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Earlobe proportions and attractiveness

Mowlavi et al.(1) assessed the relationship between earlobe proportions and attractiveness in a sample of white North Americans.

The following diagrams address the proportions evaluated and how they were varied.

Anatomical landmarks of the intertragal notch (I), otobasion inferius (O), and subaurale (S).

Fig. 1. Anatomical landmarks of the intertragal notch (I), otobasion inferius (O), and subaurale (S).  Earlobe proportions comprise of two components: the cephalic component (intertragal notch-to-otobasion inferius distance; I-O distance) and the free-margin caudal component (otobasion inferius-to-subaurale distance; O-S distance).

Earlobe: intertragal notch-to-otobasion inferius distance varied.

Fig. 2. Range of I-O distances assessed (5 to 20 mm).  Evaluators were asked to rank, in order of most desired to least desired, ear shapes in life-size female and male sketched profiles in which the I-O distance was altered.

Earlobe: otobasion inferius-to-subaurale distance varied.

Fig. 3. Range of O-S distances assessed (0 to 20 mm).  Evaluators were asked to rank, in order of most desired to least desired, ear shapes in life-size female and male sketched profiles in which the O-S distance was altered.

Male and female judges rated similarly.  For both male and female sketches, the I-O distance was preferred at either 5, 10, or 15 mm rather than at 20 mm; and the O-S distance was rated as follows: 5 mm > 10 mm > 0 mm > 15 mm > 20 mm.

Therefore, people are less particular about I-O distance than about O-S distance.

The following image shows the outline of Marquardt’s mask, which he claims to be the outline of the “ideal” female face.

Marquardt’s Phi mask.

Fig.4. Marquardt’s Phi mask.

The I-O and O-S distances cannot be assessed in Marquardt’s mask, but the ear lobe length in Marquardt’s mask is 34.2% of the ear length. 

The authors used 14 combinations of I-O and O-S distances in their sketches for attractiveness judgments; they avoided sketches of the combination of high values of both these distances since these combinations would obviously look ridiculous.  The following diagram shows the top 3 rated sketches by both male and female judges.

Top-rated sketches regarding earlobe proportions.

Fig. 5. Top-rated sketches; from left to right: #1, #2 and #3.  #1 corresponds to I-O = 10 mm and O-S = 5 mm.  #2 corresponds to I-O = 5 mm and O-S = 10 mm.  #3 corresponds to I-O = 5 mm and O-S = 5 mm.  The top three rankings for male sketches had the same proportions, respectively.

In the #1 and #2 choices in Fig. 5, the ear lobe is 23.4% of the ear length, clearly strikingly different from Marquardt’s mask.  Once again it is shown that Marquardt’s mask isn’t close to what most people find attractive.

In a sample of 100 predominantly white individuals, the ear length ranged from 56 to 81 mm (average = 65 mm) and ear lobe length ranged from 13 to 25 mm (average = 18 mm)(2).  In this sample, the ear lobe length was 23 to 34% (average = 28%) of ear length.  Therefore, Marquardt’s mask has ear lobe proportions at the extreme of white populations.


  1. Mowlavi, A., Meldrum, D. G., Wilhelmi, B. J., Ghavami, A., and Zook, E. G., The aesthetic earlobe: classification of lobule ptosis on the basis of a survey of North American Caucasians, Plast Reconstr Surg, 112, 266 (2003).
  2. McKinney, P., and Cunningham, B. L., Aesthetic facial surgery, Churchill Livingstone, New York, pp. 222 (2002).


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8D: The earlobes are indeed not important unless they are seriously misshapen, but you need to look at this article, the two preceding articles and the article that follows this one in light of your argument that Stephen Marquardt of is right and I am wrong. Marquardt is wrong on multiple counts.

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Shawn: The census definition is irrelevant since it is not supposed to closely match genetics or physical appearance.

I don't have an especially limited concept of beauty. I do not dispute that it comes in all colors, but this site has a narrow focus because it is targeting people of European ancestry; addressing other populations is extra work that I do not need to do and hardly have the time to.

About earlops I find it quite difficult to see nice one among majority of people. but I think I have the nice earlops since many people say that. I find all of my family such as my parents, sister, grand parents and me have long earlops. also I'd like to add more information about the smooth angle at the middle of earlops'curve make the earlops look more prettier. from my observation, I find that the west Indian tend to have long earlobs and beautifull ears' shape more than european which I find my friend who is completely 100% european has small rounded ears without the "I-O distance".

After read this article I have looked it up on internet and have surprized that the most beautifull ears tend to be the ears of Indian people who live n Jodhpur ( the west of India) and some arabs also southern european. in the same time most of northern european tend to have short round ears and have no I-O distance.

example of beautifull Indian, arabs and southern european ears.

You’re also crazy if you think the only reason she is so popular in Hollywood is because she is used as “marketing to the Latino community.” Tell me then, Erik,

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