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Melisande aka Guinevere

Melisande aka Guinevere

Danielle trashed Melisande's looks in a previous article, and I responded by posting some pictures of her in clothes to show that she looks a lot better than the typical high-fashion model.  I requested additional pictures from Melisande and here is what she sent to me.

Melisande looks good... her candids.

Melisande aka Guinevere a scholar/academic.

Melisande aka Guinevere a pilot.

Melisande aka Guinevere a regular model.

Melisande aka Guinevere

...and as a bikini model.

Melisande aka Guinevere



I still don't think Melisande is pretty and I apologized for insinuating that she had a sexually transmitted infection.

I don't think some pictures of her a witch costume or wearing glasses can be considered as examples of her scholarly side.

I don't think she is particularly photogenic.

I would rather have sex with Erik than Melisande.

bitch has a diseased, sore-laden sexy!

8D: Of course you would rather have sex with me than with Melisande. I didn’t think you were a homosexual. I can put your mouth to good use.

You fat prick, I am not 8D.

I bet that you're really 8D and just want to stir up drama on your dead site.

I am going to cut off your penis, make a slit in your throat, and then stuff your penis into that slit.

8D: Do not waste my time. Behave or leave.

"I would rather have sex with Erik than Melisande."

LOL that made me almost choke on my granola bar.

I don't find Melisande to be pretty either, but she is at least better than most women you have previously featured on this site. She is also a rare case in the fact she looks better in clothes than she does in lingerie or a bikini; her face is okay but she has that dreadful tall and lanky body type with man hands and if it weren't for the fact she had a feminine (despite the fact her smile makes her look slightly mentally challenged) face, she would LOOK-A-LIKE-A-MAN with that body of hers.

Oh, and she's also another one of your average white women you see walking around your local shopping mall, which is the reason why gorgeous girls like MIRANDA KERR are supermodels and women like Melisande, aren't :)

Sarah: You've made your point. There is no need to be vicious about it when you know that Melisande AKA Gwinevere sometimes reads and comments on this website.

You're entitled to your opinion. I don't see how it is possible that "her smile makes her look slightly mentally challenged". How exactly does a mentally challenged smile look? I don't see why the "tall and lanky body type" is automatically "dreadful". As for her "man hands", tall women always have larger than average size hands, and even in a close up of the hands alone, no one would mistake Melisande's hands for a man's hands.

Sarah, I agree with you most of the time, but you're damaging your own credibility by reflexively ridiculing any woman Erik calls attractive. Some of the women in Erik's "Attractive Women" gallery actually ARE attractive. Erik can be wrong about many things without being wrong about everything.

Attractive, somewhat pretty , but very pedestrian...she cant close her mouth giving her an always drooling sorta stupid look.
Nothign special or unusual about her as to pretend she could sell millions of dollars if featured on an ad campaign.
Models faces make people puzzled,make people think and comment,the tipical "cutie "doesnt... its quite obvious.
That the average man would do her anytime of the week doesnt mean she can sell anything to women.
btw women dress for other women ,either for social acceptance, or to cause envy on them,not for men.Women know most men wouldnt give a crap about what shes wearing in terms of style ,as long as its flatering to her body and shape.high-fashion models appeal to women beacause they represent status,not because theyre "pretty".

Whipped honey: It is not possible for Sarah to damage her credibility because she has none. You would have realized this if you had been following her comments.

Sarah: Melisande isn’t tall; she is about 5-foot-7; the rest of your nonsense has already been addressed by Whipped honey. Miranda Kerr is nowhere close to being a supermodel. True supermodels do not exist anymore, but even if you were to use this label, you can use it only for women who have a strong presence on the runway and in commercial/other modeling.

Adrian: I did not post her pictures to make the point that she could sell millions worth of merchandize. The context of this article is explained at the very beginning. What makes you think high-fashion models’ looks appeal to women in general? The evidence says no (body weight, masculinity-femininity).

I could kill to have sex with Melisande. Her eyes are so beautiful and particular. People who really appreciate and live for the feminine beauty (Ron Harris and Andrew Blake) hire her for modeling.Meli, i am your slave if you read this write me!

The kind of mouth breathing and ugly rabbit teeths in melisande are really nerved me, as I said she is looks like unheathy nordic whore.

There is something wrong when people slam a beautiful girl's body shape and facial features like judges at a livestock show. I suppose it's because we have far too much choice when it come to images of women these days. We can get too specific, too obsessed with a certain nipple size or roundness of the ass. But this isn't reality. In reality all women have defects, if not exterior then interior. Just as all men do. Who can really look in the mirror and say they understand or like what the see? But then again that image doesn't even look like what we really are. (It is too flattened for one thing.) But there is cruelty in people who have nothing better to do than to disparge the minutiae of another's appearance. Which of us could stand up to such scrutiny ourselves? None, I dare say. And to think that this is being done in a format where the model is most likely reading it. Could you be crueler if you hunted her down on the streets like a dog? Of course it is strange that the ones who seem to come to her aid do so to prove that they would indeed enjoy a little fornication time. Then again I suppose Melisande's poses seem to suggest such an outcome would be welcome. It's ironic because her face has enough depth to suggest something else. I hope she can realize that before the image consuming machinery eats her up. Whoever she is, there is beauty there. She is certainly far above average. But true beauty comes from the soul. Maybe the harrowing you folks have given her is something she needs to confront so that she can live in reality not in this virtual image jungle.

Wow, there are some picky judgemental people on this page! Oh well. Life goes on, and I'm not buying into any of your immature bullshit. Thanks to the people on this page who've had a word or two against the previously mentioned individuals, it's nice to know that not everyone who's never even met or talked to me is eager to hate me. I'm amused that Erik put the caption to the pic of me in glsses as me being scholarly?! I usually wear contacts, I'm blind as a bat. That particular day, I couldn't get them in. I wasn't wearing them to try and look smart, I kindof just wanted to be able to see! I was in Washington DC! Seeing your nations history clearly is a lot nicer than seeing it as a big colored blur :-D By the way, if anyone goes there, June through August is sunny, but way too hot and miserable. You can barely breathe!! Anyways, ciao! its sunny (for once) in the Pacific NW and I'm going outside!! It may not last long :-) Happy Easter/Ostara/Spring Equinox, or whatever you do or do not celebrate this time of year!!

Erik : Why u put melisande as attactive woman? how about Kristen kruck, Anne hatheway, Winona ryders and Milli avital? they are feminine and prettier than melisande a lot but why u have never placed them as attactive feminine women? I guess it's because they are all have some none-white heritage in them? Melisande looks very ordinary to me, her face is also too narrow, narrow eyes and large thin lips.

I don't know why some idiots here don't think she is not pretty,well actually your cheap comments don't matter much cause she is well on her way to be a very famous model and she has no problem finding work.I and a lot more people including successful photographers think she is pretty and we don't give a damn what a few pricks think.She is pretty as anything...

I think Melisande is absolutely gorgeous, mainly because her face and body type remind me of a girl I have the hugest crush on, who is my friends girlfriend. Her personality too is very girl next doorish which is incredibly hot. What I wouldnt do to her if she let me. Also I'd be cool with just talkin to her. :coolhmm:

I don't know if it's possible to show that Melisande looks better than high fashion models unless you really imposed your opinion. I'm not insulting her looks, I personally think that the pilot photo is very cute. I just don't think you can site scientific evidence in defense of a proposal that's really subjective.

Do you remenber Paris in 2006 we met and drunk rhum??? The black devil cigarets??? How are u since this summer in europe!
I'm here for tell everybody: MELISANDE IS A REAL BIG GIRL!!!!!
and spended time in her company is very fine,she's very feminine in her way of life and she how to enjoy! I LOVE YOU GIRL NEVER FORGET YOU
if u want contact me u got my email

The last photo remember me the showers we take together %-P

When I see Melisande I think of this asian male transvestites.
Melisande has her face like a male. I hate the woman with the skinny long face and small eyes, it's look like male. the long face is fine but not the skinny flat face.

These pictures below are not young women but male tranvestite. he also crowed miss gay 2004, many people find he looks like women but I don't think he is and he looks ugly for me. his face is flat without cheeks, the arms also too long like melisande. the original women have round cheeks, and big round eyes, small nose unlike the male transvestites with measurable oval face from plastic sugery.

and now take a look at the original feminine Finlandic woman. I never seen the male with the same face's shape like her. small nose, projection forhead and round cheeks like the baby.

Also I want to add more pictures of the asian male transvestites that look very close to northeast asian women. I have never seen the caucasian male transvestites look like caucasian women yet. this probably because the northeast asian women have facial's features closing to the males. also I have seen the south east asian male transvestite but they also do not look like south east asian women, but look like chinese or korean. one of my swedish friend had been visited thailand and watched the gay performance in some theater two years ago. lately, everytime when he walked pass the far east asian girl with the narrow face, caucasian nose, big eyes of eyeliner and mascara with epicanthic fold and super white skin, then he makes disgusting face and say " that girl looks like male transvestite, she is ugly."

More pictures of male transvestite in asia. ( the face looks very much like Alien, very flat, plastic beauty, unnatuaral and only the three things on the face that look promenant are the eyes, nose and lips.)

How can you find normal photos of her? and where from??

Negative comments about Melisande’s looks

Here are a few things regarding negative comments on Melisande’s looks. This page is a follow-up on a previous article featuring Melisande where Danielle and the woman posting here as z/fucking erik and on the previous page as son of Geats, Gee! and blue fog were the two main critics. Danielle has toned down here, but as I left a comment in the first entry on Melisande, Danielle was not really critiquing the looks of Melisande as much as she was trying to trash my work or express her anger toward me. Still, Danielle’s criticism of Melisande’s looks was never as bad as that of some other women on her part. In the same comment I also explained that z, based on her extensive comments, is most likely a thin woman lacking feminine curves who is disturbed by this site and has a problem with white women. The reader can note how sane this individual by looking at the contents of her numerous comments left at this site. She has pointlessly posted numerous pictures of alleged Asian transvestites (male cross-dressers here) on this page, but an examination of the pictures reveals that a number of them are not transvestites but male-to-female transsexuals that have undergone facial feminization surgery. Z also described Melisande as long faced and Nordic, neither of which she is.

Other than Danielle and z, we have “f” leaving a comment about Melisande having a sore-laden backside, which none of the photos on this page show. There were some spots on her backside in a picture in the first entry on her, and it should be assumed that f’s comment is another example of expressing anger at this site rather than genuine trashing of Melisande’s looks.

Then we have Sarah. She happens to be a thin woman lacking feminine curves and is greatly incensed by this site. Before anyone seriously takes her negative comments against Melisande, one should consider how much credibility she has. She has trashed some of the models I have featured in much worse terms and said that she would rather look like Alessandra Ambrosio. Der Wanderer found this series of images about Alessandra Ambrosio (the top 4 images) and she had to eat her words.

The other individual that had negative comments against Melisande’s looks is Adrian who has described himself as a male homosexual, and based on his many comments is clearly angered by this site. The open-mouth expression is a deliberately adopted expression to look seductive rather than a normal feature in Melisande, and she doesn’t look stupid by a long shot or else I wouldn’t describe her as looking like a scholar/academic in glasses and in the Halloween dress that looks like the dress that people wear during the graduation ceremony.

Keeping these things in mind, Byrne’s comment is mostly inapplicable. It is not true that “Of course it is strange that the ones who seem to come to her aid do so to prove that they would indeed enjoy a little fornication time.” Melisande’s looks are enough for people to come to her “aid” regardless of the fornication issue. For instance, I can judge the attractiveness of men without any desire to fornicate with them.

-----------other issues-----------

Chris: When I say that Melisande looks better than the typical high-fashion model and make the case by showing pictures, this is not exactly a scientific manner of making an argument, but if you are interested in scientific evidence then you will note that Melisande is less masculine than the typical high-fashion model (not a subjective opinion) and hence would generally be more appealing to the majority, given much literature on the majority’s aesthetic preferences, provided that she is not lacking with respect to symmetry, normal physical development and healthy skin compared to the typical high-fashion model (which happens to be the case).

Guy: I got the normal pictures from Melisande.

Jealous much? I have only one piece of advise for Melisande. Stay with the brunette hair. It suites you better.

Melisande is hot!!! Anyone who criticized women in general is and will always be a dumbass. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and so far alot of you are blind as the three blind mice!!! Dumbass

omg Georgio!!!! HI!! LOL I still have that pic of you!!! I'm rarely on this site, go to, the people on there are nice and smart :-D

roberto: thank you darling!!! You are a sweetheart! find me on I post there, assholes are kicked off very quickly so I don't have to waste my with with people who hate me for whatever silly reason

Byrne: very glad to know that not everyone gets caught up in the petty slamming of people they've never met :-) I'm rarely on this site anymore, maybe checking it just out of curiosity. I don't see the point of reading horrible and mostly untrue things about myself. No one I have ever met in person has ever said anything even close to as cruel as some of the weirdos on here..oh well

Guy: to your question of how Erik found normal photos of me, I sent some of my snapshots from my non modeling life

Erik: thank you for kindof defending me, but seriously, SHUT UP about women and ''femenine curves''. I know a lot of gorgeous women who lack these ''femenine curves'' that apparently all ''femenine'' women are supposed to have and they are admired by and desired more by the men around them than the women who have these ''femenine curves''. Femeninity involves a lot more than just curves.

I think Melisande is beautiful and womanly. Certainly more attractive than the "top" models (Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, etc.). She'd look better, though, if her makeup was more subtle, less hooker-like.

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