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Let there be video: Keeley Hazell, Carli Banks, Natalia Vodianova, more

Video time.

Martin Geisler told me about this video he made.

Download an HD version of this video (1280 X 720 px; 39 MB).

Someone suggested that I should be making some videos and posting them at youtube.  Sounds like a good idea.  A couple of videos like Geisler’s would be great, but my educational videos would get an NC-100 rating – no one less than age 100 years allowed to watch – by the thought police and wouldn’t stay on youtube for long.  Maybe I will come up with some videos.

In the meantime, we will have to make do with whatever is on hand.  Here are three videos of women that I have featured in the attractive women section.  The first one is of Keeley Hazell.  Keeley Hazell became a famous British pinup, but – surprise, surprise – the world of commercial modeling, especially lingerie modeling, didn’t open up to her.

Keeley Hazell Video

Download video (flv, 194 MB).

Next we have Dasha from Hegre Art.  I swapped the lame original audio with something better.

Dasha from Hegre Art video.

Download video (flv, 52 MB).

Now why is it that the model lineup of Victoria’s Secret and other big-name lingerie companies is largely devoid of women with the feminine body of Dasha?

Next we have Carli Banks from busty solos.  The clowns who made this video made it sleazy instead of more family-oriented and I was forced to cut it short, but I have had no luck finding videos of Carli Banks that any Pastor I know of would approve of for family viewing.

Carli Banks video.

Download video (flv, 69 MB).

None of the women so far have made it anywhere as big as fashion model Natalia Vodianova, and the following video shows the fashion folk singing peans to her glorious beauty.   

Natalia Vodianova tribute video.

Download video (flv, 95 MB).

Natalia Vodianova has been a top fashion model, whereas if Keeley Hazell, Dasha and Carli Banks didn’t strip we would most likely have not heard of them.  What a sordid state of affairs.  But what do we expect when Natalia Vodianova is the only one among the featured women that would make Calvin Klein and other fashion people in charge want to grab her ASAP and take her to their love shack?


Keeley Hazell is adorable!

Next we have Carli Banks from busty solos. The clowns who made this video made it sleazy instead of more family oriented and I was forced to cut it short, but I have had no luck finding videos of Carli Banks that any Pastor I know of would approve of for family viewing.

Yeah, what was up with that video. Couldn't the makers let the body of a beautiful woman stand for itself, rather than making her show weird and fake displays of arousal? I couldn't even watch it all, despite finding her very attractive. This video is insulting to straight men, by implying that they need such strange antics to be aroused by a beautiful and feminine woman.

The video with Keeley Hazell was much hotter, because it showcased her feminine personality traits, demure voice, little dances, and cute laugh (though there were some moments where she was acting, but even then it was a lot more convincing). Expressions such as cute smiles are often lacking in the current images of women influenced be the fashion world, which opt instead for a monotonous series of glares and stares.

Furthermore, the convention in a lot of pornography is for women to ape a kind of masculinized horniness that is incongruent with female-typical sexuality, and probably even beyond the somewhat masculinized sexuality of many women in porn. A woman authentically acting in this manner can definitely be sexy, but the subset of women for whom such sexual behavior is authentic is probably relatively low (but there are some, such as Nina Hartley, who definitely has a more masculinized sexuality; when I met her, my impression was that her involvement in porn was a natural expression of her sexuality, which is an outlier among women).

Can't we just have feminine women 2+ standard deviations above the mean in attractiveness, acting in a feminine way? This can't really be found consistently anywhere, neither in fashion nor in porn. This website focuses on feminine beauty and its influence on attraction; perhaps feminine personality traits and sexual presentation is also an important influence in attracting typical straight men, which is being overlooked in both fashion and in porn; yet this is being masked, because it doesn't take much to arouse straight men, and the current stuff they have access to is "good enough" for accomplishing that task considering that they haven't been exposed to anything better.

Oh and just to clarify on this sentence for people who might get confused:

Can't we just have feminine women 2+ standard deviations above the mean in attractiveness, acting in a feminine way?

I am not saying that women should need to act feminine if that is not authentic for them, anymore than I think women should ape the fictional pornstar sexuality if it is not authentic for them. I think it's more attractive for a woman to present her sexuality in the way that is most authentic for her. But since we are talking about highly attractive women, these women will mostly be feminine personality-wise, if the theories of this website are correct. If so, then highly attractive women, on average, would have higher than average femininity to their personality traits and sexuality. And if it is most attractive for a woman to present a level of femininity that is authentic for her personality, then we would expect that generally what would be most attractive to straight men would be women who are feminine and attractive behaving in a feminine manner.

keely has a body that is a million times harder to obtain than a fashion models. most women do not have 22 inch waists, tiny legs, and 32DDD boobs. i dont understand why you want to replace one impossible ideal with one that is even more unrealistic.

umm: I am not trying to replace “one impossible ideal with one that is even more unrealistic.” I have explained some of my ideas in an article on setting up alternative fashion industries. The high-fashion equivalent of an alternative fashion industry will need to use models with highly exclusive looks as exclusivity helps market to the elite.

ACTUALLY, I think Natalia Vodianova IS attractive. And I am not a homosexual! She IS masculinized, but STILL maintains a good aesthetic appeal. i.e. the two are often mutually exclusive, but Natalia pulls it off. This is an advantage for an average man because if they were to reproduce with Natalia what's the worst offspring they could produce?

a) A very high chance of masculine male - "Greek God" type


b) A masculine female which is still likely to look GOOD (like natalia), AND is more likely to have a higher sex drive too - IMO it screams SEXY to any heterosexual man.

So when nature calls for men to err.. reproduce, they are still going to go for Natalia over an UGLY but somewhat more feminine woman(plenty of them). I bet you would see tons of men after Natalia, she even has 3 kids now!

For a start, she can't have too low fertility and fecundity if she has three normal, healthy children.

Also, I don't see that Natalia is THAT MUCH masculinized. Yes she is a bit, but only a little more than average. I've seen loads of women in real life, more masculine than her. One thing I could say is that she NEEDS to put on some weight! This would also increase her attractiveness to heterosexual men.

Some models which are chosen by the homosexuals are ONLY chosen for the sole reason that they have a ridiculous/ABNORMAL extent of masculinization i.e. for the novelty factor of looking so manly, however, they are very UGLY to look at and only the homosexuals could see their aesthetic appeal because they can appreciate the masculinization alone.

But there are plenty of models that are chosen by homosexuals that ARE masculinized, but STILL look GOOD and therefore SEXY by anyone's standards (even homosexual men).

Natalia is the latter.

Every guy does NOT love big boobs. You need to study more, Keeley.

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I would prefer the normal approach to displaying and advertising underwear. All these unnatural poses are just so uncomfortable.

I olso dont see why you couldent use Betty Brosmer in some of your stuff to.Here is an old video of her

I dont know how feminine the girls that are on this show are all the time but if you want more video this could be a good place to find it.

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