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What goes into the selection of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models? Some video clips

Since the 2008 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue has been heavily promoted recently, it is time to add to the previous discussion of what goes into the selection of Sports Illustrated swimsuit models.  This time some video clips are used.  Videos sometimes speak better than a handful of pictures or mere words.

The following clip shows the introduction of the video featuring the search for the 2005 Sports Illustrated swimsuit model.

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Video 1. The introduction of the 2005 Sports Illustrated swimsuit model search video.  Download video (flv, 29 MB).

The narrator tells us that the prize is a million dollar modeling contract and a layout in the 2005 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.  Obviously, a huge number of women will be interested.  We are told that Sports Illustrated launched a nationwide talent search, sending model scouts to discover the best undiscovered talent in America, and thousands of women lined up.  It is a safe bet that the women who lined up disproportionately comprised of the better looking ones, and the Sports Illustrated team should have been able to come across women who look outstanding from the perspective of most people in light of the claim that “America will decide the winner.”  We can see the outstanding women the Sports Illustrated team came up with in the following video.

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Video 2. The introduction to the 12 women who made the cut for the 2005 Sports Illustrated swimsuit model search.  Download video (flv, 56 MB).

There is simply no way the great majority of the women who made the cut are anywhere close to the optimal preferences of the majority, and this is not because feminine women cannot be found.  Video 1 briefly shows that they generally eliminated the feminine ones at the very outset.

Video 1 specifies the criteria that will be used to pick the winner among the 12 women who made the cut:

  • The women will be competing against each other in grueling physical challenges.  This is supposedly because athletic performance is relevant to a sporting magazine.  But do the heterosexual clientele of the swimsuit issue give a rat’s about how many sit ups and push ups the swimsuit models can do?  In addition, the slender women they often select have little muscle mass to deliver good athletic performance. 
  • The women will be participating in professional modeling events.
  • Beauty just gets a woman through the front door.  Factors other than looks will be required to win.  Translation: we will use “internal” criteria to explain to the public why what the public finds more attractive has been eliminated.
  • The models will have to “give to the camera” or else it would be like photographing dead fish on the beach.  Said by Joel Wilkenfeld, the president of a top model agency.  If this is true then how does one explain why these folks recruit girls in their mid-teens as high-fashion models and ask them to look sexy during many photoshoots when most of these girls, many of whom are so young that they have never had a boyfriend, don’t know what this means?

It is obvious that they don’t want to describe the criteria they will be using, but if the involvement of fashion people isn’t a clue, the following clip will help.

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Video 3. The clip speaks for itself.  Download video (flv, 15 MB).

Joel Wilkenfeld, the President of Next Model management doesn’t give obvious queer vibes like Nikko, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he is a homosexual.  Even if he isn’t, he knows what the gay fashion people are looking for or he wouldn’t be heading a top modeling agency.

Before the 2008 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue came out, the magazine had a promo on CNN, featuring Marisa Miller and Diane Smith, the editor of the issue.

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Video 4. CNN promotion video for the 2008 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.  Download video (flv, 21 MB).

The news anchor asks Diane Smith what she looks for in a cover girl for the swimsuit issue.  Diane Smith tells us... we look at thousands and thousands and thousands of pictures and suddenly come across one that makes us go “wow”; the light, the hair, the body, the sunset just come together...the is hard to describe the magic; the harder you try to get that magic, it doesn’t happen; it just happens when you are least suspecting it...the picture becomes evident; it’s clear; it’s hard to describe...I think it’s just, you know, experience of looking at millions of pictures.  And this is coming from the editor.  The question wasn’t how do you decide which photo of the cover girl to pick, but what criteria do you use for picking a cover girl.  This is mere show to mislead the public.  The aesthetic preference of male homosexuals heavily determine the models selected, and they make it look like a woman is the chief selector of the models.

Here is a screen capture from the CNN promo video, showing very broad shoulders in Marisa Miller.  She obviously knows how to pose and make her shoulders appear narrower, but is the breadth because the original video has been horizontally stretched by CNN to fit its wide screen format or is it that she has broad shoulders and the screen capture has caught her at an opportune moment? 

Marisa Miller from the CNN promo video.

Fig. 1. Screen capture of Marisa Miller from the CNN promo video.

Here are more pictures of Marisa Miller, from other shoots, and her shoulders are on the broad side, and as the video clip makes it clear, her voice is husky and face masculine (fake breasts, too).

Marisa Miller; broad shoulders.

Fig. 2. Marisa Miller.  Also see her backside.

Sports Illustrated had another promo video at TNT.  I got the following screen capture of Bar Refaeli’s backside.

The backside of Bar Refaeli

Fig. 3. The backside of Bar Refaeli, captured from the 2008 Sports Illustrated swimsuit video shown on TNT.

When I first saw Bar Refaeli in Sports Illustrated, she looked out of place because she had large breasts that did not look fake, apparently had a feminine physique and a face that wasn’t manly.  But how feminine will regular Sports illustrated models get?  Apparently not too feminine, as illustrated by Bar’s screen capture.  Bar knows how to pose or the photographers know how to make her pose and it would take a screen capture at the right moment to get the truth.

Here are some screen captures of the models wearing only body paint.  No comment on their femininity is needed.

Sports Illustrated swimsuit models (2008) wearing body paint but no clothes; Quiana Grant, Tori Praver, Jessica Gomes

Fig. 4. Sports Illustrated swimsuit models (2008) wearing body paint but no clothes.  Are these models supposed to strongly appeal to heterosexual men in general?  Do these women look like they can turn in good athletic performances if their masculinization is explained by a need for an athletic look?  Top: Quiana Grant; middle: Tori Praver; bottom right: Jessica Gomes.

Here is a clip of Heidi Klum dancing after she removed her breast implants.  And they are passing her as a sexy woman!  Sexy to people of which sexual orientation?

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Video 5. Heidi Klum in the 2008 Sports Illustrated swimsuit video.  Download video (flv, 29 MB).

The 2008 Sports Illustrated swimsuit video was taken from, but the person who made the video came up with the wrong aspect ratio.  Those who want to watch it should download it and open it in a player, like media player classic, that lets one select the aspect ratio (select the ‘zoom to widescreen’ option in the View -> Pan&Scan menu).

Now for some clips of glamour models.  I wish I knew of a convenient source of feminine contrast other than nude models, but when even outlets that are supposed to cater to heterosexual men’s preferences have been infiltrated by homosexuals, what can one do?

Should anyone be under the impression that the Sports Illustrated models’ typical masculinized appearance has something to do with their height, here is an educational video clip of a 6-feet-tall model.

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Video 6. Peaches from Met Art.  She also goes by the name Monika at FTV girls, and her pictures were previously contrasted with those of Elle MacPhersonDownload video (flv, 79 MB).

Look at this woman’s physique.

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Video 7. Loora from onlyteaseDownload video (flv, 69 MB).

Another feminine one though not with a tiny waist.

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Video 8. Sophia Smith from onlyteaseDownload video (flv, 34 MB).

Here is a glamour model with a flabby stomach, but how many Sports Illustrated models can match her cuteness (relevant to heterosexual men)?  Many heterosexual men would undoubtedly prefer the little bit of flab and some cellulite to the flat-stomached and small-buttocked models that abound in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.  To maximize its appeal to heterosexual men, it would make sense for Sports Illustrated to also feature some voluptuous women, but the homosexuals don’t want it. 

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Video 9. Shel from onlyteaseDownload video (flv, 37 MB).

Sports Illustrated is a big publication and can afford to promote its swimsuit issue in the major mainstream media.  If one contrasts the screen captures shown above with how briefly the unflattering poses are shown in the actual videos and notes their general absence in the published pictures, it is clear that these masculinized women are made to look more feminine with carefully selected poses and undoubtedly airbrushing and breast implants in some cases also.  These reasons, together with the absence of competition from a feminine beauty alternative, but not the actual choice of models, explain the success of the annual Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue in terms of sales.  This scenario will not persist for long.



Here is more on the 2008 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

Page 22 says, “We have pretty high standards, you know.” grin

Page 29 introduces the rookie models as follows.


[A list of NBA rookies]. But we’re a little more taken, we’ll admit, by another collection of eye-popping newbies who are certain to generate even more excitement and enthusiasm. And we happen to think that just about any pulse-bearing male would agree.

The rookies shown include Quiana Grant, Melissa Haro and Melissa Baker. The correct statement would have mentioned “pulse-bearing males of some atypical sexual orientations” since whereas typical men would not have a problem with these women, they would not be excited by their pictures.

Sports Illustrated has some pictures of Will Ferrell and Heidi Klum online. Contrast them and those in the magazine with the unflattering appearance of Heidi in the video. Those skeptical of my arguments should ask themselves why do they go through the trouble of making unfeminine women look as feminine as possible rather than recruit feminine models.

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I'd like to take a closer look at that idiotic theory of yours :

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The wide-eyed 24-year-old from Brooklyn today looks pretty as always, her long dark mane framing her rosy cheeks and pale skin betraying her Irish descent. She concedes her looks are "very Irish". "Yet not all you see is for real," she quickly points out.

"This came from a bottle," she says, tugging at her raven locks. "I'm very aware of my own background. I'm Irish, French and then a little bit of everything else thrown in, ranging from German to native American. We're talking about tiny drops of blood.

"Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus"

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Zonneschijn: Damn, I told you to not leave any comments addressing my arguments until I reply to your previous ones. Heed! You can reply to others, but not me until I address your previous comments. I just don’t have the time to be more prompt in my replies. Learn English and some science. Here is an article for you to read pertaining to your claims about the origin of Europeans and the white women I have been showing. Don’t repeat your claims unless you have evidence to back them up.

Hey erik:
I agree with what your say about models being pretty masculin looking. I mean, looking at the pages of Vicky S, i could never understand why they picked some of the girls they picked (i.e. Gisele Bundchen). But I was wondering where I fall on the shape scale. My measurements are 36-26-38, weighing in at 143 with a BMI of 23.1 . I have kind of broad shoulders but they aren't square, they are about 14in apart. My hip bones are only about 10 in apart. I am five-foot-six-and-a-half, got long legs. My rib cage isn't that big i don't think, never measured it, but I was wondering what you make of my shape? Oh yeah, I am also eighteen years old.

Thanks Ella, rihanna looks very feminine and cute somehow exotic with her golden skin tone I really like her.

I also think this girl is pretty, though I don’t know her name.

Ella Tse : I know that girl u ask. she is chinese actress and her name is yang mi. she has her nose job and so her chin too. I do not especially like chinese or japanese and korean that much because 98 percent of their pretty actresses from plastic surgery. ( I have read from the book and also some plastic surgeon in my country told me) u can notice that our features are cooperating to our bodies. the people with curly hair tend to have long curl eyelashs or the people with flat foread tend to have inner eyelids fold. some of the korean actress I have seen on movie did too much plastic surgery untill her whole face look almost her whole face look almost like european women . I prefer natural beauty is the way better. the good example of beautifull far east asian actress is
Lee Yeong ae which I also do not especially like but she is look good in far east asian style and also gentle.

u can look at more of yang mi pictures from this link.

what do you guys here think of kim kardashian?

The asian girl I find this one is nice.

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I think kim k. is pretty although I do think she had a butt job done.

Ella Tse: If you have at least a C-cup, then your measurements seem to be those of a voluptuous woman that could be anywhere in the neighborhood of average with respect to masculinity-femininity. Whether this means on the masculine side or on the feminine side of average, I can't tell from the measurements. I will come back here and post some pictures of Emma Twigg who has an hourglass figure but it is difficult to describe her as feminine given her muscular and skeletal development. This will be a good example of why it is not easy to judge masculinity-femininity from a handful of crude measurements. Broad shoulders by themselves need not imply masculinization, which is assessed from overall looks.

Emma Twigg has got very board shoulders eventheought her face is feminine. kim k. probably looks big because of her tanned firm skin but she got small shoulders, not very much tall, small handwrist -without the big breasts and butt she was a slender woman.

Many images here focusing on hips and buttocks in women.

Overall hip circumerence and buttock size are not reliable indicators of physical gender congruity, because it is heavily influenced by the model's BMI. Hip circumference is not only determined by skeletal proportion, but also by soft tissue deposition around the pelvic girdle, which accentuates the gluteal regions externally and stresses skeletal articulation internally.

Most slender girls have an intrinsically gynaecoid pelvic architecture, but have biometrically narrower hips due to their low BMI and relative lack of soft tissue. In contrast, a woman may have an android pelvis that is fortified by a heavy layer of soft tissue, but by your criteria would be more "feminine" than the comparative ectomorphs. This is why internal pelvic measurement (as determined on pelvic examination of perinatal women) is a more reliable predictor of safe vaginal delivery than external hip circumference.

There are visible idiosyncracies of external pelvic shape which serve as superior indicators of underlying morphology, which people may notice with or without conscious acknowledgement. I personally believe that these are significantly more important considerations in the gender discernment process. All things considered, I would also say that the swimsuit models here fall well within normal population variation.

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Why can't people just contend with what they got? I guess there is ALWAYS room for improvement!

Ok so I have been looking through your site and i agree with most everything you say. I am according to what you say on the feminine side. In fact I am extremely feminine. I do have a question though. My sister is pretty masculine comapred to me. She is younger than me and while my mother was pregnant with her she had to do a lot of walking and other things harsher on the body. While she was pregnant with me she did not. Does this have anything to do with why she is so masculine and I so feminine? She has a similar body to Marissa Miller. Her shoulders are wider, hips narrower, but she does have large breasts interestingly. Anyways, for some reason guys select her over me it seems, even though my face and body are much softer and I am in shape. She is very athletic, she is artistic, and her IQ is near genius so maybe she has an advantage in those areas over me since I am average in everything, but I don't think she is more attractive than me at all. Do you think guys are picking her because they are brainwashed by magazines like sports illustrated? I don't think they care how smart she is and all that stuff so I think it has to do with the way she looks but she is masculine. Her breasts are on the larger side and they are perky, but mine are large as well. I just can't figure out why soo many guys go for her when she looks more masculine than me. Do magazines like these have an effect on the way guys see women? I think you should write an article on the psychological effects magazines like these have on men.

I think the problem with SISE along with victoria,s secret and the lot is that they are controlled by the fashion industries and now western societies standard of beauty. Reguardless of the judges sexual orientation (what do straight males and gay women typically care about...fachion? I think not) N This unacheivable standard prizes tall, lean, waspy bodies and no breasts are needed. there may be a little more curves in swim or lunderwear catelogues so these naturally (most are born to be this way and only minor effort is needed) slim will feel the need to be curvey and get breast jobs when this only makes them disproportioned. What i have most issue with is height requirements of these models. itt's at least 5'8'' and being 5'5'' having people say ihave the dace and skin of a model is just annoying, plus i have always been too big for fashion but too small for plus size. I'm currently 144 though i've been 20lbs more and less i tend to stay the same weight due to hips. so does this mean i have a masculine face and fem body? That general ization i disagree with because i feel these models don't have enough muscle tone to be masculine. plus their faces are exotic and interesting if not cute... idont know if high fashion should be cute...probably in japan. listen , im not defending it, just showing reasons. And truely no swim designer will choose flabby and cute over slender and tall in any show.

Susan: The average looks among Sports Illustrated swimsuit models and Victoria’s Secret models are not explained by Western standards of beauty or else these women would be overwhelmingly feminine. You know what the preferences of the fashion industry are. You can read about the preferences of the general public here:

You should put Anne Hathaway in yr attractive women's section, Eric, as she is attractive and feminine to many and healthy slim, and funnily enough her movie "The Devil Wears Prada" exempliefies nearly everything you say about this nutty fashion industry and their motives for hiring too skinny models, it was a hilarious movie if you saw it.

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