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Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan

I have long debated whether I should add Rose McGowan to the attractive women section.  She isn’t very feminine and has a rib cage on the broad side, but I really like her looks, and finally added her there.  She is in her mid-thirties now, and is past her prime, but was a very attractive woman in her twenties, in my opinion.  The following pictures of Jessica Barton, whom Rose replaces, made me decide in Rose’s favor.

I hadn’t looked at Jessica Barton carefully.  For instance, in the first two pictures below, she looks great, but in the next two pictures it is clear that she has breast implants, and when hair is not obscuring the sides of her face, her face appears long and narrow, i.e., not so feminine.

Jessica Barton from modFX models.

Jessica’ s pictures are taken from modFX models.

Jessica Barton has above average attractiveness, but I have to improve the quality of the women in the attractive women section to increase the impact of this site.



Someone mentioned Lindsay Lohan in another post, but you haven't addressed her although she seems to fit your ideal standards of femininity. From a purely objective standpoint, Lindsay is very likely the most physically attractive woman in Hollywood (look up her pictures), and this is coming from someone who isn't even a fan.

Thanks for removing that slack-jawed Jessica from the attractive women section, and for finally realizing that "I have to improve the quality of the women in the attractive women section to increase the impact of this site."
Lindsey Lohan IS beautiful (and also happens to fit the hallowed Feminine Ideals set forth in this site)'s Kim Kardashian, who's half Armenian, half western European--though I'm not sure if she's had a rhinoplasty or not.

Also strikes me as very feminine-faced: Ivanka Trump.

Past her prime? Quality of women? You are a strange individual. You are a mysoginist. Do you have any respect for women at all? And why are there so many almost pornographic, sorry, 'glamour' shots? I actually think you are a shit stirrer and dont really believe half the crap that you put on this site. You act like all triggers to all people, racist, homophobic, mysoginistic. I bet you are a black gay transvestite with no
genetalia. Or at least wish you were.

It's okay to call her past her prime; we're judging her on her looks. We can football players past their prime and no one calls them anti-male. In general, we can call men past their prime.

Erik : one again, I notice the women you find pretty are the women with
flat face, droopy eyes and mouth breething. her face looks too much under developing it dosen't seems to be attactive for me at all.
I think u know the word " balance" shape face don't u? but why you are always selected the models with disporportion face?

and for me I seen a lot of transvitite gay in ..... city look a lot like
Rose McGowan

Take a look at this women below, they are much more feminine and their face are porportion, especially natalie glebova and winona ryders.

Hermes, if you're shocked by this site, may I suggest visiting Please post a reply so I'll be certain that you haven't passed away from a stroke upon visiting said site. LOL

Rose mcgowan was soooo gorgeous in the movie jawbreaker and google image her..she is A BEAUTY! she has perfect features!
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