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A novel approach to promoting feminine beauty

Red-blooded men naturally seek feminine beauty, and they will stumble across it, but they constitute a numerical minority.  Since top fashion models and beauty pageant contestants usually lack in the feminine beauty department, the promotion of feminine beauty among the majority requires novel approaches.  Here is one such approach.

Suppose there is a magazine with the following, fairly typical, table of contents.

New Renaissance magazine

Setting the stage for Renaissance II


Brief Items of Interest

The Objectification of Women: Feminist Nonsense vs. Reality
– LaQueesha Jomo Goldberg

The Two-step, Fast-acting, Definitive Solution to the Current Global Financial Crisis
– Jens Ström

Do it Yourself Mesotherapy: 5% of the Cost of Professional Treatment without Compromising Medical Propriety
– Karina Jenkins

Best Practices in Managing HIV
– Wayne McNeely

Thoughts on Drug Offenses and Recidivism by a Former Crack Addict
– Jamaal Akbar Jones

Engineering Moral Dilemmas to Advance the Moral Development of Children
– Ingrid Ragnhild Friis, Olaf Halgrimsson

Cyber Security: Protecting Yourself from Hackers, Malware and Big Brother
– Matthew Clark Williams, Thomas Miller

Queer Theory: How Intellectually Bankrupt can Postmodernism be?
– Alan Taylor-Smith, Hans Jørgensen

Math Lessons That One will not Forget
– Mary-Jane Davis

Neurophysiological Correlates of the Relation between Genius and Bipolar Disorder
– Ronald James Wright

The Lynn-Flynn Effect on Intelligence Scores: Why James Flynn is Taking People for a Ride
– Donald Harris

Josiah Willard Gibbs: Scientist par excellence
– Jochen Rydquist

A Convenient Tool for Handling Sliding Surface Landmarks in Geometric Morphometrics
– Martin Norbäck, Henk de Villiers

New Treatments Targeting the Twin Age-related Maladies: Muscle Wasting and Arthritis
– Shawn Moerbeek

Editor – Erik Holland; Asst. Editor – Kimberly Tolland; Production team – Marcus John Madsen, Jake Holden, Bo Ho; Design – Kenneth Speight, April Dorfler

Assume that the articles are top-notch.  Now take a look at some typical, non-advertisement-related pairs of pages in this magazine.

Natasha Marley from only tease; excerpt from sliding landmark method in geometric morphometrics. Carli Banks from only tease; an excerpt from a presentation on the objectification of women. Amanda Swan from only tease; excerpt from an article on colorectal foreign bodies.

Carole from only tease; excerpt from an article on colorectal foreign bodies. Courtney B. from only tease; diagram related to Lawrence Kohlberg's stages of moral development. Loora from only tease; excerpt from animal symbolism in ecclesiastical architecture (physiologus).

Jasmine N. from only tease; excerpt from the measurement of dark circles. Lauren Hurley from only tease; Josiah Willard Gibbs profile. Kelly N. from only tease; excerpt from transient behavior of simple RC circuits.

Jenny L. from only tease; excerpt from advanced internal combustion engine research. Faye from only tease; excerpt of the ethics of enhancement.

Because of its high quality original articles, the magazine will be picked up by people who would not normally pick up magazines to look at pictures of attractive women – feminists, straight women, engineers or mathematicians looking for technical information, the elderly, even men that superficially have red blood but are distinguished from typical red-blooded men by a high frequency of infection by the AIDS virus.  Few things would beat this approach to introducing a large proportion of the public to feminine and attractive women and make them note how starkly these women contrast with high-fashion models, the vast majority of beauty pageant contestants and a large number of actresses.  Of course, the most direct way is to replace the majority of fashion models and beauty pageant contestants with feminine beauties or set up alternatives to the fashion industry and mainstream beauty pageants, but aside from the exorbitant cost of setting up alternatives, the individuals in charge won’t change voluntarily or cooperate, and their power is such that one must think of approaches like the one being discussed.

People often use the female form to sell various products.  This made me think, why not aim for the reverse?  One could use high quality, highly significant articles to promote feminine beauty among populations that would not normally seek pictures of beautiful women or care much about feminine beauty.  These articles will have to be provided in the format of a magazine so that the sales and advertisement revenue pay for model fees. 

There will be some barriers to setting up such a magazine.  The initial capital would be somewhat of an issue, but there will be two more serious problems.  High quality and highly significant articles on many topics will inevitably ruffle some feathers, sometimes very powerful ones.  This will make many advertisers shy away or cancel their advertisements, making it difficult to secure the funds for producing the magazine.  Therefore, if such a magazine were ever established, it would need to have an online version to fall back on as the print edition would be subject to cancellation at short notice.

The other problem would be obtaining good writers.  The dearth of good writers on many important issues is best summed as follows – 

The business of the journalist is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of Mammon and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread. ... We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance.  ... We are intellectual prostitutes.  – John Swinton, 1880          

The solution is to find knowledgeable writers with the right mettle –

Persons in power should be very careful how they deal with a man who cares nothing for sensual pleasure, nothing for riches, nothing for comfort or praise, or promotion, but is simply determined to do what he believes to be right.  He is a dangerous and uncomfortable enemy, because his body which you can always conquer gives you so little purchase upon his soul.  – Gilbert Murray

It will be some project working on this magazine.


Models shown, from left to right

– Row 1: Natasha Marley, Carli Banks, Amanda Swan
– Row 2: Carole, Courtney B., Loora
– Row 3: Jasmine N., Lauren Hurley, Kellie N.
– Row 4: Jenny L., Faye
– All models taken from only tease.

Excerpts taken from; left to right per image row corresponds to top-down below

Row 1:

  • Bookstein FL. Landmark methods for forms without landmarks: morphometrics of group differences in outline shape. Med Image Anal 1997;1(3):225-43.
  • Heldman C, Cahill M. The beast of beauty culture: An analysis of the political effects of self-objectification. Paper presented for the Western Political Science Association Conference, Las Vegas, March 8-10, 2007.
  • Clarke DL, Buccimazza I, Anderson FA, et al. Colorectal foreign bodies. Colorectal Dis 2005;7(1):98-103.

Row 2:

  • The colorectal bodies article above.
  • A diagram related to Lawrence Kohlberg’s stages of moral development.
  • Evans, EP. Animal symbolism in ecclesiastical architecture. 1896, W. Heinemann: London.

Row 3:

  • Ohshima H, Takiwaki H. Evaluation of dark circles of the lower eyelid: comparison between reflectance meters and image processing and involvement of dermal thickness in appearance. Skin Res Technol 2008;14(2):135-41.
  • Lower SK. Thermodynamics of equilibrium: All about entropy, free energy and why chemical reactions take place – A Chem I reference text. Simon Fraser University.
  • Preyer NW. Transient behavior of simple RC circuits. Am J Phys 2002;70(12):1187-93.

Row 4:

  • Van Blarigan P. Advanced internal combustion engine research. Sandia National Laboratories, Livermore, CA 94550.
  • Savulescu J. Justice, fairness, and enhancement. Ann NY Acad Sci 2006;1093:321-38.


Hihi. And when their wives catch them in the act they can just say "Oh, I just read this for the articles, honey".

uh... ok

I disagree. First of all, most of the people you've named--feminists, straight women, engineers or mathematicians looking for technical information, especially the elderly LOL--are not affected by the high-fashion industry to start with.

Second, it's unacceptable to MANIPULATE the public into seeing beautiful women who are already turning heads. Your life, your freedoms are not remotely endangered to the extent that you would need to exacerbate the disadvantage of a significant number of people through such means. Go start your own pageants or your own, dedicated literature, get coverage, but I'm not going to read an article for one reason, only to have other stuff forced on me between pages.

LOL, LOL, LOL. Gawd, how silly can we get?

Honestly, is this satirical?
Never mind the target audience you propose (LOL), noone who ever wants to be taken seriously is going to want to publish their works in that.
Props on the article/author name combos there, very creative.

Even if it were satire, it's just bad.

Promoting feminine beauty should not be trashy and distasteful. You do not need to have photos of naked feminine women in magazines to promote feminine beauty. How is this promoting feminine beauty? By encouraging men to pay more attention to and mate with more feminine women? Why is encouragement needed if men clearly understand that a feminine woman is more fertile and attractive than a non-feminine woman?

Concentrating on men is the wrong approach to promoting feminine beauty in society. The trick is to concentrate on women. What are you going to convince men to do? Look at more feminine women? Select more feminine women to mate with? Here's the thing sweetie, unless you are a severely dysfunctional woman physically,mentally,and emotionally you will have the opportunity to reproduce and pass your genes on. Period. There will be very few women on Earth that wish to reproduce that cannot. A woman's genes probably won't die out, unless by choice. Therefore, selection is not a logical way to go since the majority of women masculine or feminine will pass their genes on.

The trick is to concentrate on women. For example, promoting a diet rich in phytoestrogens is one way to go. Phytoestrogens are similair to estradol. Here is a good video on those:

Also, teaching women to take care of themselves. Having the right diet, an exercise routine, a skin care routine, even smiling can all make a woman appear more attractive and feminine. Wearing the right clothes and hairstyles that emphasize femininity. Just like there are few very feminine women, there are few very masculine women. Most women are inbetween. All women need to do is concentrate on their feminine features. The more you concentrate on something, the more it becomes a reality in your life, it is as simple as that. If you spend your time on and focus on taking care of yourself and being beautiful you can only be more beautiful than you were before. Simple as that.

Yes, photos of more feminine women in the media would probably encourage women to try to look and act more feminine. On the other hand society is going through an era of having strong independent women with careers and children, women who could do it all. Society's concern is not with femininizing women but masculinizing them. You won't read articles about how soft and sweet a woman is, you're going to read an article of how a woman beat the odds and became CEO of a company despite the glass ceiling!

I believe in balance. I love being feminine, but I love being independent and strong as well. There is nothing wrong with finding the right balance in life. Women should be taught from a very young age to be well balanced, it is as simple as that. I'd love to be a stay at home mom, although after a while of taking care of the kids everyday for who knows how many years, I'd want a career as well. Nothing wrong with that.

Evolution has either stopped or is going into a different direction. No one is dying out from being ugly. Selection is being based on other characteristics besides just physical. It is all the more complicated. Love at first sight doesn't mean love forever or even after the first date, rarely will it translate into reproduction after first sight...

Here is the video link, embedded videos don't show up here it seems:

So ladies, stop worrying if you are feminine or not. Try your best by taking care of yourself, it is all you can do. Eating phytoestrogens and anti-oxidents will make you look younger and more attractive, whether or not you are feminine. Worrying causes wrinkles, so stop listening to all this bullcrap. Besides, your genes have made it this far, its unlikely they are useless. Generation after generation people are getting smarter and more attractive, and if not, who cares, life is short, all you can do is love yourself and others.

I suggest phytoestrogens only be taken in their natural form, they are found in tomatoes, berries, soy, nuts, etc. Basically, in all the good stuff and yummy plants. I would not suggest taking estrogen pills,xenoestrogens, or phytoestrogens that come in pill forms or any other unnatural forms.

Phytoestrogens in their natural form, found in plants, seems to have a good effect on a woman's fertility. There also seems to be a correlation between lack of phytoestrogens and breast cancer. On the other hand, in its unnatural form it seems to be harmful actually promoting cancer.

yes people are getting smarter, its called the flynn effect and i just noticed erik would include it in his trash magazine. What exactly do you mean flynn is taking us for a ride?

BTW Erik,

What do you think about the fact that higher estrogen levels seem to contribute to breast cancer?

As far as this article, it would be a "novel" approach if it were a little more I'm also not sure that people would take the articles serioulsy if they were reading about the, for instance, economic crises in various nations, or the escalating tensions between country A and country B, if there were pictures of beautiful, scantily clad women in the columns. It is brilliant, but I think that a slightly more subtle approach would probably go over better. Then again, why not read about such things while appreciating a truly beautiful feminine woman. I guess there's only one way to find out....

Godis: I believe the link to higher estrogen, that is if you're referring to the "feminine" women that Erik features here, shows no corelation to a higher incidence of breast cancer. There are other factors, such as heredity, the use of oral contraceptives, numbers of live births, etc. that show a stronger corelation. I'm sorry, I know you asked this of Erik, but it gave me pause to think as well...

My stepmom is one of the most masculinized women that I've ever seen, and she had breast cancer. She survived it, thank gods, but an abundance of estrogen was definitely not the culprit in her case.

Besides, your genes have made it this far, its unlikely they are useless. Generation after generation people are getting smarter and more attractive, and if not, who cares, life is short, all you can do is love yourself and others.

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