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Attractive women that unfortunately have small breasts

Every now and then I come across some attractive women that unfortunately have small breasts, like the two women below, and am left lamenting that if only these women had normal breasts, I would have put them in the attractive women section.  However, there is a way these women can be accomodated within this site; one part of this site features pictures of women with small breasts that are nevertheless too feminine to be fashion models, and these women are offered as one piece of evidence that the typically small breasts of high-fashion models are not easily explained in terms of the supposed need for "clothes hangars" as there are plenty of small-breasted women that homosexual fashion designers will not use since these women do not approach the looks of adolescent boys; two examples below.

Jana, Hungarian honeys; Veronica Carso; women with small breasts

Jana from Hungarian honeys

Jana from Hungarian honnies Jana from Hungarian honnies Jana from Hungarian honnies

Jana from Hungarian honnies Jana from Hungarian honnies Jana from Hungarian honnies Jana from Hungarian honnies

Veronica Carso from 1 By-Day

Her breasts may not appear to be small, but she has breast implants and is naturally small breasted.

Veronica Carso from 1 By-Day Veronica Carso from 1 By-Day Veronica Carso from 1 By-Day Veronica Carso from 1 By-Day Veronica Carso from 1 By-Day Veronica Carso from 1 By-Day

Model type: 


You, sir, are a pig.
Breast size is determined by nature. To quoted yourself: 'and one has to learn to make the most of what one has and improve oneself rather than sulk about the hand dealt by nature.'

Are you not sulking about that very hand?

Micke: The excerpt you have quoted begins as “Regarding being dissatisfied with one’s looks…” Therefore, the statement applies to shortcomings in self. I am a man and am glad that I have very little fat over my chest muscles.

My lamentation is not about personal shortcomings, but about a specific shortcoming in some attractive women that I have come across. I am not dealing with the self in this entry; I am dealing with others.

In case you are “apathy doll” at the “realwoman community” thread here, I might as well address your others criticisms.

One of the criticisms addresses the possibility of feminine beauty prompting “a hell of a lot of plastic surgery on the parts of those not 'blessed' with the extremely narrow range of 'feminine' features” I have named. Well, breast implants do not look natural. There is presently no surgical solution to achieving a narrow rib cage; some women attempt to remove the lower ribs to achieve an hourglass figure, but this hardly helps since the broad part of the upper rib cage will remain that way. Similarly, there are no easy/no surgical solutions to making broad shoulders, masculine limb proportions and many other manly features more feminine. One should also consider the risks and expense of multiple major surgical procedures and prescription drugs. A combination of anti-androgen and estrogen supplementation will help achieve a more feminine appearance, but also increase the risk of a variety of cancers and other diseases. More importantly, in spite of extensive elaborate and drastic procedures, the final results will not be close to natural feminine beauty. Therefore, the promotion of feminine beauty will certainly not be prompting a sharp surge in plastic surgery.

Another criticism assumes my argument to be that gay men cannot appreciate the female form. The latter is not implied. The typical heterosexual man is able to appreciate good looks in men, which would be masculine, but he would not want his female choices to look masculine. Similarly, the typical gay fashion designer can appreciate the feminine form for what it is, but does not want his female models to look feminine.

i actually like small breasts, because they are almost always cute and perky. it's much more appealing than big saggy boobs (naturals) or fake canteloupe ones.

what about naturally thin women? they almost always have small breasts. if they were big, they would look fake and unproportionate.

C: Women that are candidates for being beautiful and feminine are young adults, and hence breast sag would not be a problem if they have above average sized breasts. Heavenly breasts (large) in late teenagehood/around age 20 will often be in bad shape by the time the woman is in her late twenties, but by this age, the woman would be well past her beauty prime and generally not be considered for participating in beauty contests or high-standard glamour modeling.

It is true than skinny women also tend to have smaller breasts, but one would not seek feminine and beautiful women among skinny women.

Personally, I am not particular about breast size; small breasts are fine with me, and to date, the woman that I have been most strongly attracted to in real life happened to have an A-cup. However, this site is not about my preferences; the central tendency among lifetime-exclusive heterosexual men needs to be taken into account, and with respect to breast size, the central tendency is clearly a preference for above average sized breasts.


by the time the woman is in her late twenties, but by this age, the woman would be well past her beauty prime

I HAD previously thought your website was interesting but now I see you're a total nutcase boderline pedo freak.

Pulling you off my bookmark list. I saw this website, I've been wondering what kind of an idiot can put such crap together. Either it's a girl with self-esteem issues or a man who got rejected by every single good looking girl he's ever asked out.

You are not promoting natural feminin beauty here. Half of the girls you post are really ugly, and the other half are porn stars with fake boobs. You're living in a dream. NATURAL Femininity does NOT equal huge boobs and does NOT equal a big fat ass. These girls you refuse to post look much better than the ones you actually do post.

And yes, small breasts always do look great, even when the girl ages. Wheras big ones sag and become extremely ugly. Same for ass. Not a non exitant one, but a perky round, yet small one is the best. God, you seriously don't know nothing about women.

Cece: There is nothing in this site that justifies labeling me a borderline pedo freak. I have talked about young adulthood being the beauty prime for women, i.e., the 18-25 range, which should be common observation, and this age range is not remotely close to pubescence. There are some late bloomers who may attain their peak attractiveness in their late twenties, but these women are uncommon.

Alexander: Which of the women in the attractive women section are ugly and why? There is no way that half of the women that I have featured have breast implants. Besides, most of these women are not porn stars. I am interested in learning who are the better looking women that I refuse to post.

I have already pointed out that large breasts are not needed in order for a woman to be feminine as there are small-breasted feminine women and large-breasted masculine women. A similar statement can be written for the backside, too.

Your opinion that small breasts/petite buttocks always look great is not held by the majority of heterosexual men. And, aging is not relevant here; the focus is on young adults.

Cece: On second thought, the statement about women in their late twenties having gone well past their beauty prime is an exaggeration, and I take it back. The correct statement is that women in their late twenties are generally past their beauty prime. Several women in their late twenties and early thirties look gorgeous; take a look at Luciana Vendramini at age 33 for instance.

you should have said ".., attractive women that FORTUNATELY have delicious small breast..."

and am left lamenting that if only these women had normal breasts, I would have put them in the attractive women section

Normal? Seriously? What planet are you on? Honestly, in Toronto, which is an incredible multi-cultural city, the small to big boob scale is heavilly tilted towards the small side. What about the entire Asian population? And typically women with the narrow ribcage & waist frame that you claim is the only way to be 'feminine' will not have large breasts (at least naturally), so these women that you rave about so much are not the norm. And I'd take small and natural over large and fake any day.

Also, the photos of obvious underage jailbait on this site give me the creeps, even if you are using them to "prove" your rediculous points. 'Teen Stars Magazine'? Ugh.

lifetime-exclusive heterosexual male: If sizes are not specified, then, small, medium and large should be judged in terms of the distribution of breast size in the general population of a given ethnic group. I used the word normal whereas the correct word should have been medium or average since most below average and most above average breast sizes fall within statistically and developmentally normal variation. Ethnic comparisons are not relevant to this page, and as it is, breast size variation within an ethnic group is greater than breast size differences between ethnic groups. Greater femininity tends to increase breast size and reduce waist and rib cage size. Hence, there should be no difficulty in finding women with, compared to the average in women, smaller waists, smaller rib cages and larger breasts simultaneously. I am not promoting large, fake breasts here.

I am hardly posting pictures of jailbait. Some websites featuring nude women add ‘teen’ in their name, but they are all 18-plus and many are beyond their teens, sometimes explicitly stated as such by the people who run these sites. The legal requirement is 18+, and the website operators are unlikely to risk incarceration and jeopardize their earnings by featuring underage women. However, some of these websites cater to men interested in girls in their mid-teens by recruiting models who are 18 or 19 but look a few years younger. I haven’t been using these women as examples of attractive women, and why should there be a problem in my using some models from these sites if they don’t look like jailbait? There are very few examples of apparent but not actual jailbait within this site, one specifically in the context of contrasting girlish with boyish looks in teenage girls (see this on Adriana Lima) and a few examples where some but not all readers would see the models as jailbait.

"Women that are candidates for being beautiful and feminine are young adults" - Much of what you write here strikes me as ill-informed, ill-considered, low-brow and often quite offensive, but in regard to the line I have quoted here...... I have never read such utter nonsense in all my life. Unfortunately it seems that you are going to live your whole life without EVER seeing beauty my friend, though with the attitudes you display, perhaps that is just.

My thoughts exactly !

"... i actually like small breasts, because they are almost always cute and perky. it's much more appealing than big saggy boobs (naturals) or fake canteloupe ones.

what about naturally thin women? they almost always have small breasts. if they were big, they would look fake and unproportionate...."

My thoughts exactly !!

You, are a complete fucker.
What are you trying to achieve here?
Listen to yourself!!
"These are the women that unfortunately had small breasts, so I couldn't put them in the "attractive women section"."
Hey! I think i'll make a site and put all the photos of men I find into different categories and say things like
"These are the guys that unfortunately didn't have "normal" penis sizes. So I couldn't put them in the "good looking" section."

You're an ass.

I have small breasts. I'm not an unattractive looking girl. People like you are the reason implants are around..

Well said. Please do make a site featuring "unattractive" men with below-"normal" penis sizes. I can't believe the level of sexism and posturing as this guy so dismissively rates and judges women's "unfortunate" appearances. The ego involved here is through the roof. Perhaps it stems from being less-than-well-endowed himself? How pathetic that he needs to make himself feel powerful this way. This guy is sickening. No wonder women get complexes--"unfortunately'" they listen to bs like this guy spews out. Wow!

Well said Ann. I think you hit it on the nail!

I am astounded that some men on the internet 'seem' to think that a woman needs to have huge boobs in order to be attractive. I have NEVER met one in person - and if they really feel this way then they're hiding it well. I am thin, very pretty, with great muscle tone, over 30, with very small perky breasts. I have been persued sexually by men my whole life. For Biff or Duke or any other white trash uneducated men who care only for their own immediate satisfaction and not for a woman's pleasure: Small breasts are more sensitive than big ones; thin women orgasm more frequently than cows (in my experience at least) and thin, small breasted women are typically in better physical shape than their more voluptuous conterparts...therefore considered by some men to be more attractive.

"thin women orgasm more frequently than cows (in my experience at least)"

What kind of experience have you had with cows?


"thin women orgasm more frequently than cows (in my experience at least)"

"What kind of experience have you had with cows?"

Emily for a bitch, you sure have a great sense of humor:)

Every single man I have ever been intimate has adored my small breasts. I am a rather tiny person, and I would say I have a pretty ideal hourglass shape, and my breasts fit my frame perfectly. If I had C's, I would look disproportionate and also probably fall over because I doubt I could carry the weight. :S

For the record, those women do have "normal" breasts. Not many women have tiny rib cages and waists and huge breasts without enhancing surgery.

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

Yes, the main concern is a woman's shaved pussy and her ass. Breasts are tertiary. If they are good sized--a C cup and above great, but I am still going to be fucking a woman with small breasts who has a full ass and shaved lips. The real issue is us man who have big bellies :))) I am only 31 years-old but have gained 40 pounds recently and have a good sized beer belly now. I only hope that beautiful women don't care too much if a guy has a fat belly!

this man is an absolute w**k*r!!!!! hes probably fat, hideously ugly, retarded, physically and emotionally incapable of having a relationship with a real woman so he makes up for his own sad life by masterbating to porn 24/7. Only looking at the gross, plastic and airbrushed images of wh**es whose bodies have been surgically altered to fit this so called "stereo type". people like this ignorant man make me feel like a future murderer!! im 19 very petite in build and throughout the years gave myself hell over the size of my what he would label "unattractive" B cup breasts are perfectly in proportion with my frame..there is no way i would let anyone as atrocious as him would make me feel like that again.Most of all..every guy that i have been with has loved them. In addition, i am far from ugly..but do you really think i would get turned down by a guy if i took off my bra. No! they would be revelling and grateful that they even got that far with me. Everyone is different, life would be so so boring if all was the same. you've got it all wrong..and obviously havent got yourself laid enough to even understand deluded!!

okay wait, you're judging people based upon their physical appearance yet you can't even spell the words you're judging them with correctly? Says a lot about you. Shut the fuck up


Some of the most attractive women, my ex wife(a surgeon) included did not have great breasts. We had a great relationship. Nor am I qualified to talk on that, as my wife could term me average in manhood.

So for me my ideal girl is beautiful if:
-She is loyal and sincere to me as much as am to her and likes me as much as I like her.
-Actually all of the normal breasted girls(I would not even bother about that!) are beautiful in one way or the other like these beautiful girls and am sure, a lovely relationship is much more than the size of one area of the feminine body.

A girl is much beautiful as much as her guy loves her; his perception of beauty lies in the guy's heart and I would sweeten up to a beaut girl here...WOW! If the girl is beautiful and she feels her breasts are small, no problemo, BECAUSE SHE WILL HAVE MANY OTHER GIFTS.

Gee Erik,your site is still full of porn.Isn't it about time that you got rid of your porn and start using classy photos to put your opinions across?

So far, the 'counter-arguments' (if they can be called that) amount to: a) angry ad hominem attacks b)misinterpretation and c)misrepresentation

Still waiting for a good counter-argument (i.e. a rational response not a hysterical one)

I have a cup breasts please stop griping, there's nothing worse than a b cup girl coming onto sites like this and raising hell. Your breasts are not small. Go away.

LOL! You are an idiot!! On your Attractive women front page you have a picture of Charlize Theron who has miniature boobs. And yes, she is very attractive.

Yes, because of people like you, self-esteem issues continue.

Women come in all shapes and sizes, not in certain cup sizes to gratify ignoramuses like yourself.

How freaky it would be, to see every woman the same bra size, and in that case, the same height etc? Breast size does not determine the beauty of a woman. But even pea-brains such as yourself surely must know that, so I can only imagine that you are a chauvinistist using the internet to bait people.

A rational enough response?

You write a lot of shit.

(I can't be beautiful because I can't be feminime, because I am small breasted therefor I am like "the ugliest", eh?)
If I didn't as much self confident as I do I would probably have taken this in a very bad way. I can just imagine all young girls out there hating themselves just because someone like you have stated similiar things, or even because they read your shit.

No one likes a chauvinistic pig. I have small breasts and, quite frankly, I see nothing wrong with them. If you don't like that, so be it because I will never change them for pigs like you.

slender women are sexy shut your mouth small breasts are still breasts which are FEMININE. boobs are boobs guys like them all women should be PROUD of thgeir beautiful bodies which allll have curves. everyone knows what is FAKE. FAKE tits are not natural, real shapes. Real shapes last, fake sag and you wouldn't touch them with a ten foot pole 20 years from now buddy us slender girls will keep our DELICATE shape.

I've seen fat girls and thin girls. Thin gals are prettier, hotter in bed and they don't have gunts to go with their saggy breasts. Once was with a girl who had false breasts which were very hard and I wouldn't have cared if they were tiny. My current girlfriend is a stick and has a tight body, she cums like crazy and I have never had a fat girl (over size 10) that was so sensual in bed. Fatties do have boobs but they also have self esteem issues and put down pretty girls. Usually I have to turn off the light so I don't see cellulite. It's a turn-off. Literally. Breast size doesn't matter but body fat does. And thin pretty girls almost always have small breasts unless they're fake.

I've seen fat girls and thin girls. Thin gals are prettier, hotter in bed and they don't have gunts to go with their saggy breasts. Once was with a girl who had false breasts which were very hard and I wouldn't have cared if they were tiny. My current girlfriend is a stick and has a tight body, she CUMS LIKE CRAZY and I have never had a fat girl (over size 10) that was so sensual in bed. Fatties do have boobs but they also have self esteem issues and put down thin girls. Usually I have to turn off the light so I don't see cellulite. It's a turn-off. Literally. Breast size doesn't matter but body fat does. And pretty girls almost always have small breasts unless they're fake.

"Unfortunately" small breasts? So you can't put these very attractive women in the "attractive" section because they have "unfortunately" small breasts? That is just offensive. I have small breasts (a small B) and they are very proportional to my frame. I always get compliments (either to my face or something I overheard) on how beautiful I am, and do not lack male attention. I do not think that my small breasts are a detriment to myself. That you have the gall to say that it should be detrimental to myself and my attractiveness is disgusting. I guess you also think the beautiful actress Kate Hudson is sadly not worthy of the attractive section?

I am curious why you seem to think the size of the breast renders these women unattractive. Looking at them all (as a bisexual woman) each of these women is in fact very beautiful in her own way. I would have no problem with you having specific preferences, but just because they don't fit into your preferences does not give you any right whatsoever to call them unattractive overall. Just a thought.

I find your website to be extremely offensive and rudimentary. Any mentally balanced person would not take it seriously, because from what I see, it's very subjective and personal. This is all just your preferences and opinions, but they do not make up for the majority at all.

I had to laugh a bit at your biased opinion on small breasts and femininity. Are you KIDDING ME?! You automatically deem an otherwise, very attractive woman as not attractive just because she happens to have small breasts? And even MORE ridiculous,you judge a woman's femininity by how big her breasts are?

You seriously never dated anyone, haven't you? Because you seem to have no idea what femininity is, and are completely unappreciative of women's natural beauty.

Small breasts are beautiful, feminine and delicate. They make a woman MORE feminine, for all it matters. They even look better than big or even average breasts, on many women. Small breasts are NOT unfeminine and in no way do they make a woman less feminine.

And, wtf is up with the random face close up pictures in this section? You put up these women as negative examples as if they have some kind of horrible, shameful disease or are criminals.

I am so glad that most men aren't as unappreciative and superficial as you are. Thank God.

And btw, Erik, you talk like a robot who learned his lines and only uses them.

Women in their late 20s aren't as attractive as the ones 18-25?

Omg, I'm getting a headache by only just reading what you say.....

The majority of heterosexual males don't deem small breasts and small perky butt as attractive?

I have to beg to differ. Most I've known and know actually DO prefer small boobs and small perky butts over the other. And they are all heterosexual.

Let me guess: You have small breasts and a small butt.

Most men prefer larger breasts and rounder butts.

Most men overlook 'flaws' since the whole package is what matters to a man and few men expect (or can command) perfection.

Small breasts are more feminine? How do you figure that? They are clearly less feminine. Doesn't mean a woman is not attractive, but a female of the same age and build (and looks) but with larger breasts will be considered more attractive by the majority of heterosexual males.

Women under 25 are typically considered more desirable than women over 25. This is universal. A 27 year old women will only be considered marginally less appealing than a 23 year old.

You should familiarize yourself with the site before ranting. It's evident you have not read much on the site given your false claim about the site being based upon mere opinion. There is a lot of scientific support for the claims made.

Eric, you are unbelievable! What ARE you?! A pimp?! A pedo? And pedo-pimp only interested in pimpimg out women who are 20 years old or younger?! A woman is only beautifel when she is 90-60-90 and young. After a vertain age, after giving birth, being too tall, too small, having too wide hips, too tight hips a woman can't be beautiful?! Not even Karl Lagerfeld is as much a fascist as you are! We don't care about your prefenrences and we don't care about your pseudo rational arguments that are in fact incredibly sexist! "one would not seek feminine and bautiful women among skinny women", are you insane?! Don't say "one!, say "I"! It takes all sorts to make a world and beautiful women come in all shapes and forms! The fashion business is not about catering your degenerated phantasies and as much as I myself miss variety on the catwalks, I still find your call for big boobs on the catwalk dispicable! You just want a new dictate of what a woman has to look like, whereas most women want to be free of male dictates. Gee. How dare you judge so harshly?! Do you look like Mr. Universe exactly? Even if you did, you opening your mouth would turn you into the most unattractive jerk in town.

Your views are f'd up and too strict to resemble real life. Yes, I'm petite all around, and I'm SORRY I have to apologize, but I actually feel really sexy being this small. I never have trouble getting men liking me, and as a matter of fact, I have had TONS of them claim they find me super feminine, including my current boyfriend. You're just a sexist moron who should look at yourself in the mirror. You're probably a 38 year old doughnut eating fat ass who can't even afford to have a 200 BBW woman. And also, I must say, all guys have to have at least 8 inches long penises and above average girth. I'm sure you don't fit that mold, so sorry, you are not manly, nor attractive.

Yes, small boobs are delicate and feminine. If you can't see that, then you're most probably not even straight or your mind is f'd up by nasty porn.

I seriousy find most of you guys on this forum completey disgusting. This must be the pot of the sexist mofos. Glad real world isn't so f'd as you are.

The problem with this extremely subjective website is that the author is only promoting his own, and I repeat, HIS OWN opinion of what is feminine and attractive and what is not.

The real world has nothing to do with what he is trying to impose on other people's views. It's his preference and that's that, and it has nothing to do with what the majority prefers. Either way, the way he expresses himself is extremely discriminatory and one sided.

"if only these women had normal breasts"

Oh please!

1. If their breasts are their own, and 100% natural they ARE normal.

2. Breast shape and size are determined by genetics - genetics that have been around for the last 100,000 years. Your opinion has been around 40 yearss. please, get over yourself.

3. Those 2 women look lovely, and have zero deficiencies. If you were a REAL man, you'd put them in the same section as the other women. Beauty is holistic; stupidity, here, is suprisingly localized...

I wonder how Erik knows that the second woman actually has breast implants... did you ask her? Normally such small breast implants are only custom made for cancer patients... the model in question doesn't seem to have too big implants... yes her breasts kinda look like implants, but there are women out there with oddly shaped NATURAL breasts...

By the way, she also has what I'd call a not very feminine face, at least compared to the blonde model... and by the way who cares if Adriana Lima or other BEAUTIFUL women have some "masculine" features, Brad Pitt has some feminine features, like plump lips for example, and I don't see many women complaining that he looks like a woman... as a matter of fact, extremely masculine looking guys are not that attractive... the same happens with women.

Wow if you have to critsize women just because they have small breasts then you must have one shitty life. I guess a guy can only get rejected so many times before he starts all this hate crap. I have small breasts, I'm physically fit. I have muscle, I'm not skinny, and I'm not average weight, just fit and you're trying to tell me that guys shouldn't find me physically attractive based on those two things? You know what I'm glad I have small breasts, they act as a filter to take out all the garbage (you) that women with larger breasts unfortuantly have to deal with. If I attracted guys like you I'd pay a plastic surgeon to remove ALL of my breast. I know how guys like you work. I've had to deal with their petty little boy bullshit all my 21 years of living and it's pathetic. Here's an idea if you think women with small boobs are so ugly and worthless why don't you do everyone a favor and just get a girl with huge plastic boobs (that way they have no chance of shrinking) and MOVE ON.

Thank you for pointing some of this out. I would have to disagree with the whole big boobs sag when aging. I believe all breasts take a turn for the worst as aging goes on but I also believe some look better and some look worse regardless of size but anyways onto the good part of your reply.

It's so disgusting what this guy has to say. I think his brain has been tainted by watching too much porn. Does he even know that ALL of those women are photoshopped at one point or another? Whether it's their breasts, butt, hips, getting rid of wrinkles, disappearing acne whatever it is. And yes Erik I would know I've watched porn before AND have dated a porn addict. You sound just like one. It's a shame that he's throwing at their that MY body type (and so many others) is undesirable just because of what HE thinks. You don't speak for all men Erik so quit acting like you do. I used to have a pooch belly and I used to be really skinny. I've started working out and gaining muscle and now I look healthier and stronger and my pooch belly is now a fit toned one, and you're still saying i'm not good enough Erik? Wow...

There are a significant amount of models, not just in the fashion industry, but in the nude/adult modelling industry that have smaller breasts. Thus, there must be a significant amount of men who find them attractive, and a significant amount of women who are comfortable with them. Kate Moss, although typically a fashion model, has also done topless work. I suspect that her bank balance is rather happy with the riches that her sweet A cups have yielded.

If some men aren't attracted to smaller breasts, that's fine. But to argue that they are universally less attractive is ridiculous, given the evidence to suggest otherwise.

I agree. These same guys who criticize women for having small breasts will always contradict themselves and say that women shouldn't get implants, just deal with you were born with, and to stop "whining." It's very hypocritical.

"You, sir, are a pig." No, he's not. Can't find a single instance of him being a pig here.
"Breast size is determined by nature. To quoted yourself: 'and one has to learn to make the most of what one has and improve oneself rather than sulk about the hand dealt by nature.'"

Who cares? So is femininity in women and masculinity in men to a very big portion. He didn't say that it wasn't.

"Are you not sulking about that very hand?"
Seems you are, "Micke". And it's very clear. If you didn't intend it to be so, too late. Everyone can see you've got baggage about small sized tits. Too bad. Inside yourself you know that what he said is true.

Truth's awesome. People hurt THEMSELVES with it just when they avoid accepting it. Why all this fuss?
Do you think we guys go "oooh, look at her tits... they are so small... hmmm!" Sorry, doesn't happen. Ever. Just take the idea out of your mind. And finding laughable exceptions is just a way of lying to oneself. We might go "ooooh, look at that girl... she may have small tits, but look at (whatever) and how she moves as if she's fun and loves herself. Damn, she's so feminine!". Sexual beauty IS holistic.

BTW, I wll not fight against anyone's stupidity: wanna keep the wool over your face, your choice. I rather deal with reality.

(Healthy) men are attracted to femininity, (healthy) women are attracted to masculinity. That's all there is to it. Tits are VERY feminine, though they're not femininity itself. There are other ways small breasted women can be very attractive (=feminine).

BTW, I'm one of those guys who think that small breasted women should keep themselves natural (i.e. far away from implants). OVERALL, any (or the majority of) small breasted women can make themselves look extremely attractive and juicy, especially if they've got a hot ass, mouth, eyes, whatever - ANYTHING FEMININE. We men crave femininity and will just focus and compliment women on what they've got, not on what they don't.

The reality ain't so bad. Actually, it's awesome. Accept it.

Well; I had doubts this would be a good blog, but now I can see it is.

I'm interested ONLY in people who aren't shy when going for the truth. I also thought the "well past her beauty prime" to be an exageration but he's not all fingers, which I appreciate. AND he took it back after a second analisis, which I doubly appreciate. So far dude resonated with me on his views.

Putting this site on my bookmark list.

Amazing. I can't believe this garbage on here still exists on the Internet. This website is but just a personal, subjective opinion of a misogynist who only sees women as sex objects and watches way too much porn, and cheap at that. He talks like every woman should look perfect, but he never mentions himself (bet he is far from being perfect himself). He is extremely inflexible and judgemental of women. Small breasts aren't unfeminine or unattractive. This is the biggest bullshit I ever had to hear. And what amazes me even MORE is that all these ''big tits'' fan boys who are prolly no older than 17 and also watch too much porn, jump up to diss women who obviously are hurt by the remarks made in this garbage article. Seriously, where is the common-sense??? Why would you dis someone for being insulted? Common sense? Logic anyone? This is ridiculous. The author clearly has never touched a real woman, because let me tell you something: Women, naturally, aren't born with big boobs. The less fat one has, the smaller the breasts. Slim women with big natural breasts are very very rare. So, if you want one with big tits, go chase an overweight one. But, I guess you don't like flabby, big women either, don't you? Because you're mister Perfection. Seriously? I would not be surprised if you're still virgin. Because you seem to have no grasp on what a natural, real woman is supposed to look like. You got your opinions off of porn, that's all. And all these boy minions on here dissing women for having small breasts are laughable. Maybe they will grow up one day when they actually get into the world and meet real, flesh and bones, women. You have no idea how to appreciate a woman, because to you, a woman s nothing more than two buttcheeks and plastic big tits. I feel sorry for all of you jerks on here. I guess this is the website where all the superficial losers meet. And I can't believe you even judge how a woman's calves are build. ROFL Are you serious?! Seriously, get out in the world and interract with women! Real ones! Not sex shop dolls! Maybe then you will start to change your perception, if you are able to get your head out of the sand. By the way, if we are gonna get into this shit, let me tell you something. If your dick isn't at least 9 inches, sorry honey, you aren't man enough. Guys should have at least 9 inches to be manly, but it is well known that the majority of them have it down to 5. Eww! So, let's make an article on how manly a man should be, no? Shall we? I will be the first one to comment, promise!

Small breasts are awesome. They don't sag like bigs ones. Big breasts may look nice when a girl is a teen and twenties, but when she gets older/pregnant they sag and just..ew. Small breasts = perky for life. Just saying.

Shut up. Just shut up. Educate yourself and quit your childish whinning. You indeed need some dick, and 9 inches seems fitting for the amount of childish nonsense you've been spitting out. (YES, women obviously do find men with larger and thicker penises more attractive, Einstein. But better let an emotionally stable woman write an article about manhood. Let someone who likes men and has got meaningful experience with men do it.)

Why don't you just focus on your qualities and quit trying to force people to be artificial? Trying to force men to fake that which men are hardwired to prefer is ridiculous. RESPECT REALITY. YES, YOUR SMALLER TITS ARE A DISADVANTAGE. Your whining won't change shit. But you already know this except you're retarded. It seems to me that you are trying to fight the blatantly obvious because you don't know that having smaller than average breasts doesn't mean men can't feel attracted to you AS A WHOLE. AND that men can have fun with smaller tits. Why do you *NEED* to have the big breasts advantage to feel desired? Are you *that* barren of qualities that tits are a matter of life or death to you? Are you that unhappy and insecure about yourself? You CAN make a man happy with your smaller tits - believe me, it's probably just your insecurity and bittterness that make men run away from you.

To cover the possibility you come from another planet and don't know shit about us earthlings, let me fill you in on the very basics:

"Men [from planet Earth], on average, tend to be attracted to women who are shorter than they are, have a youthful appearance, and exhibit features such as a symmetrical face, full breasts, full lips, and a low waist-hip ratio."

"Women with larger breasts tend to have higher levels of the hormones oestradial and progesterone, which both promote fertility."

Plenty of researches proving the point (not to mention blatantly obvious common knowledge).

BTW, if you find out that you are hardwired to feel more attracted to a guy after you find out that he works mopping floors at McDonalds you can complain that men are shallow.

All in all *I'd say* that, though large breasted women will have many advantages, there is no terribly significant correlation of brest size to happiness on women. AND women with smaller tits will probably be approached by males who are more interested in their personality instead of testosterone-driven males interested only on their bodies (both opinions are not based on research but on personal observation).

FOCUS ON YOUR STRONG POINTS and you won't need to humiliate yourself by going on the net on a laughable and blatant crusade for self-acceptance. Your small boobs are fine. Just change your focus.

"Do men really have an evolutionary hard-wired preference for well-endowed women, or is this just a baseless myth promulgated by the folks who produce beer commercials and Snap-On® calendars?"
"In the first experiment, 13 guys approached the girl when she was wearing an A cup and 19 approached when she sported a B cup. When she donned the C cup, the number of approaches jumped markedly; 44 blokes hoping for a little holiday action went over to talk to her.

In the second experiment, 5, 9 and 16 guys approached her in the A, B, and C cup conditions, respectively.

And yes, the results were statistically significant."


"When the results were tallied, 14.92% and 17.79% of passing motorists stopped to offer a lift when the girl was wearing the A and B cup bras, respectively. When she wore the C cup bra, 24% of passing motorists pulled over to offer a ride. The difference between the A and C bras was statistically significant. The extra ride offers all came from men; altering bra cup size made no difference in the number of female motorists who pulled over."

"These are hardly the first studies to indicate a male preference for larger breasts[.]"

"The researchers postulate that large breasts attract males at a subconscious level because they are considered a highly feminine trait and perceived as a sign of fertility."

Gueguen N. Women’s bust size and men’s courtship solicitation. Body Image. 2007 Dec; 4 (4): 386-390.
Guéguen N. Bust size and hitchhiking: a field study. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 2007 Dec; 105 (3 Pt 2): 1294-1298.

The fact that you posted this study just contradicts yourself. "Be happy with your small tits, don't change them, they're ok, BUT! they are a disadvantage, all guys prefer big breasts, this study proves it, your small tits are a disadvantage, but it doesn't matter."


"oooh, look at her tits... they are so small... hmmm!" Sorry, doesn't happen. Ever.

You've apparently never been a small breasted woman. Yes, it happens, and it happens often. The one here who seems to be fooling themselves and lying is you.

You are a fucking pig! I hope you die a painful death! your proboly some fat fucker sitting alone at home with nobody to love him cause he's a huge pig critizing women for their small breasts,well let me tell you something you stupid fuck! I happen to have small breasts and many men I know love it my fiancee is wild for my perky little 36B's he says he doesn't want them any other way!

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