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Weep Donald Trump, weep!

Why is the Donald smiling?

Donald Trump and Zuleyka Rivera

The Donald should be weeping.  Look at who won the 2006 Miss Universe title!

Zulekya Rivera Mendoza

The physical appearance of Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza is best contrasted with a more feminine Latina, which will be Natalia Cruze here.  The pictures of Natalia Cruze are taken from her site and DDgirls (adult sites).

Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza and Natalia Cruze

Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza and Natalia Cruze

Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza and Natalia Cruze

More pictures of the face of Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza: 1, 2, 3, 4.

More pictures of the face of Natalia Cruze: 1, 2, 3.

Time for some physique comparisons.

Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza and Natalia Cruze from DDgirls

Have the judges ever seen feminine waist-hip proportions?

Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza and Natalia Cruze

Do the judges know what a feminine backside is supposed to look like?

Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza and Natalia Cruze from DDgirls

Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza and Natalia Cruze

Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza and Natalia Cruze

Notice the manly arm length of Zuleyka, and her breasts look fake.  Does anyone have information on whether Zuleyka has had breast implants?

Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza and Natalia Cruze

Donald Trump, take a look at your Miss Universe contestants and see how many of them have the kind of physique shown below?

Natalia Cruze

Donald Trump, how much longer will heterosexual men have to endure such travesty?


i completely agree with you. miss universe looks like michael jackson.

i think miss japan should've won, although you probably won't agree with me, since you seem to only prefer white women.

I agree that between Zuleyka and Kurara Chibana (Miss Japan), Ms. Chibana should have won.

who do you think should've won, then?

by the way, natalia has breast implants.

Any of the following women would have been fine with me: Betina Faurbye (Miss Denmark), Erin McNaught (Miss Australia), Inna Tsymbaliuk (Miss Ukraine) and Charm Onwarin Osathanond (Miss Thailand).

I have topless pictures of Natalia Cruze, and it does not seem that she has breast implants. However, if she does, then they have been well done, which would only be possible if she had somewhat prominent breasts to start with or else her breasts would look obviously fake. In any case she is much more feminine than Zuleyka.

out of your choices, i only agree with miss denmark.

from the pictures i found on this link, these seem to be the most feminine looking

argentina, china, denmark, indonesia, israel, jamaica, japan, lebanon, mexico, northern marianas, poland, singapore, switzerland, and usa.

oh and miss ukraine? what a mess.

according to wikipedia, natalia cruze does not have real breasts.

The contestants that I named are the women that I would not have a problem with if they had won; the named women are not necessarily feminine. In fact, Erin McNaught is clearly masculine, but she is one of the rare masculinized women that I have liked.

I am not particularly fond of Miss Ukraine, but given the limited choice, she would not be a bad selection.

The contestants that you have named are not necessarily feminine, either, and you have probably based your choices on face alone; I also considered the physiques of the contestants. The contestants from the USA, Israel, Indonesia and Switzerland are masculinized.

Wikipedia lists the bust of Natalia Cruze as 38B. She surely doesn’t have a B-cup; Wikipedia is most likely mistaken about breast implants in Natalia.

Natalia is hot except for those manly tatoos.

The Miss Universe Pageant is all about women. Who says what a real woman's supposed to look like? Who says she has to have a small waist and large hips? Miss Rivera won fair and square and people shouldn't be judging her for being the current Miss Universe. And she won't be baring her body as Miss U, she's going to be working with humanitarian organizations. Intelligence also matters. The women who compete in these pageants know how to answer- they have brains. I think that masculine-ish looking women, like you say that Miss Rivera is, is not bad- it's the women who act masculine are the not so cool ones.

Aiko: The pageant is not about what a “real woman” is supposed to look like, but about beauty and smarts. Since the pageant is catering to the general public, it is only appropriate that it select contestants based on what most people find attractive in women, which is nowhere close to Zuleyka’s masculine looks. Given that the contestants are drawn from eligible candidates that number in the millions, it would be an easy matter to find 100 feminine and attractive women who are also very intelligent. The issue of baring the body is not relevant. Zuleyka is not being addressed here because she has not bared her body for photographers, but because the Miss Universe Organization is making a mockery of beauty by letting the likes of Zuleyka compete in the pageant, let alone win.

I have looked through your website and found it quite interesting and entertaining. You obviously are a highly intelligent individual. I do believe there is increasing masculinity in fashion modelling which does need some curtailing. However your argument ,while very interesting and having some valid points ,is flawed in a number of respects. I will make my assertions in relation to the above article.

Firstly, the pictures of the other woman given for comparison are most definitely altered using a photo editing program, the model is purposely posed and undressed to emphasise curves and the photos are taken from angles which magnify the hip to waist ratio and bust size. In contrast, many of the pictures portrayed of Miss Universe are normal candid shots, screen shots from the pageant and from the night after the win. Therefore these pictures are not comparable.

Both women are beautiful without a doubt. However, facially I prefer Zuleyka and she has more traits of what researchers have found to be beautiful and feminine. i.e. shorter face, bigger eyes, high cheekbones, fuller lips, better symmetry, and an original look. In profile the glamour model is unmemorable. Her features merge into one another and are quite weak. Please note weak features should not be described as feminine. I believe you must distinguish between underdeveloped features and femininity.

I do agree that Miss Universe needs to put on a few pounds as she is too thin as compared with the glamour model above. However the hip to waist ratio of Miss Unverse are still at similar proportion i.e. approx 0.7 even at a lower weight.

One last point, Latin is not a race, but in fact refers to a group of people who can be Asian, black, white or any combination of the aforementioned races. According to your pageant theory, women of different ethnicities cannot even be compared and should be streamed in pageants separately. Therefore, where do the millions of mixed race individuals fit in! Your theory does not accommodate for this. The examples of African- American women ,given on another page, are all skewed due to the fact that all these women are mixed with Caucasian. In fact most people from the Americas are all of mixed heritage. Therefore, as seems to be the case in many of the examples on your site you seemed to have picked the female with more white ancestry as more attractive.
While I will say that many Caucasian traits are accepted in popular culture as beautiful I will remind you that many classic white features are indeed not feminine. Straight and angular features are very white and very masculine. Additionally, white women have a tendency to have very thin lips which companies like Revlon have made a fortune off of. Not to mention the plastic surgeon swho alter these women with collagen for thicker lips and Rhinoplasties to take classic Roman bumps out of noses (e.g. Ashlee Simpson). Not to mention the millions of women sun worshipping and spending excessively on fake tans to look darker. Almost every celebrity (white, black and green lol) has had a nose job. Even some of the most attractive white celebrities such Britney Spears, Tom Cruise and Marilyn Monroe have done so. This leads me to believe the " white" look that is so revered is not white and is actually artificial.
It is quite funny to me also that your pictures of African and Asian women look like “National Geographic” pictures, whereas the photos of the typical white woman appear to be pornographic beauty shots of models (18 -25) in the prime of their lives covered in special stage make up with perfect lighting.
In actuality, true beauty is a mixture of all racial traits and therefore people that that have these traits, like Catherine Zeta Jones who looks mestiza mix and Angelina Jolie who is known for her thick lips etc... appeal to almost all races

Thank you for your interesting site that has kept me entertained this evening!

R George: Many pictures of Zuleyka shown above feature her posing. Whereas the comparisons do not involve very similar poses, given the multi-angle pictures shown, it is easy to figure out that Zuleyka’s physique is much more masculine than Natalia’s.

How can you be near certain that Natalia’s pictures have been digitally altered? Natalia’s pictures have been taken from low-profile sources that are not expected to have the means or the willingness to bother with fashion-world-style airbrushing. Zuleyka, on the other hand, has a fashion modeling background, and some of her pictures shown above are more likely to have been airbrushed.

If you believe that scientific research has shown Zuleyka’s face to possess more attractive features than Natalia’s, then you need to spend some time going through this site. Beauty lies in how it all fits together. Natalia has mature features that are more feminine than Zuleyka’s, not weak/underdeveloped features.

When it comes to comparing femininity, the pictures of these women beat their reported WHRs anyday since thin women/women with more protruding backsides can have a low WHR (in the neighborhood of 0.7) without approaching an hourglass shape in front view.

A beauty pageant can easily accommodate contestants of mixed ethnic backgrounds by either assigning these individuals to the best-fit regular group (by physical appearance) or a mixed group category.

The more angular features of whites are not due to greater masculinization but due to other factors, and I don’t see how you can describe this as masculine since there are plenty of very feminine-looking white women around (there are numerous examples within this site). Some non-Europeans may find the average European lip thickness to be below their liking, but femininity and attractiveness are judged by overall appearance, and you will observe in South American nations that people generally find whiter looks more appealing (just look at their models and TV personalities).

I don’t believe that almost ever celebrity has had a nose job. Look at the white models shown within the attractive women section of this site. Most of them are basically no-name non-celebrities. Do you think that most of them have had nose jobs? You can observe the worldwide phenomenon that non-Europeans seeking nose jobs are more likely to want their noses to approach European norms than to make their noses look more ethnic but the reverse is not true. Given equal opportunity, white populations with finer noses are less likely to seek nose jobs than many other populations. Therefore, the admired white look you speak of has a basis in reality, not in imagination. Tanning among whites is less than a century-old phenomenon, and is related to a tan signifying the availability of more leisure time and thereby higher socioeconomic status rather than a preference for darker skin.

You have addressed the section that addresses aesthetics in international beauty pageants. How are the examples of African-American women skewed because of their part-white ancestry? African-Americans generally average a minority white contribution. This section includes plenty of pictures of sub-Saharan African women, too. Some of the featured women with predominant sub-Saharan African ancestry are nude/glamour models. Some of the comparisons on the first page address the possibility of using pictures to make the argument that an objective comparison of beauty across ethnic groups may or may not be possible, and these pictures are not part of the argument or being used to compare the attractiveness of different ethnic groups, and hence it does not matter if some of some of the African women are shown in their natural habitat whereas the European women are nude/glamour models.

wtf celebs get nose jobs bb.

your attractive women seletion dun get nose jobs cause they fail at looking good.

Eric, you are a self-centered pig. The world already caters to what straight men want. They rule the fricken world, if they gave a damn about what gay fashion designers and pageant judges are looking for in their models and contetants then they would make their feelings known and the looks of the women chosen would change. Most straight men don't give a damn about either of these things. Their tastes don't need to be catered to. So you are stuck looking at these women.

What you don't seem to understand is that lingerie shows and beauty pageants are not meat markets for "feminine" flesh. Plain featured, big busted caucasion women are easy to find in sleaze magazines and websites. If men want to see these women they know where to look. You obviously found women who you think outrank these models and pageant contestants in looks and sex appeal on amateur porn sites. You don't know if they have the poise or elegance to be a model, you don't know if they can answer questions or are as accomplished as the pageant contestants. Your reasoning is circular and shallow.

You seem to think that you are a better judge of beauty and who will look good in beautiful clothes than designers who have worked in the industry for decades. You think you are a better judge of who should be beauty pageant contestants than people who have been in pageants for years and people who have invested their money in them. Your arrogance is astounding. A clinical approach cannot be taken to industries that are as subjective, fickle and image obsessed as the pageant and fahion business. The celebration of "feminine" beauty is not the point of lingerie shows and beauty pageants. Money is ALWAYS the point and the bottom line of EVERY business. If "feminine" beauty is the essential ingrediant to great success then a lot of people would be dead broke in these industries. You are chasing windmills here because people will do whatever will help them make money. If skinny, masculine girls sell magazines, movies, clothes and perfume then they wll be utilized. It doesn't matter if its the halo effect, or the gay mafia effect. It matters that they make money.

You are so wrong Erik when you said "Tannint amongst whites is a less than ventuary old-phenomena......higher socioeconomic status rather than a preference for darker skin"

Darker skin and dark hair is the most sought after and no matter what you SAY erik the reality speaks for itself im sure you will agree.


Hmm, it seems that you're still offending a lot of people, Erik. I haven't visited the comments page for so long that I have forgotten for awhile how fun it is reading the comments. ;)

Danielle: Straight men do not rule the fashion world. Many straight men have made their feelings known about the poor quality of beauty pageant contestants and models, but not in a manner that would attract as much attention as this site does. It would only be a matter of time before something like this site popped up. If I didn’t do it, somebody else would have.

One can find plenty of feminine women within sleazy magazines/websites, no doubt about it, but the problem is that these women are not the best looking ones. The typical person would have seen better examples of feminine beauty than the women featured within the attractive women section of this site. I have seen better looking women than the ones that I am showing, but their pictures will not be encountered in magazines/websites and they will not be seen in the limelight unless there are mainstream high-profile modeling opportunities for them or the possibility of participating in the better known beauty pageants.

You are asking the wrong question whether the women that I am showing have the requisite poise/elegance to be models and pageant contestants. It is not the particular women that I am showing that matter -- after all many of them are nude models and the typical nude model can forget about mainstream fame. What matters is that with the resources of big modeling agencies/major beauty pageant organizations, one could quickly line up a huge number of feminine beauties with the poise and elegance to model and participate in beauty pageants.

Don’t accuse me of arrogance. I am backing up my arguments with plenty of supporting evidence regarding the preferences of the general population (which you have mistakenly described as a clinical approach), whereas you are resorting to name calling and ignoring the evidence. So who is arrogant?

How can you say that the celebration of feminine beauty is not the point of beauty pageants? These contests are supposed to be primarily about beauty, and the ones aimed toward the general public are obviously expected to be about feminine beauty. Even if you were to insist on emphasizing personality/talents, one could easily find feminine beauties with the right personalities/talents. Similarly, given the typical purpose of buying/wearing lingerie, how aren’t feminine women the most appropriate choice for lingerie models?

I have made it clear that the looks of high-fashion models have nothing to do with maximizing sales and that sales will not diminish because the items they are selling are highly desirable. If you come across outstanding shoes in a pathetic package, are you going to decline buying them, especially if you find nothing that is comparable and with a pleasing packaging?

Anil: A preference for lightness was true of Europeans until around the 1920s. The Europeans generally wanted to be as white as possible rather than pink and especially brown. This was when whiteness symbolized higher status because the upper class people didn’t have to labor in the sun. The industrial revolution reversed the scenario -- most jobs moved indoors and richer whites ended up spending more leisure time outside and got tanned. So do you realize why there is a preference for a tan? There is no intrinsic preference for it among Europeans. Also note that more white women dye their hair a lighter than a darker shade.

Brenda: A site like this is bound to offend some people and it may become worse with future additions that I have in mind, but the curious thing is that Danielle and others like her keep coming back.

we come to laff at chu cause ur liek this gay hating cracker who thinks that you actually have taste. kind of like trainwreck.

erik if ur so smart then why arent u runing the fashion wrold or acutaly making an impact instead of being an itnernet laugh stock? jsut wondering.

You have made my case for me Eric. It doesn't matter what the general public likes because they still covet and line up to buy designer perfume, handbags and clothes and beauty pageants are still going on. Beauty has no intrinsic value, possessing beauty does not make you a better person and beauty does not need to be promoted objectively. Even if the looks of todays models and beauty contestants are the results of gay men's illegal desires (ITS NOT!) I would still think that your site is worthless.

I can't imagine what pages you could come up with that would be more offensive than the pages you have up now. Wait!! I know what you want to promote. Let me guess. You want "masculine" girls and all non-aryans to be kicked out of beauty pageants and lingerie runways. You want gay designers to be rounded up and put in camps so that they can't infect western society with their criminal aesthetic. What else do you want? A personal stable of white buttafaces?

You amuse me Eric. That's why I keep coming back. You're so wonderfully delusional. You think that your pathetic site will somehow make a difference in the fashion and beauty industries. Your site is aimed at getting caucasian lifetime exclusive heterosexuals will see the light and then they will... They will... They will do what exactly? Gaybash the designers? Burn Donald Trump at the stake? If their opinions have as little effect on the products that the gay mafia promotes then what will changing their minds achieve?

I also wonder why you need to educate the public on feminine beauty at all. If feminine beauty is the objective, biologically driven ideal of the masses then why do they need to be shown what it is? You don't need to tell people when they feel hungry or horny. You don't need to tell them that they feel anger or pain. Why do they need to be told what beauty is if its so damn obvious?

Erik you cant blame people wanting to tan on leisure time there is plenty of other things they can do, they tan because they WANT to be DARKER intrinsic or not. As for lightness i have nothing against white or dark both are beautiful but from my observations of white girls white girls dont want to be white....

8D: This site is laying the groundwork for a significant public impact, which is not going to occur overnight.

Danielle: Whereas I agree that the more beautiful are not necessarily better people, beauty has some value. Speaking of illegal desires, desires are not illegal, but some behaviors are. Just because people continue to buy fashion merchandize notwithstanding the appearance of current models, it does not mean that models’ looks do not matter. Some people care about aesthetic issues, as in wanting to see feminine beauties among lingerie models and beauty pageant contestants. The current choice of models also has a negative impact on some young girls and women, prompting them to diet unnecessarily. Therefore, the looks of models and beauty pageant contestants matter.

I am not going to come up with additions to specifically offend people like you, but you will be offended as usual.

The subtlety of femininity and beauty need to be elaborated on because people are born with a basic aesthetic sense that is honed by experience. For instance, even infants prefer better looking to not so good looking faces, but experience limits what one finds to be highly appealing. Given the dearth of feminine beauty in the limelight, many individuals are not aware of the great examples of feminine beauty out there, which if brought to the limelight more often will prompt people to increasingly stop watching telecasts of beauty pageants and lingerie shows because the women shown are nowhere close to what most of them find highly appealing. This will prompt the organizers of beauty pageants/lingerie shows to select more feminine women. Just consider Miss America. Political correctness increasingly diminished its viewership and the pageant even got knocked off regular TV. The organization in charge has recently brought back the swimsuit round to check further viewership decline, but what it really needs is to primarily use feminine contestants. When masculine models are well-contrasted with feminine ones, the public will increasingly want to observe more feminine women among actresses and other celebrities, in accordance with its feminine-beauty-preferring central tendency, which will help bring more feminine women to the limelight. So you see how it is going to work?

Anil: If most jobs are indoor jobs, then chances are that whites will spend their leisure time outdoors, initially not to get a tan, but just to have a good time. Once a tan gets associated with high status, many will specifically spend time outside to get a tan to present a look of higher status. For tanning to signify higher socioeconomic status, you need to satisfy two requirements: the baseline color variation in the population should be low and most jobs, especially on the part of lower class individuals, should be indoor jobs. The first requirement is important; if the baseline variation is high, then it wouldn’t be possible to tell whether a darker individual is darker because of greater sun exposure or because the person is naturally darker. In white populations, a tan can signify higher socioeconomic status only if you know that the baseline skin is white. It is for this reason that you should not confuse a desire for a tan with a desire to not have naturally white skin.


0j0: Do not bother with behavior as far as this site is concerned; this site isn't about behavior. Zuleyka has nothing remotely comparable to Natalia as far as femininity of physical appearance goes. Don't delude yourself that Natalia's much more feminine appearance is due to photoshopping. Her pictures are taken from low profile sites that post multi-photo shoots, and likely do not have the resources or even the inclination to mass-photoshop the image sets in a consistent manner. There is also a frontal picture of Zuleyka where she is posing in a manner that exaggerates femininity but still doesn't look feminine. I guess you think women with large saggy breasts and thunder thighs should be on the modeling and pageant world just because that turns you on. LOL
Im a homosexual male, and I enjoy a large beefy muscular man ,a hairy chest and a waist size about 34 inches...but I dont pretend that type of guy is featured on the cover of GQ.
Your notion of beauty is "sexualized" and therefore biassed to me.
The girl you preffer does NOT by ANY means ,has a latin look,she even has freckles ,wich is highly unusual on latinos.The girl you deem "masculine" has stronger,more angular features due to her possibly indian and african genes(latinos are very mixed).
To me your notes on "femenine" vs "masculine" is pointless, since they are both females ,dont they?
I preffer the beauty queen girl ,she has a leaner ,longer more athletic body,wich is a reflection of today's society,and a stronger, more exotic and therefore memorable look.
The girl you seem to preffer just looks to me like a living version of a cheap inflatable doll...btw she also has tons of make up,hair extensions ,a receassed jawline and a piggy nose.Not to mention her vulgar poses and tattoos.

Zuleyka is way hotter than Natalia who looks like a victim of fetal alchohol syndrome. Poor thing.

Erik is so obsessed with "femininity" that he cannot tell when femininity is UGLY.

Natalia Cruze is "feminine" and her ugly pig nose is one of the worst noses I have ever seen.

What a demolition job. A complete butt-kicking! Natalia Cruz destroyed her. That "beauty queen" is way out of her league against Ms. Cruz.

Danielle, you are a deluded feminist cow. The world doesn't revolve around man-hating lesbians.

I love this thread!!!!!!!

zuleika rivera and natalia cruze hmmmmmm......
realy dude!! and Dudette out there!!! it's not a hard choice to make

I pick NATALIA CRUZE over zuleika in any time of the day, any where, anyhow etc etc.

aww.... disagree??? c'mon, get real...
lesse what zuleika have??? bassically nothin.... yup nothin' she's just your everyday not bad chickie you see in the mall... yea yeah yeah she's beautiful, yea yea she's curvy and tanned and all and all, but guess what?? Ain't everybody you see in college or mall or modeling contest even high schooler is just like that? hmm.... lesse how do i put in in a simple word "STANDARDIZED" yup, y'all women out there have been officialy STANDARDIZED like, uhh one hairstyle, one lip colour, every body want the same lips, averybody want the same curve, implant, lippo and all and all. geez y'all women even talk the same. hmm... lesse one of the most common standardized languages is (i bet every woman have had said this one once in their life) "ummm... i just got out from a very serious relation ship bla bla bla bla" (ask zuleika if she have ever said that, hah.. I bet she had).

BOTTOM LINE: Not Zuleika, Why?... , example made by whoever try to poison every women's mind by showing that THAT is the ideal women in WORLD standard .


SHE IS A TOTAL HOTTIE. not cuz i like a "not so appropriate website" but heeeey cmooon

lemme tell you dude and dudette out there. would you like your meal being served all at once OR appetizer first and then the main course and then the pudding and then ice cream (or beer) last

look at zuleika she's just all that.... opps i mean she's just that's all

but imagine you meet natalia in a decent place
1. Eyes: who wouldn't fall for those eyes
2. Lips: imagine she's calling your name.... SEXY!!!!
3. forehead: wide, yes, i know, represent the brain inside okay.....
4. chin: who wouldn't fall for that bruce wayne chin
5. nose: okay okay pig nose but that's what makes her perfect

and when things get serious.....
1. nice curve: don't have to explain
2. not to sporty but firm muscle line
3. guys, girls, it's real, not implanted.

mkaes you feel your chellenging this outer limit of a woman, growl (guys, admit it, we LIKE girls with tattoo)

so Whaddya say??????? me i still chosse NATALIA CRUZE over zuleika anytime dude... dudette....

and for whoever sez that natalia pictures is digitaly altered.... what? you guys... c'mon, get real

The beauty queen is a lot better looking , the other one looks like an undeveloped child with a maternal body ,very disturbing.

Youre comparing women to DINNER????

You got nothing there inside your case is rested.

Vulgar,ordinary people have vulgar ordinary tastes...

Adriana Lima: I prefer vulgar taste to taste so refined that the person prefers vomit to dinner.

I like ms. japan, brazil and dom republic...but not he one chosen, she's not delicate. Just a sex bomb with plastic bags.

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