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Minka Dumont Kelly

Minka Dumont Kelly

This is one sexy woman.  She is added to the attractive women section.

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sorry but I don't think she is good looking at all. she has bad skin and a squared jaw. her skin looks almost jaundice. she looks very unfortunate looking to me.

She looks good to me.

Amy : Minka Kelly is no longer a young adult and the picture of her above is a very recent one. I suggest you kook at her pictures when she was a young adult. She can tan well and looks odd when she overdoes the tan, but she does not do it often. She does not have a square jaw, but a pointy chin that has grown more prominent with age, but again, people lose their attractiveness past young adulthood.

Erik what do you think about how betty brosmer looks?

Nicegirl: Betty Brosmer looked great as a young adult, the ultimate pinup, and I should have mentioned her in the context of providing illustrations of extreme femininity that some people asked me to point out. I have used “extreme femininity” in the context of shape that is so distant from average in the feminine direction that attractiveness is diminished compared to a less feminine, but clearly feminine, optimum. It is difficult to find women who are overall extremely feminine but Betty Brosmer’s waist-hip-backside region qualifies as extremely feminine.

i like her look.

Women who are really feminine are always beautiful and attractive, that is the nature. Femininity of women is exactly corresponding to the masculinity of women. Feminine beauty is a gender specification.

I think that you should also put up Connie Nielsen from the Gladiator.I think she is feminine however she is not very young anymore.

I have also found Tamzin Merchant as Katherine Howard in the tudors.She is very slim bit i think feminine.I am not trying to be rude just makeing suggestions.It would be nice to not see so many nude models as i dont think that is very feminine and is a clip i found of her,but she is nude:(

And there is Marie Gillain.She is feminine right?

Do think Amanda Seyfried is feminine?she kinda looks it to me.I also think you should put Megan Fox in the somewhat masculinized section.

Erik, I think a great candidate for your attractive women section would be scottish actress Karen Gillan from Doctor Who. She's feminine, beautiful, and *highly* photogenic.

Her co-star Matt Smith more closely resembles the typical female high fashion model than does Gillian, and there's nothing much feminine about Smith.

I wish you would answer us Erik.

This website is really more about you than it is about anyone else, or a topic. I would love to know what your Mommy issues are, however it is not necessary.. simply add an about me section with photos. Very curious indeed. Would love to know your qualifications.

What do you think about actress Sarah Jones?

The girl Annie posted up is not very attractive or feminine at all to me. Minka Kelly is hot but I'm so surprised you don't find her masculine knowing your standards. It's almost like she brought out something normal in you.

nicegirl: Thank you for your suggestions. I have pending tasks and will go over the suggestions when I have the time to add to or subtract from the attractive women section. It is strange that you would express your discomfort at the use of nude models and then link to women in various stages of undress.

Anyway, Amanda Seyfried is feminine and Megan Fox apparently has undergone significant cosmetic surgery, and I prefer to avoid using as examples of attractive women that to my knowledge have undergone a major cosmetic surgical procedure.

Annie: There is a girlish look element in some of the pictures of Karen Gillan, who is feminine. Maybe she has outgrown the girlish element or will continue to have less sharp features. I will take a closer look later. Thank you for your suggestion.

I know i had that same idea in my head when i put it up but i could not find very good pics of her anywhere.She did have her legs closed so i was happy haha.I just dont like all the gross posing is all.I dont mind the nude body as long it is shown in a more dignified manner.

Actress Karen Gillian does look great , feminine and healthy slim! But of course she'd be too "fat" and "feminine" for the nutty designers so they'd never use her!! They'd definitely use a girl looking like the guy Smith her co star as you said, if he lost more weight, he'd be thin and masculine enough- provided he's then not too "old" for them! Hah! Great point nice girl! You're SO right sadly and ironically! You made me laugh.. Great post! And great site Eric! Keep up the good work and ignore the rants- some ppl just can't acknowledge that some things might be true just because they're not PC so they resort to attacking yr character, I'd just ignore them if I were you but it's yr call. Good luck.

Finally you have chosen a non-White woman to add to your examples of femininity. Her amerindian ancestry from Puerto Rico gives her a nice tannish color, I like it.

The idea isn't whether he puts photos of white women or non white women, though it's nice to see ppl of different nationalities of course, the idea is to get the meaning of his site which focuses primarily or exclusively on the issue of high fashion models - not women in general- most of whom happen to be white, with very few exceptions. Those who come here just to see photos of different nationalities miss the purpose of the site as that's not what it's about with all due respect. Just my 2 cents and I'm all for women of different races being put on the site. But that's not the point of the site. Peace!

She is White - mother is Irish, father is French. You were probably looking at the tags on the bottom of her Wikipedia article; those are erroneous and don't match up with her Wiki bio above, or her bio in any other website for that matter.

Yeah i dont see how she looks nonwhite.I know a lot of white women who can tan that well and have the same kind of hair and everything.Maybe someone should put up a site that shows the feminine beauty of other races.

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