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Rene from only tease

Rene from only tease

Added to the attractive women section.



beautiful but tacky makeup.

personally not digging the jawline. Her soft curls are def. making her look more feminine than she really is I assure you. Do you have any other pics of this? I am sure if she puts her hair up the masculinization will come into focus.

Follow the link and you will see three close-ups of her face. All photosets I have of her feature the same hairstyle and make-up but different clothes; the pictures were presumably shot in the same session.

Rene is better than most of the women you have in the attractive women section. But I still think Amy from Spunky Angels is better than her, why don't you add Amy?

Alex: I will be adding Amy, hopefully shortly. I have been trying to find where I put her pictures.

I agree with Visitor, but I think the hairstyle actually makes her look less feminine, because it's too angular. I like her waist, though. She might actually look more feminine with her hair up, but I think she would look even better with long, straight hair (though maybe I'm biased, because I think virtually all women look best with long, straight hair). In general, I think women's hair often suffers from an emphasis on being stylish or artistic, rather that on what is attractive from the standpoint of most heterosexual men. The short hair phenomenon is another example of this.

Rene is definitely above average in attractiveness relative to the other women in the section. Still, the woman who I find the most attractive is Maria A, on page 10, followed by Anna S, Rose McGowan, and Keeley Hazell.


is rene above average femininity?

Although she is attractive, take away the fancy make up her face is probably bland.

A feminine girl can still be bland. A feminine face isn't always striking but it has a more quiet appeal - less aggressive and loud than more masculine women with harder facial features. These women are nude or semi nude models. They will not be great beauties, so it's unfair to expect that. They are ordinary but feminine women, and some are more attractive than others.

I like the pictures of Rene since they are nice and not overtly sexually provocative like some of the others. I think girls who pose in vulgar and aggressive poses often look LESS feminine than those who maintain some sweetness.

Erik if i were to be extremely picky which i can be here....It would be better if she did not have that hump in her nose.


:( I have a hump on my nose... guess you wouldn't pick me... oh well life is life, you get what you were born with

Alice lol
I wouldn't be picking you anyways...I am gay :P
But no little things like that don't matter to me personally, but since some people have "unrealistically" high standards. I wanted to point it out.

She's gorgeous.

Don't be so harsh. I'm as hot as hell.

Rene: If that is you, the featured woman, then consider sending me (the webmaster of this site) close-ups of your face because the ones that I have all feature the bad eye make-up. See contact page for my email. Thanks.

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You're damn right

She gorgeous
a pretty one...

and u guys got no style...
her eye make up is fabulous

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