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Gay fest in full bloom at the Miss World 2006 beauty pageant

This should have been posted months ago, but better late than never.  I need to post this before addressing the recently concluded Miss World 2007 pageant.

Pictures speak for themselves:

Some Miss World 2006 contestants.

Listed from left to right by row, top-down:

Miss Angola (Stiviandra Oliveira), Miss Argentina (Maria Beatriz Vallejos Schulze), Miss Austria (Tatjana Batinic)
Miss Belgium (Virginie Lieve Geraldine Claes), Miss Bosnia (Azra Gazdic), Miss Brazil (Jane Sousa Borges Oliveira)
Miss Cayman Islands (Ambuyah Ruth Ebanks), Miss Costa Rica (Belgica Arias Palomo), Miss Dominican Republic (Paola Torres Cohen)
Miss Ecuador (Rebeca Flores Jaramillo), Miss England (Eleanor Mary Anne Glynn), Miss Estonia (Leisi Poldsam)
Miss Germany (Edita Orascanin), Miss Ghana (Lamisi Mbillah), Miss Greece (Eirini Karra)
Miss India (Natasha Suri), Miss Martinique (Stephanie Florence Colosse), Miss Mexico (Karla Veronica Jimenez Amescua)
Miss Mongolia (Selenge Erdene-Ochir), Miss Montenegro (Ivana Knezevic), Miss Netherlands (Sheryl Lynn Baas)
Miss Portugal (Sara Sofia Almeida Dias Leite), Miss Peru (Silvia Cornejo Cerna), Miss Poland (Marzena Cieslik)
Miss Romania (Ioana Valentina Boitor), Miss Serbia (Vedrana Grbovic), Miss Singapore (Pereira Colleen Francisca)
Miss Slovakia (Magdalena Sebestova), Miss Spain (Inmaculada Torres Del Rey), Miss Sri Lanka (Rapthi Raffella Dannielle Kerkoven)
Miss St. Lucia (Tamalisa Jn.Baptiste), Miss Tanzania (Wema Isaac Sepetu)

Are the following individuals male or female or something else?  I don’t know.

Caroline Virgile Bevis (left), Alexandra Federica Guzman Diamante

Miss Guadeloupe (Caroline Virgile Bevis), Miss Venezuela (Alexandra Federica Guzman Diamante).

Note the contrast in the following picture:

Miss World 2006 contestants; Pereira Colleen Francisca, Natasha Suri, Annabella Hilal, Tonje Elise Skjaervik and Cathrin Skog

Miss World 2006 contestants; from left to right: Pereira Colleen Francisca (Miss Singapore), Natasha Suri (Miss India), Annabella Hilal  (Miss Lebanon), Tonje Elise Skjaervik (Miss Norway) and Cathrin Skog (Miss Sweden).

I didn’t find clear pictures of Miss Singapore, but Miss India will suffice:

Natasha Suri, Annabella Hilal, Nicola Mclean, Cathrin Skog

Miss World 2006 contestants; top row features Natasha Suri (Miss India); bottom features from left to right: Alexandra Demciuk (Miss Moldova), Annabella Hilal (Miss Lebanon), Nicola Mclean (Miss Scotland) and Cathrin Skog (Miss Sweden).

How can someone put together the women shown in this article in the same contest and call it a beauty pageant?  The homosexuals need to set up a contest for themselves instead of throwing in a couple of feminine women to avoid alienating the public.



Miss Norway, Argentina and Lebanon look very feminine don't they ?

Erik : Update your articale abit, this already 2007?

here Miss India 2007, feminine enough? fair skin, green eyes, light hair.

And Can I ask you one thing? Do beautifull women must have only fair skin?

very beautifull Miss India 2007, flawless look, slender shape, narrow face, big navy blue eyes, small nose, worm ivory skin.

Miss India, Diya Mirza, she was crowned Miss asia pacific but which year I also couldn't remember. I have seen her acting in some India movies and also have seen her from far away view at one hotel in bombay. she looks quite pretty as well, she has light skin, very small body and pretty legs. she looks quite different from many pictures of her in western websits on internet. I also have seen sneha ullal, preety zinta in India movies, they have light skin and very beautifull. sneha ullal has also blue green eyes and preety zinta is the most beautifull Indian actress I have seen. my dennish fred watched her movie together with me and he even said that he find preety zinta looks like Italian woman. I couldn't explain more than this about how those Indian beauty look like? unless u have to watch their flims by yourself and I sure u will find they look different from the pictures on western websits. some Indian actress I have seen on movie look like european woman and have blue eyes and white skin and then I remember their name to serach for their pics on internet. but I find out that many of their pictures on internet do not look like them on movies at all.

This is a picture of Diya Mirza, Miss India ( also miss asia pacific)
some Indian fan took this picture.

The pictures below are Diya Mirza wallpaper from India websit site.

Awww... all that Brownian Motion and Vibrancy !
I'm starting to feel all fuzzy and warm inside =)

Not to mention a bit of seasickness and a vague feeling of Déjà Vu

You go, Shilpa !
We are not worth it, I know :(

Racism is a biased term intentionally weighted in favour of the immigrants. about shilpa shetty and any Indians or muslim, asian in europe or usa. they have to adapt themselves to the country they wanted to stay. it's bad of some poor white people that like to insult other race but the immegrants have to make up their mind before they have entered other country. like you went to stay in Islam country u cann't say you don't like their people, their food or their law because u are not the owner of the country. the same to the case of Indian and arab immegrants in europe. some of my european relative have also a problem with muslim neighbour. by the way this site is about feminine beauty and not about racist I only wanted to let erik see that
Indian women are not always ugly that's all.

More if Diya Mirza, Miss Asia Pacific for the year 2000. She was also second runner up in the Miss India 2000 beauty contest.Her father Frank Handrich is German and her mother is Indian.

Koel Poori

Lara Dutta, Miss India UNIVERSE 2000, have watched her on movie. she looks very gorgeous. her father is Indian and her mother British.

Lakha, miss asia pacific from India that also crowned the sexist woman of the world. with the age 53 years old right now she still looks very young. when she was young I find her face looks quite like Glaoria estafan

This is a picture of Gloria estafan, the spanish singer who looks like Lakha.

Minisha lamba, very feminine Indian actress.

Payal Rohakit. graduated engineering, Miss Tourism World in 2001,

She was also a Femina Miss India Finalist in 2000.

Celina Jaitley, Miss India. very beautifull Indian-afghan woman with original ice-blue eyes. she was born in afghanistan I have watched her flims she looks quite like natali Glebova, miss Russian universe.
Celina was born in Kabul, Afghanistan. She was crowned Miss India in 2001.

Erik : I think u have never seen all these pictures before, some Indian women that I chat to on msn, sent me all these pictures of random feminine Miss India finalis of different year and some Indian models that she finds them pretty. I think they look very feminine and prettier more than some of your glamour white models.

First of all I will let u see why Natasha Suri has crowned the Indian beauty pageant. many Indian people find that she looks like dark version of angelina joli.

Now take a look at Miss India universe 2003, Nikita Anand. she looks very feminine.

Now take a look at the other miss India finalis 2007. all of them look very feminine.
Indian models

The last one is the present miss India 2007. Puja Gupta

To "Z" or whomever you are:

PLEASE, Please, please stop posting all of those large photos!!! Can't you use thumbnails?? It has become impossible to scroll through the comments section on this site because those photos take up so much space. It is rude and disrespectful to other readers. Can't you email your photos to Erik instead or just post one or two at the most?


very beautiful women abdulleke

Sandy :sorry, I don't know how to put thumbnails like u said. and yes I wanted everyone to see the pictures without they have to click on anything.


This beautifull woman is name Meenakshi Karan. she was also in miss India beauty pageant 2006 the same as Neha kapur but couldn't win the contest even she looks very feminine, all of her pics in google look feminine. but her look is just too orinary comparing to masculinity naha kapur miss India universe.

Sexy Masculinity Neha kapur miss India universe.

The Puja Gupta, miss India 2007 looks fine.

Indian women let us see that beauty can come in many ways. all of them have different type of hair, eyes, nose, shape face and skin color. but the most what I find it's feminine in them that is they look natural, flawless and fresh and innocent and natural.

beautifull women post more more more abdulleke(^v^)

Zonneschijn: I have repeatedly asked you to stop leaving comments addressing my arguments until I reply to all of your previous comments, but you have ignored my requests. I have also repeatedly asked you to stop using multiple aliases. So this is a serious warning. If you do not heed, your comments will be removed, and if you persist, you will be banned.

You need to realize that by posting a huge number of pictures, including wallpapers, on the same page, which you are doing on many pages, you make it very time consuming for many people to load the page and thereby very difficult to follow up on the comments. You posted around 130 pictures above, many large/very large. This is insane. If you are going to post a large number of pictures on the same page then you need to either post links to the images or clickable thumbnails. Here is how to post clickable thumbnails when using photobucket. You should also combine many pictures into a single picture. In the article I have posted dozens of original images combined into only four separate images. You could also help by removing unnecessary parts of the wallpapers and just show what you are focusing on, such as the face.

I converted your pictures on this page to clickable links. I will do this to your future comments if you again post a large number of huge images, but these comments had better be after I reply to your previous comments or else read the warning again for what will happen. There is no need to post a large number of pictures of the same woman; three clear face pictures will do the job: front, side/profile, three-quarters view (you could use the closest approximations). If you are going to showcase Indian beauty then do not pass off as Indian white women in Indian clothing or women who are “Indian” because one parent is Indian (the other being white). You cannot defend this by claiming that Europeans result from the mixing of Middle Easterners and “Mongols” unless you have a proper response to the journal article I linked to in my previous reply to you in the latest article on the Sports Illustrated models. Again, your reply will have to wait my replying to all your previous comments or you know what is going to happen. By leaving this comment, I have not finished my reply to you as far as this page goes and I haven’t replied to most of your comments elsewhere.

why the fuck u have my sister..tamalisa jn baptiste (miss st lucia)on your shit...talking bout homo sexuals....i think the biggest homo is your mama so u better not let me get your shit packing ass you undercover biatch and if you are a girl...then u making this ass wopping a lot easier, so fuck off u hater...kiss our st lucian mother fucking assses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!braaaaaa!

Sorry erik that I leaving the pictures of Indian beauties on this site before you reply. but I just wanted to try out your clickable thumnails trick that it will be worked or not. and I don't know how to combine four of the pictures into the same row like this link

These Indian women seem quite Caucasian to me, which probably accounts for whatever feminity they display.

Your point has been made, I think. I don't see any point in continuing to post pics of Indians.

Observer : I only wanted to let erik see tha's not all of the Indian are look ugly. I have seen many of caucasian looking Indian women.

Z, I'm quite sure that someone who has invested as much study, time and effort into putting up this site is well aware of the variety of Indian characteristics. However, in the case that he wasn't, your point has been made. You have been asked repeatedly, by Erik and others, to cease posting so many pics (especially when irrelevant). Ignoring those requests shows very poor form.

Yeah, I would have to concur. These women are not beauty pageant worthy.

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