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12-year-old fashion model: Maddison Gabriel

A 12-year-old model (now 13) at one of the world’s largest fashion shows in Australia outraged a lot of people.  She won a photo shoot to become the face of the 2008 festival.

It is not the age issue that I am interested in, but in how the girl/woman looks and what kind of modeling she does.  Some 12-year-olds look a lot older, i.e., physical maturity/appearance rather than chronological age is important, but even without looking at this girl, just the fact that she was used by the mainstream fashion industry tells us what she probably looks like.

Pretty hot body, isn’t it, for people of a certain sexual orientation?

News report here.


So I guess you don't remember posting this girl as one of your glorious examples of feminine beauty:

stfu hypocrite.

Danielle: Do not misrepresent my arguments. You took the image from this entry, and anyone can see that the context wasn't illustrating an example of feminine beauty. The purpose was to clarify the masculinization of a teenage girl (Adriana Lima) by contrasting her with a teenage girl who looked girlish.

Well, she does look like a little girl so I suppose that is what you mean by girlish. We all know what you find beautiful Eric.

Pretty hot, aren't they, to white supremacicts with shitty taste.

Although I agree with Erik's take on feminine beauty when it comes to the female body, his taste in faces are absolutely horrible.

How can you consider ANY of those women Danielle listed up above (as well as in your 'attractive women" section) as even a least bit attractive? They are average at best; most of them look like inbreds. I see girls like that everyday and they're so plain looking you'd have to pay me to give them a second glance.

The fourth girl is also butt ugly and looks like a troll.

Be honest, Erik: are you getting paid by these women to post their pictures up and to say they're attractive? I can't think of any other explanation.

How can you think Keeley Hazell and Charlize Theron are attractive and at the same time consider these pathetic women attractive also?

There's a reason why women like Keeley and Charlize are big stars and why those women Danielle posted up above aren't - Keeley and Charlize are actually gorgeous women and they don't look like inbred white trash.

Adriana Lima is gorgeous as well and anyone with normal to good taste can see that.

Your website would have a lot more credibility if you actually stuck by your claim that "feminine beauty is best" and put up pictures of attractive, feminine women and not just women you personally have a liking for. Most people have agreed that your "attractive women" are not attractive at all in terms of general beauty standards. They are only attractive to you.

Oh and I've always wondered about that picture you have at the top right-hand corner of the "woman" laying down. HOW THE HELL is that feminine and/or attractive? Is that supposed to be a joke?

"She" looks like a "he" from head to toe.

Danielle: All women in the five pictures in your last comment look adult. To clarify, the first three are in the attractive women section, and the first one is listed on a page that shows somewhat masculinized women, i.e., she is not an example of feminine beauty. The woman on the left in the fourth picture was removed from the attractive women section a long time ago and I told you a while ago that I will be removing the woman on the right, too, from this section. The woman in the fifth picture was also removed from the attractive women section many months ago.

Posting pictures like these does not by any means suggest that the poster is a white supremacist, just as the rest of the site’s content does not imply white supremacism.

Sarah: Whereas you may dislike the faces of the women in the attractive women section, this doesn’t hold true for most people that I am targeting: the general population of European ancestry, to which you and other prominent critics/foul individuals such as 8D and “Aileen” don’t belong. Danielle hasn’t helped by posting pictures of some women either removed or targeted for removal from the attractive women section, and both women in the fourth picture were originally added largely as a result of their physiques, not faces, which wouldn’t be clear in the kind of random posting by Danielle. I am unable to post pictures of the best looking women at present because I am mostly forced to select among nude models, but wait and watch.

It is naïve to believe that Charlize Theron is a star because of her superior attractiveness but the others are not because of their lack of attractiveness. There are many other factors at play such as luck, willingness to deal with the casting couch, connections, or bad career decision as in posing nude in an explicit manner, etc. The casting couch issue would presumably not apply to the woman on the left in the fourth image because she is a porn star. The only plus that Charlize has is her face; her physique was never as feminine as any of the five women’s in Danielle’s last post.

I don’t see anything manly about the woman in the small picture shown at the top right. I just like this picture; the woman in it doesn’t have to be very feminine or very attractive. A close-up of her doesn’t reveal manly looks.

Erik, could you explain, please, what is wrong/bad about the looks of Marketa?(a girl in first 2 photos). She is maybe the prettiest young woman on this site, looks young, girlie, feminine, very pristine. Not like little baby, except her poorly developed breasts, but many old women have small ones, too. Her face could be anywhere from early teens to early twenties, some rare individuals retain such young face beyond their thirties, too. Also, her slender built, narrow shoulders and ribcage are enviable.She looks much better than those mummies- fashion models, with massive facial bones and large skeletons.

Any person of full European ancestry with good taste would see these women are not attractive, Erik. Just because I don't happen to be of full European descent, it doesn't mean I cannot judge attractiveness in all kinds of people. Your "logic" is such bullshit.

I will guarantee you that if you post up pictures of these ugly women on online rating websites like HOTORNOT, they wouldn't get over a 7. In fact, HOTORNOT is open to the general public and even though many people have taste as bad as yours, they still would see your "attractive women" as less than average.

Would you like me to do that for you? Let's just see what kind of ratings these women will get :)

And how am I and 8D "foul individuals?" Just because we disagree with you? Yea, okay. Again, nice logic. The world doesn't revolve around you and your opinions, sweetie.

By the way, do you always respond to the emails you get? I sent you an email a while ago yet you haven't responded.

Bron: I didn’t say that Marketa looks bad. She looks like a girl in her early- to mid-teens, and is better looking than most girls in this age range. Since she doesn’t pose nude, she could be younger than 18, but the website featuring her pictures,, claims that all its models are 18 or older. So Marketa is likely 18 in the pictures, but doesn’t look 18 except for her lower body.

Sarah: I respond to emails, but it takes me a while to do so, often a couple of weeks. I haven’t received any email from you.

Posting pictures of others goes against the TOS of hotornot. If you wanted to prove that the women in the attractive women section are not attractive as far as most are concerned, wait for me to replace about 5-6 women there and then feel free to provide pictures of women whom you consider to be attractive. I will put up their pictures and others can see for themselves just who is better looking. Send me an email and I will contact you when I have improved the attractive women section to my liking.

People like you and 8D are foul because of your use of profanity, lack of manners given that you are a guest at a site not owned by you, not heeding requests to behave (this applies to your earlier behavior) and use of pathetic techniques such as ad hominem, character assassination, misrepresentation, criticism of scientific material when you are clearly incapable of understanding it, etc.

My mail is still in my sent box. webmaster [@] femininebeauty [.] info, right?

It was pretty short though so you might have not found it important enough to look at. Do you respond to every email you recieve?

There's nothing wrong with using profanity when you're as young as I am. They are, after all, just words but I'm assuming you're in your fourties or fifties so I understand how everything would seem so "vulgar" to you.

As far as HOTORNOT goes, the website isn't even a reliable source in determining whether someone is really attractive or not. For example, most women I see that recieve high ratings look really skanky and trashy, which is what most men like. You are right in that most men today don't realize what true feminine beauty really is because they are more or less brainwashed into thinking masculine features are attractive (or basically any girl who has her breasts sticking out). I have put up a picture of Josie Maran before (whom I find is very pretty) and she wasn't rated as highly as some ugly Mexican skank I previously saw who looked like a hood rat. I was joking about using HOTORNOT for others to rate your attractive women. They would probably rate them very high since they do appear skanky, even if it's just a picture of their face.

You can also never tell whether it's a woman or a man that's rating, and it's obvious how jealous and catty some women get when you put up a picture of Josie Maran and you see she got several "ones".

This is also just her face, by the way. I'm aware she doesn't have a particularly womanly figure (she doesn't have a waist).


> They are average at best; most of them look like inbreds.

Define "inbreeding".

Sarah: I respond to all emails where a response is warranted though usually not promptly and in a few cases it has taken me two months-plus to get back to someone. I already told you that I didn’t get any emails from you. You have my email address right. Just resend it.

There is plenty that is wrong with using profanity like you have regardless of age. Profanity is not an appropriate rebuttal to anyone’s arguments. It is also basic etiquette to behave while one is in someone else’s house. You don’t own this site and should have the courtesy to not trash it with profane commentary, on your own initiative.

My age has nothing to do with me finding your profanity foul. I’m 33 and was in my late teens/early twenties not that long ago, and whereas I have uttered plenty of profanity, and still do to some extent, I have never used profanity in the contexts that you have.

Do not sum up my argument about why many heterosexual men do not realize the extent of masculinization of fashion models and numerous other celebrities in terms of brainwashing. I don’t believe in the hypothetical notion of brainwashing.

Most of the women in the attractive women section do not have a sleazy/skanky look to their face. The women with such looks are what you would call sexy women if they are also reasonably attractive. Josie Maran has a decent physique.

I'll resend the message once I sign onto my email.

According to your theory that a WHR of .7 or less is what is considered "decent," Josie Maran doesn't have a decent figure in some photos I have seen of her.

On the subject of WHR, a woman's waist can change all the time. I've seen women who have a very small looking waist in certain pictures and then they will have a straight up-and-down figure in other pictures.

Heidi Montag, for example:

Nice figure, right? Well these are from the same photoshoot:

And then there's her friend, Audrina Partridge:




A woman's body can change even throughout the day. When I eat a lot, my waist expands. When can you really determine what your WHR truly is?

Alessandra Ambrosio is listed as having a .69 WHR, yet in most of her pictures, it doesn't look that way.

And Van De Wanderer, can't you just LOOK UP the definition of inbreeding?


Pictures of Audrina here, that I meant to post:

Oh and, Erik. Audrina is what is considered SEXY; she manages to look hot (opposite of cute) but she also looks classy; your models are just skanky.

And here are the pictures of Heidi that didn't show up.

You can see her waist changes from picture to picture.

Sorry about the triple posts.


> You can see her waist changes from picture to picture.

You must be kidding me... all those pictures are from the same photo session.

Are you implying that she took a 5-minutes break, wolfed down a sandwich and her waist expanded or something?
It can't be that: you said that it changes "from picture to picture"
It must be something called "perspective", that's my guess.

Stop making outbred arguments, please.
You sound like a bleached brunette.

Sarah: I haven’t made the argument that a WHR of 0.7 or less is considered decent. You should understand by now that I am not interested in such measurements. It is how the woman looks that matters. Reported anthropometric measurements of models are often unreliable, and a few circumferential measurements can be too crude for analysis. Josie Maran looks more feminine than the typical fashion model and has a decent physique.

Posing/angle of photography can make the appearance of waist proportions in relation to the rest of the body vary. Everyone should know this.

You are also letting nude modeling cloud your judgment. Feminine beauty is not about having skanky looks. Heidi Montag looks like a skank even though she doesn’t pose nude. She looks much more skanky than the vast majority of women in the attractive women section. Attractive skanky-looking women belong in a sexy women section, not a feminine beauty section. I disagree that Audrina Patridge is sexy unless you are using your own definition of sexy. The conventional understanding of “sexy” requires somewhat skanky looks, and Audrina’s face isn’t skanky though her physique would pass.

Van Wanderer:

Get a grip. In my saying her wastes changes from picture to picture I'm talking about in the photos, not in real life. Did you miss the part where I said they were from the same photoshoot as well? Obviously not. Read something thoroughly before deciding to comment on it, okay sweetie?

"You sound like a bleach brunette"

That doesn't even make sense.

Erik, I never claimed Heidi doesn't look skanky; she does. I was merely commenting on her waist-to-hip proportions. I don't think she is attractive, either.

How is Audrina not sexy? And you're saying her body is skanky? What? Maybe your idea of what is "skanky" differentiates from mine - in my opinion, skanky = whorish looking, and most whores have big boobs and curvy, wide hips, the look you prefer.

Audrina has a petite, tight body with average-sized breasts and slim hips.

I would rather have her body than any other "model" in your attractive women's section.

In my opinion, one could look sexy without having to look skanky. Sexy means sexually appealing in a classy way, and skanky means sexually appealing in a dirty way.

Cute/Pretty = Kristin Kreuk
Sexy = Audrina Patridge
Skanky = The majority of the women that you have in this site's "attractive women."

Just a few examples.

I just got a new laptop and for some reason I cannot attain a picture's "properties" to post it here. I'll attempt it again:

Audrina Patridge

I had had had to join danielle and not from twistys...

I cant be that wrong...can erik ,or someone,anyboy pleasse explain to me what makes this woman atractive? what?

This woman looks mentally retarded.
She has the ugliest teeth I've seen in a long time.
Is this what "most" people consider atractive? as erik claims?
If 5 people claim shes decent lookin I rest my case I swear.
I seriously think this woman is retarded and has some sort of anomaly.

Sarah: Audrina Patridge doesn’t have a face that is masculine enough to qualify as looking skanky/sexy though in a couple of years her face would look masculine enough to give her skanky looks. Sexy is a skanky-looking (requires some masculinization) attractive woman as opposed to an unattractive skanky-looking woman. Anyway, either you do not know what skanky looks are (the women in the attractive women section generally do not have skanky looks, period) or you are letting nude modeling cloud your judgment or you are simply jealous.

Adrian: I can no more explain to you what makes the woman attractive than you can explain to me how a man can find another man sexually appealing. In both cases you are either attracted or not. Don't bother trying to understand the preferences of heterosexual individuals.

Erik most heterosexual men would find this woman highly unnatractive ,borderline mental retardation. your taste is below average.
I know many heterosexual males (i do not live on a homosexual bubble you know..) and linked your page of "attractive" women ,most think the women you pick are highly unnatractive.

Im homosexual but i apreciate femenine beauty as well ,or problably better thatn you since i do not want to get an easy lay from them...
in fact ,as I commentred to you on other threads ,a FEW of the women on your atractive page are beautiful to me. example katherine haigl and lisa welch , and any heterosexual male would find them beautifull as well , so my notion of beauty is not as "abnormal" as u claim.

omg! i am dissgusted on the age you lot are 12 yrs old omg thats soo horrible your mother should be ashamed

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