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Amy from spunky angels

Amy from spunky angels

Added to the attractive women section.



Amy is very attractive for a girl. How old do you think she is? She seems to have a very slender build, but not particularly wide hips. She does not really have a well defined chin, i.e. her chin is sort of rounded. She has a well defined jaw, but hardly any chin. Is that a feminine trait? Her cheekbones are not horizontally prominent, but are not high either? I would prefer her looks if her hair was lighter, but that is all. In this picture it looks like she is wearing no makeup.

Nothing special, and the miserable expression doesn't help.

She is a goddess. If this gorgeous girl isn't acting in some film or series somewhere, anywhere, then it is the world's loss.

Is that Amy or the female version (white female version) of me???
She has my face! Her nose, eyes, lips, jaws, chin....everything! This is so unbelievable!

She is really cute and sweet :) I like her so much!

Why is that i notice a lot of similarities in my face and many of the women in the attractive women category? Does that mean i am attractive too? ok i am getting off point...

But seriously sometimes Erik you really have a good eye! Good job :D

This has got to be one of her more bland expressions *here* (Samara), but see her pics from the attractive women section. Dayum she's cute and what a bod! She is definitely slender, but she's still got the curves a poppin. Nice choice erik.


She's got a hot body, though!

she looks like her lover beated her up or something LOL
call the police gurl !
is that a pimple on her forehead?

Erik, correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Amy have a regressed jawline? Judging from her pictures, it looks like she does. I suppose then, that it is possible for women that are otherwise feminine to have regressed jaws?

Matters: A jaw is more or less regressed compared to something, and unless this something is specified, the question cannot be answered, but the question is not important in that there are many factors aside from masculinity-femininity that affect jaw protrusion. Hence, whereas feminization corresponds to more shape-wise protruding jaws (side view), a more feminine woman could have a less protruding jaw shape. An example would be a short (hence small-skulled) and feminine woman having a less regressed jaw shape than a tall and less feminine woman (because with larger skull sizes, the jaw shape becomes more protruding). Another example would involve genetics unrelated to overall size and masculinity-femininity that are responsible for both individual and ethnic variation in jaw protrusion.

I meant compared to other feminine Northern European women - sorry, I should have specified.

But it's clear for me now; thank you for the in-depth explanation.

You should say 'beat her up'. LOL
That is NOT a pimple on her face. You're going blind. LOL

i believe she is a very beautiful girl, i already saw some of her photos and she looks every time very shining

she looks more sexier than i thought

She is pretty and cute at the same time. Her looks reminds me of Larisa Oleynik.

She is the most gorgeous woman is the universe. That expression makes her look so hot.

What's Amy's Eamail Address I Really Really Like Her , She's The Most Beautiful Girl In The World .

What is her full name?

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