can afford better food? Or is it that since she's famous she's allowed to be "fatter" then the normal model? What is that suppose to mean? I have read some of your reasoning, but how does Gisele look like an adolescent boy. She has full lips, long hair, big boobs, long thin legs, thin arched eyebrows, prominent hip bones. I think all women have some "masculine" and some "feminie" qualities. It's all about what you want to focus on. We could go on forever about this. I just think that this site needs to take a more professional approach to how it is conducted. State opinions approapriatley and leave the insults out of it.

Johnny: Pointing out that someone has breast implants, a flattened backside or excessive facial hair does not qualify as an insult. I already gave you a link about Giselle’s breast implants, but the first picture above is sufficient. Does one expect fashion photographers to digitally attempt to make fake breasts look natural or the other way around? A slender woman can have large breasts, but this would be uncommon and will be seen among the feminine ones, not masculine women such as Giselle.

Giselle has asked fashion models to eat well, implying that disordered eating among them is their fault, which is what is wrong. The reason that Giselle can afford to eat better than most other high-fashion models is that she has become a big star and her high status makes it possible for fashion designers to consider her even if she now falls short of the requirements that she needed to comply with when she started modeling. Besides, Giselle has been modeling for Victoria’s Secret for a while, which is another reason why she can eat a little better. Some Victoria’s Secret models are not mainstream high-fashion model material.

Regarding the supposedly feminine characteristics of Giselle; adolescent boys typically have relatively long and thin legs, some have thick lips, and they can keep long hair if they wish; it is an easy matter to pluck hair from the eyebrows to make them thinner, and you have ignored the masculine underlying bone structure; she is naturally flat-chested; and compared to feminine women, her hips are less rounded, pelvis narrower and backside flatter. Giselle Bundchen is unambiguously a woman with above average masculinization, which one infers from overall appearance rather than a few elements here and there.

Ok, now what? Gisele is not beautiful?? Jealousy...thats it...why dont you guys look yourselves at the mirror?? and guess what..she might have had a boob job, or nose job or whatever, but it isn't for nothing shes the best paid model alive...

Jess: I agree that it is not for nothing that Giselle is a very well paid model, and the reason is that her masculine looks have greatly pleased the people who dominate the fashion business, namely male homosexual fashion designers. what?? Gisele is a man?? Please...and who said she was looking afraid in the third picture?? i mean, she's on that buisness for more than 10 years...why would she be afraid???of what?? Gisele is beautiful!! Why dont you guys just stop criticizing others?? Gisele...congratulations, you are beautiful, and many people would do or give anything to be in your place...

I think the fashion business is one of the most irrelevant load of twaddle the world has ever produced.
To be honest i think Giselle is prettier without makeup, because she looks do-able, and looks as though she would enjoy it. Simple.
But as someone said earlier, yes the fashion business is controlled by gays, and instinctively they always choose adolescent boy looking girls for their models, because thats what THEY class as attractive.
To prove my point, i have NEVER seen ANY model with looks better than Kim Basinger in her prime, whereas nearly all models i have seen are either weird looking or just downright dull. Even Cindy Crawford had that artificial New York look.
The fashion world is such crap its just not true.
Perhaps thats the problem with fashion. Perhaps because it is now dominated by New York, instead of London and Paris as it used to be, we now have the whole industry infested with affirmative action, equal rights and female emanicipation, that we have lost sight of what beauty really is, namely a Darwinian vision of ruthless superiority and athleticism, that we are all programmed to respect and admire without hesitation or bitterness, because its in OUR OWN INTERESTS to ensure that the world's champions are there on merit, and not affirmative action.
There, thats my rant over with.
Just one more thing, to all the people on this forum, i love Americans, you're beautiful people, you really are.
But are there any New Yorkers here. If so, could the men stand on the Left, and the Women on the Right. Thank you. You men, you can go home, you're wondeful people, you really are.
Now the women, could all the old ladies stand to one side. Thank you. You too can now go home. You're wonderful people, you really are.
Now, could all those young girls under the age of 20 stand to one side. Thank you. You can go home now, you're wonderful people you really are.
Now could all those hardworking housewives of any age, but most likely those over the age 45, stand to one side. Thank you. You can now go home. You're wonderful people, you really are.
So, who do we have left? Well age wise, they are between 20 - 45.
Probably a product of the Reagan/Clinton/DotCom have-it-all generation, fed on the propaganda of endless stupid diets which have promised everything from a size zero figure to immortality.
Subsequently they decided they wanted their share of the American Dream, and were going to overthrow the male dominated heirarchy to get it.
Excellent stuff. You're all to be admired for your get-up-and-go.
The world has even forgiven you for the recent and extreme intensification of your already extreme accent, so much so that your accent is so nasal, you almost sound French. (Yikes)
Absolutely no problems with that whatsoever. You're beautiful people, you really are. The world still loved you.
BUT, THEN, (DRUM ROLL),........................
YOU GAVE THE WORLD.............................

SASSINESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OH MY GOD, why did you voluteer to commit cultural suicide with such an abominable characteristic.

In fact its so bad, its been known to give Buddhist monks a nervous twitch.
Please please please, for the sake of your international reputation, pass a law outlawing sassiness.
There, at last, my big rant is over. Phew.

Actually, come to think of it, sassiness isn't so bad. It does have its uses. I remember seeing a great American porn film once, and one scene had 2 great looking and sassy Executive type chicks in black pencil skirts and black stockings doing an amazing lesbian 69 on this huge office desk. It has to be one of the most incredible things i've ever seen.
So there you go, all is not lost. I've always said American porn is the best.

Dave (London, England)

Thanks Rajat!! Gisele is totally 100% thick waisted and wikipedia needs to change that!

yall just jealous of gisele cuz shes prettier than all of ya

I'm pretty sure she was defending skinny girls in the modeling biz instead of whatever you said. This was after an anorexic model died (nothing new) and her mother blamed it on her daughters job.

Who says she has to restrict her diet? Some people (like me) can eat whatever & as much as they want and never gain weight. Other people like my aunt, they can eat like a 4 year old and never be anything smaller than a size six. So not everyone who's thin is starving/restricting themselves.

Francine: Gisele wasn't defending skinny models; she blamed them for not eating enough. I agree that some people are naturally thin, but it is clear than a number of high-fashion models have to restrict their diet to maintain the low body mass that is a requirement for their job.

I do not find giselle beautiful.Shes attractive, but I dont get the fascination with her, in my opinion she is in fact too masculine for my aesthetic(not sexual)preference.

I do not like her face, nothing feminine about it ,and she has no waist.I do like that shes lean and lonf and obviously very firm ,but not her shape.


"THE gays"? lol why dont you refer to straight men as "THE straights"? lol, thats quite obvious.oh well, thats your problem not mine.

btw erik , gay males will dominate the fashion world, theyre entittled to it,because theyre the best at designing clothes,that will never change.Theyre the ones studying it,making it, and theyre entittled to use the models they want,even if those models fail to give you and the average male an erection. There will never be a fashion industry dominated by straight men,never,im sorry if this bothers you. designed by straight would that look like? funny ,probably very funny.I want to see it in fact,I would be very amussed and entertained.

You think the fashion industry can become straight all of a sudden? You think thousands and thousands of straight boys will tell their fathers they want to make dresses?
"The straights" make cars and bikes ,and using those busty ,hourglassy girls to climb on their hood and sell them...and "THE gays" dont give a damn! ;)

Erik,why do I think you just dont want "THE gays" to dominate anything at all? LOL

According to Erik ,gays shouldnt dominate the fashion industry , what if that desire becomes true?

Maybe theyll just dominate the "hair dressing kingdom" but then Erik wont probably like that , or their "aesthetic" for hair (since hes so worried about human aesthetics and their huge importance on our planet) hell claim their hair and make up ressemble aliens from outter space or scary vampires...and therefore gays could be sexually attracted to those horrible things, hell probably say THE gays want to fuck aliens and all sorts of strange creatures...(and problably will come with some extensive research about it ) and hell probably begin an all mighty crusade against that...saying that most humans both male and female (normal of course) are attracted to hair that ressembles the northern european texture and colors, and hell give us and "attractive hair section" and educate us all. TEHEEEE :D

I don't think Giselle is that attractive. Erik's perspective on why she is successful is interesting and may as well be true.

I'm sorry but how do you people not see this as a sign of maturity saying that starving yourself is bad for and you and saying that anorexia and bulimia is a problem, you guys are sick. She is doing the right thing. you are just jelous and youre not as hot as her!!! god we all wish we could be gisele, so get over yourself!

The fallacious arguments against this are hilarious. "ur just jelus lol"
It is unfortunate that people are unable to see the profound effect the media has on society. This study done in Fiji shows some surprising results that truly back up this claim. Anyone who thinks that Erik is over exaggerating or is unnecessarily researching should read this.,2107,50700-81467-578111-0,00.html

If you who is said to be a "mere mortal" were as intelligent as you claim, you would have not made the numerous gramatical and spelling errors that occur all over your comment. Seems to me you are just another hater in the long line of people who hate themselves so they project onto other strong self aware individuals. I am a friend and fellow model with Gisele and can tell you that when it comes to being healthy she is the personification of that. And she never claimed to be perfect! But if there was such a thing as a perfect individual she's about as close as it gets!

I used to think she was totally hot. Back around 2000 or so when tubular torsos and stuck on boobs were the height of fashion. She is still goodlooking of course but I find her far too masculine to relate to as a woman. There is no waist or curves or softness which I guess is what the designers like. She is so striking but very feminine at all. Just tall, regular and totally fit. On the plus size she does come across as pretty nice always and a bit of a goofball. But looks wise please bring bak the Supers or give me Adriana Lima any day. More to relate to as a woman.

Can I just say that in the beginning before she was even a model, so many people turned her down. they told her that her face had too many curves, and was too manly, and that she'd never make it as a top model and that she should just quit. She persevered so hardcore and forced people to see her beauty (albeit not feminine) and this is when they started using her. I guess you could say she metaphorically cast a spell on people. However, the use of very tranny looking models is quite common in high fashion. As a woman, this pisses me off. It's like women don't realize they're being pushed off the face of the planet! Even what is supposed to be "female" beauty is becoming masculine/female as the ideal woman. WTF women. Be offended, seriously. There is nothing wrong with being feminine and being powerful and successful at the same time. We are so being brainwashed. Lord knows I was. thank you for creating this site to at least try and inform people.

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