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Educational videos: The models of Francesco Scognamiglio and Lena from FTV girls

Two educational videos in wmv format are shown below.  Most browsers can play embedded wmv videos, but if yours can't then either install the windows media player plugin or see the download links.

The first video features excerpts from the Spring 2007 fashion collection of designer Francesco Scognamiglio.  Note the faces and physiques of the models.

The following video shows a near-flat-chested glamour model, Lena from FTV girls.  The likes of Lena would be summarily rejected if they applied to be high-fashion models even though they do not have curves that will "interfere with displaying clothes," but then they are too feminine for the tastes of homosexual fashion designers.

Download links for those unable to see the videos: Francesco Scognamiglio (5.7 MB; originally from, Lena (24.8 MB).


The models are at a big disadvantage because they're wearing such bizarre clothes, and having your hair tied under your chin like you've got the mumps isn't attractive. Wearing flat makeup and not being able to smile can't help either.

I agree that Lena has a lot more girl-next-door attractiveness, but I'm not sure if that's because of her face & body or just her clothing, makeup, and facial expressions.

I think I know that girl, Lena. She might have served me at the Wendy's drive-thru. She might have been the girl I saw at Baskin Robins. Maybe she has clones all over the place because I know I have seen this girl many times before. She isn't a very unique specimen. She might be to you Eric. You may think that she is worthy of being a model because you live in fugsville. Any plainfaced white woman with a small waist is worthy of adoration in your eyes. She won't become a model because 50% of teenage suburban white girls could be her twin. No one emulates or adores mediocrity. She couldn't be a model and judging by that video she would make a shitty actress. Someone who apparantly studies every feature of these high fashion models like you do should know that Lena is way to fat to be a model.

That blond girl looks very uninteresting to me and skanky too. He should have put up some videos of REAL beautiful women who have real class like Greta Garbo,Hedy Lamarr or Catherine Deneuve.

Ashley: You should be able to focus on their face and physique shape notwithstanding the dresses/hairstyles. Next time I will post a better video of fashion models.

Lena's appeal is because of her face and body (even though she hardly has breasts). Make-up is not much of an issue (the models have it on, too) and neither are her clothes special.

Danielle: Of course Lena is too fat to be a high-fashion model (do you really need to point this out to me?) apart from being too feminine. She looks a lot better than most women who work at Wendy's or similar restaurants. If she is not so unique looking, then one could go for a more unique look by selecting a woman with larger breasts and slightly less muscularity, but you know why the designers go for the unique look you see in the video.

Elizabeth: C'mon, the woman doesn't look anything like a skank. Concern yourself with appearance, not behavior because behavior is not being addressed. If you know of video clips of the others on the net, point out their location and I will see if they are suitable for posting.

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