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Angelina V

Angelina V, Karina from Met Art

She is the second fashion model that I have added to the attractive women section.  She is not very feminine, but I don't hear heterosexual men complaining.  Women like her would be closer to the norm rather than the rare exception among fashion models if the top ranks of the fashion business were not dominated by...(you know which group).



Angelina is very feminine and also very beautiful, I think it is the dream of any man.
I believe that beauty is subjective and can not be measured with rules.
I'm the No 1 fan of Angelina and I think that is the most beautiful combination of a face angel and a beautiful body, is definitely feminine and natural.
I hope soon found long ago that I seek.


Angelina is not only very beautiful, and very feminine, but also has two of the very finest breasts that I have ever seen in my life! It's just a shame that there are almost no videos of her to found on the internet. Plenty still pictures, but such beauty should be seen in motion. I have only ever seen one video of her, called "karina b fabuloso", or something like that.

Her myspace page no longer exists.

She is really feminine, how can you say she is not really that feminine? She is more feminine than most of the women in your attractive section. Honestly, you really have no clue what you are talking about in terms of femininty masculinity...

not feminine????? i fail to see whats masculine about her, she has a nice round bum, tiny waist, a gorgeous face and some of the best and unique breasts i've ever seen.

Amen to that! To say that Angelina is "not feminine" is like saying that Brock Lesnar is "not masculine". She is one of the most beautiful and sexy females that I have ever seen, and I have to agree with those who say that her breasts are about as close to perfect as female breasts can get.

Why do you say that she is not very feminine? she has all the attributes of female beauty:

* Narrower facial shape
* Less fat
* Fuller lips
* Slightly bigger distance of eyes
* Darker, narrower eye brows
* longer lashes
* Higher cheek bones
* Narrower nose
* No eye rings
* Thinner lids
* Large natural breasts
Height: 173 cm
Measurements: 35 - 23 - 34 in. (89 - 58 - 86 cm): ratio waist / hip ratio = 0.67
I do not know her BMI and weight, but clearly his figure is very sexy. She is slender, without a extreme level of thinness but also without any fat.

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