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2 min 23 sec video: Fast track learning for newcomers

The queer duo behind Heatherette: Richie Rich and Traver Rains

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The Heatherette duo, Richie Rich and Traver Rains, is also active with the following “charities”: Youth AIDS, GLAAD, Vienna Life Ball, The Hetrick Martin Institute, the Human Rights Campaign, etc.

Learning complete; now quiz time.


Q1. What explains the looks of the fashion models seen in the video?  See a higher resolution close-up of two models used by these designers.

Q2. Multiple choice.  Pick the correct answer:

Why do fashion models look like crack-ho hookers?

  1. Not us, say the designers, blame the bookers.
  2. How dare ye, say the bookers, the fault is with the onlookers.
  3. Fools ye all, says Gisele, censure the models; they need some snickers.
  4. Models? Bookers? Stylists? Onlookers? Will ye fall for these snookers
    when ‘tis easy to see that the responsibility lies with the a**s lickers?


racist little cunt.

white people's genes are diluting and will be GONE by the next generation.

You are slowly losing your mind Erik.

I am not losing my mind Danielle honey.
Can’t you see that writing something funny
about a problem that is many people’s bane
isn’t the same as the writings of someone insane?

Erik, honey you're not funny. You're lame. Heatherette isn't a bane of many people. If people don't like Heatherette's tacky clothes or high fashion models then they don't look for them and they ignore them. You are obsessed with an industry you dislike because you are delusional and insane. The designers that you accuse of being mentally ill appear to have a better grasp of reality than you do.

Who said anything about Heatherette being people’s bane?
Is it poor comprehension or are you a person who is sane?
It is high time you understand the problem, I certainly pray,
that the culprits are deviates euphemistically referred to as gay,
and their great sin is to standards for the fashion world carve,
namely, models who look like they have been forced to starve,
apart from being young and masculine, so that they function as toys
for the designers who prefer them to look like adolescent boys.
Saying “mentally ill designers” doesn’t paint them all with the same brush;
it doesn’t imply “designers are mentally ill”; you better learn this in a rush.

"Youth AIDS, GLAAD, Vienna Life Ball, The Hetrick Martin Institute, the Human Rights Campaign, etc."

What is wrong with trying to help those with AIDS and supporting human rights?

Some would rather doom females
To be starving, hungry creatures
Than observe the obvious details
Of masculine fashion model features.
Sex symbols of Sports Illustrated
Look like transvestites,
And Victoria's Secret must be possessed, right?
Because their models' beauty is overrated
By guys fooled by Photoshop, makeup and lights
Who the fashion world won't deign to give
A feminine aesthetic alternative.

Feminists have a lot of nerve
To blame straight men for these norms
"Heteropatriarchy" is demonized,
Though men prefer female forms
Adorned by curves,
Instead of masculinized.

Models are sexy? Sexy to whom?
Not to the exclusive straight guys in the room
Other explanations are ineffectual
Of course the source is homosexual.

Insecure women are dutiful
At starving themselves to be
What gay men, not straight men, see
As aesthetic and beautiful.
So these ladies eventually deserve
To know the nature of the type of beauty
They attempt to serve
(Hint: developmentally disturbed)
Before they lose that booty.
Though it's seemingly a feminist sin
To please straight men by looking feminine
And better to please men who are fruity
Who exalt women excessively thin.

Love queers, or loathe queers,
The solution is the same
Quit playing on your straight peers
This gay fashion game,
You've been going on for years
While straight men take the blame.
We need a minimum of BMI
That models must maintain
In order for them to qualify,
Instead of starving themselves in shame.
Magazine modeling, pageants, and lingerie,
Should really look for reference
Not to notions that are gay,
But to heterosexual preference.

Erik, your opinion is not fact. You're nuts. Your jokes suck.

Danielle honey I am not nuts.
I just happen to have the guts
to dig up some of the muck,
in a manner that does not suck,
that most people would not see
unless they were to pay a fee.
It is not easy to use much tact
if you are addressing a sordid fact,
but this does not an opinion make
unless you show the premises are fake.

Hugh Ristik: On a serious note, I do not favor minimum BMI standards. I favor legislation that forces the industry to prove that models below a certain BMI are healthy and not starving. This option gives the homosexuals maximal freedom of choice while reducing the likelihood of them forcing models to starve, allows naturally very thin women to model, and as far as their negative influence on impressionable girls and women goes, I will be taking care of this problem. In case anyone is wondering why I favor this approach, I am generally averse to government regulation of people’s affairs, and hence favor solutions that are the best compromise between minimal government regulation and maximal public welfare.

Sarah: Do not use multiple aliases, and especially not my name. I didn’t say there is anything wrong with helping those with AIDS. I myself donated money to an AIDS patient in the past week. The charities Rich and Rains are involved in simply confirm what you can infer from the video. And, the “Human Rights Campaign” group is a homosexual activist group that hides behind an euphemism.

Erik, honey you don't argue facts. You present hypotheses based on misrepresented data.

These are not facts:
"Gay Designers are pederasts"
"Gay designers have influenced the aesthetic of beauty pageants and Hollywood"
"The General public would prefer the looks of the slags in the "attractive women" section over Victoria's Secret models"
"VS models look like boys/eunuchs/transsexuals/transvestites"
"Psychotic Shamans are responsible for extreme body modification"
"The high fashion industry is a monopoly"
"High fashion models are getting skinnier because gay designers are making their presence more obvious"
"Lifetime exclusive heterosexuals would not find (insert model's name) attractive"

These are not facts. These are hypotheses. You have not proven any of these statements.

PS. Your "poems" are terrible. Please stop embarassing yourself.

Danielle: Honey, you don’t present my arguments as they are. Compare your portrayal of my arguments to the actual arguments, the evidence for them and show how I have misrepresented data.

“Gay Designers are pederasts”

I said that pederastic interests are common among the dominant homosexual designers, which is easily inferred from their choice of female models.

“Gay designers have influenced the aesthetic of beauty pageants and Hollywood”

Since the public strongly and overwhelmingly prefers feminine beauty, the appearance of numerous beauty pageant contestants and Hollywood actresses is at odds, not unusually strikingly so, with optimal public preferences. The most plausible explanation is the trickle-down effect of high-fashion models given that they are selected for their looks and also the involvement of homosexuals in beauty pageants.

“The General public would prefer the looks of the slags in the “attractive women” section over Victoria’s Secret models”

What does an effect size correlation of 0.64 between femininity and attractiveness (meta-analysis) suggest?

“VS models look like boys/eunuchs/transsexuals/transvestites”

No dear, a good number of Victoria’s Secret models look like male-to-female transsexuals (transvestite looks are uncommon), and some are even feminine. This is backed up by a discussion on various big-name VS models; more to be added.

“Psychotic Shamans are responsible for extreme body modification”

I still have to respond to this issue elsewhere, but in a nutshell, a population doesn’t decide all of a sudden to subject itself to painful body modifications/rites of passage. Most people will also avoid pain by nature. However, shaman types are often schizophrenic/epileptic and have brain abnormalities in the temporal lobes that are associated with increased odds of religious experiences and also increased odds of an inclination toward sadism, masochism and sadomasochism. No wonder that religions throughout history have been full of rituals/practices designed to induce pain and suffering that are tied to salvation, warding off evil spirits and pleasing supreme beings. Note that in early societies there is basically no difference between religion and culture. So what factors are most likely responsible for bizarre and painful rituals/rites of passage? Most plausibly powerful/influential mentally ill shamans.

“The high fashion industry is a monopoly”

There is a single fashion industry and those who dominate it can get away with their choice of models since fashion merchandize has appeal by itself.

“High fashion models are getting skinnier because gay designers are making their presence more obvious”

There is a curvilinear trend in the femininity of high-fashion models from the 1920s to 1999; they were most feminine around mid-century. What is the most likely explanation? Based on biological correlates of optimal aesthetic preferences of the public, a shift in public preferences can be ruled out, especially since most such studies have coincided with high-fashion models close to being at their most masculine and also being sub-optimally thin. The curvilinear trend coincides with a parallel shift in the public tolerance of homosexuality: post-1920s worsening and increasing tolerance in the latter half of the century. Is this correlation spurious? Think about this in light of the fact that homosexuals are overrepresented among fashion designers, and that the designers get to pick their models.

“Lifetime exclusive heterosexuals would not find (insert model’s name) attractive”

If the female model doesn’t look like a woman or is very masculine, what are the odds?

There is a difference between a hypothesis based on conjecture and a hypothesis based on evidence or even extensive evidence such that it is effectively an explanation (theory), but discussing this matter with you is unlikely to be of help because you cannot even get my arguments straight. An explanation of complex phenomena, which is partly what this site is about, should not be seen in terms of “fact or not” but in terms of the soundness of the theoretical approach. The “fact or not” question applies to simple items such as “this championship was won by...,” “the international date line is located at...,” etc. You also pretend as if this website doesn’t cite facts.

“Psychotic Shamans are responsible for extreme body modification”

The hypothesis that shamans are disproportionately psychotic or is quite within mainstream psychology. In fact, I've heard a prominent and famous biologist suggest it in a lecture.

Since the public strongly and overwhelmingly prefers feminine beauty, the appearance of numerous beauty pageant contestants and Hollywood actresses is at odds, not unusually strikingly so, with optimal public preferences. The most plausible explanation is the trickle-down effect of high-fashion models given that they are selected for their looks and also the involvement of homosexuals in beauty pageants.

I think this makes sense, but could there also be other reasons why so many actresses are masculine, other that the trickle-down effect or the preference of the public. Here are some possible hypotheses:

1. Somewhat masculinized women might be better actresses for some reason.
2. A certain level of masculinization helps a female actress in her career, either by making her more competitive, more driven, or willing to sleep with more people.

Personally, I remember in high school that the "drama kids" clique was disproportionately non-heterosexual (same with the artsy people and the orchestra kids). Many of the female actresses or drama students I've known have been slightly masculinized, and/or bisexual.

There is also the stereotype of actors as being messed up, and nonheterosexuals also exhibit elevated psychological morbidity. It's possible that actors are also more likely to be developmentally disturbed. Developmental disturbance might be correlated with elite acting skill, because of its ability to produce variability, similar to how nonheterosexuals seem to be disproportionately represented in certain areas of elite achievement.

Actually, masculine and hyper-masculine qualities are disproportionately found in high-achieving people. That fact, and its implications, is a whole different discussion.

Hugh Ristik: Masculinization making women more likely to be willing to deal with the casting couch is an obvious factor, but Hollywood is a little different. Even if fewer feminine women are willing to deal with the casting couch, there are some such women and given the massive rewards associated with success in Hollywood, the absolute number of feminine and attractive women willing to deal with the casting couch in Hollywood should be high. So if feminine beauty were in the limelight and masculinized women were cast as the lead role in romance-themes movies, many people would find it odd and comment on it to a much greater extent than they do currently. I believe that a number of not so feminine women have reached a high rank in Hollywood partly because there are few feminine beauties among top models.


you both complain about mentaly ill people when, in my opinion, you both are crazy and need to stop nagging on each other and being so technical...
Heatherette is an Avant Garde Fashion design company stationed in new york. Run by Richie Rich and Traver Rains they have had designers in their crazy fashion shows including paris hilton and Pamela Anerson and others as well

Traver Rains (March 4, 1977 Fort Collins, Colorado)

Richie Rich (Califronia USA)

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