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Linda D. from Met Art

Linda D from Met Art

This is a rare instance of me adding a woman with a malformed nose to the attractive woman section, but the rest of her is outstanding, and in many pictures her nose does not appear malformed.  This may be a temporary addition.

She replaces Ulya I. from Met Art.



Are you serious? Malformed nose? This is just hipocrasy, replacing one set of crazy standards with another.

sorry but why did Linda D. replace Ullya from Met Art? Ullya seems very attractive for a female and more attractive and feminine than most of the women you have pitched as 'attractive' in the attractive women section. Also, If this site is about feminine beauty, what's that got to do with a malformed nose?

Debra: There is nothing crazy, let alone hypocritical, about specifying that a well-formed nose is a criterion of beauty, and on this count the fashion world isn’t much different from the standards I am interested in promoting.

Alex: Ulya I. from Met-art has a great body but, in my opinion, not so great a face. Ulya is still shown within this site. Linda’s face has a strange appeal in spite of the malformed nose and some obvious asymmetries in her face. She is a good example of appeal notwithstanding obvious, including serious, shortcomings. I am not sure whether she will stay in the attractive women section for good, but even if not, her pictures will be posted here as those of an attractive woman.

Feminine beauty = feminine + beauty (these elements are not mutually exclusive).

Whereas a malformed nose has nothing to do with femininity, it is related to the beauty part.

Some women with melform's nose can be feminine too, sich as katrina kaif, the Indian part British supermodel.

Beautifull Indian/British model with maleform nose and feminine face.

Katrina Kaif the most feminine woman of this world.

Just went through a whole bunch of pages on your site. The women are mostly ugly, ruined by cosmetics, and you have warped standards. That's what I expect though from people obsessed with beauty and trying to define it.

Well, I guess that's what happens when you run out of white women to post...

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