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Rose Byrne

Rose Byrne

Rose Byrne has been added to the attractive women section.



Very beautiful woman. She has a perfectly feminine physique and face. Good choice. I was wondering Erik, would you consider having Jaclyn Smith in your attractive women section? What are your thoughts on the way she looks?

It surprises me you haven't added Brigitte Bardot to your gallery. She seems to epitomize your ideal of feminine beauty with her hyper-feminine face and hourglass figure!

You should add Sherilyn Fenn to this section.

Yes what is wrong with Brigitte Bardot ?And what do you think of Shania Twain ?

This is in regard to a number of women mentioned in the comments above. I will likely add Jaclyn Smith to the attractive women section. I have passed on Brigitte Bardot because there is an element of robusticity in her face that I do not have a high opinion of. Both Sherilyn Fenn and Shania Twain look good to me; I will deal with their pictures at some point.

Do you not think most men have a high opinion Brigitte Bardots face?

And what on earth is robust about her face?!:)

Ok so tell me about what you think of kate beckensale and veronica lake?:)

Can you look at Diana Dors, Mae West,Sherry Britton , Salma Hayek and Mayra Veronica?I think the are all feminine.Are the somewhat masculinized women more or less feminine than the average women?

Nice smile.........

The human society needs more feminine women.

Is it in Brigitte Bardots profile?Now that i have looked i dont think she has a very feminine profile,but i still think she looks great!

think she has a light mongoloid touch..

She looks good and with a very subtle use of make up, also very natural and young looking.

How is it to you that most Irish girls have a mongoloid touch?Becouse most of us Irish girls have this kinda look where i come from.I just want to know why you think this?I dont think there is anything wrong or at all ugly about looking mongoloid .Rose is Irish and so am i and most of the other white girls i know.

The "attractive women" are all so ugly!!!

Rose Byrne is far from ugly.

nicegirl: The robusticity in Brigitte Bardot’s face is around the eyes (the development of the bone in the brow region, the cheekbones). There is also some squaring of the chin and a powerfully built jawbone... note the lower jawbone where it approaches the neck.

But if her jawline and cheekbones are powerfully built then why have you put up women that have these looks.Such as Lilian Rose,nicky case,Rose byrne,Luciana Vendramini and Veronika Zemanova.Are there faces powerfully built to?

And on the feminine VS masculine page you show a feminine scull that has the same kind of jawline in fig 5.So whats up with this?I dont understand.

And whats more is Minka Dumont Kelly has that same type of jawline but you told a commenter that it was not a square jaw.Lillans cheekbones are same type as bordots and here are some pics that sometimes show Lillans jaw do know that you have already talked about Nicky cases jaw and i understand that but what about her cheekbones?Please write back as soon as you are able.

Ok so comments 18-21 are mine.I am going to try and see if i can get this thing with the cheekbones becouse its driveing me crazy!I finlly found a comment you left on Gabrielles page and i think i may understand.So it is the zygomatic arch on Brigitte Bardot that is to high right?But the only time i can tell is in pics of her like this. And like this i need to understand why this is bad her but ok in greta garbo,Lisa Welch,Gabrielle,Nastassja from Domai and Evelina from Teen stars magazine?Please please tell where and if i am going wrong.

Ok i am back after a few days of looking and reading some more.LOL I am just so confused about this jawline and ckeekbone thing.I am trying to find out if my cheeckbones and jawline are just as robust as Brigitte Bardots or if they are still in the feminine range.Sometimes i think i look a lot like her and then somehow i dont.If i have to i think i may send you some pics of myself but would rather not right now.Sometimes her jaw looks like mine like in this pic But then her jaw looks more square and sharp like in this pic i see other women with my jaw that you post like Monica from FTV girls and Minka Dumont Kelly just to name a few.So if you could please help me with all i sure would be happy.

Sorry the comment on top is me.

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