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External galleries

<p>Some people have complained about the mild censorship of images depicting nudity within this site, but this is necessary given the site's goals.&nbsp; These individuals may be interested in checking out the links to uncensored external galleries of nude women that will be posted every now and then.</p>
<p>To open these links in a new window or tab, right-click on a link and select the &ldquo;open in a new tab/window&rdquo; option (Mac users: command + click).&nbsp; In many browsers (e.g., Opera, Firefox, Avant, IE7, etc.), clicking a link with the middle button/scroll wheel opens the link into a new tab in the background.</p>

Miscellaneous external galleries

The links posted in this entry are old links to uncensored external galleries.  They were posted at the previous version of this site.  New links will be posted later, most likely in the form of comments on this page.

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