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The physique of Tara Conner, Miss USA 2006

A previous entry addressed the face of Tara Conner, Miss USA 2006; this entry addresses her physique.

The physique of Tara Conner is so unbefitting a beauty queen that if there were a well-known mainstream outlet for feminine beauty appreciation, the crowning of Tara Conner as Miss USA would have been a very embarrassing event for Miss Universe, L.P., LLLP, the organization that runs the Miss USA pageant, and Donald Trump would have wept prior to telling all people responsible, "You are fired!"  But then, if there were a large number of feminine and attractive models well-known to the public, the likes of Tara Conner would not have been competing in the Miss USA pageant in the first place.

If a woman with girl-next-door looks can outcompete a "beauty queen" in the looks department, then there is something seriously wrong with the beauty pageant concerned.

Here we consider Snow from Twistys; note how ordinary her face is.

Snow from Twistys

Snow may be ordinary looking, but she at least looks feminine.

Tara Conner and Snow from Twistys

Note Tara Conner's broad ribcage.  Even though Snow doesn't have a small ribcage, her physique is still feminine and appealing.

Tara Conner and Snow from Twistys

One look at the following picture should suffice to convince that women with breast implants should be banned from participating in beauty pageants.  Someone needs to come up with a Terminator and send him into the past, a few days before the Miss USA 2006 event.  The task of the Terminator would be to shoot anesthetic-laden darts into Tara Conner's breasts, forcing the implants to burst, which would be harmless to her as the saline would be absorbed by her body, but she would be out of action and not end up being crowned Miss USA.

Tara Conner and Snow from Twistys

I couldn't find a picture of Tara Conner's backside, but it is a safe bet that it looks worse than Snow's.

Snow from Twistys

On the other hand, if Tara Conner were compared to a fine-featured North American, it would be a rout.

Tara Conner and fine-featured North American white

Note that Tara Conner's physique doesn't approach an hourglass shape in spite of her breast implants, whereas the fine North American is soft and feminine.

Tara Conner and fine-featured North American white

Everyone look at the following picture and rhyme:

Tara Conner’s breast implants are about to burst.
In retrospect, this event should have occurred first,
before she turned the Miss USA pageant into a farce.
Boy, I hear complaints from as far away as Mars.
Now listen carefully dear Mr. Donald Trump.
Seriously think about why your pageant is a dump.
The accursed gay influence is in sore need of a fix;
and in case you don’t get this, read Matthew 7:6.
Please tell the people responsible, "you are fired!"
so that we see beauty queens that are admired
for their looks affecting men like pot affects a stoner
instead of having them disappointed by a Con-ner.

Tara Conner and fine-featured North American white

fine North American white

Once again, women reading this page should not misunderstand the issue.  There is nothing wrong with Tara Conner's physique, and many men would be very pleased if their wives/girlfriends had Tara's physique rather than what these women possess, but a woman with Tara's physique does not belong as a contestant in a beauty pageant catering to the general public.



did you have money riding on this pageant or something? you have the most bitter, spiteful attitude i have ever seen. Tara is gorgeous, so man up and quit bitching like a 3 year old

JJ: I would not bet on or invest in these lame pageants. Go to any University campus in the U.S. and you will find plenty of women much better looking than Ms. Conner, which should make any reasonable person wonder how a woman like her ended up participating in the Miss USA pageant in the first place. It is also fair to require beauty pageants to ban contestants with breast implants or other cosmetic surgeries, just as performance enhancing drugs are banned in the Olympics. How are things going to change unless, for starters, one points out, “look who has won!”?

What The Hell...
It's hilarious, but don't spend so much time and thought on trivial bs like this, it's not that anyone actually watches these except for making fun of the contestants. Yes, cosmetic surgery should be banned from beauty pageants, and I don't personally find Miss Conner apealling.
I would appreciate a beauty pageant in which many different body shapes and face types were represented, and I do dislike (well, I don't actually care much) that contestantsare starting to look more and more like the high fashion girls. But I think the line up of contestans should represent very different forms of beauty as also found in the general population and who the winner is is also decided by charisma and brains because the contestans are supposed to be role-models of sorts for young girls and not pieces of meat for men to drool over (oh, haha, that's not how I really think it works, but it should).
So in conclusion I think it would be as wrong to only have the likes of Snow in such competitions, but it could give confidence to girls with bodies like hers if some of the contestants represented a very feminine body type. ( and admittedly I think it would give many men a reason to tune in.)

Susie: A lot of men would be watching these pageants if the women were typically feminine and attractive. Whereas charisma and brains would be relevant to a personality contest, I don’t believe they should be issues in a beauty pageant except to function as tie breakers if the women obtain the same physical attractiveness scores. I don’t believe that the likes of Snow should be competing in high-profile beauty pageants because of insufficient attractiveness. The purpose of using her was to show how even ordinary-looking women can outcompete a Miss USA in the femininity department.

I actually think Snow has a cute face which would fit well within a beauty pageant (the contestants of which I very rarely count to highly attractive females). Her body just seems a bit broad and her breasts are quite disproportionately large. The second compared girl has a rather unattractive or at least unphotogenic face, I can't say much about her body.

Susie: I don’t believe that the second woman should be participating in high-profile beauty pageants either. Such pageants should be for very attractive women.

"Snow" doesn't have a slender waist and her bosums are too saggy to be attractive, really.

You've got to be kidding me. This is some kind of joke right? You are comparing Tara Conner, Miss USA, to some women from a 3rd rate porn site. Don't get me wrong. There are some very attractive women in the porn industry, but seriously. Seriously. You're joking, right?

The last two persons should note the point about the contrasts. The Miss USA pageant organizers should be hanging their heads in shame because an ordinary-looking woman appearing at a porn site (Snow) outcompetes the winner in the femininity department (and also in the attractiveness department as far as I am concerned). This point is best illustrated by contrasting Tara Conner with women who are not very attractive.

The second woman's pictures were not taken from a porn site. She is an amateur/regular woman whose nude pictures ended up on the internet.

I tried to get your point and I guess you (Erik) tried to promote the submissive looking women as beauty, sorry for my language.

I think Normal people prefer healthy looking as beauty. Tara has beautiful smiling face, her cheeksbones and chin looks like active women.
her eyes is clear and serious. and I will tell Erik why I find his porn chick's not pretty.

1. The porn chick has blur eyes, her eyes sleepy like drunk addict women or sickness women whom just wake up.

2. The porn chick has reddish skin and I find this type of skin is oily and dirty, like a pig skin. my fiance ever had the x-girlfriend with such a skin and he said her skin is always wet like sweat all the time.

3. The porn chick has big nose and very narrow face cooperating with her sleepy eyes. she remind me of the scarecrow in the movie "wizard of Oz".

4. The porn chick has too much narrow face so she looks like sick women, unhealthy.

5. The porn chick looks plump and she is going to be too much fat when she had a babe.

6. The skin looks too white like a deadly ghost.

Normally I do not like dark skin or tan skin but I find some of them are also miracle pretty. like this chick below.

Dark can be pretty too like this woman.

Christmas: Poor language is less of a concern for me than poor comprehension. Please don't leave comments if you don't understand what the arguments are about. It is not clear from your comment to whom you are referring to. There is only one “porn chic,” the first nude woman. I suppose you are referring to both nude women. I could find pictures of the first one, Snow, where her skin looks whiter and less pink. So no point in critiquing the pink tone. The second one has light skin, but normal white skin is naturally ghostly pale. If you have a problem with this, then you have a problem with white skin, and this site is not the place for you to be venting it. The second nude woman’s pictures are completely amateurish, caught at odd moments, and hence it is pointless to be critiquing a sleepy look. Skin color and future obesity potential are not issues as far as the article is concerned. The important issue is that Tara Conner isn’t sufficiently feminine for a mainstream beauty pageant contestant.

Can I ask you some question, Erik? How about ivory white skin? Do you find it nicer than ghostly pale or not?

I like white skin too but as Ivory or porcelain tone, not the alablaster tone. I like bright skin among Indian or Arab. I find their skin is nice. not too pale and not tan.

like This Indian actress

or this french actress, audrey tautu

But at least I find the women you posted look nicer than on this site.

There is only one “porn chic,” the first nude woman. I suppose you are referring to both nude women. I could find pictures of the first one, Snow, where her skin looks whiter and less pink. So no point in critiquing the pink tone.

Neither of the women are exceptionally attractive, but do men really care either way?

please send me hot pics

The Miss USA pageant isn't based on femininity, it's based on beauty. Tara Conner has a boyish physique but that doesn't make her unattractive.

Breast implants cheapen her image, but you can't ban cosmetic surgery altogether. Someone could have a broken nose or a car accident.

All women are beautiful for some reason or another, so really beauty pageants are altogether pointless. Tara Conner, Snow, and the anonymous "North American" girl (whatever that means) are all gorgeous.

Actually Tara is more attractive than both. Her facial features mascunilized as they are, are more charismatic than both the other girls. Their faces are very placid and plain. Simple as that. Her body is not that great, but Snow's body wanted me to throw up. Did you notice her flat backside? Come on. And the other one was alright, but nothing to get excited over in all honesty. Besides make her purge her food a few times and pack on some muscle, and she won't be much different than Tara. You show that women can be thin and feminine, but how about women who work out and gain muscle... Can they be feminine? Working out often decreases femininity, however it makes sex better and gives on better orgasms so what is the point of looking good and being feminine if sex is more enjoyable if you are in better shape but less feminine?

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